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No Spoilers, but references to chapters 83 & 89

Prompts: New Beginnings, Superstition, & Surprise Attack


Rebecca still couldn't believe her eyes as she sat watching them take the vows to love, cherish, honor, and protect, just as they'd been doing since Ishval—possibly before.

Despite knowing the risks they would have taken with a big wedding, she still wished the guest list had been expanded, she wasn't joking when she'd complained to her friend about the difficulties finding a good guy.

An elbow nudged her out of her thoughts. "She's about to throw the bouquet," Maria said, herding her across the room.

Rebecca smiled at the girl dragging her mom across the room, remembering that this had always been her favorite part of the weddings, yet with age the tradition had lost its magic—how many women had she seen catch the bouquet and remain single for so long afterward.

She blinked as something hit her, interrupting her thoughts. Laughter rang through the small crowd as she caught the bouquet as it rebounded off of her head.

The bride winked at her when their eyes met, and she sighed.

Rebecca picked at the baby's breath in the bouquet, while everyone said their goodbyes to the couple.

"I always wondered why you and Jean never hit it off," Grumman commented, sneaking up beside her.

"Huh?" she replied, confused…they were friends.

"Give the guy a break, he's been talking about you ever since the ice cream truck," Roy said, suddenly materializing in front of her

"You planned this," she accused, glaring at Riza. "It's harassment," she squeaked, trying to dig her heels in the ground as Riza shoved her in the direction of a certain blond with a sheepish grin on his face.


A.N. - Another piece written for the comm fma_fic_contest at lj. The prompt this was entered for was Superstition, with 100-250 word count limit. I held back from posting it for RoyAi Day...if all goes well, I'll post a story everyday until the 13th when the RoyAi Festival ends over at fullmetal-alchemist(dot)com. Thanks for reading! Happy RoyAi Day!

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