Now that Bella was a vampire nothing could stop them from getting married in Vegas…until all of a sudden a pack of rabid ducks attacked.

The priest of the rabid ducks didn't want Edward and Bella to get married because he was in love with Bella.

So Bella got married to the rabid duck priest named Ashley.

Edward was very jealous and wanted to kill Ashley so he did. But before he could Emmett and Rosalie came back for the dead and ate all the duck, then got rabies.

Because of this Edward and Bella had to kill them but they didn't succeed

You can't kill them that's mean

Oh well, its done now

No its no

Yes it is

Im writing this story with out you then.Bang your dead

NOOO, fine scratch thatlast part, they're not dead, I'll fix it


So they didn't succeed and jasper and Alice showed up for the wedding. Esme and Carlisle decided to come to because they had nothing better to do. Anyway at last Bella and Edward got married because they found a new priest. They all decided to go back to forks, and open a casino in the middle of the school grounds. It became very famous, then they got so much money they bought the town and a pet lion.

The end

No…you can't end it yet!!

Well I just did

Noooo you can't end it yet!


Because I said so

Well unless you kill Jacob for me I will not write anymore

But his all ready dead

I don't care

Fine I'll keep writing the story and I will bring him back to life and make sure he suffers a slow, miserable, painful, terrible death

Oh really you'd do that all for me tear

Yes I would because I want him to have a slow, miserable, painful, terrible death

Yay, im the happiest girl in the world spinning in circles

Fine now keep writing the story. And I'll kill Jacob somehow

Oh, can we kill spider pig also, I hate him so much.

Yeah sure why not

YAY I love you so much. But only as a friend, nothing more edgy eyes

Yeah I know that lol

OMG can we also kill the person who invented lol


Yay im so happy. That is end of the conversation, final, full stop, and end.

Fine but let me finish the story by saying:

Bella and Edward lived happily ever after, until they got hungry so they ate spider pig, and the guy that invented lol. And last and certainly least, Jacob died a slow, miserable, painful, terrible death by the rabid ducks who ate him.


Yay, jolly good ending

Yes it is, if I do say so my self

And that is the ending of this story i hape you all enjoyed it.