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Blossom – Rebuilding a life

It was dark. It stank. And there wasn't a single noise.

Her room was exactly how Blossom wanted it to be. She didn't want anyone to enter it. She didn't want to talk, she didn't want to see anybody, she just wanted to be alone. The shame inside of her was already overwhelming… being confronted with other persons, especially her family, would have been more than she could bear.

Of course this was stupid. She WOULD have to talk to them eventually. She remembered all too well, what Bubbles had told her… that she hadn't talked to them, which had allowed HIM to possess her. She wouldn't make this mistake again. But until she found the strength to face them, she would just stay here. Trying to figure out, how much evil was hidden inside of her soul… willing to take over her body and sacrifice the ones most precious to her.

Why? Why had she allowed HIM to take over her mind? Why hadn't she noticed, that he had been manipulating her all the time? She knew why. There had been so much pain inside of her… pain and loneliness. He had offered her a way to escape the pain by hating the ones that had left her alone. Or so she had thought. One single tear escaped her left eye. She had been crying for days. If the Professor hadn't left some food and drink in front of her room once in a while, she would have been dried out now. She hadn't even been brave enough to talk with him. But what could she have said? Sorry daddy, but I thought that Bubbles and Buttercup had an incestuous relationship, and because of that I wanted to kill them?

After she had spent the first day after their fight in the library in her room, Bubbles had tried to speak with her. She hadn't dared to open the door, but she had told her that she was glad to have her back. That she wanted to forgive her so badly, but that Blossom had to talk to her first. That she and Buttercup had indeed become very close in these last weeks… but that there had never been forbidden feelings between them.

Blossom hadn't answered her. She knew that Bubbles had been telling the truth. That she would forgive Blossom everything. Bubbles was a saint. Blossom had done things, which were so cruel that she was afraid of herself… but Bubbles was willing to offer her a second chance without any hesitation. And of course there had never been impure feelings between her sisters. Blossom didn't know how it had been possible for her to accept such crap as the truth.

But she wasn't ready to receive forgiveness. She had humiliated, affronted and attacked her sisters! Buttercup had been injured because of her! Of course Bubbles would forgive her, but it wouldn't be right! She had done horrible things! She didn't know how she could ever atone for her sins, but at least she should try to face these sins and live with the shame and the regret for a while.

She was still weak. She knew it. HIM wouldn't dare to speak to her again, because this time she wouldn't listen to him anymore. But there was still this weakness inside of her, this fear, which had caused this mess. In the library she had ordered Bubbles to help their sister, but deep inside she had felt the sting of betrayal again. To see Bubbles gently carrying Buttercup's unconscious body, to see her looking at their sister with worried eyes… she had seen the pictures in her head again. The pictures of a forbidden embrace… and more. Of course she had suppressed these upcoming pictures and feelings immediately. She had already known that HIM had been manipulating her. But she had also known the weakness was still inside of her. She had started crying, because she had realized back then that the nightmare wasn't over yet. The trust between her and her sisters was still shattered and the fear was still inside of her. The fear, that they would leave her one day.

She had to talk to them. Bubbles had said that she and Buttercup had been able to bond again, because they had talked about their fears and sins. She HAD to talk to them. But she didn't know where she should find the strength to look into their eyes. She was quite sure that she would be able to face the Professor soon. Maybe she would even be able to speak with Bubbles again, because the gentle girl WANTED to forgive her. But talking to Buttercup after all she had done to her… how could that ever become possible? Buttercup was unforgiving, and she had every right to be… but Blossom knew that she just couldn't take rejection. She needed her family… although she didn't deserve them.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang. She looked up. Someone was in front of the door, making all this noise. And somehow she doubted that it was the Professor… or Bubbles. And she was right.

"Blossom!" she heard Buttercup's annoyed voice through the door. "Open this damn door and let me in!"

For a moment she pondered if she should answer… but if she didn't, Buttercup would just get angrier. Somehow Blossom was glad to hear Buttercup's irritation. It meant that she wasn't injured anymore… at least not heavily. Buttercup was the kind of person that would stand up just to infuriate her doctor. It was one of her most endearing character traits.

"Please leave me alone, Buttercup" she muttered loud enough for her sister to hear. "I don't think I can talk to you right now."

Buttercup cursed. "You CAN and you WILL, damnit!" she shouted, banging on the door once more. "Now open this door or I'll open it for you!"

"Go away, Buttercup, PLEASE!" Blossom pleaded, burying her head behind her knees. "I just CAN'T…"

She was interrupted by the sound of splintering wood. Her head jerked up while her jaw decided to drop again. Buttercup had a quite dark expression on her face as she entered the room through the now handle-less door. She seemed to be a little pale, but her eyes were powerful, and they were boring into Blossom's. She screwed up her nose.

