"Are you ready?" Came Aberai Renji's loud, male voice.

"Mph." Chad got himself into the ready postion. His strong, steel like body was starting to wear down a little. He had been in Urahara's Shoten training grounds for God know's how long now.

"Houkou, Zabimaru!" Renji whipped Zabimaru out, hitting rocks as it flew. Large, boulder like rocks hit Chad as he let his eyes follow Zabimaru, just barely missing the attack. Renji swung it again, hitting Chad near the shoulder. "Oi, you're slowing down. Maybe you should take a break!" Renji called, bringing Zabimaru back to him.

"No," Chad said in his low, bass voice, "I can still train. I can't stop. I have to get stronger."

Renji smirked. "If you say so." Het let Zabimaru out again, this time in it's Bankai form. "Here it comes!" The sword crashed into Chads protective arms so fast, he was thrown backwards into a rock. He coughed as the rocks debris fell into his mouth. Chad stood up and looked around, searching for the red headed shinigami, trying to detect his next move. The next attack came from behind and Chad swiveled just in time to punch the huge sword in the 'face'. He collapsed. Renji jumped from his high point on one of the rocks, and jogged over to where Chad laid, his breathing much too raspy, and his body bleeding from what seemed like every pore. Renji felt himself smile a little. Well, smirked at least.Chad was trying his hardest to become stronger. He wanted to be of more use during the Arrancar War.

Right now, he was strong. But no strong enough. He was maybe a fifth or sixth seat and to even have a cahnce against those arrancar, he needed to become at least a vie-captain. Or maybe a third seat like Ikkaku. Though, Yumichika was more of help than he was right now. Than again, he was a lot stronger than your average fifth seat.

"Are you ready to rest yet?" Chad shook his hand, dust billowing up as he did so. "Yes you are." Reni bent down, and took Chad under the arms and lifted him. He wrapped the arm around his shoulders and half dragged him towards the ladder that led to the shoten.

"Urahara?" He called, hosting him into the shop, and then stepping out, closing the trap door. "Urahahra-san are you here?"

"Hai?" Came the shoten owners voice. He slid out from a sliding door, giving them a hidden smile.

"He needs to sleep. His body has exerted its limit." Urahara looked at Renji, and then at Chad's beat up body. "Tessai, please prepare a room for him."

Chad grunted. "I can still practi...i..." He passed out as his wounds finally caught up wih him. Tessai appeared out of no where and lifted Chad by the arms, dragging him into a room where he could rest.

Renji and Urahara went to sit behind the low set table. Sitting cross-legged, Renji asked the shop owner. "So, any word from Ichigo yet?"

"Not yet. Orihime-san thinks he training somewhere on his own or with the Vaizards. We don't need to worry, he'll be fine."

Renji just sat there for a moment before saying, "Do you have any idea of when Orihime-san and Rukia are coming back?"

"I haven't a clue."

Renji scowled. It wasn't much fun with just Chad to hang out with. The quincy had seemed to have vanished from the face of the planet and Ichigo was no where to be found. And both the girls were off training in Soul Society. Dammit.

"Well you're waiting, why don't you help clean a little, you free-loader."

"Erk... Sure." Renji stood up and went to find a broom.


Chad woke up and looked around him. He was in an unfmiliar room in what seemed to be an unfamilar house. Well, until everything came rushing back to him. He had suddenly passed out. I must still be in Urahara-san's house. He looked around again and saw Tessai parked in one corner of the large room. Chad sat up, bringing one knee into himself, and set his arm across it. "How long was I asleep?" He asked.

"A couple of hours." Tessai said, staring at him. "Renji-dono is waiting for you. But we have some shopping to do and Urahara-dono asked that you come help." Tessai pushed his glasses up.

Not being able to say no, he agreed. He pushed the blanket covering him off and stood up. Tessai stood up to and went to open the door, waiting for Chad to exit before doing so himself. He closed the door and went to meet Urhahra and the other in the front of the store. Uruu, Jinta, Renji and Urahara stood waiting. "Well, we'll be off!" Urahara said, grinning.

