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Haji is chasing after me. The gap between us is thinning as we sprint across the wide expanse of land beneath us. The lush greenery around us is calming and beautiful: the trees dance restlessly with the wind's sporadic rhythm; the grass beneath us reminds me of the plush red carpet in the mansion; different species of flowers emit varying scents that excite me further. My legs pump faster towards the hill, bringing me further away from Haji. I laugh, I feel giddy.

Curious of how Haji is faring I look back.

Horror strikes the depth of my soul.

Haji is no longer chasing after me. It's him. Those handsome, devilish green eyes and all-knowing smirk drive a spike through my chilled heart. I stop for a minute, but his fast approach pushes me out of my fatal pause. I run, I will my legs not to give in at this crucial moment. I call out Haji's name. No sound comes out. I try Joel's. Nothing. I'm mute. No! What is happening to me? I can feel his breath against the back of my neck. Shit, Haji!

Frantic tears fall and I start to shake. Oh God, please no! I feel my legs buckling. But I compel myself not to look back, afraid of what I'll find. I reach the hill and look down. To my further dismay, a quiet lake is waiting below. Looks like this is the end of me. I die alone, without Haji and Joel knowing of my demise. I bite my lip, hard. I taste blood on my lip, lick it. Feeling a little more at peace with myself, I look back and see him coming. His eyes lock onto mine, his grin ever frightening me.

I close my eyes.

I trusted you but you betrayed me. I hate you. I loved you as a friend but you only wanted me for power. I hate you so much… Father.

I fall backwards, into the water.


"Saya?" Kai forced himself not to lunge at her, as he saw her eyes twitch and slowly take in the room's light. Haji too tried not to touch her, afraid that she would break under his touch. She seemed so fragile at that moment, her awakening only a fleeting suspension of time. Everyone in the room was afraid of letting out a breath, of fear that doing so would cause the miracle to break, thus plunging Saya back to her long slumber.

She groaned, shielded her eyes from the blinding light overhead. She breathed in deeply, as if her life depended on it. Saya shakily moved her hand away from her eyes, slowly opened them. Confused of her whereabouts, she frantically sat up. A surprised yelp escaped her as she recognized everyone in the room—her friends, her family—watching over her. Her gaze immediately fell on Kai. As always, with worried eyes, he stared at her as if he were looking into her soul. He opened his mouth but chose not to say a word. He merely put his hand on hers, squeezed it very tight. A tear fell, and Saya returned the gesture. She then shifted her gaze from Kai to Julia, whose hair was stylishly cut short, her face and figure beautiful as ever; she smiled at Saya. Saya nodded and saw David-san's hand on his wife's. The ex-agent's forehead deepened with lines but overall his handsome face was still intact. Contrary to the first time she met him, he seemed much happier now. She willed herself not to cry right there and then, seeing that everyone whom she cared for was still alive and well, as if they have been waiting for her the whole time. She then noticed Lewis munching on something, which reminded her that she was getting hungry.

"Saya." Saya instantly turned to Haji. They both stared at each other, as if a telepathic conversation was taking place. An awkward silence filled the room.

"Haji," she hissed, her voice quite hoarse. "I'm hungry."

Kai broke out laughing, and everyone joined in. Saya frowned, believing that her hungry state was no joking matter.

Saya crossed her arms over her chest, glared at Kai. Kai, seeing her irritation, instantly stopped laughing, stood up. "I believe we have plenty of leftovers from today's dinner. Hardly anyone touched their meal, so rest assured that you won't go hungry till next morning."

After Kai left the room, Saya suddenly felt self-conscious and afraid of looking at David-san and the others. Even Kai seemed uneasy around her. What should she tell them? Hi, everyone! Guess what? I woke up earlier than expected. Why don't we go out for a picnic and catch up on things? The situation at hand was not simple at all. Actually, she was just as puzzled as they were about her current condition. Even Haji looked at her with a hint of confusion and worry.