"And I thought that the last experiment of the Professor smelled bad" she commented, grimacing. "But this stench tops everything."

"Wh-what are you doing?" Blossom uttered, taken aback, but a little angry too. This definitely wasn't how she had wanted her dialog with Buttercup to be. "You can't…"

Buttercup made a sound of disgust, looking at Blossom's window. "Damn, your reaction is almost exactly like mine" she told Blossom, who didn't know what her sister was talking about. "But I certainly won't start talking with you without fresh air. I bet not even the Rowdyruff Dorks could stand this smell!"

With that she floated to the window and yanked it open, breathing in the fresh air eagerly. Blossom blinked. She wasn't used to sunlight anymore. She stood up, now getting quite annoyed. She had just desired a little time to prepare herself for facing her family, and now Buttercup had burst into her room, insulted her and she didn't even have the decency to look at Blossom!

"Buttercup, please leave my room immediately!" she demanded. "Or I'll…"

"Or you'll do WHAT?" Buttercup retorted, finally turning her head. Her angry eyes squashed every word in Blossom's mouth. "Will you turn evil then?"

Blossom blushed and lowered her head. Tears were forming behind her closed lids. Her fists were trembling. She knew that Buttercup had every right to be angry at her. And she knew that she owed Buttercup this talk. But still…

"That's… not fair!"

"No, it isn't!" Buttercup agreed, crossing her arms. "But what the hell am I supposed to do? Waiting till you remember that you've got a family out there?"

"That's not FAIR!" Blossom repeated, finally looking up. But when her glance met Buttercup's, all of her anger vanished again. "I… I know you're waiting. But I'm… still not ready to talk."

Buttercup snorted. "Sheeesh!" she made. "If I didn't know that I've been exactly like you are now, I'd be quite disgusted."

Blossom sighed and sat down again. "Why are you here, Buttercup?" she asked wearily. "Did you just come to insult me or do you want to say something else too?"

"Oh, if it were up to me, you could stay here and rot for as long as you want" Buttercup told her, glaring at her. "But sadly enough I have got a duty to carry out."

"Duty? What are you talking about?" Blossom asked, not daring to look at her sister.

"Let's just say that there was a certain someone there to save me, when I was nearly as down as you are now" Buttercup answered harshly and stepped closer. "And she's quite depressed, cause you're staying in here like a frickin' turtle. Do you even realize what you're doing to her, Blossom? Or to the Professor?"

Blossom growled, frustrated. "What do you wanna hear from me, Buttercup?" she demanded, tears now flowing down her cheeks. "I interpreted something wrong, and because of that a villain was able to control me. I embarrassed you in front of the whole school, because I thought that you and Bubbles were… together. I nearly got both of you killed. I'm an idiotic asshole that doesn't deserve living with you. And all of that happened just because I didn't talk to you. Satisfied now?"

"Damn right, you didn't talk to us!" Buttercup confirmed. Then suddenly her voice became calmer. Blossom felt that her sister was sitting down next to her. "Blossom" she asked in a silent voice "why do you want to repeat this mistake? We drifted apart once because we didn't dare talking to each other. Haven't you learned anything? Why don't you go and talk to them?"

Blossom lowered her head even further. Thick tears were dropping onto her legs. "I… I can't" she breathed. "Buttercup… how can I ever look into their faces again after everything I've…"

She was interrupted when a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder and yanked her around. Buttercup's face was angry again, her teeth were clenched. The grip on her shoulder was tight – very tight.

"The hell?" she hissed. "What about taking some responsibility, Miss Law-and-Order? Because of you I had a fucking hole inside of my stomach! You nearly beat Bubbles senseless! I couldn't care less if you intend to apologize or just sit here, but why don't you want to see Bubbles at least? I can't see why, but she misses you!"

The rest of her control left Blossom's body. She began to sob. "But I… but I WANT to be with you again. All of you. It's just…" She swallowed hard and looked down again, tears clouding her sight. "I… I don't want to make a mistake again. I…" Her voice became very quiet. "I'm afraid… that I'll hurt her again, if I can't look at her. Or the Professor. Or… you. I wanted… to prepare myself."

She couldn't tell exactly, but it seemed like the grip on her shoulder slackened. Buttercup didn't say anything. Blossom tried to get a grip on herself, but she failed. She simply continued sobbing, mostly without tears since she barely had any left. Then Buttercup started talking again. Her voice was quiet too, even a little soothing. But maybe that was just Blossom's imagination.

