Gundanium Millennium 6

Gundanium Millennium 6

To The Moon & Back

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The four remaining sailor scouts slowly lowered their hands after saluting Sailor Moon. They looked at each other sadly and before they could all say, 'I can't believe she's really gone,' Mistress18's house of terrors began to collapse.

"We've got to get out of here!" Sailor Mercury shouted.

Sailor Jupiter knelt down at Relena and pulled her up on her back. "You too, Vice Minister!"

"This way!" Sailor Mercury and Hilde ran ahead, leading the others.

As the group nearly got out alive, the whole place crashed behind them.

"Ah, damn," Duo cursed, "the antidote!"

"We'll get it, don't worry," Sailor Mercury promised. "I can make it myself."

"Good," Duo sighed, "I can't wait."

"Give her to me," Heero commanded Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter nodded and let Heero take the unconscious Relena. Silently, the rest of them followed him back to Relena's mansion.

'What are we supposed to do now?' was the painful question in each sailor's mind.

She's taking her time making up the reasons

To justify all the hurt inside


Serena groaned and opened her eyes. She found herself standing in a familiar place still wearing her royal princess gown, now a bit tattered.

"I know this place," she said, walking around. There was a building half demolished. "It's the Moon Kingdom." She rubbed her forehead, "but what'm I doing here?"

"Why, Serena?" demanded a voice.

"Huh?" she mumbled, spinning around to find the holder of the face.


"Who said that?"

"Why did you let me die?" in front of her, appeared Super Sailor Moon with a sneer on her face. "Why? Why did you kill me?"

"I did not kill you," Serena said, "I just became Pilot Moon."

"Me too," the blond, Meatball Head Serena appeared. "Why did you let me die?" She walked forward to the dark haired Serena and pushed a cupcake under her nose, "want a cup cake? You can become me again!"

"Get that out of my face!" The dark haired Serena ordered, slapping her hand. "Just what is going on here?"

"You think just because you got a new hairdo changes who you are?" The old Serena questioned.

Guess she knows from their smiles

And the look in their eyes

Everyone's got a feeling about the

Bitter one

"You let us all die," The moon princess appeared. "How come? Are you too good for us now?"

"Hey, it was not my idea to come to A.C 197 in the first place!" Serena snapped.

"But you agreed to it," the blond haired Serena reminded. "You didn't have to."

"I wanted to do something different!" Serena growled, "what's wrong with that?"

"You fell out of love with Darien and fell in love with Heero!" the other Serena muttered, "what's wrong with Darien? You had a good life back home! What about all your friends and--"

"Shut up, Meatball Head!" Serena hissed then grinned. It was the first time ever she called herself 'Meatball Head'.

While the new Serena laughed, the old one bawled. "You called me Meatball Head! That's like calling yourself meatball head too!"

"I'm not you anymore," Serena said. "Oh quit crying. You should be used to it by now, Meatball Head!"

"It's not too late to go back," another image of Serena appeared, as Neo Queen Serenity. "You can still grow up to become me."

"I don't want to!" Serena muttered.

"Think about Rini," she said, "she's dead in the past but is alive in the future."

"You're not me!" Serena shouted, "None of you are! I'm not Meatball Head, the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon and I'm not or never will be Neo Queen Serenity! I'm Pilot Moon now and I always will be!"

"Come on, Serena, don't you want to be a queen?" the Moon Princess image of Serena grabbed her left arm.

"Hey," Serena grunted, "what are you--"

"No matter how much you fight it," Sailor Moon took her other arm, "you'll always be the champion of love and justice!"

"Let me go!" Serena roared.

They're saying, "Mamma never loved Her much"

And, "Daddy never keeps in touch

That's why she shies away from human affection"

The old Serena laughed and pointed, "I wish I had a camera!"

"I told you to shut up, Meatball Head!"

"Chocolate Head!" The Old Serena muttered, referring to the color of her hair.

"What's wrong with that, don't you like chocolate?"

Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon tugged on both of Serena's arms. It felt like they were trying to rip her in half. They tried to drag her over to Neo Queen Serenity. Serena kept telling herself it was just a nightmare and she'd wake up soon. There was no logical way that she was actually here on the moon with four different images of herself trying to get her to do something she didn't want to do. But it was happening. It was real. Serena could actually feel Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon's hands clamped tightly around her arms.

"Whatever you have planned, you can just forget it!" Serena screamed. "Let me go! I want to go back!"

