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L. Something personal falls out of a bag during potions and leads to a rather interesting detention. Suggestions: vibrator, handcuffs, excessively big bottle of hair gel, etc.

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Panties and Potions

Just half an hour to go and it'll all be over. Harry thought to himself over and over again. The Gryffindor's had Quidditch practice later and he couldn't wait. If they won their next match they'd win the cup for the fourth year running.

He'd already botched up his potion, he'd added three porcupine quills instead of two and a half and he had no idea how to correct it.

And there was no chance of the Greasy Git helping him. Hermione the only other person he really talked to, who was also good at potions and willing to help, was currently in the hospital wing after having an allergic reaction to some kiwi flavoured lube she'd been trying out. So getting her help was definitely out of the question, he'd resigned himself to a zero for this potion long ago.

He needed to leave and soon if he had to stay in this room any longer he was likely to pass out.

If the heat, due to all the damn simmering cauldrons didn't get him then the way Malfoy kept sucking on the end of his quill would.

Harry was so hard his erection was threatening to lift the table. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, only stopping when his Professor sent a glare his way. He definitely didn't need Snape coming over to him any time soon.

'At this point you should be at the slow simmering stage.' Snape barked. 'Take out your quills and parchment and make a note of all the different colour changes the potion goes through. I think you'll find it quite fascinating.'

Harry rolled his eyes and leant over reaching for his bag. He stopped, frowned.

Something green had caught his eye.

What the hell?

He didn't have anything green in his bag. Potions was the last class of the afternoon he'd left the rest of his school supplies other than his book, parchment and ingredients in the dorms.

What the hell? Harry reached out and pulled free a thin scrap of green cloth. Puzzled he pulled it apart and saw white lace and silver stitching.

Oh my god!

'Potter!' Snape barked from a few desks away. Harry's head shot up and banged into the underside of the table.

'Are you planning to keep your head under the table all day or are you going to do some work.'

'Sorry sir.' Harry answered meekly, rubbing his head. He soon forgot about the scrap of fabric in his bag and focused on his potion. This proved to be a very bad idea.

He worked quietly, writing down each colour as it appeared. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, is that supposed to be there? and back to red again. Ok that was definitely wrong.

'Potter.' A voice hissed. Harry looked around and spotted Malfoy trying to attract his attention. A quick glance around showed Snape was at the front of the classroom terrorizing Ernie McMillan.

'What?' Harry hissed back.

Malfoy smirked, raised one delicate eyebrow, held up his hand and dangling from his index finger…were the green silk panties with the very girly lace.

'Fuck!' Harry swore loudly.

'Potter!' Snape's yell startled him so badly he jumped and swung around. Unfortunately for him his Potion's Professor had snuck up behind him and Harry's elbow had crashed into the man's stomach. Snape doubled over completely winded.

Everyone stared shocked.

Many of them had wanted to hit Snape themselves, on purpose preferably when he was tied up and unable to hex them but they weren't dumb enough to actually do it. To be fair Potter hadn't intended to do it but they still thought he was an idiot.

'Well it was nice knowing you Potter.' Blaise Zabini said with a grin.

By the time Snape had got his breath back the bell had wrung and half of the class had already scurried out, determined not to get caught in the blow up. By the time Snape had rounded on Harry, only him and Draco remained in the classroom with the furious Potion's Master.

'Detention Potter! Tonight and every Saturday from now until the end of term!' Harry gulped, he didn't 

think anybody could reach that level of volume without an amplifying charm. He dimly realized Snape was still ranting. His ears seemed to have stopped working, he could see the man's mouth moving but no words reached him.

It must have been five minutes before Snape paused to catch a breath. Anyone else would have tried to explain their actions at this point but Harry knew it would do him no good with Snape.

'Er Professor Snape, don't you have a potion to brew for the hospital wing tonight?' Harry looked at Malfoy nonplussed. Was Malfoy really trying to get him out of detention with Snape.

Snape cursed. 'It seems your detention may have to be postponed Potter.' Not daring to believe his luck Harry kept his mouth shut.

'That isn't necessary Professor…' Malfoy began. What are you playing at Malfoy?

'Unfortunately Mr Malfoy, even taking into account your considerable potions skills, this is not a potion I could in good conscience allow a student to brew.'

'You misunderstand me Professor. I was merely suggesting that I supervise Potter's detention. As a Prefect I have enough authority to be allowed to supervise detention in an emergency. Since my Potion appears to be satisfactory I would be able to supervise Mr Potter while he redoes his own potion.'

Snape smirked. 'Once again Mr Malfoy you demonstrate your self-sacrificing nature.'

Harry snorted. Malfoy was only interested in keeping him from practice, therefore reducing Gryffindor's chances and ensuring Slytherin would win the Quidditch Cup this year. Add to that the opportunity to tease him about the panties and Malfoy would definitely be having a better time than him, sacrificing his free time or no.

'Keep him late.' Was Snape's parting remark before he headed off to his private lab.

