Hermione jumped into the TARDIS.

"So," the Doctor said, still grinning. "Where to first?"

"Anywhere," said Hermione, shocked that this was REALLY HAPPENING.

"Anywhere?" said the Doctor, mild admonishment in his voice. "Oh, come on Hermione! There must be somewhere you really really want to go!"

She thought for a moment.

"Egypt," she decided. "Egypt in the time of the Pyramids."

"Oh, how marvellous," came a sarcastic voice from the side of the console room. "Blood, sand, and Osirians."

The Master, wearing a simple dark t-shirt and darker jeans, was leaning against a wall, a bored look on his face.

"Do you mind?" said the Doctor. "I could've just let Jack shoot you, you know."

"Ok, ok sorry!" said the Master, holding his hands up in surrender. Hermione noticed he was wearing a bracelet.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"This?" said the Master. "Oh, a little trick of the Doctors. Keeps me from doing anyone any harm. He let me keep my screwdriver though."

He illustrated the point by bringing his laser screwdriver outof his pocket.

Hermione turned to the Doctor.

"How long 'til we're there?" she asked, eager to get on with her adventuring.

"Couple of hours. It is pretty far back," replied the Doctor. "You should probably get somethng a bit more... 'Egypt Friendly', on."

Hermione looked at her school uniform.

"Oh... right, I see what you mean."

"Master, take her to the wardrobe, will you?" asked the Doctor politely. The Master shrugged, then went through a door, leaving Hermione to follow.

As she walked, she grinned. She was a time traveller. Well, again, but she hardly thought there was any comparison between her Time Turner third year and travelling with two immortal time lords to ancient Egypt.

She could hardly wait.