"To where, Serena?" the old Serena demanded, "back to your real home or to Relena's home? You can't go back to Relena's home because she's dead and she's the reason you went there in the place! With her gone, you have no choice to go back to your old friends and family! You can be me again! Remember the good times we've had with Darien?"

"They weren't all that great if you ask me!" The New Serena shouted. "And Relena can't be dead! I won't believe it!"

"Maybe not yet," Princess Serenity said, "but the scouts and everyone else thinks you're gone for good."

"Admit it, Serena," Sailor Moon insisted, "you miss being a sailor scout. You need me. You need all of us!"

"I didn't want to be Sailor Moon in the first place!" Serena barked, now filled with rage and fury. "I don't need you! I don't need any of you!" She shook her arms out of Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity's grasp. "I'm Pilot Moon now! Go away!"

But somewhere in a private place

She packs her bags for outer space

And now she's waiting for the right

Kind of pilot to come

The gown Serena wore was replaced with the black, red and blue form-fitting suit with the helmet at her feet and a gun on the belt around her waist. Serena smiled and took her gun out. "I have a gun here and I know how to use it!"

"You wouldn't shoot us!" the old Serena implored, "please, Serena!"

"Sorry Meatball Head," Pilot Moon hissed, "but this is what Zero showed me." Pilot Moon shot the old Serena and she screamed as she broke into pieces and vanished.

"Who wants to be next?" Pilot Moon demanded.

"Put that gun down!" Sailor Moon ordered. "As Sailor Moon, I protect people from getting hurt by things like that! I will--"

"You know what, Sailor Moon?" Pilot Moon inquired with a grin, "You talk too much!"

Sailor Moon gasped, "Guns kill people!"

"Yeah, they do, don't they?" Pilot Moon ignored her plea and shot her.

"Stop this!" Princess Serenity shouted.

"I really couldn't believe that I was a princess," Pilot Moon mumbled, "maybe because it was 1000 years ago!"

"You are still the moon princess!"

"And you had no idea that I'd become a gundam pilot, did you?" Pilot Moon snarled then shot the Moon Princess.

"You're killing yourself," Neo Queen Serenity mumbled, "one by one."

"This is how people change," Pilot Moon said, now pointing the barrel of her gun to Neo Queen Serenity, "don't like it? Tough!"

"Your mother will be heartbroken," Neo Queen Serenity whispered. "She wanted you to live happy in the Silver Millennium."

"Hey, I am happy," Pilot Moon hissed, "in the Gundanium Millennium. So she got half of what she wanted. I don't want to become queen. I don't want to marry Darien and I don't want to be Rini's mother. I'm a gundam pilot. I'm Relena's cousin. I'm Pilot Moon and nothing you can say or do will change that!"

"You still need me, Serena."

"No I don't!" She barked, "I don't need anybody!" she shot Neo Queen Serenity and she disappeared just like the others.

Pilot Moon was alone again. She sighed in relief and looked around. "Now, where's my gundam?" she asked herself, pulling on her helmet. She frowned when she saw nothing but the surface of the moon and remains of the moon kingdom "where is it? Where's Moon Zero? Blast it! It's not here! I could really use it right now!"


"I hate needles!" Duo winced as he was getting his antidote.

"Don't be such a baby, Duo!" Hilde ordered. "You said you wanted the antidote!"

"There you go, all better," Ami said. She disposed the used needle properly.

"Hey, that barely even hurt!" Duo bragged.

Ami smiled, "Oh here," she reached in her pocket and placed Duo's cross around his neck, now with a new chain. "You lost this."


Ami blushed lightly, "I'd better go and treat the others." She walked out of the laboratory and down the hall.

"We should've known that the antidote was crystal," Hilde said, "Good thing Ami figured it out."

"She's a genius," Duo said softly. "Hey, Hilde?"


He looked at the floor, thinking of what to say, "You're not mad at me, are you?"

"Why should I be mad?" she asked.

"Well, because I moved out of the apartment and I like Ami," he said.

Hilde smiled, "it's okay, Duo. I like Ami. It's your life, do what you want with it."

"What are you going to do with yours?" he asked.

"Not sure," she replied, folding her arms. "Anyway, I think you should get some rest. I'm going to go home now."

"Now?" he inquired, sounding a bit hurt. "Don't you want to hang for a while?"

Hilde looked at him and smiled. That puppy-dog look always got her. "Okay, I'll stay. I want to talk to Ami before I go anyway." She left the laboratory.

