A strange meeting


When I First woke up, everybody was still fast asleep. The First thought going though my mind was that it was Saturday—finally. The second thought was that I was freezing. I tried not to worry about the pile of homework I had to do today, and turned around to look at Edwards face.

He was staring at me, his godlike features only a few inches from mine.

'Good morning.' He said, stroking my face.
'Morning. 'I breathed and my heart started to beat loudly when his cold finger touched my flushed cheek. His dazzling breath that swarmed all over me didn't help either.

I cuddled up against him, my head on his hard chest. I tried to ignore the cold, and wished I could always lie here. But soon—way to soon, he pulled me away.

'They are about to wake up.' He said and gave me a gentle kiss on my head. 'See you down stairs.' He said, his breath coming over me again. I tried to remember how to breathe. My head was spinning.


I looked up. Edward was already gone and Hermione was looking at me with concern on her still sleepy face.

'Are you OK?'She asked eyeing me with suspicion.

'Never better.' I said and sighted.


When I bounced down the stairs, fully dressed and cleaned up, I saw Edward sitting on a chair by the fire, next to Harry. I didn't see any of the others, they were probably outside. I knew Alice was dying to try out a broom again.

'Hey Harry.' I said as I went to sit on Edwards lap after he invited me there with his hands.

'Oh hey Bella.' Harry said looking relieved to have another human in the room.

'What are you doing?'I asked looking at his quill and paper.

Harry quickly folded his piece of paper and put away his quill. 'It's a letter.'

'For whom?' Edward asked, his eyes penetrating those of Harry. I felt sorry for him, Edward wasn't playing fair, and besides he already knew anyways.

Harry looked confused. 'My Godfather.' He blurted out. I had no doubt that it was the truth. Harry looked confused about the fact that he just told it like that.

'I have to go.' He said quickly and stood up. 'See you later.'

I watched him climb through the portrait hole.

'That's not fair you know.' I said to Edward when we were alone again.

'What's not?'Edward asked innocently.

'Making people say the truth like that.'

He shrugged, 'I already knew anyways.'

I sighted and leaned against him. I would let it go for now, I just wanted to treasure this moment alone with him. I could already hear people upstairs moving around and I sighted again.

'Do you want to go outside? Before breakfast, we'll do homework after. Edward said.

Yeah right, I thought, He probably would finish it in three seconds or so and stare at me for the rest of the time. Sitting next to me, stroking my hair… Not really circumstances under which I can easily make homework.

'Sure.' I said when I saw that he was waiting for an answer.

We both stood up, hearing the First people going downstairs when we climbed out of the portrait hole.

"Lets go left.' Edward said and took me to the opposite of what we usually went.


'Peeves is planning a practical joke there.' He said and pointed to the right hallway.

'How do you know?' I asked, and looked to the way he pointed at. I didn't see Peeves at all.

Edward chuckled and pointed to his head meaningly.

'Oh yeah.' I said, vaguely I wondered what gift I'd have when Edward would make me a vampire, if he ever would. Why—oh why, did he want to preserve my humanity?

'Let's go.' He said, taking my hand and pulling me through the corridors.


We made it in time for breakfast. During the walk we'd just talked and laughed. It had felt so normal. The only strange thing was when Edward suddenly looked towards the forbidden forest with shock on his face. But by the time I turned my head to look, what ever he'd seen was already gone. And he didn't want to tell me either.

We sat down next to Alice, Hermione and Ron. The others were nowhere in sight.

A few moments later Harry arrived.

'What are you looking so pleased about?' Ron asked and he eyed Harry in poorly covered surprise.

'Ehm..' Harry said and he sat down. 'Quidditch later.' He said happily, pulling an extraordinary large platter of bacon and eggs towards him.

Then they started to talk about sports and it lost my interest. I turned to the toast in front of me.

'So what are our plans for today?" Edward asked.

'Homework.' I said darkly.

"And you'll be busy with that all day?' He asked innocently.

