Analyze This

Analyze This

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Author's Note: I think this is what happened on that episode (does anyone know the one I'm talking about) when Izzy asked for Yolei's digivice (One good reason for Kouyako, don't you think?) and she went to go get it back.  I can't really remember what that episode was about; I think it was 'Iron Veggimon' or something like that.  Anyway, enjoy Kouyako fans!

The new digidestined went through the Digiport but Yolei didn't.

"I'm going over to Izzy's to get my digivice back," she said, "and I'll be with you soon."

"Stay in touch!" Davis said just as the transmission went out.

Yolei was in a hurry to get to Izzy's house, but was it only to get her digivice back or was it something else?

"I wonder why Izzy asked for my digivice," she said to herself, "He doesn't know me as well as the others.  Why didn't he ask TK or Kari?  They were digidestined before me.  Why did he ask me?"   She pondered, thought and wondered this all the way to his house until her head hurt.

When she reached his apartment door, she paused before knocking.   "What am I supposed to say?" she asked herself, "'Hey Izzy, the others are having fun without me, can I have my digivice?'" she sighed, "oh come on, Yolei, just knock on the door!"

She softly tapped on the door.  Mrs. Izumi answered it and suddenly Yolei forgot why she was there.

"Hello, can I help you?" Mrs. Izumi asked.

"Uh, hello, Mrs. Izumi," Yolei bowed her head in greeting, "Is Izzy home?"

"Yes," she said, "come on in.  Would you like anything? I just made some cookies."

"That sounds good, thank you," Yolei said politely.  Now that she set foot in Izzy's home, she didn't feel like going anywhere.

Mrs. Izumi knocked on his door as Yolei sat down on the couch.

"Izzy," she said, cracking a smile, "there's a girl here to see you!"

The way Mrs. Izumi said girl made Yolei want to laugh.  'I guess girls don't come to see Izzy very often," Yolei thought to herself.

Mrs. Izumi stepped away from Izzy's door and went back to the kitchen.

Izzy froze, "there's a girl?" he muttered to himself, "here to see me?"  He stood up and opened the door.  He saw Yolei's pretty purple head perk up.

"Hey, Izzy," she said.

He let out a sigh, "Yolei, hey!  What brings you here?"

"Welllll," her eyes moved to Mrs. Izumi's direction.

"Maybe she smelt my cookies," Mrs. Izumi bragged, placing a plate on the counter with two glasses of milk.

Yolei stood up and walked to snag a few cookies.  "Thank you, Mrs. Izumi!" she thanked.

"You're welcome, um, what did you say your name was?"  Mrs. Izumi asked.

"It's Yolei."  She answered, biting into a cookie.  She looked at Izzy and whispered, "I believe you have something for me."

"Huh?" he mumbled and his eyes widened with a smile, "Oh.  Ohh, yeah, that's right!" he took her hand and pulled her into his room.

"Don't you want the cookies?" his mom asked.

Izzy came back and took the plate of cookies and then the glasses of milk.  He kissed her cheek and went back to his room yelling, "Thanks Mom!"  He closed the door quickly, almost slamming it.

Mrs. Izumi stood there, dumbfounded.  A smile crept upon her lips as she said, "Izzy likes her!"

"So, I bet you're here to get your digivice back," Izzy said.

"Yes," she replied, "but only if you're done analyzing it."

Izzy took a bite of a cookie and picked up her digivice.  "Yeah, I'm done.  Here you go, Yolei."

She hesitated before taking it.  After finishing her second cookie and taking a big gulp of milk, she said, "why'd you ask me for my digivice?"  She was unaware that she had a milk mustache, which made Izzy laugh.  "What's so funny?"

He pointed to her mouth, "I have a hard time drinking milk without getting a mustache too."

"Ohh!" she turned magenta and wiped her mouth as if she was trying not only to get the mustache off, but her lips too.  "All gone?"  She asked.


She stepped forward and asked her question again, "Izzy, why did you ask me for my digivice?"

"I told you I wanted to analyze it," he reminded.

"Yeah," she said, "but why didn't you take Kari's or TK's?  You know them better."

"Well," it was his turn to blush.  'What do I say?' he thought.  'Come on, Izzy, think of something!'

"You could've asked Kari or TK for their digivice," she interrogated, "why did you choose mine?"

"Because--I," he responded, "I wanted to use a digivice from one of the new digidestined."

"Oh, I see," she said.

'Whew,' Izzy thought.

"But you could've asked Cody or Davis," she told him.  "Cody has the same digiegg as your crest.  Why didn't you take his?"

