Title: Unending

Author: Anaika Skywalker

Rating: M

Summery: SG-1 crossover: An energy blast sends a future alternate SG-1 to Atlantis, but these five team members are faced with interacting with younger alternate versions of their parents as the present SG-1 visits Atlantis to meet them. But getting home might not be possible.

Disclaimer: Don't own it, wish I did, I just like to play in their universe once and a while. I'll put them back when I'm finished. I promise.

Author's Note: I've had this story on my computer for awhile; I've just never got around to doing anything with it. Finally I did and after a number of drafts, this is what I've come up with. It isn't beta read, so any and all mistakes are mine and my computer's, it did its best. I'm just damn stubborn at times.


Chapter One: Crossed realities

Major Sheppard ducked as an energy blast narrowly missed his head, glancing around he saw where his teammates were and who was closet to the DHD. "McKay, dial the Gate!" He yelled over the noise of the firefight before unloading the rounds of another clip into his enemy, changing it for a full one.

McKay made a dash for the DHD and quickly dialed home, his teammates covering him. The Gate opened with a kawoosh; after sending their IDC he spun round continuing to return fire; using the DHD as cover as the clip was unloaded and exchanged for another.

Sheppard keyed open his radio earpiece. "Atlantis, this is Sheppard. We're coming in hot, repeat we're coming in hot!"

"Acknowledged Major, we'll be ready for you, just give the word."

His sarcastic reply was drowned out by energy blasts that hit near and around them and at the Stargate. "Damn it!" He snarled, not caring his mike was keyed open. "Let's Go!" He yelled. "Mitchell, Jackson, lets go," he ordered and then he and his team made a dash for the Gate as he yelled into his radio. "Atlantis this is it, we're on our way!" He announced and they sprinted through the event horizon, not seeing the energy blast that struck the Stargate as they passed through the puddle.


Klaxons blared in Stargate Operations; bring everyone to a high alert, defense troops rushed into the Gate room below, taking up positions, reading weapons as the Stargate opened with a boom against the shield.

"We're receiving SG-1's IDC, Ma'am," the sergeant at the dialing console informed Dr. Weir as she arrived, frowning confused. "It's not the current IDC, Ma'am; it's not a recognized code of the SGC, but it's SG-1." He got a second lot of data. "Code red, they're coming in under fire."

"All right lower the shield; we'll sort out the IDC problem after they come through," Elizabeth Weir ordered, wondering how SG-1 had gotten to the Pegasus Galaxy, she tapped her radio earpiece, contacting the defensive troops, "Defensive positions."

The shield came down as a transmission came through. "Atlantis, this is it, we're on our way!"

Elizabeth grimaced that didn't sound like Mitchell, SG-1's team leader; she saw and heard the crackle of energy; sparks flew off the Gate as it built up charge. "What's happening?"

"An energy spike Ma'am, it's charging the Gate," Sergeant Campbell announced, keeping a calm head. "City fail safes are compensating."

"Medical team to the Gate room," she ordered and the order was carried out.

They then heard what could have been best described as a sonic boom and then five people ran though, four men and a young woman, all wearing black fatigues with SG-1 and Atlantis patches. The five of them dropped to a defensive position facing the Gate, as if expecting to have been followed.

Elizabeth saw the Marines go on alert as well. "Shut it down!" she told Campbell and the man did so, the Gate closed down as she hurried down the stairs to the Gate room. The Marines didn't back down and the SG-1 that had come through the Gate stood and turned and quickly went on the defense once they realized they weren't where they were suppose to be.

Keeping her hands where they could be seen, Elizabeth carefully approached them. "Welcome to Atlantis." She saw they were just as confused as everyone else, but didn't back down. She needed the situation defused quickly. "I'm not sure how you came to be here, but if you lower your weapons, we'll try to figure out what has happened." There was some hesitation as they glanced at once another, an unspoken communication going on between them. "I assure you, you won't be harmed," she said calmly. "We only want to help you." With some reservations, they lowered their weapons. "Thank you," she nodded to the Sergeant beside her, who signaled his men and their weapons were taken from them, unknown to the Marines, each weapon had been quickly locked down by its owner.

Dr. Beckett arrived with the medical team, becoming a little baffled; he'd been expecting a medical emergency. "Elizabeth?"

"I don't know, Carson," she informed seriously and addressed the Marine Sergeant. "Sergeant Williams, escort our guests to the infirmary. Have their weapons and vests secured."

"Yes Ma'am," he gestured to his men and the unknown SG-1 was escorted out.

"I want to know who they are, Carson and if they're human." Elizabeth said turning to her head of medicine.

"I'll do what I can, luv," he said with a weary sigh and left with this team.

Elizabeth stared at the Gate; these unknown visitors were wearing SG-1 patches as well as Atlantis patches and one looked like Colonel Sheppard, a young Colonel, but the Colonel never the less. And the young woman in the group, she reminded Elizabeth of Daniel Jackson. In fact they all reminded her of personnel she knew. Rodney McKay, Ronan Dex and Cameron Mitchell, turning she hurried back up the stairs to operations. "When is Colonel Sheppard's team due back, Chuck?"

"Not until tomorrow Ma'am, they're due to check in an hour," the Sergeant reported.

"Dial the Gate, I want to talk to Colonel Sheppard," she ordered.

He nodded and dialed the address of the Space Gate Sheppard and his team had taken a puddlejumper through, the Stargate opened and he nodded to Elizabeth. "Go ahead Ma'am."

"Colonel Sheppard, this is Atlantis."

There was a pause, then. "Atlantis, this is Sheppard."

"Colonel, I want you to apologize to the Chief and tell him the trade negotiations will have to be temperately halted. I need you back here."

"What's wrong, Elizabeth," he asked concerned.

"We'll talk when you get back, John."

There was another pause, then. "We're heading back to the Puddlejumper, we'll be home soon."

"Thank you, John. Atlantis out," she said and then nodded to Campbell, who closed the Gate down. "Inform me as soon as they arrive."

"Yes Ma'am."

She headed to her office and tried to get some work done, only to be interrupted an hour later by Carson, who wanted to see her in the infirmary. She went directly there, being shown to an observation room by a nurse. Carson was waiting, a computer tablet in his hands. Below in the room were the five unknown SG-1 members. Their jacket's had been removed, their t-shirts showing off some impressive muscle tone. The doctor turned gesturing her further into the observation room. "They're not all human, two are, one is half Satedan/half Athosian, one is half human and what the Ancient data base in recognizing as Lantean. And the young lass," he brought up a test result on his tablet and showed the Atlantis leader. "Her DNA is unusual," he saw Elizabeth take a look and then glance at him questioningly. "It's Lantean, with some human DNA strains, but mostly she's Lantean. One of the men also has a protein marker in their blood, but has never had a symbiote; the marker has been passed down from a parent."

"You're positive?"

"I'm positive," he assured her.

Elizabeth moved closer to the window, looking down at the four men and one young woman. Even at this distance it was hard not to notice resemblances to people she knew, their body language was especially distinctive. "They look young."