'May as well unpack all your ingredients again Potter, it takes an hour and a half to brew this potion, not including the observation at the end.' Grumbling to himself he threw his bag back on his desk and started taking out what he needed.

Malfoy perched himself on a nearby desk and just watched him.

'You know…' Harry began, looking up at him. 'For a moment I actually thought you were going to do the right thing and get me out of detention, especially since it was your fault.' He made a sharp gesture with his head over to the door. 'But I guess I'm just delusional for thinking that.'

Malfoy smirked and nodded.

'I'm the one to blame Potter?' he said incredulously. 'You expect me just to ignore these?' He held up the green panties for emphasis. 'Didn't know you were such a kinky little bugger Potter.'

Despite himself Harry blushed. 'Those are not mine Malfoy…someone must have slipped them into my 

bag when I wasn't looking.' He said glancing again at the door.

'Oh and who would do that Potter, one of your little groupies? Ginny Weasley maybe, or Collin Creevey. Oh yes I can see one of those two wearing this quite fetching pair of Slytherin green panties. They'd clash with the Weaselette's hair and Creevey doesn't have the balls. So that leaves someone who can get close enough to you to slip these into your bag without you noticing.' He swung them from side to side grinning manically.

'No Slytherin would put these in your bag Potter for fear of me finding out and no one else would be seen dead wearing them. They were in your bag, I saw you pull them out. I saw you jump and drop them when Snape yelled. I picked them up. And what do I find?'

'What?' Harry asked nervously.

'They even smell like you.'

'Smell like me?' Harry squeaked.

'Yes like that damnable Muggle deodorant you wear. So why are they saturated in that scent if they don't belong to you.' Malfoy slipped off the desk and stalked towards him.

'I know you have Slytherin tendencies Potter.' His voice caressed the name.

Harry shivered, from the cold and the creepy atmosphere of the room he told himself.

Malfoy was really close now. 'Yes the Golden Gryffindor has Slytherin tendencies, not just the ability to speak the snake language. Which is totally hot by the way.' Harry gasped, when Malfoy's hands found his arm.

'They match your eyes as well.' Harry's gaze shot to Malfoy's, he'd heard the quaver in his voice. Their noses were almost touching and before Harry knew what he was doing he was pressing Malfoy back into the desk and kissing him as if his life depended on it.

He was dimly aware of Malfoy kissing him back and not pushing him away so that he could hex him, of Malfoy dropping his good pair of panties on the floor and winding his hands in Harry's hair and tugging.

Malfoy's hands slid down to cup his face as Harry bent him backwards. Malfoy groaned pushing Harry away slightly. Harry obeyed backing up, ready for Malfoy to throw some insult his way. Instead the Slytherin hopped up onto the desk and pulled Harry forwards again. Their lip's meeting again in a kiss more passionate and hungry than the last. Harry's hands found Malfoy's waist and pushed upwards seeking flesh.

'Malfoy.' He moaned.

'Draco, call me Draco.' He said urgently pushing him back so that he could slip the robes off his shoulders and pull out his shirt. He didn't waste time popping buttons, he just ripped, sending the buttons flying. Harry did the same to Draco's shirt, not bothering to remove the boy's robe before starting on his pants. 

He could leave the robe on for all he cared. Draco wound his hand into Harry's hair and tugged his head back down for another kiss while his other hand was busy with the zipper on Harry's trousers.

Harry gasped when Draco slipped his hand inside. Draco pulled his lips away and smiled. A proper smile, not a smirk.

'Silk Harry?' he kissed him lightly. 'Did they slip a pair into your underwear drawer as well?'

Harry growled and tackled Draco, pushing him back onto the desk. He climbed up, straddled Draco's hips and groaned when their erections rubbed together.

'Harry.' Draco moaned. Harry thought he'd never heard a more perfect sound.

Harry laughed suddenly, Draco looked confused for a moment. 'Is there anyway I can have my next detention with you as well Professor Malfoy?' Harry growled.

Draco smirked. 'I don't know Mr Potter. I have no intention of giving you an easy detention. You will just have to show me tomorrow how much you've learnt tonight.'

'Yes sir.' He smirked capturing the boy's lips in another kiss.

He broke away a moment later, moving off the desk. Draco was laying there, his hair was mussed, his face flushed, his lips thick and red, he looked debauched, completely un-Malfoy like.

'Do you like silk sir?' Harry asked coyly. His hands running down his sides to his hips.

'Yes.' Draco barely breathed.

Harry smiled again.

Draco was staring, his mouth was wide open and he didn't care. Harry Potter the boy notorious for being so pure he was oblivious, was wearing silk underwear, he couldn't see it yet but he still knew it was there. Harry was licking his hips and arching his neck like a demon, exposing his throat, making Draco want nothing more than to mark him.

Harry ripped off his shirt, exposing a toned stomach and well developed pecks. The next thing to go was the school trousers and Draco couldn't move. Between supple, Quidditch toned thighs was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen.

Harry Potter the Gryffindor Golden boy was stood there wearing nothing but a silky green thong. Draco swallowed. And there right in the centre was a little silver snake that seemed to be swelling in size and beneath it was the word…


Harry was smirking at him.

