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Calculating Life chapter 14"Play Or Die Part 2"

Next Day;Dawn

Hime sobbed on Ryuu's arm after reading the letter. Ryuu clenched the note in his hand.

Sorry to have taken your daughter. As dumb as you are I thought you would've seen that Remi,and Ken were illusions. That basturds dead. Her father killed himself remeber? I'll enjoy my life with your daughter. Thanks for the sacrifice. Oh,and tell Inuyasha... I hope he suffers. For she will as well. I'll enjoy taking care of your half breed child.


There was bamming at the door. Ryuu ran to the door,and opened the door. Sango,Miroku,and Inuyasha walked in. Sango was pale,and her cheek was soaked with tears. Hime hugged Sango who also cried.

"Is Kagome going to be okay?"asked Sango.

Inuyasha took the note from the pacing Ryuu. He was talking to someone on the phone. Inuyasha read the last part over and over again. "I'll enjoy taking care of your half breed child"

Kagome was pregnant. Inuyasha's eyes went blood red. Miroku pushed the growling Inuyasha into the wall.

Miroku yelled"Transforming in't gonna help any,Inuyasha!"

"I'm going to kill that basturd!"growled Inuyasha.

Ryuu hung the phone up"I got the hole SWAT team ready.When I find them I'll put them in jail for life"

"Not if I don't kill them first!"growled out Inuyasha. Sango,and Hime continued to cry.

Where Kagome Was Taken

Kagome opened her eyes slowly. She looked around to only see a dim light. On the left side of the basement,room,or cellur. She didn't know. She was confused. Kagome felt sick to her stomach,and threw up. She coughed sercal times before she could contain herself. She felt really thirsty.

She tried to move but she was tied to a chair. Kagome remeber what had happened,and began to yell. Something hard hit her in the face. Kagome squeaked.

"Shut up!You're not going anywhere!"came Kikyo's voice.

A light was turn on,and Kagome squinted in pain. She looked around. She was in a white painted room. Naraku walked threw the door.

Kagome spat"Let me go!"

"Why if I did what would be the point of you being here?"asked Naraku standing in front of her with a smirk on his face.

Kagome had tears in her eyes"Please let me go."

"You're going to become my mate,and that child you bear will be tortured just like all half breeds should be"hissed Naraku. Kagome was shocked. She really felt bad then. Sh let her head fall,and began to cry.

Kikyo scofted"You're pathetic"

"Let me go!"screamed Kagome shaking violently. She tried to loosen the ropes. Naraku frowned,and grabbed Kagome's chin,and she looked at him panting. He tightened his hold. Kagome winced.

Naraku growled out"You will except your future!"

"Go to hell!"growled Kagome as she spat in his face.

Naraku back away,and wiped the spit off his face. He then slapped Kagome. Kikyo sneered. Thinking of Kagome having Inuyasha's child made her blood boil. Kikyo grabbed the locket around Kagome's neck,and snatched it off.

Kagome became her neko self. She growled up at them both. Naraku glared into her purple eyes. Two veins were black. Kikyo looked at Kagome with silver eyes.

Kikyo sneered"You aren't the only one with secrets,half demon!"

"You're nothing but a miko!"spat Kagome. Kikyo's hand glowed blue. The door swung open.

A man started talking in Gaelic. Kagome understood him clearly. "We're being tracked on the computer's,Master Naraku.We're running out of time.The portal to the fedual era's gonna close less than 3 hours" Kagome smirked.

"Damn it all!I'll be back"spat Naraku following the scottish man out the room.

Kikyo grumbled"What did he say?"

"How am I suppose to know.I speak english,and japanese that is it"spat Kagome angerly at Kikyo.

Kikyo's cell rung. She snatched it out her pocket,and groaned not bothering to look at the collar I.D.

"Hello?!"spat Kikyo.

Inuyasha's voice growled"Where is Kagome you flithy slut!"

"Oh... if it isn't,Inuyasha.I'd watch my back if I were you"she smirked.

Kagome growled.

Inuyasha spat"Why are you doing this!?"

"That's a dumb question.You left me for this worthless neko!"shouted Kikyo angerly. She paced. Kagome used her claws on the rope. She was shocked serverely. Kagome squeaked.

Kikyo smirked"Did I forget to tell you I put a spell on that rope so you can't get out of it!"

"Cad Chujge tusa sraoilleog!"spat Kagome. (why you slut)

Kikyo growled"What did you say to me!"

"Let me speak to Kagome!"he spat angerly.

Kikyo smirked"Ta! Inuyasha" She hung up,and Kagome growled.

Naraku walked in. He whispered something in Kikyo's ear,and she smirked nodding. A few guys walked in,and untied Kagome. She tried to brake free. Their grips only got worser. She still didn't care. she ignored the pain shooting threw her. She couldn't hold it anymore,and threw up on one of the men.