Carson had thought that too. "They're wearing Air Force ID tags. One is a medical doctor, three have academic doctorates," he reported, having spoken to each of them. "Who we have here is SG-1 of 2032."

That surprised her. "2032."

He nodded. "The team is lead by Major Nicholas Sheppard, or Nick. His second in command is Major Matthew McKay, known as Matt. The team Archaeologist/linguist is Captain Danielle Jackson, but she doesn't mind Dani. The team medical officer is Captain Jason Mitchell, MD. And the last member is Major Braydon Dex, he goes by Bray."

"So they're from our future?" Elizabeth is rhetorically.

"I'm afraid not lass, if they were Major's Sheppard, McKay and Dex and Captain Mitchell would be young ones running around either here or on Earth and by the birth date shown, if this was their past, then Captain Jackson won't be a year old until next month."

"So alternate reality?"

"It looks like it lass," he agreed. "There's more. Both Major Sheppard and Captain Jackson are strong with the ATA gene, in fact I would say the Captain is stronger then Colonel Sheppard. Major McKay is also a natural carrier, but not as strong and Major Dex and Captain Mitchell have had gene therapy." He paused. "I won't have all the results back for a few hours, but I've no doubts about their ancestry."

Elizabeth didn't either. She heard her name being called over the earpiece, she tapped it. "Yes."

"Colonel Sheppard and his team have returned, Dr. Weir."

"Ask them to come to the infirmary, observation room 2, please."

"Yes Ma'am."

She looked back at the SG-1 in the isolation room. Her gaze focused on two in particular. "They look too young to be apart of SG-1, even a future SG-1."

Carson joined her at the window. "By their ID tags – Major Sheppard is 33, Major McKay is 32, Captain Mitchell is 28 nearly 29, Major Dex is 34 and Captain Jackson is 26 nearly 27."

She was stunned. "Carson, they look younger then that, all of them."

"Aye luv they do," he agreed and then pushed on. "Elizabeth, I don't know what kind of future they're from, but I'm guessing it's not a nice one. They all have a number of scars associated with being wounded and the scanner picked up the internal scar tissue. Captain Mitchell has had reconstructive surgery on his left knee and spine. Captain Jackson has had her appendix removed and she has a scar on her back and a matching one on her abdomen from being impaled."

Elizabeth felt sick. "Impaled?"

"Captain Mitchell told me they were captured by a race called the Vollan's, during the escape Captain Jackson stepped in front of Major Sheppard and was impaled by a pulse staff, it went straight through her vest and coursed internal damage as it was removed," Carson revealed still coming to terms with it himself. "He said she coded twice on the way to the Stargate and again when they got back to Atlantis."

"My god, Carson."

"He said if it hadn't been for a Tok'ra, who was at Atlantis at the time, she would have died, but he had a healing device and did what he could, repairing what damage he could. The doctors did the rest."

John and the rest of him team walked in, all of them grinning, unaware of what had happened. "Hey Elizabeth, doc, what's going on?" he asked. His smile faded and his gut twisted worse then it had when he'd first come back through the Stargate. He saw the look on their faces and instantly went on alert. "Elizabeth?"

"A team came through the Stargate from an alternate reality," she explained. "They're SG-1, a future SG-1 who is based at Atlantis in their time and reality."

"What happened before they came through?" Rodney requested quickly.

"There was an energy spike, the cities fail safes counteracted it," she revealed. "And just before they came through there was a noise, like a sonic boom."

He frowned, thinking about it. "I'll have to check the Gate records, see what kind of energy spike happened and if there was a temporal flux at the time."

Elizabeth nodded, she saw the Colonel cross the room to join them at the viewing window, looking down at the team in the isolation room. She turned, seeing the mixed emotions on his face. "John?"

"Who are they, Elizabeth?" he asked, feeling a shiver run up his spine, not to mention a mental jolt, it was like his ATA gene had zapped him, it had done the same when they'd landed. Hence his stomach twisting up on him, a feeling he didn't like at all.

She put a comforting hand on his arm. "Major Nicholas Sheppard, Major Matthew McKay, Major Bray Dex, Captain Jason Mitchell and Captain Danielle Jackson," she answered. "Carson doesn't have all the DNA results back yet, but…."

He didn't need them, he knew. "He's my son, isn't he, from a future alternate reality."

"It looks like it, yes," she answered.

Rodney, Teyla and Ronan stood with their team leader; they got a good look at those in the isolation room too. They could see the resemblance each member of this SG-1 had to someone they knew and themselves.

"Can we talk to them Dr. Beckett?" Teyla inquired.

"Aye lass," he agreed and led them all out of the observation room.

In the isolation room, Major Nick Sheppard got up and went over to his archaeologist; she was staring up at the observation room window. The window was one way, they couldn't see in, but whoever was inside could see them. It was something else thought. "Jackson?"

She tore her gaze away from the window to him. "Did you feel it?"
He knew what she was talking about, a moment ago, he'd felt the same mental jolt he felt whenever his archaeologist was returning to the city after accompanying another team. It wasn't as strong, but it was the same feeling. He nodded slowly. "Whoever is up there is strong with the ATA gene."

Danielle Jackson nodded slowly, licking her lips out of habit. "It's more then that, thought."

"How much more, Doc?"

"I don't know, I just know it's more," she admitted.

He was going to comment when the door to the isolation room slid open and he and his team turned towards it. As soon as the five saw Sheppard; those sitting got quickly getting to their feet and they lined up before them at attention. A little stunned by who they'd come face to face with, even time couldn't hid who they were.

John was a little taken back. "At ease, please," he ordered, not use to being treated that way on Atlantis. They stood at ease. "That's spooky." He declared.

"No kidding, even your own guys don't jump like that," Rodney remarked.

"Thanks," he retorted sarcastically.

Carson smiled. "This is Dr. Elizabeth Weir, head of our expedition and Atlantis' front line team: Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagon and Ronan Dex."

"From what I've been told, you're 26 years in the past, in a different timeline to your own." Elizabeth explained.

Matt glanced at his CO to cover his sudden anxiety, chuckling. "You realize what this means, don't you sir," he mussed. "You're even outranked by an alternate version of your father."

"And you most likely have more PhD's then yours, McKay." Nick taunted back. "And you're probably smarter."

"Hey!" Rodney complained.

"He could be right, Rodney," John said casually, still coming to terms with it.

"And how would you know?" his friend retorted.

Jason sighed and shook his head. "We are so thankful our McKay takes after his mother."

"Very," Danielle said dryly, her arms against her chest, shivering slightly.

All except for Rodney found that amusing. Teyla smiled. "Who is your mother, Major McKay?"

The joking around stopped. "I'm not sure I should say, Ma'am, if this is the past, even an alternate reality, we could still change your future."

"Well the possibility is there," Rodney agreed. "But considering neither myself nor the rest of my team have children, I think you're safe."

"And your SG-1 isn't here on Atlantis?"

"No, they're on Earth."

