You know school is a strange time in everyone's life; it's like a pool of emotions some more hidden than others; all different kinds of characters trying to figure out who they really are and what they should become. They have to learn to choose between right and wrong or decide what's popular and what's not? Or should that be...who's popular and the ominous who's not? The latter being the most feared amongst all teenagers. Nobody wants to be unpopular by not fitting in and not being wanted. So does this mean our greatest worry is acceptance? But at school, it's the worst it will probably be in your entire life, as every sense seems multiplied by a thousand.

So when you think about it, Hogwarts is no different than any other school. Everyone still carries around the same emotional baggage no matter where they are.

Like now; when I'm sitting in the Great Hall watching everyone in their collective groups, buzzing around socialising, some whispering, some joking; just a bunch of teenagers hanging around and talking to each other about what's popular?

Right now I'm amidst my own collective, our group within a group because we're Hufflepuffs. My threesome consists of myself…..wait, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm rambling like always. I'm Claudia Knight. I'm a sixteen year old witch born to muggle parents. I'm 'vertically challenged' as I like to put it; I'm 5'2. Not too skinny, a little curvy but not overly so. I have dark curly hair which I hate (makes me look about 12) it sits in ringlets just above my shoulders. I have big hazel eyes that my grandmother gave me and a few freckles on my pale skin. How would I describe myself? I would say I'm a good person; I'm kind and polite but quite private. How would other people describe me? Probably shy, quiet, doesn't say much… "That short little Hufflepuff girl, what's her name, the little mouse with the curly hair, the shy girl?" I guess it's true! I can't help it, though amongst my close friends I'm more comfortable and I feel more relaxed, I can speak my mind. It's just the rest of the time; I'm scared to open my mouth around other people who don't know me. I worry what people think. I guess now I've been this way for so long it's expected of me so why try to change. It's stupid isn't it?

Sitting across from me is my good friend Sophie Stone who is rolling an apple around the table whilst eyeing up some Ravenclaw boys. She's a lovely warm person. Sophie's the same height as me but the similarities end there. She has gorgeous long blonde wavy hair and crystal blue eyes. She's very pretty with soft features and slim physique. She of course has no problem with male attention as she's very used to it. She could never be arrogant though, I just don't think she's got it in her. I'm lucky to have Sophie, she's a loyal and protective friend, and has been since the first day we met on the train. She sort of took me under her wing. She's always trying to encourage me to talk to boys and bring me out of my shell.

Sitting right next to me is our friend Bobby McIntosh. He's frantically trying to finish some homework he forgot to do. He's so disorganised but one of the funniest people I know, with messy brown hair, dark brown eyes and of average height. Bobby is madly in love with one of the girls from Slytherin; Victoria something. Not that I pay much attention despite the fact she's all he talks about… I should also add at this point that Victoria doesn't even know poor Bobby exists. He's too nice for her I think, Victoria's a bit of a vamp, more suited to a fellow Sytherin. I kind of wish my two best friends would fall for each other but I doubt the idea has ever been contemplated.

I hear some laughing from another table across the hall and glance over….Gryffindor! I inwardly wince as I look at them all. Gryffindor AKA 'The Popular People'. Don't get me wrong, like their name sake the majority of them are Brave of Heart, they're good people. It's just one in particular who makes my skin crawl; one half of the ever admired and well liked Weasley Twins; Fred.

Fred! To everyone else who know him or knows of him, he and his brother are the most mischievous, original and ever so funny pupils to set foot into Hogwarts.

To me, Fred's my nightmare. For as long as I can remember Fred Weasley has taken great pleasure in trying to embarrass or tease me since our first year here. I'm sure to him it's incredibly amusing and doesn't give me a second thought but the fact is I hate this boy. 'Mr funny man Fred' thinks he is a comedian, to me he's just a bully; plain and simple.

Whenever I am anywhere near Fred he homes in on me over everyone else. I know it's probably because of my shyness and the fact he's been getting away with it for years. I basically can't walk past the guy without some smart ass comment escaping his lips. Or he will try and frighten me with a spell or I will discover I'm the victim of another one of his pranks. I've learnt to avoid him at all costs and stay far away, which for the past couple of years has worked rather well for me. But periodically our paths do cross and he's always got some cheeky remark to make in front of his mates. His main objective being to turn my cheeks redder than his hair as I am forced to endure the chorus of laughter from his friends as I walk past as fast as I can with my head down. That's my routine.

So if you ever hear anyone going on about how great Fred Weasley is just remember that he's really a nasty little shit who gets his kicks out of humiliating girls who are too shy to tell him to GO FUCK HIMSELF…hmmmmm. I guess I have a bit of built up aggression there. All I know is that one of these days Fred Weasley is going to get what's coming to him!

"You know Claudia, I heard Ernie McMillan needs a study partner, he's not doing too well in some subjects"

Dragging me from my homicidal thoughts towards Fred I look at Sophie who is smiling at me whilst wiggling her eyebrows.

"What are you on about?" I ask.

"Listen, he's cute don't you think? He needs help and you are one of the smartest people I know"

I cough.

"En no, that would be Hermione Granger".

"Well you're a lot smarter than me. And Hermione isn't in Ernie's' House is she? This is a good opportunity for you to talk to someone other than Bobby and I. Come on Claudia. I want you to be happy, I'm sure Ernie would make you happy". She giggled.

"Tell me Soph; is this a study partner or a blind date?" I asked sarcastically.

"A chance to go help out and maybe something may come of it, you never know. You're pretty Claudia. Start doing something about it, get yourself a nice boy."

"I am not pretty" I dismissed.

Sophie frowned and threw her apple at Bobby.

"Bobby" she whined.

"Huh?" he looked up at her confused "Oh right, yeah….you're a hot little minx Claudia". Bobby winked.

"Shut it Bobby" I couldn't help laughing out loud.

Smiling back at Sophie I caught someone's eye over her shoulder. I had unintentionally attracted some attention from a couple of Gryffindors.

Fred Weasley being one of them; looked directly at me. The smile instantly fell off my face. I looked at him with a stony expression for a second before focusing back on Sophie.

"What's up Claud?" Sophie questioned, as she noticed my sudden change of mood.

"So if I agree to help out Ernie you'll get off my back?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Oh yes" she beamed. "I would very much".

Authors Note

I'm currently cleaning up most of the chapters that are written and adding a bit more here and there. So please bear with me.