'Yeah, I'm afraid so, why? What's going on?'I said and turned to Alice.

'Edward and I were planning to do some hunting—' I saw Ron, who sat next to Alice, look up and gulp with horror stuck eyes nearly chocking on his sausages, but Alice ignored him—'Living around humans 24/7 is a bit hard for us so we have to take precautions.'

'You should go then.' I said, trying to make my voice sound supportive, but I think he could easily hear the disappointment through my voice.

'Are you sure?'He said, 'We could stay…'

'No! No!' I objected quickly, not looking at him, so he wouldn't see the panic in my eyes. IT was pathetic really, but I couldn't stand to be away from him. 'I'll be doing homework anyways, I won't even notice you're gone.'

Edward smiled, not buying it. 'We'll be close.' He said, 'And stay till you finish eating.'

I considered filling my plate full with enough food to last me through the day, but instead I took a bite from my toast.

I was about to ask Edward how long he would be gone, but I was distracted by Hermione's voice.

'Oh no!'She cried out, making our heads turn. 'Sirius!'

I wondered who they meant, but before I could ask Edward was whispering in my ear, making me dizzy.

'He's Harry's godfather,. And the man with the black hair that we met this summer, remember?'

And suddenly I did. In our summer "vacation" we had private lessons learning us how to use magic—well the basics anyways, and telling us about voldemort and the war. In that time we once met with a man named Sirius Black. He didn't look very healthy, like he hadn't had sleep or food for day after day and was recovering. I liked him though, he had my kind of humor.

I listened to Hermione reading from the paper, and heard harry saying something about a Lucius Malfoy…Malfoy? Could it be a relative of Draco?

'.."Ministry warns wizard community that Black is very dangerous…Killed thirteen people…broke out of Azkaban…" The usual rubbish.' Hermione concluded.

'Killed thirteen people?'I shrieked out loud.

Many eyes turned to us and my cheeks flushed. I stared down at my hands to avoid their stares.

'That is what people believe.' Hermione whispered to me, 'But Sirius is innocent. He didn't do anything at all. He spent 12 years in prison for something he didn't do. If he hadn't escaped he'd still be in there.'

'That's horrible!' I whispered back. 'Why doesn't he tell that to the police—or what ever you call them.'

'Aurors.' Harry said and then added bitterly, 'But the ministry wouldn't believe him if he told them. They would throw him back in Azkaban. Or worse.'

I gave up on my toast—I wasn't that hungry anymore. What Harry and Hermione told me haunted in my head. How would it feel to be sentenced for life, for something that you didn't do? It must have been horrible. I shuddered at the thought. Suddenly Sirius's shabby appearance had much more meaning.

'Are you OK?' Edward whispered, putting his arm around me.

'Yeah.' I said and leaned against his shoulders.

'Shall we go?' Alice suddenly said. I looked at her eyes—she wasn't that hungry, so I wondered what was going on. Why was she in such a hurry?

'Sure.' I said and after we said goodbye and walked to the door I saw that Draco was about to stand up, but sunk down back into his seat instead, eyeing me.

I looked away and hoped that whatever he was about to do, that it wasn't what Alice had seen. I glanced at Edward—he looked normal enough—and let out a small sigh.


I walked back to the common room with an empty feeling.

Saying goodbye to Edward had been a terrible thing top do when we were seeing each other and school and during the nights. But now that I was with him 24/7 it was even worse.

I cursed my human weakness in silence. No I finally was able to defend myself—a little, you know being a wizard and all—and I still couldn't go with him.

If I was a vampire like him—a beautiful God like creature—then he'd not have to worry so much, then he wouldn't fear to lose control, then I could truly be with him.

Then he could be himself. Then I'd finally understand.

Hot tears of anger and frustration started to fall down my cheeks. At first I didn't even bother to wipe them away. Then I heard footsteps and I quickly rubbed my sleeve against my face.

I recognized Harry and Ron as soon as they came around the corner.