Duo looked down and touched his cross. He sighed, "Where would I be without them?"

Milliardo stared at his sister as Heero placed her on the bed. "What happened to her?" he demanded.

"She was trying to protect Serena," he replied.

"What? It's her job to protect Relena!" Milliardo grunted, "yours too!"

"I know that," Heero muttered.

"Can you do anything, Sally?" Noin asked.

"Was it a gunshot?" Sally questioned as she examined Relena.

Heero paused, "no, not really." He wasn't sure how to explain it and he saw it happen.

Sally made a strange face, "it looks like her clothes were lit on fire."

"Will she be okay?" Milliardo inquired.

"It's too soon," Sally said. "I haven't seen anything quite like this."

Milliardo turned on Heero, "what happened to my sister?"

"I don't know," Heero mumbled.

"You were there!"

"I can't explain it," Heero said. "It was strange. There was a woman with…some kind of power. It was like witchcraft almost. She threw what was kind of like a fireball at Serena and Relena took the shot." He looked around uncomfortably.

"That is the most insane story I ever heard!" Milliardo shouted.

"Ask the other girls," Heero ordered, "they'll confirm it for me." He folded his arms and walked out of the room. "I'll be back in a minute."

Noin exchanged glances with Milliardo, "it's probably true," she said.


"Well, those girls are kind of…well…special," Noin smiled, "like they're superheroes or something. Remember what Serena said?"

And she'll say to him


"I can't believe Sailor Moon is actually gone," Raye mumbled. "Why does she have to be so stubbornly brave?"

"It's just the way she is, Raye," Ami answered lightly, after giving the antidote to the others. They were talking in the lobby.

"Now what are we supposed to do?" Raye demanded, "we're not sailor scouts without Sailor Moon!"

"We're gundam pilots now," Ami replied.

"You can still stay with us," Duo reminded. "Just because she's gone doesn't mean you have to go back where you went."

"Yeah," Quatre added. "We've been through much together."

"How could she just do that to us?" Raye inquired, "it's just crazy--"

"That's enough, Raye!" Mina jumped from her seat and clenched her hands.

"What?" Raye asked.

"This is just sick!" Mina scowled, "you're talking as if Serena will never be coming back! She can still be alive! It's just like what happened to me in England. Everyone thought I was dead but I survived and I found you guys, didn't I?" She softened her voice as tears came in her eyes, "I came back…I came back…" She sat back down and she felt Quatre put his hand on her shoulder.

"Mina, you were the last one to join us," Raye reminded. "How can you believe she's actually alive?"

"But I was the first," Ami broke in, "and I believe with Mina. She's probably still alive. Remember what happened when she went to help Sailor Saturn fight Pharoh90? She came back to us and so did Hotaru. The same when we fought Queen Nelehenia and Badiyanu."

"But Ami, what if this isn't one of those times?" Raye asked, "She could really be gone this time."

"You shouldn't speak like that, Raye," Trowa said.

"Serena's stronger now," Mina whispered. "She'll be back, you'll see. Maybe we should try to find her."

"With what? The Sailor Teleport?" Raye demanded

"Worth a shot."

"Sailor teleport?" Quatre asked.

"We can teleport wherever we want," Mina explained.

"But not without Sailor Moon!" Raye cried.

"That's only because we've never tried it," Ami said, "you'll never know unless you try! We'll search the whole Earth and every space colony if we have to!"

"I'm sure Lita will agree," Mina added.

"Where is Lita anyway?" Wufei asked.

"Hi guys," Lita walked in holding a plate of warm cookies, "I made some cookies to cheer you all up!"

"Thanks, Lita," Mina said.

"Lita, today's not Monday," Raye growled.

{AN: In the 3rd Sailor Moon movie Black Dream Hole where they fight Bidyanu, Lita says something about having to eat a cookie every Monday at 3 o'clock."

"Yes, I know," Lita said, smiling faintly, "but I still think we've earned them."

Raye put her hands on her hips. She missed Serena so much and was just so angry that she was gone that she put the blame on Lita, "this never would've happened if you didn't have to show off of how tough you are!"

"Huh?" Lita mumbled

"You accepted Mistress18's challenge! Did you really think you could beat her by yourself? Even you couldn't take her on!"

"I was only trying to protect you guys from getting hurt," Lita whispered. "I thought I could finish her off and get it over with!"

"We would've had a better chance if we fought her together," Raye hissed, "but no-oohh, you had to show everyone how far you can throw a lightning bolt! If you had just kept your mouth shut Serena would still be here! It's your fault Serena's gone, Lita!"