Matt glanced at his commanding officer, who shrugged and gave the go ahead with a nod of his head. "My mother is Dr. Samantha Carter."

"Really?" Rodney asked smugly.

"Yes sir," Matt said grinning. "Boggles even my mind."

"Charming," the Scientist snapped, and then clarified what the younger McKay said. "So in another reality I married Sam Carter."

"Eventually," the younger man said bluntly.

That wiped the smug grin off Rodney's face. "Eventually?"

"Yeah, well mom didn't marry dad until after I was born. Even then they had a long distance marriage with dad being at Atlantis and her at the SGC. Until SG-1 transferred there."

"You're an only child aren't you?" Rodney stated mater of fact and a little dryly.

"Yes, sir."

John chuckled. "Colonel Carter is going to love this?"

Matt looked a little confused. "Colonel Carter?"

"Yes, yes, well here, Samantha Carter is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force." Rodney explained.

"Well, that's different, my mom would never have thought about joining the Air Force."

"Major," Elizabeth interrupted, addressing the younger Sheppard. "When you first came through, you were a little confused by my presence here. Who is command of Atlantis in your reality?"

"Doctor Carter is Ma'am." Nick revealed. "Well at least for another few months, she's retiring and handing over command to Dr. Tristan. She said she's going to take things easy and make Doc McKay take things easy, we're laying bets it's not going to happen."

"So they're workaholic's in your universe too," John smirked.

"Yes sir," his alternate son agreed with an identical smirk.

"I think we should continue this in the conference room," Elizabeth announced and then looked to Carson. "Unless you need them to remain in the infirmary?"

"No, they're free to go." Carson agreed.

"Um, Dr. Beckett," Danielle spoke up; she still had her arms wrapped around her middle. "Could I have my jacket back?"

"Are you all right, luv?" he asked her concerned.

"I'm a little cold," she admitted and chewed shyly on her bottom lip.

He smiled concerned. "I'll get you, your jacket," he said and hurried out.

Elizabeth smiled also. "John, will you and your team escort SG-1 to the conference room."

He nodded, grinning. "Yes, Ma'am."

"I'll contact the SGC and then join you. Excuse me," she announced and left the room.

Carson returned with all their jackets. "There you go."

They took them, putting them back on, thanking him before leaving with John and his team. The future team took note of their surroundings as they walked, John saw it, and so did Teyla and Ronan. This team was instinctively looking for ways to escape if they needed too.

They arrived at the conference room; taking a seat, waiting for Dr. Weir.

Ronan looked directly at Bray, the young man had short black hair, but his build was familiar. This young man was definitely his alternate's son. "You're Satedan?"

"Half Satedan, my mother is Athosian," the young man revealed, noting the Satedan sat next to Teyla. He wondered if they were together.

"You're father is obviously Ronan's alternate. Who is your mother?" Teyla inquired, even though she had a feeling she knew.

He smiled warmly at her. "Your alternate," he revealed. "My mother found my father while trading, he was badly beaten and near death. She took him back to her village and nursed him back to health."

"What about the Wraith transmitter?" Rodney interrupted.

"Mom got it removed before they took him back to her village; anyway they fell in love and nine months later my brother was born, two years later I was; them my sister Thea was born ten years after."

"She was an ABC baby?" Nick jeered.

Teyla was confused. "I don't understand."

"Absolute bloody carelessness," John explained and grinned. "I haven't heard that one in a long time, not since…"

"Aunt Mary?" Nick offered.

"Yes. God, don't tell me your dad told you about that?"

Nick nodded, out of the corner of his eye he noticed his archaeologist fidgeting in her seat and discreetly put his hand on her thigh, his gentle caresses calming her restlessness. He removed his hand with the same discretion as he'd put it there. "And about Uncle Mike."

Rodney shook his head. "We have visitors from 26 years into the future from a different reality and all you can talk about is relatives you've both got."

"Yes Rodney," John drawled. "Got a problem with that?"

"Captain Jackson," Teyla got the young woman's attention, interrupting the bantering between her teammates. "I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jackson, your alternate father; when he and SG-1 came to search the Ancient database for information concerning a weapon to defeat the Ori."

"The Sangreal," Danielle declared and saw the rest of the Atlantis team take notice. "My father did the same. He also had Merlin's knowledge and consciousness downloaded into this brain, was captured, and turned into a Prior…" she stopped, seeing the surprise on their faces. "Well I guess even with the differences there are a lot of similarities."

"It seems so." Rodney agreed dryly, having been told about the incident.

Elizabeth came into the room and took her seat. "I contacted Earth; General Landry has agreed to send SG-1, the Odyssey will be here in three days; it seems things have been a little quiet with the Ori at the moment."

"Have they used the Sangreal weapon?" Danielle asked her.

"Yes. The weapon was sent through," Elizabeth informed. "I take it that happened in your reality."

"Yes Ma'am, it did," she answered and lent back in her chair.

"I'd like some answers for SG-1 when they arrive," Elizabeth declared and turned to her head scientist. "Rodney see what you can find out what happened. I'm sure Major McKay would be happy to help."

"Yes, well while we've been sitting here, I've been theorizing it must have been a temporal displacement that cause traveling from one reality to another, most likely the Stargate where this SG-1 left from was hit by some kind of energy beam," Rodney declared, rambling a little.

"Temporal energy displacement blast," Matt muttered.

Nick glared at him. "I thought you said they wouldn't work that out."

"I thought they wouldn't be able to work it out, Major, I wasn't sure," he corrected him. "If it hadn't been for Dani translating that data stream we received, we wouldn't have worked it out."

"SGA-15's missing Archaeologist was fluent in Lantean, Major," Danielle reminded. "I taught him."

"And the damn Vollan's captured him."

"Vollans?" Teyla questioned. "I do not know of them."

"You don't want to," Jason told her seriously. "Believe me; they make the Wraith look like a bunch of Girl Scouts."

"We'll that's a nice analogy," Rodney said sarcastically.

"The Wraith killed to survive, Dr. McKay," Danielle said, her voice went from quiet calmness to raised anger. "The Vollans kill for pleasure, for sport. They wipe out whole planets for no reason at all. They don't want to negotiate or be trading partners. They want all human's dead, they want to rule the galaxy and they don't won't worshipers or slaves."

"Jackson!" Nick snapped out, stopping her before she really let lose, seeing his team had gone on alert. "Take a walk," he ordered, then realized where he was. "With Dr. Weir's permission."

Elizabeth nodded; she saw the pain and anger in the young woman's eyes, and the way her teammates were tense and ready for any action. She turned to her John. "Colonel, would you accompany Captain Jackson?"

"Sure," he pushed back his chair and stood, he seen it too. "Captain."

Danielle pushed back her chair and stood, glaring at her CO before she left with the Colonel, the door opened for them both and closed when they were gone.