She heaved a sigh, closed her eyes. "Everyone… I…"

"Whoa! She's pretty!"

Saya was startled to find a pair of pale blue eyes gawking at her, eyes that reminded her of a painfully long past. She gripped the bed sheet, her heart almost skipping a beat as a younger version of Diva appeared in front of her. The little Diva look-alike must have noticed the terror in Saya's face, for she began to look puzzled and started moving away from the bed. Lewis quickly approached the little girl, assured her that everything was all right.

Tenderly directing the little girl to the door, Lewis apologized to Saya. "Sorry, didn't notice her sneaking in." Lewis tried to smile but Saya could tell that it was strained. That saddened her. "Kanade, aren't you supposed to be in bed by now? Kai—Daddy's not gonna be happy about this if he finds out that you've been snooping around again."

"But Uncle Lewis… who is she? Why does she look like me and Hibiki?" Kanade tried to wrench away from Lewis but his hold on her was firm.

"Shhh… c'mon let's go to bed now."

"But uncle… I'm not yet tired—" Her voice trailed off as Lewis quickly shut the door after him.

Once again, silence consumed them. Saya felt a cold shiver running down her spine. Haji saw her shaking, so he quickly draped the sheet over her shoulders. She held onto his shirt, wishing him not to widen the gap between them. Haji complied, wrapped an arm around her. She rested her head on his shoulder, breathed in his scent. At that instant, feelings of tension gradually wore down and she grew more secure of herself.

Saya whispered her thanks to Haji and sat up. Faced with David and Julia, she tried to start conversationally. "Um… I see that you two are doing well. And last I heard you were pregnant," Saya beamed at Julia.

The doctor nodded, grinned. "Yes, our son's name is Oliver. He looks just like his father," she looked up at David, flashed him a proud grin. "He also just turned six this year. We would have wanted him to meet you, but he was tired so he went to bed earlier than usual."

"I see. It's all right, there's always tomorrow." Saya attempted to smile but knew better. She quickly apologized. "I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on myself, why I'm awake. I know it troubles you but—"

Julia suddenly slid next to Saya, hugged her. "Don't be sorry, never be. Coming back earlier than expected may be, to simply put it, unexpected, but it has honestly brightened our days. Sure, we're still speculating of your untimely awakening, but that doesn't imply that we don't want you here with us." Julia released her hold, rubbed Saya's cheek. "Always remember that having you here has tremendously inspired our lives. You are, after all, family, Saya."

Saya closed her eyes, smiled. "Thank you, Julia."

David approached the bed, laid a hand on Julia's shoulder. "You might be wondering who the little girl was awhile ago."

Saya tried not to think of Diva, of her whirlwind past not too long ago. "She's one of my nieces, isn't she?"

"Yes." A pause. "Her name's Kanade, and her twin sister's name is Hibiki. Kai has been raising them all this time."

Saya nodded, sighed. "I see." She hesitated but continued, "She looks a lot like Diva, that's all. I guess that's what caught me off guard for a moment."

"We understand," Julia reassured Saya.

"Kai has always been good with kids. I wouldn't be surprised that they turned out so well." Saya paused for a moment. "I'd like to meet them sometime."

"Of course." Julia patted Saya's hand. "You'd love them, just as we do."

A knock on the door suspended their conversation. Haji opened the door and Kai slipped in with a tray full of delectable dishes. "They may be leftovers but they're good. Plus, they're mostly your favorites." Haji helped Kai plant the tray on Saya's lap without spilling soup on the sheet.

"Eat up, Saya. It's been a few years since you last eaten food this delicious," Kai urged Saya not to be shy. She quietly nodded and began munching food as if she were stocking up for another decade or so. While eating, David and Julia nudged Kai to meet outside the room. Kai told Saya that they would be outside if she needed them.