"I thought so too" Buttercup told her. "I thought too that it would hurt Bubbles, if I told her the truth. And so I decided to wait, even after HIM's first attack. But she knew that it was important to talk about our fears. And so she forced me to listen."

Blossom stared at Buttercup. "Huh?" she made. She had seen in the library that Bubbles had matured… but forcing BUTTERCUP to do something??? Buttercup grinned.

"Unbelievable, isn't it?" she asked. "But it's the truth." Buttercup told her everything that had happened after Bubbles had woken up after HIM's attack. Blossom could hardly believe what she heard. This didn't sound like Bubbles at all… but the Bubbles she knew wouldn't have been able to save her from HIM too.

"But why does she need me then?" she asked Buttercup after her little story. "I mean, if she really has that much willpower, why can't she simply wait for me to come out of my room… like you would have been able to?"

Buttercup sighed and rubbed her forehead. "It's confusing, I know. Believe me, I know. But I think that she is still very fragile inside. She can be incredibly strong, if she has to be, if she has to save someone she likes, but she can't be like that forever. She has got more willpower than both of us, but she's still a very emotional girl, and she is still scared. She can shove that fear aside for a short amount of time, but she is still scared that our family could break apart again."

"Like me" Blossom whispered.

"And me too" Buttercup admitted. "And because of that she needs you. She needs both of us. Don't you think that she deserves some attention?"

Blossom remained silent for a few seconds, deeply lost in thoughts. Then she looked at Buttercup again, this time without fear. "What about you, Buttercup?" she asked her sister. "Do you think that you can ever trust me again? Trust my judgement? My orders?" She stopped for a second. "Anything I do or say? After all I was absolutely convinced that you and Bubbles were…" She stopped again and blushed a little bit. "… you know what I thought. Do you think that you can ever forget that?"

She must have looked really miserable, because Buttercup didn't make any caustic remark. She just looked back at her. But Blossom could see that something inside of her sister was happening. She knew her well, she knew the small signs of an inner battle. She waited. And eventually Buttercup sighed again.

"If you ever tell anyone about this, you'll be deader than any corpse on this world" she warned Blossom. When the redhead didn't say anything, Buttercup continued. "I'm still quite angry at you, just so you know. After all you did all of this crap, just because you misinterpreted one or two things and because you were too scared to talk to us. But in these last weeks I have been wondering once or twice… wondering how I'm actually feeling for Bubbles." She ignored the shocked glance of her sister and continued, trying to suppress the red colour on her own cheeks. "I mean, you brought up all these idiotic accusations, but it's true that mine and Bubbles' relationship had been changed. We were spending more time together, because you weren't there… and I was impressed how different she was. How mature. How strong-willed, if she has to be. And in the next second so carefree, so lively. And well…" She groaned in frustration. "… I guess I've been looking for someone like that. For someone who has got a strong will… who can keep me in check. But at the same time I wanted someone who needs me, whom I can protect. And well… Bubbles is such a person."

Blossom was quite pale now. "You… you don't mean…" She couldn't finish the question. Buttercup wasn't REALLY trying to say that…? No, she wasn't, was she?

"No, I'm not" Buttercup stated, her cheeks now being unmistakably red, though she tried to mask it with an angry face. "I guess, I was just thinking… that way, because you had left us. Because suddenly it was just me and Bubbles. I was spending so much time with her, and I saw all sides of her, and…" She broke off. "Damn, I don't know how to describe it! I was so… impressed by her new, strong self, that I…" She hissed, frustrated. "I think I had a small crush on her… not a real crush, more like a response to you leaving us. I didn't want to lose her too, so I guess I tried to bond with her even more." She glared at Blossom. "It's nothing serious, okay? This… feeling hasn't been so strong anymore… since you're here again."

Blossom's tears had stopped. "So I'm… important for you too?" she whispered. "You want me back too?"

"Oh, the hell!" Buttercup suddenly exclaimed. "You won't get me to say something like that! You're a damn bitch, who nearly got us killed, and once I'm fully healed again, I'm gonna kick your little ass!" She turned away. "But you're important for the Professor and for Bubbles… and because of that you have to leave this room and talk to them… so that we can at least try to be a family again."

The words were harsh, but Blossom knew better. Buttercup would have never told her about her feelings for Bubbles, if she didn't want Blossom back either. Blossom suddenly felt a wave of gratitude floating through her body. She had never seen this responsible, sensitive side of Buttercup before… but maybe this was because of Bubbles' actions too. All of them had changed… maybe even for the better. She laid her hand on Buttercup's, squeezing it gently. "Thank you, Buttercup" she simply said.