'Hey Bella.' Harry greeted me as soon as his eyes noticed me.

'Hey.' I said back, not really sure if I wanted to be left alone or craved their company.

'Hey Bella, where are your vamp—uh, you know—where's Cullen? I mean—E-Edward, I mean.' Ron stuttered and his ears turned red, matching his hair. But I didn't blame him for asking. One of the Cullens was always by my side.

'Out in the mountains I think.' I said, trying to sound cheerful.

'Oh.' Harry said, his eyes lit with understanding.

Ron, however, didn't get the hint.

'What, they're hiking?' He asked confused.

'um…'I said, not sure how to explain what they were doing. Luckily for me Harry saved me.

'So Bella, do you want to go watch us practice?' He asked.

I'd noticed their brooms of course, so I'd been right, they where going to practice.

'Um.' I said thinking it over. There was a pile of homework. A lot of time to think about him to. Oh what the heck, 'I'd love to come.' I said with a smile.


The boys collected some balls from the cupboard in the changing room, while I found a spot on the tribune where I'd be sitting in the sun.

I waited with my eyes closed and felt how the sun shone on me and drenched me in it's warmth. If only Edward was here…

I snapped my eyes open and saw Ron mounting his broom, flying up so he could guard the three tall goal posts. Harry was playing the attacker—chaser, I thought they called it—and tried to score points.

I was actually beginning to like Quidditch. Me liking a sport, imagine that. Charlie would be proud.

I had to admit, Ron was pretty good. He blocked three-quarters of all the goals that Harry attempted to put past him and played better the longer they practiced.


When it was time for lunch I'd had my share of the sun for today. With an un easy feeling in my stomach I realized that it was more sun then I'd get in Forks in a life time. Thinking of Forks made my eyes drop and a feeling of guild spread through me. Charlie, mom…At least mom still had Phil…who did Charlie have? Billie? Ouch, bad move. It made me think about Jacob….

I was torturing myself like this through the entire lunch, not even noticing Harry and Ron leaving. I'd only realized when Hermione had asked me to come and study with her, and saw that they where gone.

'Yeah sure.' I'd told her. 'I'll be up in a minute.'

I stared at my lunch for a long time waiting till I got hungry. Then I decided that it was a waste of time, and left to go upstairs.

'Hey Bella!' Someone yelled.

I turned around and looked right into the grinning face of Draco.

'Hey Draco.' I said politely for the first time being glad that Edward wasn't here. Not that I was doing anything wrong, but he'd make a big deal out of this. Which was absurd of course. I only saw Draco as a friend.

'So, do you wanna come with me to the quidditch pitch?'

I hadn't failed to notice that he'd said "me" though there were a whole bunch of slithering behind him, waiting.

'No thanks Draco. I've seen enough Quidditch today to last me a life time.'

For a second Draco really looked disappointed, then he sort of half grinned, half smiled at me.

'That's to bad. But I'll see you around today, OK?' HE said.

'Ok.' I agreed, and then I wanted to kick myself. Why had I said yes? Edward would kill me. But then again, he shouldn't. Draco was just a friend. I'd hung out with Harry and Ron and that was fine too. Why did I worry so much?

'I'll see you.' I said warmly and walked towards the common room. Mount-homework was waiting for me.


The rest of the day was filled with blood, sweat and tears as I tried to work my way through the slowly decreasing pile of homework.

When it was becoming late I decided that a person could only work so many hours at their homework—and I wanted to go for a little stroll outside.

But before I could even move, there was a strange ticking noise against one of the windows.

I looked up and saw a black owl, ticking impatiently with his beck against the glass.

One of the Gryffindors—I'd forgotten his name, but I was sure that he was in second year—opened the window and the owl circled above our heads till it strode down beside me.

'For me?' I said and suddenly was sure that it was from Edward. Quickly I grabbed the envelope and ripped it open.

A wave of disappointment rushed through me when I did see a very elegant handwriting, but one that was not even near Edward's.

"Dear Bella." I read.