Nick sat back in his chair, sighing, he knew this was going to be hard on his archaeologist; it was going to be hard on them all. But Danielle seemed to take everything to heart. She always did. "Jackson's father died after being injured in a Vollan attack," he said solemnly. "We were there when they brought him through the Stargate barely alive; there was nothing our doctors could do. She was 17, her brother was 6, they watched him die and then ascend… Two months later their mother died in an ambush on an S&R mission, she ascended also."

Elizabeth sat forward. "I don't know a lot about our Daniel Jackson's past, but his wife, was taken as a Goa'uld host and was later killed?"

That was different from their reality. "Aunt Myra was among a group of Alteran's that were saved by SG-3 in 1998, she and Uncle Daniel found an instant bond and she remained on Earth and was a doctor at the SGC. They got marry in 2000 and she remained at the SGC when Uncle Daniel ascended the first time. When SG-1 and their families went to Atlantis, she joined the medical staff and was with them until her ascension. She also had the ATA gene naturally, so she was able to use the Lantean medical equipment," he revealed, adding. "Jackson usually doesn't let what happened to her parents get to her, but the past month has been a little full on and to be truthful, I've been expecting her crack. We all have."

The Atlantis leader understood. "I think you probably all need a break, as I said the Odyssey doesn't arrive for three days. I've had quarters arranged for you all and your packs taken to them. I suggest you get some rest and we'll talk more when our SG-1 arrives."

Nick agreed. "Thank you, Dr. Weir."

She nodded and smiled sympathetically.


John didn't guide Danielle in any direction, they just walked, which was a little unusual, having a visitor who knew their way around. It was also eerie in the fact he felt so at ease with her. "Is it much different to your Atlantis?"

"A little, we've populated the entire city and have a colony on the mainland, as well as a second city on another planet," she revealed.

"Whoa, wait a minute, you found another city like Atlantis?"

She nodded. "Well, SG-1 and SGA-1 did," she explained as they walked out onto one of the balconies. "They named it Serenity; six months after it was found, Uncle Cam was promoted and given command of the civilian and military personnel sent to the city."

"And I suppose you're not going to tell me the gate address to this other city?" He deduced as they stood at the railing.

She shrugged. "Sorry."

"Hey no problem, if we're meant to find it, we will," John dismissed a little disappointed.

Danielle nodded slowly, looking over the city and ocean. There were more differences, but she didn't think she should say what they were. She did her jacket up, shivering a little. With that had just happened to them, it was amazing she wasn't shaking as she came down from the adrenalin rush. "I guess you're finding this all a little unusual too."

"You could say that," he drawled "It's not everyday you meet a son from an alternate universe who is – what, in his twenties."

She giggled softly. "Major Sheppard is thirty-three actually."

"You're kidding?"

"No," she said with a grin. "I'm 27, well I will be in October."

"No way," he exclaimed, shocked.

She found it amusing. "We made contact with a race of people, who willingly shared technology. One thing they did share was their science on genetic engineering and re-sequencing." She explained. "Our aging has been slowed down; we look younger and live longer."

"And everyone's had this done?" He asked a little stunned.

"Everyone," she unzipped the pocket on the arm of her jacket and removed a photo incased in protective plastic. She showed him. "That was taken a few months before I lost my parents."

He took the photo; in it were the SG-1 team members he knew, minus Vala, looking not much older then they did now. With them were the SG-1 members of the future, who didn't look much different either. Daniel Jackson stood with his arm around a beautiful woman with light brown hair and startling blue eyes, that had to be was his wife. A young boy stood with them, who was obviously their son. Beside them was their John, holding his hand was a beautiful woman with long following mousy brown hair. Nick stood on his father's left, smiling his arm slung comfortable around Danielle. Next to Matt was a young woman who looked a lot like Nick, enough to be his sister; on her right as handsome young man and Cassie Fraiser (who looked older then the photo he'd seen in Sam Carter's lab. Cameron Mitchell stood with his arm around Carolyn Lam; Jason was next to them, along with another young woman, who had to be his sister. She stood with Bray and Ronan, who was hand in hand with Teyla. Rodney stood with his arm around Sam Carter, Teal'c stood just behind her, with a pretty blonde-haired woman. All were smiling.

"My dad was 56 when this photo was taken," she revealed.

"You're kidding. Except for some grey hair, he doesn't look any different then he does now." John declared, they all looked a lot younger then they should have been. There was something else though, there were people missing from the photo. "Vala Mal Doran isn't in this photo, neither is Jack O'Neill or Elizabeth."

Danielle took the photo back, retuning it to her pocket she suppressed an involuntary shiver. "Vala Mal Doran was killed in the finial battle with the Ori," she said guarded. "And President O'Neill was on Earth handing over the United States to its new President."

"Wait. President O'Neill?"

She smiled at his stunned expression. "Jack O'Neill was President of the United States from 2014 to 2022."



"Who was Vise President?"

"Paul Davis, they worked together at the SGC and Pentagon, apparently."

"Wow." John couldn't get over that one; he got back on track though. "What about Elizabeth?" He saw her chew on her bottom lip, the smile was gone. He knew what that meant. "What happened?"

She shook her head. "It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does, I don't care about the timeline, what happened?" he demanded.

Danielle could see that in his eyes, he was so like Nick. "She was killed." She looked away quickly.

"The Wraith?"

Taking a breath, Danielle turned back, facing him, seeing the aguish in his eyes, hearing the pain in his voice. She wasn't going to tell him though, she couldn't. "She died a hero, Colonel, let's leave it at that."


She put her hand on his arm. "I can't, Colonel, I'm sorry," she said gently, caressing his arm with her thumb, feeling the tension in his arm ease.

He nodded and stepped back out of her grasp, surprised at his own reaction. "Yeah, me too, I shouldn't have snapped."

"I've lost people I care about too, Colonel, I understand," she assured sympathetically.

Nodding again, he looked over the ocean; its peacefulness gave him some comfort. He turned and leant against the railing, crossing his arms against his chest. "Tell me about the John Sheppard you know?"

"Um, he was a member of SG-13, then SG-3, and then team leader of SG-2," Danielle revealed and then asked her own question. "Did you ever serve at the SGC?"

"No. I didn't even know about the Stargate until General O'Neill gave me clearance after we were attacked by a drone on the way to the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. "

"Well, then I suppose telling you this is okay," she decided and continued. "He was with SG-3 when they rescued Atira, and her people, my mother among them. Aunt Atira was a widow with a young son," she smiled shyly. "Uncle John always said he fell in love with Aunt Atira the moment he meet her." A crimson blush reddened her cheeks. "I suppose it's true, because six months later they got married. Aunt Atira and her son and my mother stayed on Earth after their people were relocated. Jaren was happy having Uncle John as his father and he was as excited as his new father when he found out his mother was going to have a baby. The shock was when they found out she was carrying twins."

"Twins?" John choked out; uncrossing his arms he gripped the railing.

She chuckled. "Yeah. According to Aunt Atira, Uncle John walked around with a grin on his face for a week, then it finally sunk in he was going to be the father of twins."

"I bet," he exclaimed, understanding exactly how his doppelganger felt.

