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Adrift No More – Part 6

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Was that it? Had they really come this far just to quit, pack it in forever?

There has been complete misery, unbearable pain, total unhappiness, and unbelievable frustration suffered by both of them throughout their partnership/friendship/relationship. Who knows what to call it at this stage. Someone or something has always stood between them, an obstacle, making their path to each other impassable. Now, here they were. They had made it to the crossroad. Was all the anguish and struggling they endured over the years to get here be for nothing?

No… no… no… this can't be it, can it?

This couldn't be it, could it?

Mac was still looking longingly into Harm's troubled eyes, trying to decipher his errant thoughts. He had exposed his feelings to her just as she had to him. They were both feeling somewhat guilty about what had transpired and that was normal under the circumstances. They both knew what they wanted to happen next – hell they had known that for years… but could they let the past stay in the past and move on?

They just sat there, unable to take their eyes of each other. Maybe they feared that if one or the other looked away, it would all be a dream. So they continued to stare. Mac chewed nervously on her lower lip while Harm's tongue poked out between his teeth as they watched each other intently, trying to gage thoughts. Words were unnecessary as their eyes were revealing everything they needed to know.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning so vivid the entire room turned white from the flash. The thunder exploded so loudly overhead that the building actually shook and it awakened something in the two people sitting in the room, bringing their hidden feelings and desires to the surface.

It seemed to hit them simultaneously… their epiphany of sorts. Their eyes exposed what was in their hearts. The fear subsided and the sadness abated. All the turbulent emotions Mac had seen in Harm's blue-green eyes were gone and replaced with a bright wonderful glimmer filled with love. As they continued their stare, Harm could see his feelings reflected back at him through her eyes. He couldn't help but give her his flyboy grin.

Mac exhaled the breath she didn't know she was holding and sighed in relief. They had both made their decision. She smirked playfully. "You know…," she began to say as she slowly let her fingertip run over the little cut beneath is eye and softly caressing his cheek, "for this… we may go to hell, Harm," she softly predicted against his ear. She knew that the decision made tonight could very well start something wonderful, but also had the ability to end up like a run away train loaded with a full head of steam and unable to stop.

Harm shrugged his shoulders and continued looking into her beautiful, chocolate brown eyes. He raised his hand to the corner of his mouth as though he were holding a cigar and wiggled his eyes brows. "Well sweetheart… as long as we go together," he goaded self assuredly.

Mac chuckled loudly. "My, my, Commander, we are bellicose today," she countered back flirtatiously. 'May hell come and freeze over,' she thought. 'I'm definitely ready for it,' while aloud she bantered, "you're certainly full of surprises today, aren't you."

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, Marine," Harm responded teasingly, placing his large hands on her toned thighs, letting his fingertips slowly run a caressing trail up and down.

"Is that so?" She barely whispered as her heart raced at the feel of his hands. She could feel the heat of his touch seeping through her flannel PJ's, and the passion in his hooded eyes made her shiver as her knees went weak. 'It's a good thing I'm already sitting,' she mused. Mac angled her head, sniggering. What this man could do to her was unbelievable.

"Count on it," he replied softly, bringing Mac out of her reverie to see him grinning at her. Again, he was caressing her thighs, letting his hands travel higher and higher until they were on her waist and slipped around to the small of her back. He continued his ministrations, stroking her gently.

Mac's fingers were itching to roam. They left the cut under his eye and proceeded slowly and seductively around his ear, down his neck around to his Adam's apple and on to the zipper of his sweatshirt, opening it enough to get a little glimpse of his bare skin underneath it. Softly she touched it with her forefinger, drew little circles, and started to play with the hair she found there.

"You do realize Harm that it could get very hot?" She asked huskily with a hint of ambiguity in her voice to let him know exactly what was on her mind at the moment, even though she was worried about what the hell on earth had in store for them.

Oh yeah… Harm was definitely feeling hot, very hot! And it had nothing to do with the fact that he was wearing a heavy sweatshirt, but more with the reality that there was a very sexy brunette running her wayward finger all over him. He knew the uncertain meaning behind Mac's words and as much as he wanted nothing more than to remain here in the cocoon they had made for themselves, remove all her clothes and have his way with her, they needed to address the issues that would face them in the real world.

The heat they could feel out there could rival anything they could feel in here…'well maybe not rival. No doubt, we could definitely create some very steamy heat,' he thought. 'Rabb get hold of yourself... stay focused here. You know damn well what is going to happen if and when our relationship becomes common knowledge… fireworks!'

Were they ready for it? Could they accept the consequences of finally being together?

The sudden crackling of the fireplace cut short Harm's pondering. He knew his answer. He just needed to know hers. He looked into the yellow and orange flames dancing around the confined space between the fireplace walls as it cast iridescent shadows around them and grinned wickedly. "Oh, the hotter the better," he told her in that sultry bedroom voice of his, while he let his eyes tell her that he also was ready for the battle that lay ahead outside of these four walls.

Mac gave him a sweet smile and nodded, letting him know that whatever they were to face, they were both definitely on the same page. "Well sailor, now you're talking my kind of language."

Harm gave her his best boyish grin and pulled her closer to him. "I'm glad to hear that," he whispered into her ear, blowing into it, making her shiver in response before pulling back to arms length and looking into Mac's big brown eyes. "There is nothing I would like to do more than throw caution to the wind and have my way with you here and now - the hotter the better."

Mac looked back questioningly at him. "But," she interrupted him, knowing that the legendary proverbial 'but' was about to come.

