Renji looked up and found himself sprawled out over Chad. Flustered, he apologized, "Sorry Chad!" He pushed himself away from Chad, his face bright red.

"Mmm." Chad stayed on his back. Renji looked back at him. For some reason, it had seemed... natural to be that way. It felt good to have their bodies pressing against one another's. No. What am I thinking? We're both guys. And we're supposed to be training! Renji pushed himself to his feet.

"Are you ready to continue training?" Much to his surprise, Chad shook his head no. "Than let's go get something to eat. We've been training for awhile. Neither of us have had anything to eat." Again, the answer was no. "Do you just want to lie there than?" Chad nodded. Well, as best he could anyway.

"Fine. But I'm starving. I'm gonna get somethin' to eat." He turned to walk away but was startled when he felt a firm grip wrap itself around his wrist, pulling him to the ground. "Whoa. What the hell?"

He landed on the ground, right next to Chad. He was surprised again as Chad rolled over onto his stomach and pressed his lips gently against Renji's, startling him. "Sumuni."

"For what?" Renji asked, staring into Chad's dark set eyes.

"For..." He stopped. Renji waited but there seemed to be no more. Not that Chad's kiss had bothered him all that much. For as big as he was, he was gentle about the way he did things. Renji leaned down again.

"Do you mind?" Chad shook his head. Shaking a little, Renji leaned in and kissed Chad again, his eyes fluttering shut at the feel of the lips pressing into him. He lifted his hand and set it gently on the others side. Chad started a little but relaxed against the welcoming hand.

Renji broke apart and looked at him. He couldn't help himself but say, "I never thought you'd be.. you know."

"I'm not... Technically." That was all he said. Renji shrugged it off. He didn't really care.

"So have you ever done it with another man?" Chad looked at Renji for a minute. Should he tell him the truth? He decided it was best. He nodded. Renji jerked back a little. So he was queer. He just wouldn't say it aloud.

"So, anyone I know that you've done it with?" Chad nodded again. "Who?" Renji squeaked.

He stopped to think. Who had he been with? Not to many. Most had been a one time thing of which he'd forced them into. "Ichigo... Uryuu... Keigo... And Hitsugaya-san."

I-Ishida? I-Ichigo? And tenth squads captain?! What the hell?! Renji stared at Chad, his eyes wide. This came as a major surprise to him. "I-I see..."

"Sumuni." He apologized yet again.

"D-don't worry about it." Renji decided he liked the position he was in so he pushed himself just a little closer to Chad. "Sorry."

Chad shook his head. He didn't mind all that much. He leaned down to press his lips against the redheads. Renji pushed into it. For as much of an embarrassment as it was, he wanted more. He couldn't stop himself. Chad flipped onto his back, pulling Renji on top of him. Using his hands as support, Renji continued to passionately kiss the tanned boy. He lifted one hand and used it to untie the ribbon holding his hair back. The long silky hair fell down his body, tickling Chad as Renji moved his body to get into a more comfortable position. They broke the kiss momentarily to breathe.

When they broke again, Renji leaned down and nibbled into Chad's neck. He let out a loud, pleasurable, moan. Renji breathed into his ear, "You taste quite good actually. And I'm sure the rest of you taste better." Chad's face immediately brightened. Renji chuckled. "By the way," he said, biting softly into his ear, "I'm not gay." Chad nodded. He knew this but had a strange feeling he needed to do this. He ran his fingers up Chad's sides. He sat long enough to have his shirt removed and tossed to the dusty floor. Renji leaned down and kissed him hard again, his tongue trailing inside the black abyss, tasting all that the man below him had. Curry, milk, water, and some other strange foods. It was desirable.

Chad's hands traveled up and down Renji's body, memorizing the muscular Shinigami entirely. He slipped Renji's shirt off, watching as it hit the dusty ground beside his. When the kiss had broken, Renji had leaned down to start sucking on the sensitive tinge of pink on Chad's chest. Chad moaned again. Using his other hand, Renji began to play with the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He put himself in a straddle position and sat down, close enough to the erect length where he could feel it. He moaned a little as they brushed together. His and Chad's of course. Unknown to him, his had become hard quite quickly. Chad was just that good.

"Hmmm..." Renji said, his tone slurred, "you're quite flustered. Maybe I shouldn't do this?"

He unbuckled Chad's pants and pulled them down just enough to swallow the hard length. He gasped. Renji began to pump the large erect length, his tongue playing with the tip of it. The faster he moved, the louder the other moaned. Finally, he was ready to release. "I-I'm coming!" His loud voice echoed around the large room.