It didn't take a genius to know what they were planning—a little conference amongst themselves. But Saya could care no less. The food was spectacular! The fried shrimp, which felt like it turned to water as soon as it touched her tongue, was incredulous. The miso soup warmed her belly, the tofu perfectly shaped and fresh. Bean sprouts sautéed in garlic wasn't always her favorite, but it was refreshing. She then bit into the chicken karaage, the crunch sound resounding in her ears. She tried not to make a mess but she had to admit, she couldn't hold back. She even ignored Haji chuckling beside her. A bite of the grilled eel nearly gave her an orgasm. She seriously had to kudos Kai for his excellent cooking.

It almost reminded her of… Dad.

Suddenly, her head began to spin. She dropped her chopsticks, smacked her temples to stop the migraine from spreading across her head.

"Saya!" Haji jumped up, pulled the food tray away from her. "Saya, what's wrong? Saya!"

"Haji… he… he's back." Saya looked at him with fear. "He's come back for me."

"Who?" Haji thought about Amshel's return from the grave but it was impossible. He absolutely made sure that Amshel stayed dead beneath the rubble. But nothing was impossible. After all, he survived, didn't he? But still, he stabbed the bastard with Saya's sword dripped with her blood—he must be rotting in hell by now. But who could Saya be referring to? Even Diva didn't instill this much fear while she was still alive.

He nudged her to focus on him. "Saya, who is back? Tell me."

"Haji… He… he…" she began to shake, slammed her eyes shut. She whispered the name but her voice was too soft for Haji to hear her audibly.


"Ni… Nicholas… he's alive, Haji."

Dumbfounded, Haji let go of Saya, afraid that she would feel him shaking. He turned around; for fear that she would see through his hard exterior, see the clear terror in his eyes. "How… I thought that Joel killed him… with your blood."

"I… Joel… we didn't tell you everything." She choked back the tears and bit her lip. She answered his confused look, "I'll explain later, but what scares me the most is that he saw us. This morning, afternoon… awhile back… it was him, the man I bumped into."

Even before telling him that, he already had the inkling of what she was thinking. But he chose to ignore it, fearful of what would happen next. They remained in apprehensive silence. Neither of them dared speak up. The revelation was too much to bear. But… if Nicholas was back, didn't that mean that it was connected to Saya's premature awakening? Would that mean that he was after Saya again? Haji whipped around to face Saya, embraced her.

"I won't let him near you again. Never ever. I promise you that, Saya."

"Haji," she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, kissed him. "Thank you."


The couple looked up to find Kai, David, Julia, Lewis, and Joel at the door. Kai noticed something different about Saya and Haji. He didn't say a word but thought to ask Saya or Haji later.

Seeing Joel, Saya brightened up. She immediately asked how he was doing, questioned him on his sudden appearance. He explained to her that he had a business meeting to attend to, but when he found out that Saya was back, he, without another moment's hesitation, cancelled the meeting and ordered to be driven back to Kai's place. What kind of business has he started, Saya, ever so curious, asked. He chuckled, told her that he partnered with a friend in a real estate business. Saya vaguely understood the term but she expressed her happiness for him.

Joel momentarily turned to Haji, questioning the man about his trip to France.

"France? You went to France?" Saya asked, incredulous and half-jealous.

"Yes. I played with an orchestra for a few months to earn some money." He didn't want to say more, knowing that if he told Saya where he had gone to, she would slash him in half for not bringing her to the places she'd dreamed of going all her life.

"Just France, Haji?"

He was a terrible liar. He knew it, so did she. "Yes, just France."

She raised a brow. "Oh really?"


"You're really telling me the truth?"


"Ok. Good for you. You played with a big orchestra?"

"Hmmm… Pretty decent size, not too big."

Saya nodded her approval.

"Very nice, you are a talented cellist after all." She paused for effect. "I did teach you the works."

"Yes, you were a great teacher."

"Indeed. How was Munich?"

"Not bad."

She threw a pillow at him. "Just France, huh?!"

Haji's cheeks felt warm. He avoided her stare. "Well, it's not like I'm able to carry your cocoon with me around Europe. Besides, I was only making money so that I… I would be able to bring you to the places you've always wanted to go to. That's just that."