That went right to Lita's mind and she couldn't get them out. 'It's your fault Serena's gone, Lita! It's your fault! Your fault, your fault!'

Lita gasped and her hands started trembling. The plate holding the yummy cookies she slaved over fell from her hands and to the floor, along with her dignity and everything else she worked so hard to achieve.

"Why did you do that for, Raye?" Mina demanded, "don't you know how good Lita's cookies are?"

"I really wanted one!" Duo groaned.

Lita looked at the mess and bent down to pick it up. The plate was broken in half and some of the cookies were too.

"Hey--" Raye began.

"That's enough!" Wufei roared, standing from his seat, "Lita was only trying to keep you from getting hurt! You should feel grateful that she cares about you all enough to fight for you! How was she supposed to know something like this would happen?"

"Wufei," Lita said, "I should've known better!"

"It's not your fault, Lita!" he muttered, looking over his shoulder and back to Raye. "At least she's trying to make the situation better! You didn't have to tell her that! It's a filthy lie and you damn well know it!" he knelt down and took Lita's arm.
"Come on, let's get out of here."

"But the cookies--the plate--" Lita whispered.

"Have someone else clean it up," he said, "it's not your fault you dropped it." He pulled her up and took one last look at Raye before leaving, "and I wanted a cookie too!"

"Lita, wait!" Raye said but she and Wufei were already out the room. "I'm sorry."

"Well, I hope you're proud of yourself now," Trowa grunted.

"Not you too, Trowa!" Raye gasped.

"Wufei was right," Trowa said, "you should feel grateful that Lita was the first to fight that witch back there. She didn't have to but she wanted to prevent you guys from getting hurt!"

"But Trowa, Ami was the first to volunteer," Duo said flatly.

"Still," Ami said, "I shouldn't have done it."

"I just wish Serena would come back," Mina mumbled. "She just has to!"

I would fly to the moon and back

If you'll be

If you'll be my baby


"Raye was telling the truth!" Lita wailed, "Mistress18 was worse than anything we fought before! Why did I have to be so stupid?"

"It's not true, Lita!" Wufei cried. "Raye was just angry and she looked at you to put the blame on."

Lita wiped her eyes and slid down the wall of the ally they ran to. Lita did not want to be seen in public like this. "Well, maybe, but I should have listened to Serena when she told me not to. I didn't listen to you either! I'm stupid and disobedient!"

"You weren't the only one to fight that Mistress18 woman," Wufei reminded, kneeling down in front of her. "Besides, Lita, it was the way it just had to be. Because she had a fight with Ami, she wanted to take you all one at a time. You wanted to go because you're considered the strongest of the group."

"Well, actually, Sailor Moon's stronger than me in some ways," Lita said, "no matter how strong we are…she always ends up finishing the job."

"It doesn't matter," Wufei said, taking her hand, "to me, you're the strongest."

"Oh, Wufei!" Lita cried, falling onto his chest. "I like it when you're sensitive at the right times!"

"What does that supposed to mean?" he demanded.


As Milliardo went to the kitchen to get some water for his sleeping sister, Heero was in the room with her. Heero closed his eyes with folded arms, leaning against the wall.

"Heero?" whispered Relena bleakly

Heero's eyes snapped open, "Relena," he walked forward and took her hand. "How do you feel?"

"I know where Serena is," she said, not saying anything about her condition.

"Huh? How?" he asked, "how did you know she was gone? You just woke up."

She didn't explain how she knew but stated where she was. "She returned home to the kingdom on the moon."

"Kingdom on the moon?" he mumbled, confused.

"Don't you know?" she asked, "Serena is Sailor Moon. She lived as a princess on the Moon. That's where she is."

"How do you know this?" he asked, "are you sure? You're probably--"

"I just know, Heero," she said. "She's my cousin. You have to go and get her. She's waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?"

Relena smiled, "if she had her own gundam, she'd be here by now." She let go of his hand. "Go Heero. Now."

Heero stood up and as he got to the door, he nearly collided with Milliardo. "Where are you headed?" he demanded, "The moon?"

"Yeah, to the Moon and Back." He said and walked past Milliardo. Milliardo looked after him with a blank look on his face.

"Milliardo!" Relena called.

"Relena!" Milliardo hurried to her side, "are you all right?"

She nodded, "yes."

"What happened to you?"

