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Booth stared at Angela with wide eyes. "Wait. So you're telling me that the whole match making plan was from Hodgins?" he asked in disbelief.

Angela nodded with a huge grin. "I know. Who knew that Jack could be such a natural at it." Brennan nodded in agreement.

Brennan was sitting up in her bed with Emma on her lap and Mark sitting on the bed next to her. Booth was sitting on the other side with his arm wrapped around her shoulders. At this sight, Angela could not ignore it.

"You guys look like one big family," she teased. Bren immediately noticed and instead of babbling about having a family and everything, she just smiled contently.

"I guess we do," she said softly. One of her hands were fiddling with Emma's brown hair. Booth on the other hand was a bit more embarrassed and Angela caught the little blush on his cheeks.

Angela kept quiet, but put the new information away for later. "What's gonna happen to Emma and Mark when Emma gets discharged?" Angela asked Booth.

"Well, since Mark is an adult, he would get custody of Emma. I don't know where they would live though." Booth watched Mark carefully and noticed that the boy had not thought of what would happen later.

Brennan immediately spoke up and without hesitation. "Why don't you guys come live with me?"

That question shocked everyone in the room, except for Emma. "Really?" She asked excitedly. "Would you take care of us and take me to school and to the park and shopping?" Emma rattled on with questions for Temperance.

"Dr. Brennan, you don't have to do that. I can find a job somewhere and a small apartment for me and Emma. You don't need to bother with us," Mark said.

Brennan's smile brighten at him. "Don't be ridiculous. I would love to have you guys live with me. Besides, Mark. You need to go college and live out your dream. I can take care of both of you until you get on your feet."

"Bren. Are you sure about this?" asked Angela. She was worried that her friend might have been a little more sick then they thought. "This is a big deal."

"I know this might be a surprise, but I've been thinking about it lately. I want to do this Angela. I'm positive." Brennan assured her friend. She turned her head to Booth to see what he had to say. "Booth?"

Booth, who had watched his partner interact with the Baxter's, understood why she wanted to do this. Flashing a smile made just for her, he nodded lightly. "You know what you're doing and I trust you. You just need to convince them." He tilted his head toward Emma and Mark. "Nobody else."

A wave of relief washed over Bones when Booth agreed. She didn't know why, but she felt the need for Booth to approve. 'Maybe it's because we're together now,' she thought. "Thank you Booth." Bones felt Booth tighten his arm around her as reassurance. Turning back towards Emma and Mark, she waited for their response.

"Dr. B-"

"Mark. You know that Tempe is fine and you don't have to call me Dr. Brennan anymore," she said cutting in.

"Mark! You have to let us live with her. Please! Pretty please. With a cherry on top." Begged Emma. She gave him puppy dog eyes and stuck out her bottom lip. Secretly, Emma knew that she had gotten him with the eyes and pouting.

He looked toward Brennan, who was looking at him with a hopeful look, and sighed. The moment he sighed, all of them knew that he had agreed. "Thank you Mark!" Squealed Emma. She threw her arms around her brother.

Luckily Mark was ready for it since it wasn't the first time she had done that. "No problem Emma." Taking another look at Brennan, he asked her one more time. "Are you sure this is okay with you?"

Though before Brennan could answer again, Angela piped up. "Mark, sweetie. If Bren said so, you shouldn't question her," she advised. Tempe just smiled at Angela. He looked at Angela and nodded.

"So I guess we're gonna be living in DC now?" he asked Brennan.

"Yeah, but I think we might need to find a bigger place later. Just in case it turns out to be too small, though for right now I think it's fine. I have two guest bedrooms, so you each can have your own room if you want," she said.

"Thank you so much Tempe." Mark said gratefully. This was more then he could take in. 'She really might be an angel after all.' He thought to himself. It was like someone came and just helped them out in a miracle way.

Booth and Angela watched the connection between the Baxter children and Bones and to say that she absolutely loved them, was an understatement. "Hey Bren." Angela said to get her friend's attention. "I'm just going to steal Booth for a while. We'll just be outside." She grabbed Booth and dragged him out before he could protest.

"Angela. Is there something you need?" he asked once they were outside.

She smiled softly at him. "What happened to her?" she asked looking back into the room where Emma and Mark were talking to Bones. "She changed. In a good way."

He followed her gaze to the room. Booth copied her smile. "This trip was a lot more then me and Bones ever expected. She dealt with her past and saved someone from their future. I told her I loved her and she returned it. Bones has been through so much in the last couple days, it's hard to think that every thing's okay now," he said to Angela.

"Not just the last couple days, but her whole life has been remarkable. All that Brennan's been through, it's amazing how she's still fighting." She turned so now she was standing directly in front of him. "Now she has trusted you with her heart. I better hear only good things from her.." She paused for a moment to think about something. "Or else... Jack has very high acquaintances."

Booth raised one eyebrow. "Are you threatening a Federal Agent, Angela?" he asked joking.

"No. Consider it a warning." She flashed him a smile before turning on her heels and walking down the hall.

He just shook his head and stood there a moment. Gathering up his thoughts, Booth reentered the hospital room. "Where's Angela, Booth?" asked Bones.