"Um, Nick and Tori were born November 25th 1999, six minutes apart," she saw John smile. "Colonel?"

"That's the first time you've called the Major by his first name," he noted.

She shrugged casually, failing to keep the blush that once again made her cheeks crimson. "He's my best friend as well as my commanding officer."

He understood that, but he had a feeling there was more to it, especially by the flushed expression. "How about we go get some coffee," he suggested changing the subject. When her eyes lit up, he knew he'd made the right decision. "Oh you're a Jackson all right." He mused, feeling comfortable around her. "Come on."

She smiled and he guided her away from the balcony to the mess, they got coffee and sat away from everyone to talk.

"I get the feeling your SG-1 is close," he declared.

She nodded. "The guys are like big brothers," she revealed, rubbing her thumb over the lip of her mug. "Jason and I are close, he saved my life when my appendix nearly burst off world; he operated with Matt's help, while in contact with our Head of Medicine. He also taught me to fly an old F-302 when I was a teenager." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Matt and I are like kindred sprites in a way, we work late, share coffee at odd hours, bounce ideas off each other."

"What about Bray?"

"Bray taught me to defend myself and he's taken upon himself to be my protector, even though I'm capable of looking after myself." She looked from her mug and saw the curiosity in his eyes, knowing what he wanted to know. "And Major Sheppard," she stopped and caressed the lip of her mug once more. "Nick showed me how to fly a puddlejumper, let me take the controls when no one else would and even let me fly solo. He was there when my father died and ascended, he held me together, especially after my mother died and ascended two months later." Her voice filled with emotion and her eyes became wells of tears. "He's my best friend; he knows me better then anyone else."

John reached across the table and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked."

"It's okay," she said, but didn't pull her hand away, giving his hand an unconscious caress. "This can't be easy on you either."

"Well," he remarked, he was going to brush it off when he saw her warm smile. A smile that went straight to his heart, he came out of his daze when he heard Elizabeth's voice come over his earpiece, telling him about the quarters that had been set up for the Captain. He acknowledged her quickly and then addressed the young woman. "Quarter's have been arranged. I'll take you to them so you can get some rest."

She pulled her hand away, feeling a little embarrassed when she realized what she'd been doing. Regaining her control, he was a ranking officer and she was getting too familiar. "Thank you, sir."

John nodded slowly, not understanding what he was feeling himself. There was something about Danielle Jackson that reached out to his heart and wasn't just the fact she was strong with the ATA gene. He shook it off and stood, waiting until she had. Together they left the mess. It was then he noticed she hugging tight into her jacket, frowning concerned. "Captain, are you all right?"

She managed a smile. "I'm just a little cold, it's nothing, Colonel."

He thought different. "Maybe Beckett should check you out again."

"Really, Sir, I'm fine," she assured. "I promise if I start to feel ill I'll contact Dr. Beckett straight away."

"All right," he yielded and showing her to the quarters altercated to her. Her pack was already inside. Standing there inside her quarters, he was the one to feel a little uncomfortable. "I'll leave you to get some rest."

Danielle turned, as much as she wanted to see her Uncle John in this man, she couldn't; they'd lived very different lives and were very different men. Who she saw was an attractive Air Force officer. "Thank you, Colonel."

John gave her a friendly smile. "Just remember, if you start to feel ill contact the doc."

"I will." She assured. "I promise."

He gave her another smile and left the quarters, the door shutting.

Danielle sighed and looked around, the quarters were normal for Atlantis. Grabbing her pack she put it on the bed and went through it, finding what she was looking for, a med-pen. Stripping off her jacket she put the med-pen to her arm and injected the medication in her arm; the cold was still there but she didn't shiver any more. Dropping it back into her pack she sat on the bed and unlaced her boots, pulling them and her socks off, standing she undid her trousers and stripped them off, folding she left them on the bed and patted bare foot into the bathroom. Removing the rest of her clothing she took a warm shower. Resting her head against the cool tiles, she closed her eyes and let the water run down her back. This wasn't how she expected the mission to end; now they were stack in an alternate universe and the past of all places. And in three days time she would be coming face to face with an alternate version of her father. She's watched her father die and ascend, grieved for his lose and not long after her mother's.


She jerked her head up, hearing her name being called. "In the shower!"

Nick walked into the bathroom, seeing her silhouette in the recess door. He lent casually against the wall, his arms crossed against his chest. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she assured.

"What about seeing your father again?" He asked her.

Danielle lent against the shower wall, wiping the water from her face. "He isn't my father," she corrected. "Just as Lt. Colonel Sheppard isn't your father. This John Sheppard didn't serve at the SGC or save your mother or mine. These people aren't the people we know."

"No they're not, but we're going to have to interact with them until we can get home," he stated and then added. "I saw the med-pen…"

"I took my med's, Nick," she interrupted.

"Did you say anything to Dr. Beckett?"


"It might be best if you do; they trust us, we should trust them."

She nodded, even though he couldn't see her. "All right," she turned off the shower and squeezed the water from her braided light brown hair. A towel was passed in to her, she took it; thanking him she quickly dried herself and then wrapped it around her body, stepping out of the recess, seeing her CO was still there. "Was Bray able to hack into their database and take a look?"

Nick nodded and followed her into the main room; he walked over to the windows, pushing the curtains back a little he looked out at the ocean. "He's doing that now, apparently they've only got one ZPM; they're using naquadah generators to help power the city."

Danielle pulled clean clothes from her pack and quickly dressed while his back was turned, not that either was embarrassed. They shared a locker room in their time and reality. They'd seen each other at the best and worst. Dressed she sat on the bed and pulled on her socks and boot's, lacing them up quickly. She then unbraided her hair and rubbed it dry with the towel. "Do you think they'd let us wander around on our own?"

"Nope, not a chance, there's a Marine at either end of the hallway," he reported turning back, the curtains dropping back into place. "And we're supposed to be resting."

"Right," she got to her feet and quickly re-braided her hair. "So where are the guys?"

"My quarters, McKay was given a comp tablet by Dr. McKay with the data from our arrival, so he's working on that. Mitchell is waiting to check you over; we all noticed you were shivering."

"I'm fine," she protested.

"Yes, I'm still your CO, so move."

She sighed and followed him out of her quarters, taking note of the two Marines, not that either would be able to stop them if they really wanted out. She followed Nick into his quarters.

Jason Mitchell was his father's son, blue eyes, brown hair and a sexy smile; this was one young man who was carbon copy of his dad. He was a girls dream and a father's nightmare. He'd completed his medical degree, but had been an F-306 pilot until an accident had robbed him off his ability to fly with a fighter squadron. He'd transferred to SG-1 after recovering from reconstruction surgery on his left knee and spine. He still flew when given the chance, but couldn't qualify to return to a squadron full time.

"Here she is, as promised, Shaft," Nick smirked smugly.

"Thanks Major," he gestured Danielle over to where he had his medical kit.

She went reluctantly. "I'm fine," she whined.

"And I just want to make sure," he announced.

Danielle gave in and took the seat he offered.