Saya pecked him on the cheek, made him promise to her that they would one day go on a long vacation together.

Haji's cheeks were a deep shade of maroon. "It's a promise."

"All right then, think it's time for bed," David broke the couple's connection. Although they all knew that no one would be able to sleep a wink tonight, nothing could be gleaned from just one night's miraculous occurrence; they knew nothing of what was happening, so it would be completely futile to go on speculating about different possibilities of Saya's wakening right there and then. Everybody decided to stay in Kai's place for the night. Soon they bid each other goodnight and quickly filed out of the room. Kai was the last one out.

"Goodnight, Saya. I'm glad you're back."

"Me too. Goodnight, Kai."

With that, he shut the door behind him.

Both Haji and Saya were relieved when everyone left. Even if they asked Saya and Haji if they knew something, they knew better than to involve them in this matter, especially when their lives were finally at peace. Kai, David, Julia, Lewis, and Joel finally had normal lives to live, unlike Saya and Haji. They couldn't involve the others into a situation where it bordered on more evil and deadly matters. Being cursed with immortality and such hellish mutation had always been their cross to bear.

"Haji, we have to leave here tonight."

Haji tentatively nodded. He opened his mouth a few times, but thought better not to say.

"What is it?"

"What about your nieces?"

"Haji, they're mainly the reason why I want to leave. To involve Kai and David-san into this would only endanger the twins. I wouldn't want that to happen. I want them to be happy, to live like normal people. Diva and I are a different story, but this time, these two have a chance to be normal. I want them to cherish that, to experience it. They are better off not knowing where they came from, what their blood is composed of."

Haji agreed, confirmed that Saya only wanted the best for her nieces.

Later that night, the room was quiet, dark, and empty. The only light in the room came from the digital clock. It read a quarter past three. Everyone else in the house was fast asleep, except for Hibiki, who saw green orbs staring back at her.

She awoke from her nightmare and started screaming.


"Saya, Haji, run!" Joel hollers from behind. He is on the floor, bleeding from a wound. I stop and call out Joel's name.

Haji grabs my hand, pulls me alongside him, and leads me towards the woods looming ahead of us.

"Haji, we can't leave Joel behind!" I hesitate, constantly looking behind me in hopes of finding Joel catching up with us.

"Saya, don't be an idiot. We have to move otherwise, he would take you away. That's the last thing Joel wants. If you respect Joel, respect his wishes."

I feel like slapping myself for being weak. Tears wouldn't stop cascading down my cheeks but I continue running with Haji, hand in hand. Though the chill of the night creeps into my sweaty body, the warmth from Haji's hand temporarily transmits some heat into mine.

I look up at Haji, who only sixteen outgrew me by approximately two feet, and I grip his hand tighter. I notice some scratches on his face and, I somehow feel like apologizing because I feel partly responsible for what is happening. Stray branches from all sides slap my face and bare legs. My dress is torn but I could care less. Right now, I am afraid and confused, but most of all I feel betrayed.

In front of my eyes, Nicholas, a trusted friend of Joel's, stabbed him. I was stupid for standing horrified and immobilized for more than a minute. I should have called help for Joel. Instead, wide-eyed and terrified, I merely stared back at Nicholas' evil eyes. He told me he wanted me. He wanted me to be his queen. I was confused. Queen? Queen of what? I didn't understand. Suddenly, he lunged at me, pinned me down to the floor of Joel's office. This time I started yelling. I heard the door creak open and Haji came to my rescue, brought a vase down the bastard's head. His blood trickled down his scalp, spilled a few drops on my cheek. Disgusting.

Then Joel ordered Haji to bring me with him and make a run for it. Haji did so, and now we're almost out of breath in the middle of the forest. I start to panic, not knowing where we are. I hold Haji's big hand, afraid that he would leave me. Haji squeezes my hand, assures me that he wouldn't leave me, that he would always be by my side.