"It's awfully strange really," Relena said, "a powerful woman named Mistress18 attacked Serena with some kind of dark magic and I jumped in front of the blast to protect her."

"That is strange," Milliardo nodded, "so Heero was telling the truth!"

Got a ticket for a world where we belong

So would you be my baby?


After placing on is black space suit, Heero raced to the mobile suit hanger and paused as he looked up at Wing Zero and Moon Zero. Why didn't he think of going to the moon before? Did he actually think Serena was gone? It all made sense now. She had lived as a princess on the moon and was Sailor Moon. The moon was far but if he had to, he would fly to the moon to get her.

I She can't remember a time when she felt needed

If love was red them she was color blind

All her friends they've been tried for treason

And crimes that were never defined.

"I'm coming, Serena," Heero said, climbing into the cockpit of Wing Zero, "I'm flying to the moon to get you."

He turned on the switches and pulled the lever. His mind was flooded with the memories of Serena. When he first laid eyes on her, she had that innocent look on her face when she begged him not to kill her.

"What have I ever done to you?" she had said.

He remembered what Zero showed her and the second time he saw her. Her hair was taken out of those silly pigtails, dyed dark brown and layered. She took lessons from him and became a perfect soldier too. He wanted her back and to fly there, he had to go to the moon. It didn't matter. He'd fly all over outer space if he had to.

She's saying, "Love is like a barren place, and reaching for human faith is like a journey I just don't have a map for."

So baby's going to take a dive and

Push the shift to over dive

Send a signal that she's hanging

All her hopes on the stars

"You let us die, Serena," all four of her identities echoed in her brain. "You killed us."

"Leave me alone," Pilot Moon grunted, "I'm leaving you all here. I'm never going back to my old life and I'm not going to live any of yours. Just forget it, okay? I'm Pilot Moon of the Gundanium Millennium and that's it!"

"But how," they said, "you can't leave. You're stuck here."

"I'll find a way," she insisted, walking over the moon surface, "some how."

"Oh really? What are you going to do? Build a mobile suit from moon rocks?"

"If I have to!" she hissed. She looked back at the Earth, "I'm coming guys, don't' forget me!"

She saw a speck of something coming from Earth. It was Wing Zero. "Heero!" she cried, "he's come for me!" She laughed, "I guess I don't have to moon rock mobile suit after all!" She ran over the moon surface and waved her arms. "Heero! Heero! Here I am!"

Heero smiled when he pinpointed Serena on the moon.

What a pleasant dream

"She's safe," he whispered. He explored the moon as he came closer. He could see the ruins of the moon kingdom. "Relena was right, there was a kingdom on the moon. How come I never noticed it before?"

Wing Zero landed on the moon and it took a knee. Heero opened he hatch and dropped to the moon.

"Heero! Heero!" Serena yelled as she ran to him. She fell into a crater before she got to embrace him. "Oof!" She fumed over her clumsiness.

Heero smirked, "strange how people change and they still same the time."

"I ruined the moment," she muttered and came to her feet. She brushed herself off and picked up her helmet. She hopped out of the crater and strode closer to him into his awaiting arms. "Heero."


He let her go and Serena pulled on her helmet. {I don't know why she has a helmet when she used to live on the moon but it does compliment the outfit}

She smiled and put an inch of distance from her fingertip to thumb, "I was this close to building a mobile suit out of moon rocks!"

Heero chuckled lightly and looked the moon over. "So there really was a kingdom on the moon, huh?"

"Yes," she said, "how did you know how to find me? Did Zero tell you?"

"No," he replied, "Relena did."

"How did she know?"

He shrugged, "I'm not sure." He pulled on her hand to the Wing Zero, "let's get you back to Earth."

"Sooner the better," Serena said. She looked over her shoulder, 'and don't you guys dare follow me. I'm Pilot Moon now. Remember that." They flew back to Earth, with Serena sitting on Heero's lap.

I would fly to the moon & back if you'll be…

If you'll be my baby

Got a ticket for a world where belong

So would you be my baby?


"Just hold on guys," Ami insisted, "Serena will be back."

"I shouldn't have said that to Lita," Raye groaned.

"No, you shouldn't have," Lita said, returning from a ten-minute period of crying and telling Wufei how right Raye was to say those things.

"Lita, I'm very sorry," Raye began.

"Save it," Lita snapped, "you should be worried about Serena now."

"I'm going to get a water," Ami announced, "Can I get you guys anything?"

"No thanks, Ami," were the kind of replies she got.