Nick went over to Bray, who was seated on the sofa, a laptop on his lap, they hadn't thought they could do much damage or they wouldn't have let them have the computer. "What did you find out?"

His friend chuckled; hacking into the records had been easy and a little disturbing. "That your alternate father is as bad as you are; in more ways then one."

"Thanks buddy."

"You're welcome."

Shaking his head, Nick made his way over to Matt, who was sitting on the floor, with his back up against the wall, the computer tablet in one hand, a stylus pen in the other. "So, McKay," he hankered down, "found anything interesting?"

"I'm getting there, Major."

Even though they were the same rank, Nick still had seniority on him. Not that it bothered either men. "Ball pack figure, McKay. When will you know?"

Matt looked up and gave a frustrated glare. "When I go through all this data, Sheppard."

"Right," his CO drawled and stood. "Leaving you alone," he turned and saw Mitchell was running a medical palm scanner over his archaeologist. "How she is, Jace?"

"Well traveling from one reality to another and through time hasn't caused any side effects so far," he reported, checking the data. "As long as Dani keeps taking her med's as prescribed, she shouldn't have any problems."

"Good," Nick said as he moved closer. "What about the shivering?"

"It's just a delayed reaction of what's happened," he assured. He put the scanner away, smiling at his friend. "Dani is fine."

Danielle stood and smiled smugly. "Told you."

"Yeah, well, who knows how long we're going to be here," Nick stated, hiding the fact he was gratefully she was fine. He gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze, there eyes locking for a moment and he saw her smile. That smile that could melt the coldness of hearts and captured his, he pulled his hand away. "Okay, so what do we tell them and what don't we?"

She shoved her hands into her jacket pockets and moved about the room, she always thought better on her feet. "I've been thinking about that and since this isn't the past of our future, then it's possible that events that happened in our present, their future, might not happen here at all," she theorized.

"Such as?"

She stopped pacing. "Well, the John Sheppard here never served at the SGC or saved a group of Lantean's. Which means you and I were never born and neither were our siblings. So it's possible in 2007, the Daniel Jackson of this reality won't witness Vala Mal Doran's death at her daughter's hands, or in 2009 be Uncle Jack's best man when he remarries Aunt Sara," she expanded her theory. "Nor will he die and ascend in 2022."

"What about Dr. Weir?" Jason asked her. "In our reality, she died."

"I know," Danielle turned to Bray. "What's the date, I know they said we'd come back 26 years, so it's 2006?"

"September 2nd," he answered her. Then thought it through, recalling childhood memories. "Elizabeth Weir was killed in October of 2006 during the attack on the city by the Asurans."

Nick recalled that too. "So you're saying it's possible, none of that is going to happen?"

"It's possible; I mean that was our reality, not this one."

"Dani has a point; we don't know what the future holds here, because it hasn't happened yet." Matt pointed out, adding his viewpoint.

"As I said, in this reality, John Sheppard never worked at the SGC or married Aunty Atira." Danielle added. "He didn't even know about the Stargate until a mishap gave him clearance."

Rubbing his forehead, Nick sighed. "This is giving me a headache," he moaned and the rest of his team chuckled. "So we just take one day at a time and see what happens?"

"That's about it." Matt announced. "Now, can I get back to the problem at hand?"

"By all means," Nick said with a touch of sarcasm.


Elizabeth hurried over to Carson. "You wanted to see me."

"Yes, luv," he handed her a computer tablet. "The last of the DNA tests and I've had a chance to take a close look at the MRI's and the data from the full body scans."

She glanced over them, frowning at one. "Are you sure this is Captain Jackson's."

"Aye," he saw her look up. "I checked the results twice just to make sure."

Rodney and John came in before she could comment, the scientist interrupting. "Our guests have hacked into the Ancient database and our database."

"It seems they're bored." John added lightly.

Elizabeth smiled at his flippancy. "There's more," she remarked and handed the computer tablet to Rodney.

He looked at it, glancing up. "I thought you already fingered out her DNA was Lantean."

"Aye I did, but this is more, Rodney," Carson exclaimed. "I wouldn't even try to estimate her IQ, because I'd think it would be off the chart. The amount of brain activity registered would indicate mental abilities beyond what is capable for a normal human being."

"So she's some super genius?" Rodney asked him, quiet put out.

"It's more than that."

"Look," John interrupted both men. "Why don't we just ask her?" he suggested and once they'd nodded, tapped his earpiece. "Sergeant Brooks."

"Yes sir."

"What's your location?"

"We're in the mess, sir. Captain Jackson threatened bodily harm if I didn't let her have coffee."

John chuckled. "It's a good thing you obeyed orders then, Sergeant," he smirked. "Tell, Captain Jackson, we'd like a word with her in the infirmary."

"We're on our way sir."

"Oh and Sergeant, tell the Captain she can bring her coffee."

"Yes sir."

"Smart, move," Rodney declared. "It's not wise to get between a Jackson and coffee. Not wise at all."

"Especially this Jackson," Carson remarked seriously.

John was curious about that, but didn't comment. Something was nagging at him, it had been all morning and couldn't put his finger on what it was. "When does the Odyssey arrive?"

"Tomorrow morning?" Elizabeth answered. "SG-1 is eager to meet SG-1 of the future, even if it is an alternate future."

There was a flash of light and the future SG-1 transported in along with Sergeant Brooks, who looked a little stunned.

Matt was grinning. "Told you it would work," he said smugly.

"Yes, sir, sorry I doubted you." Brooks apologized.

"No problem."

Rodney stormed over to them. "How did you do that, it's not possible to transport from one location to another without the use of the transporter chambers?"

Matt went into a long explanation that used a lot of technical talk that had Rodney nodding and thinking hard about what he was being told.

John looked over to his alternate son, who along with the rest of his team moved away from them. "Does he do that a lot?"


"How do you put up with it?"

"I threaten to shot him," Nick said calmly. "But then again, he does his best work under pressure. You?"

"The same and I carry around this," John pulled a lemon from the pocket of his shirt. "Just in case I need an answer sooner rather then later."

Both McKay's stopped talking, watching the lemon being thrown up in the air and caught again.

"All right, enough," Elizabeth ordered slightly amused. "John, put the lemon away."

Smiling he did so. "So Rodney, can we continue?"

"Yes, but," he glared at Matt. "We're not done."

He chuckled. "I'd be happy to explain it all to you later."

"Thank you." Rodney said; his voice faded as he took notice of what Danielle was doing. He'd also noted she seemed a little lethargic in her actions. Having put her empty coffee up on one of the equipment trolleys she was accessing data from a Lantean terminal. The data was scrolling up the screen in Ancient; however she was standing with her hands in her trouser pockets.

Nick frowned at the way they were watching, noting she'd zoned, and that bothered him. "Jackson!"

She jumped startled, which made her throbbing heard worse, turning she removed her hands, waving one in front of the screen to shut down. "Sorry," she said softly. "I was curious." She joined them.

"How did you do that?" Elizabeth inquired interested.