Licking the white cum from his lips, Renji slithered his way up Chad's body with his tongue, making him shiver in pleasure. "You might want to be quieter. They can probably hear us. And also," he stopped right in front of the bright lips, "you taste quite good actually," and pressed his lips hard against the other. This was the most passionate kiss Chad had ever had. It was bruising his lips but he didn't care. He wanted more.

His body arched and went into a small shock when he felt his now soft length get grabbed by a cold, calloused hand. The hand began to pump it slowly, all of his blood rushing back to the soft organism. Renji broke away and muttered softly into his ear, "That didn't take long. Take mine. Make me hard... Make me come, just for you."

Chad was completely flustered as Renji undid his own pants, and slipped them off just enough to make his length stick out.

"But you're already hard?" Chad gave him a slightly confused look.

Renji licked his earlobe. "Than make me come," he mumbled. He took Chad's hand and moved it to his erect length, and closed the fingers around it. He let out a gasp. "There you go. That's it. Now pump it..." Chad, unsure of what else to do, obeyed.

He started slowly, listening to Renji let out moans, quiet, but pleasured. They pumped at the same pace, both of them moaning loudly at the touch of the other.

Renji finally released into Chad's hand. Startled a little, he pulled his hand away, looking at the white cream on his it, and then smiling. Without warning though, he felt himself release into Renji's hand. Renji was smirking as he once again licked it all away, off his own and then Chad's hand. "Turn around. Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees." It didn't take long seeing as he was mostly naked anyway. Renji slipped the rest of what he had on off as well. He sucked on his fingers for a moment, getting them wet, and them pushing them into Chad.

Chad let exaperated yelp, and 'huffed' each time Renji's fingers were pushed further inside him until he found the spot that made Chad moan like there was no tomorrow. He released once more, his body spilling over with sweat. He moaned as Renji emoved his fingers. "Not done yet," Renji said, getting himself ready. He got up and went to sit on his knees in front of Chad. "Suck it." He didn't ask any questions. Renji moaned a little as Chad took the entire length into his mouth. He pumped it hard and fast, his tongue playing with the tip, teasing it. Renji released and Chad swallowed. They both smirked. Renji went back around and sat on his knees again. "Prepare yourself," and thrusted himself. Chad screamed. He hadn't been quite prepared for that. Renji wasn't going easy. He pushed himself fast at the beginning, hearing as Chad moaned in pain for almost a minute straight before Renji had found the right spot again. Renji leaned over Chad, still pumping with vigor, and grabbed his length, beginning to pump that as well. They two pumped in sync. Chad moaned loudly. This was the first time he wasn't the one doing all the work and it felt like Heaven. Renji heard skin slapping against skin as he went even faster, his body on the brink of release. "I-I..." that was all the warning he got before white cum shot once more into his hand.

"Chad!" Renji screamed and released. Chad let out a pleased moan as the seed was shot into him. He finally collapsed, landing with Renji on his back.



"Wsa that your first time?"


"With a man I mean?"

"Erk... well, yeah. Sorta..."

"Meaning this was your first time at all?"

Blushing like mad, Renji nodded into Chad's back.

Chad let out a small laugh. It rumbled deep inside him so Renji could feel it against his bare body.

"Is it bad?"

"That was the best damn fuck I've ever had."

Again, Renji felt the heat in his face as he blushed. "T-thanks..."

Chad smiled. "You're welcome."


Urahara hadn't heard anything in almost an hour and was getting worried so he decided to go check on them. And anyway, dinner was ready. He opened the trap door and started down the overly long ladder that led to the training room. He jumped maybe five steps from the bottom and landed with practically no sound.

He looked around and was about to call out their names when he spotted them butt naked on the ground, their bodies tangled up in the others. Maybe I'll just leave them be. They look content. He smiled again, taking one last glance at them before muttering some very... choosy words, and then climbing back up the overly long ladder.

Chad felt tired and his eye lids were starting to close. He knew what that feeling meant now. He couldn't commit himself before because he didn't really love that person. Now though, he had found the person he wanted to spend the rest of eternity with. And before he knew what he was doing, he heard himself breathe, "I love you Renji. I hope you love me too. Even if you're not gay. 'Cause guess what? Neither am I."

He felt Renji's laugh against his back. "Sure you aren't. And I love you too Chad. But no telling Ichigo. He'll never let me live this down." And that was the last either of them heard as the fell into what they hoped would be a sleep filled with dreams of each other and their future life together.


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