We continue running until we find an open area. A rivulet runs peacefully in front of us. Without a moment to lose, we gulp in some water, parched as we are. Refreshed, we decide to cross the river. Rocks make a broken path that leads us to the other side. Haji goes first. Halfway through he turns around and offers his hand for me. I make a grab for it but I slip and fall into the water. The water level is very low so the prospect of drowning is impossible. Haji hurries to help me but because of my klutziness, we didn't notice that Nicholas had already caught up with us.

With a broken branch, he hits Haji right in the face. I scream as Haji is thrown back into the water. Luckily, his face is above the water level. But still. I push myself up and make my way for Haji when Nicholas pulls me back by the hair. I fall back into the water. I struggle against him. He slaps me in the face. I could feel the bruise already forming right then. He rips my dress open. Revolted and angered beyond measure, I punch him. Taken by surprise, he backs up, his grip loosens. I have the chance to escape. I kick him near the sensitive area, grab a small rock and hit his face. His yells out and cusses like there's no tomorrow. Small victory momentarily overwhelms me as I stand up and pounce to Haji's side.

His temple is bruised and bleeding (but not profusely). I nudge him to wake up but he's out cold. Worried, I look back and find Nicholas getting up, his eyes crazed for the kill. I shake Haji, but it is useless. I look around and find a stick. It seems sturdy enough. I stand up and pose a fighting stance. I'm not going to let him win. He hurt Joel and Haji, and dares to rape me. Well, he's definitely met the wrong person to deal with. I wait for him to attack. But he just stands there, his eyes amused. He lets out a chuckle.

"What's so funny, dammit!"

"You… remind me of your mother."

"My… mother?"

"Saya!" Out of nowhere, Joel appears with a saber behind Nicholas. He lunges towards where Nicholas is standing. Nicholas lithely dodges each of Joel's attacks. I gasp as I see Joel's front shirt soaked with blood. Pleading with him is futile; Joel has always been inflexible, especially in terms of his beliefs. I look around frantically, praying to God that Joel hasn't been killed yet. So far only rocks set around me are at my disposal.

I kneel down to grab one when I hear Joel's cry of agony. I yell at Nicholas, who seizes Joel by the neck, to let him go. Distracted, Nicholas looks at me. I run towards him. I don't know why I'm sprinting towards him, with only a rock as a weapon, but I want to save Joel. If he kills Joel…

Just then, he throws Joel at me. We both fall down, him on top of me. I cry out when I feel a sharp pain against my back and arm. My back hurts from the fall, but I see that my arm is bleeding from the gash made by Joel's sword as he lays unconsciousness above me. I sense Nicholas coming towards me. In that instant, I grab the sword, gently shove Joel aside, and wait for him to come at me.

He smirks at me, at my sword, as if he isn't afraid of my weapon, as if telling me that he is immortal.

I pay no attention to his smug look. I want to erase it from my sight at once! I'm ready for him, when suddenly a wave of dizziness hits me. I stumble but I keep my stance. I hear his low chuckle. Wha… What's happening? My blood drips down to the tip of the sword. The rivulet is tinted with blood. Perhaps, this is the end of me. He's inches away from me. I close my eyes and see Haji and Joel walking away from me. I'm going to die.

He charges at me. With all the strength left that I could muster, I plunge the sword into his chest. Though I didn't hit him dead center, I can tell that I inflict so much pain, as he yells out with such excruciating agony. I can't see his face, as everything around me stars to blur. I only hear him gasping for breath, his steps retreating.

I fall down, and hear the water flowing around me. I feel cold. Maybe it's the water, or maybe it's because I'm dying. I hear someone moving beside me. I have no strength left to move so I just close my eyes. Sorry, Haji. Take care of Joel for me.

"Saya! Saya!"

Haji's voice is so low and very manly. Hmmm…

"Saya, wake up!"

I'm tired. Let me sleep, idiot.