"She just probably went to go see Hodgins or something."

"Okay." Soon all four of them were laughing and talking about how it would be back in Washington DC. They lives Booth and Bones lived and how everything would get be once they got home. Booth even said that once they were all settled in, he would bring Parker over to play with Emma since Parker was just a little less then a year older then her.

At the thought of having someone else to play with made Emma extremely excited to leave. Angela had come by earlier to take Mark and Emma out to eat something more appetizing then the hospital food. That left Booth and Bones alone to talk about what they would do together.

In the end, they would take things slow at first and together they would see where it would take them. There was for sure that there wasn't going to be any lack of drama in their lives. But Booth and Bones would continue their work of putting away bad guys and putting the names back to the people who lost their identities.


The Next Morning:

Temperance Brennan took one last look in her bathroom mirror and smiled lightly. What had started out to be just another case, turned out to bring out so much more. The thought that she was now going back home was comforting to her, but she would be also leaving behind new and old friends.

Spinning around, she opened the bathroom door and took a step out. There in her room were the three ducklings, Jack & Angela, Emma, Mark, and Booth. "I can't wait to get out of here." Was the first thing she said when she exited the bathroom.

That earned laughter from all the guest in the rooms. She looked around confused. "Why was that funny?" she asked.

Booth chuckled and walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "It's not surprising Bones." He leaned down and kissed her cheek gently.

Of course, everyone in the room had heard about the two getting together. It was no surprise, but how they got together was the bigger question and Booth and Cameron weren't telling anybody. Many could say it was a secret between newly created friends.

"Ready to go?" Mark asked. Emma had been discharged the night before, but she ended up sleeping with Bones in her bed so they never really left the hospital. They were all waiting to leave so they could head to the hotel that Hodgins had reserved and get freshened up.

Brennan looked around. "Where's Dr. House?"

Foreman sighed. "He cured you. He did his job and there's no more to be done." He said.

She smiled lightly. "Okay."

Alison came up with a wheelchair. "Sorry Tempe, but hospital rules. So you need to sit in the chair." She told Brennan.

"No. I'm am perfectly capable of walking on my own and using my legs. There's no need for a wheelchair. It's not logically to do so." Brennan defended.

Cameron just rolled her eyes and pushed the chair off to the side. "I guess it's not gonna do anything since you're a famous doctor and author."

Brennan smiled triumphantly and then she noticed that Dr. Cuddy was walking inside. "Good morning Lisa."

"Good morning Dr. Brennan." Cuddy looked around the crowded room. "And everyone else. I'm just here to see you off."

"It was very nice to meet you and Dr. House too." Booth said. "Well, House not really, but I can't really say anything since he saved Bones though."

"Yeah, he has that effect on people," Cuddy replied.

Bones then remembered something she was suppose to ask Lisa. "Oh. I wanted to ask you something yesterday, but my mind was elsewhere. How far along are you?" She asked. Right after, there were gasps coming from the three doctors.

Cuddy although wasn't phased at all. In fact she just smiled and touched her stomach lovingly. "I am about a month and a half in my pregnancy." She announced proudly.

"Congratulations Lisa," said Brennan and Booth happily.

"Thank you so much. Me and Greg are really excited."

"Wait a minute. House is the father?" asked Booth questioningly.

"Of course. We're together." Answered Cuddy.

"Of course we're together," said a voice from the door. "Who else did you think knocked her up?" Everyone turned to see House walking toward Cuddy and then standing next to her so the four couples faced each other.

Booth merely greeted the doctor with a nod and a look that said 'Great. He's here.' Brennan on the other hand was more welcoming. "Dr. House. I would like to say thank you so much for treating me. And congratulations," Bones thanked with a smile.

Suddenly, she hugged House and everyone stared at him wondering what he would do. Surprisingly, he just patted her back with one hand then pulled back. "Anytime." He had a gentle smile on his face and to say that the doctors were surprised was not enough.

"Did House just return that hug?" whispered Foreman.

Chase nodded as he was to shocked to say anything.

"This has been such a time, but it's very nice to meet all of you. Please, if you like, we're staying for a day or two more to relax before going back so we're having dinner tonight and join us if you like." Said Angela.

House nodded and Cuddy answered. "We would love to come."

"Great. Everyone's coming then," Angela said happily.

"Where's Zack and Cam?" Brennan asked out loud.

"Dr. Brennan!" Zack and Cam were now at the door since there were too many people inside.

"Excuse me," said Cam as she maneuvered her way to Angela and Hodgins. "Angela. Hodgins. Would you two mind telling me why you left without telling me, but let Zack do it?" She asked in a business tone.

Hodgins looked at Angela and shrugged. "We just wanted a head start on that vacation since the case was over." He answered.

Cam sighed, but she understood that they were scared for Brennan. "Fine. What did I miss then?"

She heard Booth laugh and was shocked but happy to see that he was holding onto Brennan. "You missed a lot Cam. And I bet you're not too happy about that." Cam just sighed again.

"I bet you people are all dying to let me know what I missed don't you." She said.

Hodgins looked at everyone with glinting eyes. "You have no idea."


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