Chapter one.

'What exactly do you mean with wizards?' I asked. My mind was empty and I could feel my mouth falling open.

'Well, you know, magic and stuff.' Edward said, looking nervous at me. This was strange, he was almost never nervous.

'you're joking right?' I asked. That must be it, it was just a joke. But my hope was vanished away when I saw him shake his head.

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'Well, euh.. I think I forgot that you didn't knew. Besides why should you know?' he said, and looked at me to see how I would react.

Now I turned angry 'oh so just because I'm a human, Bella doesn't need to know anything? Is that it?'

'you know that's not what he meant, Bella.' Alice's voice said from behind me.

The sound made my heart stop for a second. 'Please stop sneaking up to me will you? You scared me half to death, and besides it's none of your business.' I said rather rude, and I saw that her face looked hurt. Good.

'I'm sorry.' Alice said. 'But I saw that Edward was in trouble so—'

'It's ok Alice.' I interrupted her. And I turned my attention to Edward again.

'So, what exactly was it that the wizards wanted?' I asked him.

Edward and Alice spent the next hour in my room, explaining to me that a war was going on between a group of Dark wizards and the rest.

He also told me that there was a school, Hogwarts, were children were taught the magical ways.

Now, Dumbeldore, the head of the school, wanted help from all magical being capable of giving it.

Alice told me that she had seen us, including me, in England in the school.

And Edward told me that Carlisle had received a massage from other vampires that their was indeed a call, but that no one wanted to answer it.

'except you.' I said. It wasn't a question.

'except us.' Edward said with a smile.

My mind was racing. If this wizards indeed existed, and they needed their help, they should go, I knew that. But what good could I possibly do, I mean it's not like I have super powers, actually I'm quite the opposite.

But still, Alice said she'd seen me, and who'd bet against her?

The doubt on my face must had been visible, what didn't surprise me, after all my face was like an open book.

'But we'll only go if you can come with us. And trust me we have a good reason to take you with us.' Edward said, his eyes looked concerned at me. I wondered why.

'What is the reason.' I asked.

'You'll see.' Edward said with that smile that I loved so much.

'when do you want to go?' I asked, wondering how I could convince Charlie to let me go.

'actually the plan was to leave in three days.' Edward said.

'Three days!" my voice sounded high and weird. 'and how will I convince my dad in only three days?'

'Well we have these false flyers, for a very good school in England…' Edward said.

'Don't worry. It'll work.' Alice said when she saw the look on my face.


I was lying on my bed, in Edwards arms, as usual.

When I thought about the last two days I still couldn't believe that Charlie bought the story. And that he thought that I was going to a school for only an exclusive group of high talented students.
Of course being a wizard, you are high talented, so she didn't really lie.

And when Carisle came by and said that Edward and Alice would be going there to, and the whole family would move there so they would keep an eye on me, Charlie said yes.

'what are you thinking about?' Edwards soft voice made my head spin, as always.

'what will happen tomorrow.' I said ,and pulled my blankets up. Edward was really cold.

'we won't leave till night, as you'll know why.' I could hear his grin. 'so you'll have time to finish your last packing and say good bye to Charlie.'

'your still not telling me what your big secret is?' I asked, furious that over the last two days Edward still haven't told me why he needed me on this trip, except of course for the fact that he loved me.

I felt and heard him sigh. I was pretty annoying over the last days.

' Ok, I'll tell you my secret.' Edward said.

'Really?" I asked him, not believing that he'd tell me now.

'yea, I don't know how to tell you this but…'

'Yes?' I asked holding my breath.

'I'm a vampire, and I'm hopelessly in love with you.' He said and smiled, when I turned to him and looked rather angry.

He laughed soft so Charlie wouldn't hear us when I slapped him on the head with a pillow.

'That's not funny!' I said.

'you know what.' Edward said, kissing my hair. 'I'll tell you tomorrow.'

'Promise?' I said, calmed down by his lips on my hair.

'promise.' He mumbled.

After that I fell asleep, till I woke up in his arms again.


I had this idea for a long time now.. ever since I first read Twilight.

However, I was always to busy to start it!

But now fate intervened, unfortunately by killing my PC.

Well, it crashed. So now my parents won't let me on it till they made a backup from some important files.

So now here I am, on my brothers PC, without any of my stories on it..

So I decided to start with this one.

I have no idea where this will lead, only that it'll probably take place in hp five or six.

Haven't made up my mind jet..

Hope you liked it, and I'll update soon!