Saya found herself in Haji's arms. They were in a dilapidated warehouse. The air was chilly, but sticking close to each other made the cold more bearable. Haji unbuttoned his shirt, exposed his neck to her. Saya hungrily bit into his skin, sucked his blood, the sensation of satisfying her hunger was exhilarating.

When she was finished, she thanked him. Saya rested her head on his chest. She could hear no heartbeat, but that didn't matter. Haji would always be with her, just as he promised her. They remained quiet for a while, listening to the wind blowing against the corrugated roof and the faint flapping of wings from restless bats and insects outside.

"So Joel didn't kill him. You did," Haji made sure that he understood her right.

Saya confirmed, "Yes. I lost a lot of blood so I fell unconscious. I vaguely remember Joel saying that you brought the both of us back to the mansion."

Haji curtly nodded his head. "It was a good thing Joel's wound wasn't as deep as we thought it was."

"Yeah, definitely."

A pause.

"But Joel then discovered about my blood having that sort of effect on my counterpart. Right before he died," she had to close her eyes to calm herself, as she remembered the image of Diva killing Joel. "Right before he let out his last breath, Joel told me that the only way to stop Diva was to kill her with my blood. After the incident with Nicholas, Joel must have figured it out."

"Then that explains Joel's elusiveness since then." Haji thought about it, and then said, "Which would mean that he found out something about your mother… or maybe something about your lineage."

With pursed lips, Saya muttered, "Nicholas… was my father. That much I gleaned from Joel and the way Nicholas acted during our last encounter."

Haji tentatively nodded. "He could be the beginning of everything, or just part of it."

"Could be. For Nicholas to reveal his intimacy with my mother, there's a possibility that my fight with Diva was not the beginning of a feudal sisterly relationship. It could be that the struggle for power had already occurred generations back."

"But that is just a guess."

Nevertheless, Saya shuddered at the thought. "Nicholas wanted me because I could carry on the accursed lineage. Just like my mother and Diva, who were left powerless after giving birth, I would have been easily eradicated if Nicholas was successful in his plan to impregnate me." EUW. She paused, speculated the countless possibilities running in her head. She then added, "If he was after me, then that would mean he served my mother's other twin."

"Technically your aunt," Haji said, stating the obvious.

"Yes, so…"

"Your aunt could still be alive."

"Which would explain why Nicholas is back. In getting rid of me, she doesn't have to be worried about getting killed. I am the remaining blood relative of her counterpart that can destroy her. Although I don't understand how Nicholas could still be alive. He should have died a long time ago."

Haji made no immediate reply to that. "But Saya, you forget something. You aren't the only one your aunt should be concerned about if she wants to claim the throne all to herself."

Saya looked up and realized what Haji meant. "My nieces. They could be a threat to her reign." Saya quickly got up. "We have to go back, Haji."

Haji flexed his wings, held Saya, and took off.

After a moment's silence in the air, Haji said, "There's also the possibility that your aunt is dead. Nicholas could be like Amshel in terms of claiming power over your bloodline. For one thing, it wouldn't make sense to have you continue the line while your aunt was alive. Rather, if she were alive at that time, she would have sought a Chevalier with your blood so that she can continue her bloodline."

Saya simply nodded, said, "That too. But, that doesn't worry me as much, Haji." She looked into his eyes. "I want to know how my mother ended up the way she did in the picture, the one Joel showed me."

"I doubt the journal says anything about it."

"Maybe so. But I'm sure if Nicholas is alive, he may know some answers to all our doubts."

Not knowing what the future might hold, they ventured into the night, into the darkness, where centuries ago a past that was long forgotten had shaken the lives of many people, even to those who unintentionally got caught in the crossfire. Just when Haji and Saya thought that the struggle ended with Diva, a past that they never knew of entailed that another war awaited them. Saya's awakening, for instance, could purport to demonstrate the emergence of something more sinister than anything they have yet encountered before.

As long as they were both alive, peace has kept eluding them.


To be continued…

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