To be a Hero

Disclaimer: I own nothing, if I owned it I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction!

Summary: Three very different children, three very different backgrounds and a single path for them to follow

Idea came from reading remind me to breathe's fic: a sky far far away


Strength, strength is not continuing without trouble, strength is continuing on despite all the obstacles. In three different ways, in three different places, three different children learnt the meaning of strength, and each of them vowed never to be weak again. One threw herself into books, learning all she could about everything, determined never to be without the answer. One mastered strategy, chess, warfare, logic, determined never to be unable to find a way to win. One learnt, everything, book learning, self-defence, and most of all, to control the power he held that terrified his relatives, determined never to be the weakest. In three different ways, in three different places, three different children learnt the skills to form the most powerful trio the world had ever seen.

Hermione Granger, genius child, straight A student, bookworm, nervously dragged her trunk up the Hogwarts express, searching for an empty compartment, her eyes darting from side to side, and her back bearing cuts from the last time she had failed to get full marks in a test.

Ronald Weasely, chess master, forgotten youngest son, strategist, slipped into what he thought was an empty compartment, hoping to slide under the radar of his brothers, and achieve a few hours of blessed peace.

Harry Potter, slave to his relatives, saviour of light, and master of magic, studied the children before him, glancing up from his book to try to determine what it was about them that had made his barriers decide they were worthy friends.

Six hours later three children disembarked from the Hogwarts Express, the bonds of friendship already firmly formed, these three children would change history, re-shape the magical world, and alter the conceptions of wizards forever. These three children, in different ways, would lead their peers far into a world no one knew existed.