Ami walked out of the room and got a glass of water from the kitchen. She met Hilde there sitting down at a table with a glass of water herself. "Hi, Hilde."

"Hi Ami."

Ami took her water and sat across from Hilde, "thank you for helping me find Duo."

"No problem," Hilde said. "That's what friends are supposed to do. If it ever happens again, let me know."

"I will," Ami said.

Hilde smiled, "this is all pretty weird to take in. Duo becoming the God of Death, these experiments and all." She let out a long, exasperated sigh. "I've been in Oz too long." She tapped her fingernails on the table and looked at Ami, "but I'm sure you're used to things like that, huh?"

Ami nodded, "I've been a sailor scout for some time."

"Hi girls," Duo said. "Have you seen Heero?"

"No." Hilde shook her head.

Duo grinned, "well, he had to run to the moon real quick."

"The moon?" Ami mumbled.

"Yeah," he put his hands in his pockets and rolled on the balls of his feet. "He had a package to pick up."

"What kind of package?"

His cobalt eyes glinted, "the moon princess is back in town!"

"Serena?" Ami jumped up. "She was on the moon this whole time?"

"Uh-huh," Duo said.

Ami laughed and ran to embrace Duo, "I cant' believe I thought about it! I'm just glad she's all right!"

Hilde smiled but looked away. She couldn't' remember when she saw Duo look so happy.

Ami stepped back, "I knew she was still alive! I just knew it!"

"Good news about your friend," Hilde got up, "I'd better get going." She yawned, "Fighting monsters takes a lot of you."

"You can't stay?" Ami asked.

"I already stayed long enough when Duo asked me to," Hilde sighed.

"But Hilde--I--" Duo began.

Hilde took both of their wrists and slid their hands together. "Take care." She looked up at them and turned around the corner. Ami blushed as she stared at her hand that held Duo's. Duo squeezed her hand.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue, Ami," Duo said.

"You're welcome," she mumbled, still looking at their interlocked hands.

Duo smiled and lifted up her chin. He looked into her eyes. One of them had a tear. He wiped it away and kissed her cheek. "You mean so much to me."

"Duo," she whispered and slid her arms around him.

Hold on…Hold on…

"Miss me?" Serena asked her friends as she pulled off her helmet.

"Duh!" Mina said.

"This calls for a celebration," Lita announced, "who wants cookies?"

"I do!" Wufei cried.

"Make it a double batch," Raye said, "you still owe us when you dropped the last dozen all over the floor."

Trowa looked at her, "and whose fault do you think it was to make her drop all those cookies? Hmmm?"

"I said I didn't mean to!"

"Where's Relena?" Serena asked. "Is she all right?"

"Yeah," Quatre said, "amazingly."

"I want to see her."

I would fly to the moon and back if you'll be…

If you'll be my baby

"There you are!" Relena cried, "I knew you were on the moon!"

Serena sat down and took her hand, "now what were you thinking, taking the blast like that? You're not a fighter like me? I'm supposed to be your bodyguard, silly!"

"I know," Relena whispered, "but I didn't want you to get hurt."

"Thank you, Relena."

"I knew Heero would find you," Relena said, "but I don't understand why he had to wait for me to tell him."

"Because you beat ZERO to it," Serena joked.

"He should've already know if he loves you," Relena mumbled.

"I know he does," Serena said. "If he didn't, he wouldn't have come for me." Serena grinned, "He flew to the moon and back, for me."

Got a ticket for a world where we belong

So would you be my baby?

The End!

Yay, Serena's back! I love this song. I think it's a hint to why they look good together. You know, 'pilot' 'moon' 'outer space'…perfect reasons! This song doesn't necessarily have to do with either of the animes but I think it's a reliable source! You were all probably hoping for the traditional sap and fluff but that kind of stuff gets old, well, for me anyway. I write a lot of romance fics! And there was romance! Just not a lot of hugging and kissing! For Heero to fly to the moon to get Serena was romantic, don't you think? Which was your favorite part? Personally, I like it when Serena shot all her selves! I just like her new attitude. I have a request to make, for those of you who are fanart artists; I would like to have some fanart from this story and the original. "Sailor Pilots" The new Serena sounds so cool. Not to mention I also need some RW/SM (art of the next generation will be great!) fanart for my homepage! I can write fine, but I can't draw worth crap! Trust me, I've tried! So please, send some fanart.

And if you need some ideas, hey, I got some! I'll even give you a full detailed description of what the next generation wears and whatnot.