Danielle shrugged casually, which again wasn't smart with a headache. She hid her wince. "Anyone with the ATA gene can do it."

"Or with increased mental abilities as yourself," Carson added, noting she looked a little pale.

"She's telling the truth, Doc," Nick contradicted, the hair on the back of his neck was bristling; he forced himself to walk over to the terminal and activated it with a wave of his hand. He made a mental request and data scrolled up the screen. He shut it down the same way, turning. "See, nothing to it."

Carson wasn't so convinced, addressing Danielle again, the color was fading from her face and she had dark circles under her eyes. What worried him. "Captain, I've gone over the results of the tests I preformed. You're DNA says your Lantean, with strains of human DNA. You're MRI shows your mental capabilities are way above anything we've encountered or the SGC has."

Sighing she rubbed her temples; the dull throbbing headache she'd woken up with was getting worse very quickly, making her feel nauseas. "What I'm able to do…. and what you think I can do… are two different things, Dr. Beckett."

Nick felt the hair on the back on his neck bristle again and he got worried. "Dani, what's wrong?"

Squeezing her eyes shut as she pinched the bridge of her nose with one hand, the throbbing had turned blindingly painful in seconds making her stomach feel like it was going to rebel. She blindly grabbed for his arm and found it. "Headache," she said almost whimpering in pain.

Jason pushed past Carson and grabbed the Ancient medical scanner from the equipment trolley, using it, scanning her. "How bad, Dani, scale it for me?"

"Ten and rising," she whispered, keeping her eyes shut, feeling the darkness fast approaching.

He nodded to Nick, who swung his archaeologist up into his arms; she whimpered as he did and carried her to the nearest bed, laying her down gently. He said something in Lantean and the lights dimmed. Jason looked to Bray. "I need my med kit."

He nodded and took off with Brooks hot on his heals.

Carson was quickly at his side. "What can I do lad."

"We need to get her on her side," he ordered and was helped by Carson, the young woman was now unconscious, but the pain was still evident on her face. "Dani was captured by Vollans during an S&R, they put her in a chamber, trying to force her to Ascend under torture," he reported. "We managed to rescue her, but the side effects of what they did to her, are blinding headaches that come on without warning." He stopped reading the date given on the scanner, dumping it quickly. Jason nodded to his CO. "Sir."

Nick put a hand on the back of her head and the other on her lower back and closed his eyes, concentrating; a soft glow appeared under his hands.

Bray suddenly came rushing back in with the med kit, questions how he'd gotten back so fast were held back. So was why Brooks wasn't with him. He gave Jason the med kit and then stepped back.

Jason opened the kit on the equipment tray and pulled out a med pen, loading it with medication he put it to Danielle's neck and activated it. The medication was given with a hiss; he dropped it back on the kit and picked up the scanner, using the prep healer to get readings. They were improving. "It's working sir, keep going."

"What did you give her?" Carson asked him.

"A drug one of our allies gave us; it's called Memitrex. That in conjunction with the Major easing the tension in her spine and neck, it reacts quickly."

"How is he easing the tension?" Rodney inquired.

"Lantean reflexology I suppose is the best way to describe it," Jason explained, keeping his voice down. "We found out about it by accident, but it works."

"Does the Major have the ability to heal?" Carson inquired and saw the younger doctor slowly shake his head no. "Interesting."

Jason saw the reading he was getting from both his friend and the Major; he looked to his Satedan/Athosian teammate. "You'd better get ready, Major."

Bray moved to stand behind his friend, when Nick removed his hands, he stepped back and collapsed unconscious. Bray held him up. "I've got you, Shepp," he said softly.

John was instantly at his side to give a hand and between the two of them they got Nick onto a bed, laying him down, before moving out the way.

Carson quickly hooked him up to the monitors and put a pulse monitor on his finger, taking note of the readings as he checked him over. "How long does he usually say unconscious for?"

"Thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of the attack." Jason informed, he was hooking Danielle to the monitor's too, but kept her on her side; getting the look at the readings. "The more sever the attack, the more he has to draw on his own strength."

Elizabeth came closer, still a little disturbed by what had happened. "Captain Mitchell, how is it Captain Jackson was cleared for off world travel if she's having these attacks?"

"Because before we arrived here, Dani hadn't had an attack in four months," Jason revealed protectively. "I checked her medically the day we arrived and she was fine. So this has to have been triggered by a delayed reaction to traveling back in time to an alternate universe."

"No one is blaming you, lad," Carson assured him, making sure it didn't become more. "In light of what just happened, I'd like to check for cellular degradation. So make yourselves comfortable."

"We'll leave you to it," Elizabeth insisted and ushered a reluctant John and Rodney out of the infirmary, finding their missing Sergeant. "Sergeant Brooks."

"Sorry ma'am, the Major was quicker on his own and since the seriousness of the situation…"

"It's all right, Sergeant," John insisted. "You did the right thing. When Dr. Beckett is finished, you can escort them back to their quarters."

"Yes, Sir," he acknowledged and slipped back into the infirmary.

They continued, heading for Elizabeth's office. "What exactly did the future SG-1 hack into?" she inquired.

"Well, mission reports, personnel files," Rodney answered. "As well as personal files of just about everyone in the city, military and civilian."

"The science departments Original Star Trek episodes," John said teasing. Smiling as his friend frowned at him, stating mater of fact. "They were checking us out, Elizabeth."

She nodded. "I agree. Given the chance we would have done the same."

"I wouldn't mind having a look at their personnel files," he commented.

"You just want to find out who the alternate you, married." Rodney sniped.

"I already know that," John said with a touch of smugness. "Her name is Atira and the alternate me meet her while a member of SG-3. He helped save her, her son and a handful of her people. They fell in love and got married. Nick has a twin sister, Tori," he saw they were surprised. "What, Danielle told me; her mother was in the group."

Elizabeth smiled at his sudden embarrassment. "You've been spending a lot of time with them."

He shrugged. "I'm just trying to help them feel at home."

Rodney started clicking his fingers as a thought struck him. "You know, we maybe able to look at their personnel records."

"How?" John asked him. "Take a trip to an alternate universe and ask?"

"Funny," the astrophysicist said blandly. "But no. I got a good look at Matt's dog tags, they've got a computer chip embedded in them, and I bet it contains their personnel records."

Elizabeth was impressed. "Find out and let me know."

He grinned and hurried away.

John rolled his eyes. "You realize if he's right, we're never going to hear the last of it."

She nodded and grinned, chuckling. "Keep him out of Carson's way."

"Right," the Colonel did an about face and headed back to the infirmary. By the time he got there Rodney was already in conversation with Matt, who had removed his tags and was pointed out a few things. John sighed when Rodney called Zelenka and barked orders at the man, getting his own way.

Jason chuckled, hooking his stethoscope around his neck. "He doesn't change much in 26 years, Colonel," he remarked. "Though he did actually let Dr. Zelenka take credit once, which surprised everyone."

"I bet that hurt."