'Do you like my choice of underwear Professor?' he asked again in that devastatingly coy voice of his.


Harry stepped towards him, much as he had done to Harry earlier. Slowly, seductively, with a roll to the hips that would give dirty thoughts to a rock.

'I didn't know you liked silk Malfoy.' He said grasping the inside of Draco's thighs and pulling him closer.

'Pott…Harry…urgh! Do something.'

'Do what love?'


Harry chuckled, a deep rolling sound that seemed to fill the room.

'God's Harry if I'd known you could be this sexy I'd have acted long ago.' He moaned.

'Acted Draco, whatever do you mean?' Harry asked faking bewilderment.

'You know very well it was me that put them there.' Draco gasped, as Harry's thumb traced imaginary circles on his thigh.

'Of course Draco. Why ever would I bring them to class, especially this class?'

'You left…left them in my room last night.' Draco arched, seeking more of Harry's touch.

'I know I did it on purpose.'

Draco looked at him shocked. 'You did?'

Harry smirked. 'I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist them. I thought you'd be wearing them, walking around with them on all the day. The thought has been teasing me for ages. I admit you shocked me when you slipped them into my bag. How long have they been there?'

'Since the beginning of the lesson, I slipped them in while we were outside waiting.'

'What did you intend for me to do? Get so hot and bothered I jumped you next to your cauldron while Snape droned on about the properties of Ginger root.'


'Then what?' Harry asked latching his lips on to Draco's collarbone.

Draco whined. 'I wanted you to get detention.'

'Ah you were hoping you'd be able to pull this off, didn't you Professor? Does having Snape in the next room turn you on?'

'Fuck no?' Draco growled, his hands coming up to grab at Harry's back. 'A couple of hours a day isn't enough for me anymore.'

'Me neither.' Harry replied, nuzzling Draco's shoulder.

'We going public with this then?' Draco asked, his voice betraying a hint of uncertainty.

'Definitely, I'm so sick of having to call you Malfoy all the time; I shouldn't have to sneak around to say my boyfriend's first name.'

'I know.' And before Draco could say anything further Harry kissed him again.

Draco soon lost himself in the moment, responding to Harry's touch so readily. This was one of the things that made him realise Harry was the one, no one else could make him react so.

As Draco slipped his arms around Harry's neck, Harry slipped his own beneath Draco's arse and pulled the other boy's pants down.

Harry broke their kiss, leaving Draco panting. He clucked his tongue approvingly. 'Silk boxers? My my Draco we do have a silk fetish don't we?'

Draco groaned. 'Don't start…no…more teasing. Get on…with it! Fuck me already.'

Not needing to be told twice Harry began mouthing Draco through his boxers. He loved doing this, the sounds the blonde produced whenever he did it always left him reeling.

He soon stopped though. He was just as impatient as Draco. He removed Draco's underwear quickly and took the potions bottle the blonde wordlessly handed him.
Rose Oil, one of the ingredients in today's potion, perfect.

He coated one of his fingers liberally before pushing the digit into Draco's sweet hole. He kept his eyes on the blonde's face not wanting to miss a moment of his expression. He added another finger once he felt his love was ready, he scissored them, all the while inching closer and closer to that little nub that made his mate keen so loudly. He knew he'd found it when a familiar keening wail echoed around the potions lab. After a few more light brushes with his finger, he added a third, making sure his mate was well stretched.

'Harry…please.' Draco whined, bearing down on Harry's fingers trying to force more of them inside him.

Harry unable to deny Draco anything, climbed back onto the desk and settled himself between Draco's open thighs. Grasping Draco's hips he pulled him down until Draco's arse was resting on his knees. He placed his hands under Draco's knees pulled him up until his cock was perfectly aligned, before pushing forward.

Draco began mewling like a kitten the moment the head of Harry's cock touched his opening. As Harry pushed in Draco's breaths turned ragged, he pushed back against him, wanting Harry fully sheathed. Once he was Harry waited a moment and leant over to rest on his hands and knees to kiss Draco languidly before beginning to move. He thrust forward, slowly at first, Draco's legs wrapped around his waist tightly, the blonde meeting him thrust for thrust.

They moved in sync, a matching rhythm that they had created together many times before. Draco's head was scraping on the rough wood of the desk, his hair no doubt getting tangled but he didn't care as long as Harry's cock filled him.

He felt his orgasm build and reached out blindly to seize Harry and drag him back down for a kiss.

They came together loudly.

Harry had enough energy left to pull out and move to the side so as not to crush his lover, before gathering him up in his arms and holding him close. After a few moments when their breathing had calmed, they shared a tender kiss before pulling apart and glancing to the door their Professor had disappeared behind earlier.

'Is he still listening?' Harry stage whispered.

The 'thunk' that came from behind the door was answer enough. Smirking, they both got dressed and left hand in hand, ready to shock a few more people.

On the way Draco made sure to pocket Harry's panties, he wasn't leaving them behind for Snape to steal.



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