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Moony has arrived! And yes, he shall be rather more sensitive to Sirius' feelings while he's about, but I'm not shipping them, I've just decided that Remus is the most likely candidate for the Sensitive Marauder award.

There was already someone in James' room when the boys arrived back at the Potters'. They had decided to go out for a quick fly before their friends arrived and had raced up the stairs, shouting a quick hello to Alexandra on their way past.

The boy had looked as though he had fought many a battle, his face was covered in scars, as were his arms. He was staring out the window, awaiting their return, he turned when they ran through the door, making more noise than a Hippogriff on the rampage. They exchanged grins when they saw him and propelled themselves onto the bed, engulfing him in a brotherly hug and clapping him on the back several times.

"Moony!" They shouted in unison.

"You're early." James said with a smile.

"Yeah, my parents drove me up, they thought it'd take longer than it did."

"They drove you?"

"Like in a car?"

"That muggles drive?"

"My mum is a muggle, James."

"Well yes, but… oh I wish we'd seen it." Remus laughed. Sirius nodded in agreement with James & sprawled out on the bed. "Padfoot, shove over." Sirius made no effort to move so James just jumped back onto the bed, landing right on Sirius' legs, his actions were met with a string of obscenities. Remus flicked his wand and cast a silencing spell on their friend, who looked furious.

"Having a nice summer Moony?" James asked, still sat on Sirius' legs. The back of his head was met with a pillow and he tumbled forward, landing on the floor in a heap, he pulled at his best friend's leg and let him tumble to the floor beside him with a bang. Remus spread out on the now empty bed and James' mother stuck her head around the door.

"What's going on in here?" The boys, all with identical grins, tried to suppress their laughter as Remus propped himself up on his elbow, appearing not to have noticed Alexandra, and looked at James.

"Yes thank you James, I have been having a spectacular summer, and was highly offended to have it interrupted by your sudden summons." Alexandra shook her head and left them to it, shutting the door behind her. "Why am I here, anyway?"

"Because Sirius is."

"Is he really? You know, I hadn't noticed." He smiled at the other boys, who were both leaning against James' bedroom wall, they truly were a double act, he could see why people mistook them for brothers. "I thought we said the 14th? After the full moon."

"We did, but-" He paused looking at Sirius, who was scratching at a mark on the wooden floor. "But Sirius came early."

"I can't stay all summer."

"Sure you can."

"I'll stay 'til y'know…"

"Time of the month?" Sirius put in, a smirk on his lips. Remus rolled his eyes.

"And again Sirius, my boy, I am not a girl."

"He shall stay until his furry little problem arises, at which point we shall send him away, banish him to the corners of the earth for smelling like he baths occasionally!"

"I do not."

"What, bath occasionally?"

"Oh shut up." He kicked out at James, who screwed up his face.

"God, your feet stink." He glanced at his watch and jumped up. "Peter'll be here soon, I'll go wait in the garden for him, Sirius can help you unpack, you're sharing my room, Peter snores so he can sleep in Padfoot's" He disappeared before Sirius could object, but heard the sound of a shoe colliding with his door as he bolted down the stairs.

Remus looked at Sirius once James had gone. "You've got your own room?"

"I've moved in." Remus climbed off the bed and put a brotherly arm around him.

"You alright?" It was barely more than a whisper and Sirius tipped his head back against the wall, he could lie to James because James only had four emotions; happy, hyper, angry and 'Lily-ed up', so he found it harder to pick up when Sirius was pretending to be happy when he wasn't, either that or he just didn't know how to handle it. But Remus was different, he could pick up on everyone's emotions, the marauders often joked that it came with being a werewolf, all these extra senses he'd developed. So Sirius didn't lie, he just didn't say anything. "Padfoot, if you want to cry you can….James isn't here and I won't tell anyone."

"I don't want to." He nodded and unzipped his rucksack, he started to unpack and when, after a few minutes, he turned to looked at Sirius, tears were rolling down his face. Remus dropped to his knees beside his friend and hugged him. He had seen Peter cry several times, and they'd seen James look downright miserable on multiple occasions (a side effect of his 'Lily-ed up' emotion), but he had never seen Sirius this upset. And whilst Peter, James and Remus himself had all shed tears in front of their friends, Sirius was the strong one, the unemotional one, always happy. But Remus hugged him until he stopped crying and then leaned back against the bed.

"What happened, then?"

"We were having dinner and Regulus told them, my parents, he wants to join the Death Eaters when he leaves school." Sirius wiped furiously at his eyes, annoyed at himself for letting it get to him, he had known it was coming and he had thought he was immune to it now, everything they threw at him, but he couldn't deny seeing his name burnt from the family tree like that had hurt him. "So I told him exactly what I thought."

"Bet that went down well."

"Abomination my mum called me. Scum of her flesh. Dirtying their blood with mudblood loving, she said." There was loathing in his voice as he spoke. "Hanging out with half bloods and muggleborns, hardly surprising, their impurities'd rub off on me." He spat out angrily. "That was my dad."

"James and Peter are purebloods… it's just me, sorry."

"Why're you sorry? I chose to be your friend, it's who you are that matters, not your blood, and you're a better bloke than most purebloods."

"So are you."

"I am a pureblood. Unfortunately." He wiped his eyes again, new tears were forming. He hadn't noticed the door open, he hadn't noticed James come in, followed by the final member of the quartet, Peter Pettigrew. James knelt on Sirius' other side and Peter sat on the bed, opposite him. They remained that way, in a comfortable silence, for a good few minutes. It was James who spoke first.

"Padfoot, we're your family, all of us."

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