"Oh, skip that!" Buttercup muttered, sounding – or trying to sound? – annoyed. "Just walk out of this sticky room and try to live again! I'm fed up with you being the difficult one and me being the responsible one! It's unnatural!"

That made Blossom smile, even if it was just for a second. "Sure" she agreed.

"And you WILL help me with my training!" Buttercup demanded, still not facing her. "After all I can't do anything right now… the Professor would skin me alive." Then she pointed at the door. "So, will you finally go and talk to them? Or do you want me to MAKE you go?"

Blossom nodded. And then, out of instinct, she bent over and quickly kissed Buttercup on the cheek. The girl turned around, put her hand onto the spot and looked at Blossom, astonished.

"The hell?" she finally announced. "What the heck was that for?"

"No reason" Blossom said, shrugging. She grinned. "Just trying to be a family again." Then she became serious again. "Buttercup, I'm… I'm sorry. And…" She paused for a moment. "I love you."

"Now don't get weepy" Buttercup replied harshly, looking away again. "Just go! And don't try kissing me again, you hear me?"

"Sure" Blossom said again, standing up. Right in front of the door she stopped and turned around. "By the way… would you allow Bubbles to kiss you, Buttercup?"

Before Buttercup could answer, she quickly closed the door, grinning slightly. While walking down the floor she mused, that the three of them would need some time to get rid of the uneasiness between them, but at least her sisters seemed to be willing to give it a try, even Buttercup. So she, Blossom had a duty too. A duty to make the first step towards the Professor and especially Bubbles.

She cleared her throat in front of Bubbles' door. She actually was nervous. What if she made a mistake? What if she couldn't say a word? But then she lifted her hand to knock. Buttercup was right. Being here and maybe making a mistake was better than just staying in her room and doing nothing. That would just make Bubbles unhappy. And Blossom owed her so much. She had to show her sister, that she was at least willing to try to live with them again. She knocked.

"Yes? Who's there?"

At least she didn't sound sad. Just… normal, but not cheerful either. Maybe she could change that. She breathed in deeply. "Bubbles?" she announced. "It's me."

Just a moment later the door opened. Bubbles looked at her with shining eyes. But she seemed to be collected, a little cautious… as if she didn't want to scare Blossom away. Buttercup was right, the Bubbles she knew would have just flung her arms around her neck. She was really different now.

"Blossom" she said warmly. "You've come out of your room again. I'm glad."

"Yeah", Blossom answered, smiling nervously. "Buttercup kinda made me leaving it."

Bubbles grinned. "I figured she'd do that eventually" she admitted. "She was quite… disappointed, when I told her that you hadn't left your room in days."

"That's an understatement" Blossom mumbled. "Bubbles, look, I'm… I just wanted to say that… that I'm…"

Bubbles grabbed Blossom's hand with hers. She smiled at her gently. "It's okay" she said. "You don't have to say it right now. How about we just talk about how all of this started? I think it's easier that way."

They were so different. Buttercup would insult you, verbally attack you, until you were too upset to notice, that you were talking about something you didn't want to talk about. And Bubbles would do everything to make you feel comfortable, at ease, until you were really ready to talk. Different, indeed. But she loved them exactly the way they were

She shook her head. "No, Bubbles" she told her sister. "We drifted apart because we couldn't talk to each other about our problems. I HAVE to say this… or I won't be able to look at you again." She swallowed hard. "Bubbles, I'm… I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you and Buttercup. I'm sorry that I was so cruel. I'm sorry that I…"

It felt so good. Bubbles' embrace was like the touch of a mother… soft, soothing and relieving. "It's okay" her sister whispered. "I'm sorry too, Blossom… for many things you don't know yet. I don't hate you. Nobody hates you, not even Buttercup. We're a family, remember?"

"I'm sorry" Blossom sobbed, embracing Bubbles. She would have never thought that there were still tears left inside of her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Bubbles."

"Shhhh", Bubbles comforted her. "It's alright, Blossom. We have still so much time to talk. All that matters is that you're home again."

Yes, this was her home. And Blossom would do everything to prevent such a situation taking place ever again. She was so blissfully happy, that she wasn't in the least prepared for Bubbles' question.

"So, Blossom" Bubbles said mischievously. "I'm curious… When you thought that I and Buttercup were a couple… did you ever imagine us doing… stuff?"

Blossom's tears stopped abruptly and her eyes widened. Her face became red. Bubbles ended the embrace and started giggling. It took Blossom a few seconds, but then she joined in. She didn't really know why, but Bubbles didn't seem to mind. And it washed away a huge part of all the tension inside of her. Bubbles had changed, indeed. Blossom didn't know, if she liked all these changes… but she was willing to find out.

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