"Ah!Sick!Why you!"spat the man as he threw Kagome into the truck,and closed the door.

Kagome kicked the door over and over to no avail. Kagome began to cry trying to think. Something snapped in her head. She searched her pockets and found her cell phone. She smiled. Kagome dialed the house phone.

"Hello!Kagome!"came Ryuu's voice.

Kagome yelled"Please come get me,Dad!I'm scared!"

"Calm down,Kagome.Where are you?"he asked in a hurry.

Kagome swallowed"They put me in this truck.This man was talking Gaelic.He said a portal to the fedual era?What did they mean?Are they going back into the past?"

"I know where their going!Rei!their going to the well!At the old shrine!We have to hurry!Here Inuyasha!"called Ryuu in a rush.

Inuyasha asked"What did they do to you!Are you alright!?"

"I'm fine.Kikyo,and Naraku smacked me a few times,my stomachs killing me,and I'm thirsty"whispered Kagome hearing voices.

Inuyasha asked"Y... you know?"

"Yeah... I'm pregnant,Inuyasha..."she whispered.

Inuyasha whispered"Kagome please forgive me for not protecting you.Please stay safe!"

"I will.I miss you."she whispered beginning to cry.

Inuyasha whispered"I love you,Kagome"

"I love you too"whispered Kagome.

The door swung open,and the big guard dude reached for Kagome. He took the phone. Kagome screamed as the other guard grab her arm. She kicked him in the face. He cursed then grabbed her again. Naraku took the phone.

Naraku spat"You think you're so sneaky don't you?Take her to the well!"

"No!Let go of me,basturds!I don't want to go in there!Let go of me!"spat Kagome sobbing as they walked toward the hut with the screaming Kagome.

Kagome looked at the home she once lived in and cried harder. She began to scream for her mother for no reason. This confused everyone. The wind picked up soon as the SWAT team showed. A woman appeared in front of the shrine. She had a pissed off look on her face.

A blue light went toward the guards. They became dust. Kagome fainted. The pain was overwhelming. Inuyasha and the others arrived. He ran toward Kagome.

The woman disappeared. When everyone looked for Naraku or Kikyo. They were no where to be found.


"She'll be fine.She clearly needed water.She can leave when she wakes up."smiled the doctor. They nodded and she left the room.

Sango asked"I have a bad feeling those two are gonna pop up when Kagome has the pup"

"They'll die that very day then.Neko are very overprotective of their pups just like Hanyou Dogs are overprotective of their mates"muttered Ryuu.

Inuyasha kissed Kagome's forehead"I'm not letting Kagome out of m sight anymore.Even if I'm mad at her"

Kagome opened her eyes and looked up at Inuyasha. Everyone left to give them privacy. Inuyasha gave Kagome a quick kiss on the lips.

"How are you feeling?"asked Inuyasha barrying his face in her neck.

Kagome slid her hand into his silky hair"I'm fine but... what about you?"

"I'm such an idiot!I should've stayed by you!"he cursed himself.

Kagome made him look at her"No!Don't think that!I'm serious,Inuyasha!Your love protected me enough!"

"I'm so sorry"he whispered.

Kagome made him look and her,and she placed her soft lips onto his,and he kissed back. She pulled away and looked at him.

Kagome whispered"Mark me as yours,Inuyasha"

"Are you sure?"asked Inuyasha.

Kagome nodded"Yes.I'm sure."

He nodded,and kissed down her neck. After sucking on her neck for a while he bit into it. Kagome squeaked. She clenched onto his shirt as he licked all the blood away. He pulled away from her neck,and captured her lips. They then pulled away an hugged each other. Kagome dug her neko nails into his shoulder. he only winced a bit. she licked away the blood. The scar was a K just a mark to calim him as hers.


Kagome watched Inuyasha sleep as she wrote in her journal.

"Calculating is a lot of math to do. It's a fight between the past,presnt,and fute.A fight between love,and hate,then a fight between fantasy,and reality. It takes forever to finish the math,but... I have finally finished it,but I haven't finished the corrections in my essay. The last paragraph won't be written until Kikyo,and Naraku are found. Will there be more to the math,and more to the story of life? I can only guess.But... later life is only for my imagination. Will this life od pain ever end?"

"Stop thinking so much,Kagome.Let the others wonder.Go to sleep"he whispered in her ear tiredly.

Kagome closed her book and turned toward him"Alright"

He captured her lips into a quick kiss then pulled away. She laid her head on his chest.

Inuyasha whispered"I love you"

"I love you too"she smiled,and closed her eyes as she felt his warm hand rest on her stomach.

The cool wind of the darkness blew threw the window. Sleep,and silence was all that was happening for now.