"Oh it did, sir," the younger man remarked. "Of course, Uncle Rodney was also Uncle Radek's best man when he got married."

John couldn't help but chuckle. "You guys are more like family then a team."

He shrugged casually. "I suppose in a way we are. With everything we've been through, it's the reason why we're still alive and still sane."

Radek arrived with what Rodney wanted and the three of them went to work.

John stole a glance at his alternate son. "How long has Nick been a member of SG-1?"

"Six years, two of those he was 2IC," Jason said with brotherly pride. "He's been with the program since he graduated from the Academy. Those of us, who have been born into Stargate program so to speak, go through the Air Force Academy's Advance Course. Everyone else has to be chosen for it."

"How advanced?" the Colonel wanted to know, digging for information.

"As well as selected classes, there's flight training, an air commando operations course, special operations and an off world commando operations course," the young Captain revealed, seeing the look of surprise on the Colonel's face. "I did my medical degree while at the Academy on top of all that and Dani finished off two PhD's and a Masters degree as well."

"You mean they made her go through all of that," John exclaimed in disbelief.

Jason smiled. "She completed all requirements in two years instead of four," he praised. "But that's our Dani, over achiever. She finished high school in six months and had her first PhD by the time she was sixteen."

"How many does she have?"

"Four PhD's and 2 Masters Degree's, she speaks 43 languages."

"You're kidding?"

"No," he chuckled. "Major Sheppard has three PhD's and a Masters Degree, as well as being able to speak about 5 different languages. Major Dex has 2 Masters Degree's and speaks 3 languages. Major McKay has 5 PhD's and a Masters Degree, he speaks 2 languages. I have 2 Masters Degrees, a MD and speak 2 languages."

"What two?"

"Lantean and Abydonian."


"Yes sir, I leant both in school," he shrugged. "But then again, my family had moved to Atlantis by the time I was ready to start school."

"That must have made school interesting."

"Yes Sir."

"You know," John crossed his arms against his chest. "I would never have thought a daughter of Dr. Jackson's would have joined the Air Force, nor kid of Ronan and Teyla's. McKay and Carter's, well…."

"They didn't have much of a choice, Colonel. All off world teams are Military, there aren't any civilian's on teams any more." Jason explained. "Not since President O'Neill passed an amendment in 2014 that no civilian was to be a part of an off world team."

"So how did the civilians already in active teams get along then?"

"President O'Neill organized for those civilians who were currently serving in an off world teams, that wanted to remain in those teams, to be given direct entry," the Captain revealed. "No exceptions were given after that. Even our civilian doctors are Air Force. And Aunt Sam was already in charge of Atlantis by 2014, city Governors are civilian."

John saw Danielle stir restlessly in her sleep, he moved to her side and reached out, gently brushing his fingers over her cheek, she settled under his touch. "Is she like her father?"

"Oh yeah," Jason answered smiling warmly, recalling his Uncle John being able to settle his friend.

Bray had escaped Carson, joining them, over hearing them. "Nick is named after her father," he revealed. "He saved the then 'Major' Sheppard's life two days before Nick was born."

"Nicholas is Uncle Daniel's middle name; they just swapped them around so the Major would have his own identity." Jason clarified.

Carson came over to them. "Colonel, would you tell Rodney, my infirmary is not his lab."

"I'll see what I can do, doc," John said with a smile and went over to the three scientists. "Rodney, you're upsetting the doc, do you have what you need?"

"No, I don't," he retorted. "I need to scan Major Sheppard's tags, Captain Jackson's and Captain Mitchell's."

Jason walked over with the three sets of tags. "Here you go, Doc."

"Thank you," he took them. "At least someone here is thinking."

Radek shook his head. "We can do the rest in the lab, Rodney."

"Yes, yes, in a minute," Rodney muttered and continued, scanning the chips on the three tags, when he was done he handed them back to Jason. "All right, let's go," he gathered together his equipment.

Radek did the same and followed his friend out of the infirmary, as the others chuckled.

Jason handed Danielle's tags to John. "Would you mind, Sir, I'll do the Major's."

"No problem," he declared and went over the unconscious young woman, carefully putting the dog tags back around her neck. He'd spent enough time with them to see his alternate son had some deep feelings for the young woman and he could see how it was possible. She had a regal beauty, and eyes that held not only pain but happiness as well. Seeing her sleeping, he swore she looked even less then twenty-seven then she did awake. More like seventeen or eighteen. Too damn young for all she'd been through, and too innocent. She was almost child like in her sleep.

Nick woke and for a moment wondered where he was, and then he remembered what had happened. He saw Matt and Bray talking quietly; Jason was conversing with Dr. Beckett. Turning his head he saw John Sheppard with Danielle, the Lt. Colonel had a look on his face that Nick had seen too many times. It seemed another man had fallen under the Jackson spell. He pulled himself up and sat cross-legged on the bed, plucking the pulse monitor off his finger.

Carson came over to him. "How are you feeling, Major?"

"Fine," he answered and nodded to his archaeologist. "How is my girl?"

"Danielle is resting peacefully, Major," the Scottish doctor assured. "I'll keep her in the infirmary and release her in the morning. Captain Mitchell has explained the medication he gave her and everything else I should have known in the first place."

"Sorry doc, I told her she should tell you, I guess it just slipped her mind."

"Quiet all right, lad, it's been unusual few days for us all," Carson said and began unhooking the Major from the monitors. "You're free to return to your quarters, I'd like you to rest through. Take the rest of your team with you."

"No offence doc, but we don't leave a member of our team alone, so one of us will be with her at all times. It's our policy." Nick informed. "I'm surprised Mitchell didn't tell you that."

"He did lad, I just had to try," Carson said with a smile. "I'll get you a chair." He patted the Major's arm and walked away.

Nick got off the bed; he checked in briefly with the rest of his team and then went over to where his archaeologist was laying; standing next to the Colonel. The man might have been an alternate version of his father, a younger, alternate version of her father. But he was also different then the man who had guided him through life. "We joke that every man who meet's Dani falls in love with her," he said lightly, keeping his voice down. "Some women too," he saw John look at him and not the fact he was holding Danielle's hand or caressing it with his thumb. There was a lot of emotion in his voice. "She's too damn trusting at times; she never sees the harm that can befall her or the danger she's in until it's too late."

"They never do," John declared agreeing wholeheartedly. "I have a scientist that's the same; though," he paused briefly, then put fourth. "I'm not in love with my scientist."

Swallowing hard, Nick hesitated for a moment. "She doesn't know."

"Oh she does," the Colonel contradicted him. "Trust me, she knows," he brushed the hair back from Danielle's forehead and then turned, giving the Major a warning. "Just don't do anything stupid and hurt her, understand. Because I know for certain if you did, your father is going to kick your ass for you."

"If we get home," the Major pointed out.

"Well if you don't, I'll do it for him," John said sternly and then left the infirmary.

Nick smiled warmly at that. "Not going to happen," he promised her in a whisper. "I'd never hurt you, Dani. Never."

To be continued…..