Taking a deep breath to gather his thoughts, Harm continued. "But I want you to be sure that this is what you really want. As you mentioned earlier, we are going to take an awful lot of heat once the Admiral finds out about us, and I just want you to be prepared for the consequences. You are right, it may be like hell and if 'us' is not what you want, then I think it's best if we stop right here and now. I don't want to ever lose you Mac and at least our friendship can be salvaged if that is all it is meant to be."

For a few seconds Mac just looked into his eyes before a big smile covered her face and she responded by throwing herself into his arms. They came together in an explosive kiss, leaving them both panting and wanting more. Mac lowered the zipper on Harm's sweatshirt a little more and began to soothingly caress his muscular chest in an attempt to take away all his pain. "Does that answer your question, flyboy?"

"Huh? What? Ummm… what was the question again?" He asked completely out of breath.

Mac giggled and gave him a playful slap. "You're silly."

A goofy grin was plastered across his face. "Sure am," he said and pointed at her, "and you giggled… again!"

"Did not!"

"Sure did!"

"Marines DON'T giggle, Harm," Mac affirmed, moving forward to nibble on his ear, trying to distract him. "How many times do I have to repeat myself?"

"That won't work, Marine," Harm croaked, his voice betraying his statement.

Mac's mouth wandered downward, placing a trail of wet kisses wherever her lips could touch him. "Are you sure? You sound a bit out of breath, if you ask me," she told him, sounding just as out of breath as him.

To prove her point, she let the tip of her tongue move over his Adam's apple, eliciting a soft moan from Harm. "Never mind," he groaned low in his throat before he crushed her to him, capturing her mouth into a soul-searing kiss that instantly got away from them.

Their tongues dueled, tangled and retreated before thrusting in again, seeking more until they had to break for air. They gazed at each other before Harm bent down that last inch so that his lips could slightly brush over hers in a gentle kiss. He slowly rolled them over on to the mattress so they could face each other.

Mac became concerned and broke their kiss. "Harm, what are you doing? You'll hurt yourself."

"I'm okay. Your touch helps ease any of the pain. Besides, you feel cold. I think it's time to share body heat," he chortled and turned a bit to get the blanket next to him, throwing it over them.

"I'm fine, Harm," Mac answered sweetly, cuddling into his waiting arms, belying her words.

"No, you're not, Mac, and while we're at it here, I need to ask you another question."

"What?" Mac asked quietly and pushed the blanket that was cocooning their body heat downwards so she could reach the zipper of Harm's sweatshirt once more, this time opening it totally. She gently caressed the wounds on the upper part of his body.

"I stepped into a puddle over by the window earlier. I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact that you were already soaked before you ran out to me earlier. How did you get so wet?"

"It happened when I went over to your apartment tonight," Mac just said and continued to caress him, at times letting her hand run through the perfect amount of chest hair across his chest and enjoying the ticklish feeling under her fingertips.

"You didn't appear wet when I opened the door," Harm replied in wonder as his fingertips trailed up and down her back, around her neck and back down to her waist.

"No, I wasn't. It happened after I left."

Harm chuckled. "Did you loose your car, Marine?" He asked jokingly and immediately regretted it as he felt her flinch at his words. So he had been right. Something was wrong here. Very wrong.

Mac didn't answer him but tried to move even closer, burying her nose in his collarbone to take in his unique smell. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Mac?" Harm quietly called her name.

Mac once more sighed. "I stood outside and watched you and Renee in the window," she said so quietly, that Harm barely was able to hear her.

This time it was Harm who flinched. "Mac, I'm so sorry."

Mac propped herself up on one arm so she was able to look at him, as the blazing fire in the fireplace revealed his expression. "No! It's okay, Harm. You didn't do anything wrong. What you did was right. You were comforting your girlfriend when she needed you. You did the right thing. That is what makes you who you are, and I wouldn't have you any other way. Nobody forced me to watch; I chose to. At times, I think I have masochistic inclinations," Mac continued and looked away again, fidgeting with a string on her PJ's pants.

"Uh oh, do I have to be worried?" Harm kidded, trying to lighten their mood.

Mac gazed at him coyly. "Nah, don't worry. I'll be gentle," she breathed and lowered her head to let the tip of her tongue run over his already harden nipple before taking it into her mouth.

Harm closed his eyes and moaned. "Don't be gentle, be good," he uttered.

Mac let go of him and slowly moved upwards enough to look directly into his eyes. "I'll be both."

Harm chuckled. "I'm sure you will," he said softly and moved his hand from her back to her cheek, caressing it. "I love you, Sarah. Always have and always will."

Mac became sullen and raised her hand once again to the bruise below his eye, while the other caressed his injured leg. "If it wasn't for me, you would not have been trying to get back in that storm and your plane would not have gone down in the Atlantic. I goaded you that day by the elevator. I told you I needed you to be there." She felt that the injuries were all her fault and she couldn't help but feel guilty. "Now I have a question for you. Would you have stopped the wedding?"


"Did something happen to your hearing as well? I said would you have stopped me from marrying Mic."

Harm reached out to caress her face. "Yes, I was rushing to get back, and yes I wanted to stop the wedding. But I don't think I would have. If…"

Mac immediately cut him off before he could say another word. "You would have let me marry Mic even though you were in love with me?"

"Yes, Mac. Because… if marrying Mic made you happy, then I would have been happy for you. I love you so much that your happiness is all that I care about."

That's when the dam broke. She couldn't hold back her emotions anymore, smiling brightly through her tears, which were now freely running down her cheeks. Finally, they were there. "I love you too, Harm. Always have and always will. Never ever doubt that."

They came together in a gentle loving kiss that quickly turned passionate. They parted enough to catch their breath and smiled the sweetest smiles.

Yes… they both knew exactly what they wanted and let the consequences be damned.

They were no longer adrift and from this moment on, they never ever would be again.

The End…

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