'Dang, she got me again!' Izzy thought, 'I forgot that she was smart!'

"And why would it even matter that you use a digivice from a new digidestined?" she asked.  "I'd really like to know, Izzy.  Why did you choose me?"

He started to eat his cookie, "so, do you like the cookies?" he asked, changing the subject.

Yolei sighed, "You're avoiding the subject, Izzy.  Why can't you just be honest with me?"

Outside the door, Mrs. Izumi was listening in on them.  'Yeah, Izzy, why can't you just be honest with her?' she agreed silently.

"I'm home!" Mr. Izumi announced.

"Shhh!" she hushed, "Izzy has a girl in his room!"

"A girl?" Mr. Izumi mumbled, "I'd never thought Izzy would have a girl in his room!"

They both stayed very close to the door.

"I can't hear anything," Mr. Izumi complained.  "What are they talking about?"

"Beats me," Mrs. Izumi said.

Izzy finished his cookie and took a sip of milk.  He wiped his mouth.

"Well?" Yolei groaned, "answer me!"

"I don't know why, Yolei," Izzy said softly.  "I could've asked any of the new digidestined for their digivice but I chose you.  I'm wonder that myself."

"You just asked me," she questioned, "for no reason at all?"

"Whatever reason that is," Izzy said, "I haven't found that out yet. Sorry, Yolei, I can't give you an answer."

"I see," she mumbled.  "Well, thank you for giving me my digivice back."  She started to walk away and he went after her before she even touched the doorknob.

"Don't you want to know what I found out?" he asked.

She frowned, "I'm more interested in why you chose me, Izzy.  I--I like you."

"Well, I heard that," Mr. Izumi whispered.

"Shhh!" Mrs. Izumi hushed.

"Maybe I like you too," Izzy said.  "I'm just--well--confused.  That's all."

"Really, Izzy?" she asked, her frown becoming a smile.

He shrugged, "sure.  Everything's happening kind of fast.  I didn't expect me to find myself liking something more than what I'm interested now.  I thought I'd be the same person in the digidestined team forever.  Maybe I like you because you're smart."

"That's all?"

"Yolei," he mumbled, "I--I don't know!  I'm not used to being confused! I was able to get the others out of every jam and tight spot and now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place!"

"Just tell me the truth, Izzy!" she snapped, "you lied to me when I asked what that light was from the computer and Kari, TK and Davis disappeared! You knew and you didn't tell me!"

"Well, that's different!"

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she inquired.

"Is she?" Mr. Izumi asked his wife.

"I think she is," she replied.

"Well, sure, I guess," He said, "I never really noticed."  'Uh oh, that was smart!'

"You guess?"

"Maybe I'd know if Apocalymon didn't destroy my crest of KNOWLEDGE!" he yelled, "and I didn't have to use the power of my crest to protect the Digiworld!"

 "You think you'll have to use your crest to create a solution to all those problems, Izzy?" she demanded, "or your computer?"

"Well, no." He mumbled.

She sighed, "Just tell me the truth, Izzy. Do you think I'm pretty are not?"

"How did this conversation happen?" Izzy asked, "I just wanted to analyze your digivice!"

"ANALYZE THIS!" She grabbed him by the shoulders and pressed her lips against his. 

"Yo--" he began to say.  He couldn't move.  His eyes were wide open the fore the whole kiss. 

When she pulled away, he couldn't believe just what happened.  He stared out to space.

"Bye, Izzy," she said.  "You can tell me what you found out later."

"Y-yeah," he mumbled.

Yolei opened the door and Izzy's parents immediately stepped to the side, trying not to look suspicious.

"Going so soon, Yolei?" Mrs. Izumi asked.

She nodded, "I'll see my self out." She bowed her head, "thank you for the cookies."  She walked out of the apartment and smacked herself in the forehead, "why did I kiss him?  He's going to be so mad at me!  He'll never speak to me again!"

"So Izzy, what did you talk about?" Mr. Izumi asked.

Mrs. Izumi smacked his arm, "maybe he doesn't want to talk about it!"

"I only asked."

Izzy blinked a few times and came back to reality, "what?"

"What did you two talk about?"

"I'm still trying to analyze what went on myself," Izzy said, "It might be a while." He closed the door and collapsed on his bed.  He put a finger on his lips and grinned, "I wouldn't mind analyzing that again…"


If FoxKids showed what happened when Yolei went to get her digivice, 02 would end completely different!  I still can't believe that Yolei ends up marrying Ken!