"Please meet me at our tree.
I want to talk to you.

Your friend,

Draco Malfoy."

I stared at the little piece of paper, wondering what to do. I also searched my mind, wondering when Draco and I gained a "special" tree.

A little voice in my head told me that if it had been a note from Harry or Ron that I Wouldn't have 


'Who is it from?' Hermione asked me, eying me suspiciously.

I quickly made a decision.

'It's from Edward.' I lied and looked at the owl that was still there. 'I guess he wants an answer.' I mumbled.


I'll come right now. Please wait.


I scrabbled on the paper and attached it to the owls paw. The bird flew away, out of the open window.

I quickly put away all of my stuff, suddenly eager to follow the bird out of this crowded room.

'Are you finished already?' Hermione asked, looking skeptical at the large pile that I still had to work on.

'I'm just going to get some fresh air.' I said and as I descended the portrait hole, I felt her curious stare on my back.


'Draco?'I asked, trying to find my way in the dark. I didn't dare to use my wand. What if somebody saw me from one of the many windows?

'This way.' I heard his familiar voice say, and I tried to follow it without tripping—of course I failed.

But just before I'd hit the ground, two hands catched me and steadied me.

"Draco.' I breathed as I tried to find back my balance.

'You Ok?" He asked and then took my hand to sit me down at the roots of the tree, and wit one flick of his wand, a few lights were burning, floating in the sky so we could see each other.

I suddenly felt totally awkward and wanted to kick myself for coming.

'You aren't cold are you?' Draco asked concerned.

I shook my head.

For a minute we sat in silence, then Draco started to talk.

'So…Why didn't the Cullens join the Quidditch team.' He chuckled, 'It would've been much better.'

'How do you know?' I asked suspiciously. They had just had their first training.

'Oh we were watching them. I asked you to come remember?"

So that's what they were doing. This kinda explained Ron's reaction when I just met him when I was leaving the common room.

'Hey Harry, Ron.' I'd said when I'd spotted them. "How was practice?'

'Um, fine.' Harry had said, not sounding very convincing.

But Ron's face was like thunder and he mumbled something that hadn't catched. I did hear the words "Slithering" and "Rotten". Now I knew what he was talking about.

'That's mean.' I said to Draco. 'You distracted them.'

Draco's face was suddenly innocent. 'Did I?' He asked with false surprise, 'I just wanted to watch. We didn't mean to annoy them or something. '

'um…okay then.' I said not very convinced. I changed the subject. 'So why did I have to come here?' I asked.

'Oh yes.' Draco said, smiling. 'I almost forgot. I wanted to ask you something.'

'Go ahead.'

'I was wondering…where have you been studying till now?'

This was such a normal and unsuspected question that it threw me off balance.

'Um…' I said, thinking, 'The high school of Forks, I suppose.'

Draco blinked and looked at me stupidly. 'No I meant about your magical study. Were you homeschooled?'

'What? No! I—I only recently—' I suddenly realized what I had been told last summer. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about our purpose here. They weren't supposed to know that I had only recently learned about the magical world.

'What I meant.' I said quickly, 'Is that I was indeed homeschooled.'

'Are your parents wizards then?'

'Yes.' I answered after a moment of doubt. I didn't like this conversation.

'So are you a pureblood then?' Draco asked looking rather happy.

'I suppose so, yes.' I had no idea what he meant.

'Then another thing. How did you meet the Cullens, and why did you go here? They—'

I quickly stood up, forcing him to stop.

'I'm sorry Draco. I had fun, but I have a lot of homework to do, so—'

'Oh. I see.' Draco said looking disappointed, then he smoothly recovered. 'Well then, let me walk you to the castle.'

'Thank you, but I'll find my way.' –Hopefully without tripping, I silently added.

'Ok, then. I'll see you around Bella.'

'Yes, see you.' I said and walked of to the castle. I couldn't wait to get back to the common room. Although it would be empty without Edward there.

But somehow I would survive the night.


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