Chad and Tessaia nodded, and then turned, walking away after Urahara.

Once they were out of site, Renji threw the broom down he was holding, and laid down on the wooden porch like thing.

"Free-loader, what are you doing?" Jinta asked, brandishing the broom in his face.

Renji reasted his head on his hands. "Resting."

"Get up free-loader! You still have work to do!" Jinta said.

Renji ignored him, closing his eyes. It's boring with out Chad here. Nothing to do except train... I wish Ichigo were around. He's fun to pick fights with. Renji sighed. It was going to be a LONG wait.


"Thank you!" Urahara said, leaving the store, carrying nothing but a single bag. Tessai and Chad follwed close behind, bother of them hauling about five or six bags.

"Urahara-san, is all of this really needed?" Chad asked.

"Mochi! (Of course)" Urahara said excitedly.

"Isn't this all for humans? No shinigami?"

"We eat and live normally too!" Urahara gave him a hurt expression. Of course he was pretending.

Chad, of course the person he was, took it seriously. "Sumuni." He apologized so sincerely it made Urahara let out a short laugh.

"Iie. It's alright." Urahara said, again giving a hiddden smile. "We'd better hurry. I would think Renji is getting bored."

"Mm." Chad walked a little faster, keeping his eyes on the road. They quickly arrived back at the shoten where Jinta was trying to hit Renji in the face with the broom.

"Ora ora free-loader! You gotta help!" He yelled.

"Nani?!" Renji was yelling back. "I already swept you loser! You don't do nay work at all!"

And poor Uruu stood to the side saying, "Ano, please stop fighting!" She jumped a little as Jinta almost hit her in the face.

"Uresai!" Jinta said, turning on her.

He grabbed her bangs and starte to pull. "Ite ite ite ite ite!" She yelled, grabbing at her head.

"Tedaima!" Urahara said, grinning. "Jinta, leave Uruu alone."

"Okaiti," Renji greeted them, standing up and brushing himself off.

Chad nodded his greeting. Tessai seemed to ignore them. "Chad-dono, let's bring these to the storage room."

Chad nodded again.

He walked inside, Tessai following closely after.

"Jinta, Uruu," Urahara said, after finally taking Jinta's hands away from Uruu, "go help Chad-san and Tessai put all that stuff away."

Uruu sniffed and said, "Hai."

"Do we have to?" Jinta asked, whining a little.

"Yes. Now go." He watched as the two walked in, Jinta muttering to himself all the way.

He let out a sigh, setting the only bag he had, down on the porch. "Are you going to continue training after Chad is finished helping?"

"Of course. He's in desperate need of help. He'll be killed if he fights the Arrancar the way he is now."

"Hmm..." Urahara put on his serious face. "I don't know if there's a way to train him any faster."

Renji sighed. "For now we'll just have to do it this way. We could send him to Soul Socitey but, I think Rukia and Orihime might find that disruptive." Urahara nodded.

They jumped when they heard a deep voice say, "Renji-san, are you ready to start training again?"

"Heh heh." Renji said nervously. "Y-yeah."

Chad nodded and walked back into the store. "Well talk later," Renji muttered to Urahara before disappearing into the store as well.

Urahra nodded and looked after the two boys. He's getting stronger but he's not quite there yet.


"Houkou, Zabimaru!" The sword was released full force at Chad. He built up the reiku into his arm and released it. It hit the sword dead on but no damage came. No marks was left. It was as if he hadn't done anything to it. "Oi, Chad! Gotta give more to it! What are you? Weak?"

Chad looked at his hands. Was he weak? Could he not protect those he had promised he would? No. He had to stop thinkning like that. Of course he could protect them. He wasn't weak. He was strong. He was big because he was strong and he was strong to protect those he cherished.

Building on that, he let everything out in one big blast of energy. It hit the rock where Renji stood. This startling the unprepared Renji, made him fall forward, right on top of...


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