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chapter 58 spoilers, if you don't know, and don't wish to find out who Roy's alchemy teacher was, stop reading. Dialogue taken directly from manga.


Roy had let himself in, dressed up in his military blues and looking as dashing as she remembered him.

"He's not feeling very well, and surely seeing you in that manner won't help him," she remarked as he tried to sneak past her back.

Roy tensed at her words and slowly lowered his booted foot to the wood flooring. He turned to look at her, and their eyes locked for a brief, awkward moment. "How'd you know?" he asked—the rubber soles of his boots seemingly transmuted to the floor.

"Out of the corner of my eye, Mr. Mustang. Our name does command a certain amount of keen eyesight," she explained, turning away from him and back to the task at hand. "Would you like a cup of tea also? I take it you're here to speak with Father."

"Thank you, Miss Hawkeye. Is he in his study?" he asked, taking a hesitant step into the kitchen towards her—his boots seemed to be free of the floor at last.

She only nodded in answer as she reached to the highest shelf of the cabinet to pull down another cup and saucer.

Roy frowned, took back his step, and continued down the hall until he reached the closed door of the room he knew so well. He knocked and took the mumbled sound he heard as permission to enter, and smiled at his hard working teacher.

When his aged teacher looked up at him Roy's smile faltered. The man he used to admire above all sat in his dusty room on a chair that was literally falling apart, something easily fixed with alchemy, his hair hung in greasy locks that indicated he no longer cared for life, his face was sunken and sallow, and the glint in the man's eyes reminded Roy of the desperate homeless men he had seen on the streets of the destitute side of Central.

"So, you've become a soldier after all, Roy?" a statement spat at him over the scratching of a quill on paper.

"Yes, Sensei," he admitted, standing with the straight, stiff posture he'd learned during his years in the academy. "I thought that I would eventually like to take the qualification for a state alchemist and work for my country."

"As I thought, it's still too early for you to use 'Flame Alchemy'," Hawkeye said with a wry smile, more to himself than his student.

"Still…is it? In the end, you've only taught me the basics of alchemy up to now," Roy reminded him.

"Of course. It's a waste to teach someone who would degrade himself by becoming a dog of the military," he replied, turning his attention back to his writing.

"'Alchemy is for the people', isn't it, Sensei? I think that being useful to the military is linked to being useful to the people," Roy explained, his voice raw with passion. His teacher's shoulders slumped at his words, and in the silence Roy continued on, "Now that we are exposed to threats from surrounding countries, strengthening the military is most urgent to protect the nation alchemy is—"

"I've tired of listening to those second hand opinions." Hawkeye said, the strokes of his quil quickening in his anger as he waved off what he believed to be scripted lines.

"To think, if I had as much knowledge as you, it would be easy to take the state qualification," Roy said, his posture loosening a bit. "Honestly, I find it unbearable that someone of your caliber is smoldering in such destitution," Roy said, going in a different direction. "If you take the state qualification and accept the issued research funds, your research would also go even further—"

Roy was interrupted again as Hawkeye set his quill down and spoke, "There's no need for that. My research was perfected a long time ago. It is the strongest kind of alchemy. Depending on how it's used, it can also become the most deadly" Roy stared at him as he rose his face and looked at, no through, the ceiling. He continued, "And I became satisfied. Alchemists are living beings who, as long as they are alive, cannot go on without seeking truth, when they stop their thinking the 'Alchemists' would die. That is why I am a human who died a long time ago," he said, looking his student straight in the eye for the first time during their conversation.

Roy looked away he couldn't bear the words and those haunted, desperate eyes. "Please, don't say such a thing. If you would please use that power for the world—"

Once again, Hawkeye's sharp voice rose above his own in a hiss, "Power? So, you want power, Roy?"

Roy flinched at the hissed words, his teacher had misinterpreted him, and than suddenly blood was everywhere, pouring out of the man's mouth and covering his extensive scribbling on the pages on his desk. "Sensei!" Roy shouted as he ran over to the desk where his teacher's face landed. Blood was still pouring from the man's mouth. Roy was at his side and called to him again, "Sensei!"

"Since I saw your growth with my own eyes…I thought of bestowing it on you," he said through coughs and gurgles. "What a pity…I don't have time left to teach you…"

"Wha…" Roy couldn't form words, his teacher was dying before his eyes, and he couldn't do anything to save him, even as a trained military officer he was useless when it came to death.

"But my research…my daughter knows it all…" Hawkeye gasped, he could feel every part of him dying, he couldn't hold himself up, couldn't move his hands, and his lips were becoming so cold, his body was almost frozen from the lack of heat the blood rushing out of his veins would have provided, and he continued on, not exactly sure of what he was able to get out for Roy to hear, how he wished Riza was there too, "If you're saying you will use my alchemy, my power in the correct way, she will probably present the secret to you…I'm sorry."

"Please, get ahold of yourself," Roy bellowed, for himself and his teacher, helplessly placing a hand on the man's shoulder and shaking him.

"I was so immersed in my research I couldn't do anything for you. I'm sorry Riza…Roy…I'll leave my daughter to you…please…please…please…" he used his last few breath to ask his student to take care of his daughter, the one he had neglected so much over the years. He could barely feel his arm being pulled over Roy's shoulder and his body being lifted as upright as it could get.

"Sensei!! Hawkeye Sensei! Someone, someone call a doctor. Is anyone here?" Roy yelled as he pulled his idol up from his seat, mostly dragging him towards the door of the room, and at that moment he saw Riza and remembered she was just in the kitchen.

There she was leaning against the door, eyes wide with tears as she looked at the bloody mess her father was in Roy's arms. "Riza!" Roy called her name in depseration, willing the man in he held up to make it just another day. And then he felt her father's body growing stiff and knew it was too late, too late, he couldn't do anything at all.

He had only taken his eyes from her to look at his teacher for a moment and when he looked back he saw the tear traveling down her face, and that was all it took for the guilt to consume him. He'd gotten every single one of her letters, each one telling him briefly how things were going, and how her father's health was deteriorating, and how he refused to see a doctor, and he had never written back. Roy thought that if only he had come back sooner he could have talked sense into the man, made him at least see a doctor, but no, he'd waited until he had the courage to come back and face his teacher, until he was sure that becoming a state alchemist was the right thing to do, and that leaving hadn't been a mistake.

Guilt and doubt licked at every part of his being until he stumbled from the dead weight of his teacher. He looked back at Riza, and she was shaking against the door with quiet sobs, at that moment he promised to protect her with every ounce of his being, to make a better world for her.


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