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Calculating Life Chapter 1"A Imaginary Phoenix Down"

11 Years Ago

5-year old Kagome watched her father beat on her mother. Her mother trying to get away or stop him never coming into use. He finally stops and looks up at her with anger. Kagome gasps then gets up and runs to her room that's in the basement. Kagome latches all the locks and crawls under her bed.

Mr.Higurashi beats on the hard metal door. Ms.Higurashi had installed it when Mr.Higurashi had to do over time at his job. He cursed at her,and called her terrible names. Kagome clenches the silver oval locket her mother had given her at birth. The house had gotten very quiet. She finally heard her mother screaming. "Please don't do this,Caleb!No!" Two gun shots went off then one more. There was a tump then silence.

Kagome crawled from under her bed,and ran to the door yanking everything open. Kagome ran out her room,up the basement stairs,the hallway,then downstairs. There on the floor were her two parents. In a pool of blood. Kagome ran to her mother and shook her.

"Momme!Momme!Wake up!No!"sobbed Kagome.

There were sirens coming closer to her home. Kagome felt all warmth leave her body seeing her mother dead along with her abusive father. She didn't love him. She didn't care what happened to him. She sobbed on her mother's stomach.

The door was broken down. Policemen rushed in. The cheif picked up,Kagome and walked out. Kagome sobbed in the mans shoulder but didn't scream for her mother. Not another word leaving her mouth.

7 Years Later

12-year old Kagome sat in her room writing in her thick journal. It was something her mother had left behind for her. Her mother had told her to calclate life as she went on,because everytime she slept at night she'd read it in her dreams. Kagome had become mute since that day. It was dawn,and shw wrote in her journal on her 50th passage.

"Life is like a fire

That soon dies down when there's no other wood to feed it

I've lost more and more blood as I cut between the pain

The pain of reality not fantasy

Queitness has always been my thing

Will it ever be changed?"

Kagome closed her book. The door opened,and the owner walked in with her usual smile.

"How have you been today,Kagome?"asked Lady Hime. Kagome only nodded.

Lady Hime nodded"Good.We're showing off the children now for adoption maybe it's your lucky on dear"

Kagome stood and put her book into her sandy tan one-strap bag then followed Lady Hime to the Adoption Line she'd call it. She put Kagome in the line and told the guards to let the adults inside. 1 adult was let in at a time. To choose a child one by one. He was a man possitive he was 20.

He had long raven hair,and soothing dark blue eyes like her own. Except her's had become empty. He walked down the line looking at ever girl. He stopped in front of Kagome,and smiled. He knelt down to her. Face-to-face.

"Hey there,kiddo.What's your name?"he asked. Kagome flipped over he locket and revealed her first,and middle name. Kagome Jaylin. She didn't want Higurashi put on her mother's locket.

He smiled"A beautiful name you have.What do you say about coming home with me?"

Kagome looked at him calmly. A part of her felt relieved. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He was shocked but smiled. He let Kagome get on his back then walked to the counter.

Lady Hime was very happy for Kagome. Hime was like a sister to Kagome. She was a helper at the Orphange. She was only 18. She'd made her promise to vist her.

Kagome went home with her new father. He told her his name was Ryuu Makotsu. Her last name was now Makotsu. She felt comfrontable around him tough. They drove up to a beautiful house.

"Come on.We'll go shoppin for you later"he smiled. Kagome followed him into the roomy house. She could finally start over but... she doubted she'd talk again.

Monday:At School.Elementary

Kagome walked into the classroom. Kids were running around like animals. A girl ran into Kagome. Kagome fell onto her back. Kagome had all her hair up in the black hat she had on. She looked like a boy,and rather boys think that.

"Oh!I'm sorry!"said the girl. Kagome took her hand.

She smiled"I'm Sango Yamata!Who are you?" Kagome showed Sango her new dog tag neckalce her father got her. Her new father.

"Can you talk,Kagome"asked Sango concerned. Kagome flipped the chain and it said 'mute'

Sango whispered"Ohh... it's okay.Well.I have two other friends.Wait.Inuyasha!Miroku!Come here!"

A silver headed hanyou,and a human. Kagome looked at the floor. Sango wrapped her arm around Kagome's neck. "This is Kagome Makotsu.She's new."

"Hey.I'm Miroku Tsuyu.Nice to meet you"he smiled.

"I'm Inuyasha Takahashi,and don't stand to close to Miroku he's a pervert"smirked Inuyasha. Miroku glared at him.

Sango glared at them both"Also... she's mute"

"She?I didn't know she was a girl!"whispered Inuyasha. Kagome took her hat off. Her long raven hair fell over her shoulder's. Inuyasha's eye bugged out. She was cute!

Sango giggled,and Miroku laughed. Kagome blushed and looked at the floor. Inuyasha blushed then looked away. She was introduced to Naraku,Kikyo,Kouga,Kagura,and other people. some were rivals though.

Kagome felt comfrotable. Though none of them knew what her past was meaning... they'd never know her. Well... that is til they grow up.

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