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Peepers and Potions

Coming out to Snape had been fun. They hadn't seen the black haired Professor since their detention the night before. Draco kept insisting that the reason they hadn't seen him was that Snape was busily getting off to thoughts of them in his quarters. The thought of that didn't exactly thrill Harry but he accepted it as something he was quite willing to pay for having had sex in the potions classroom. He was a teenager he didn't care what people saw as long as he got some action.

Since Draco had won the toss to pick the first person they 'told' about their relationship Harry got to pick the next one. It wasn't a hard choice really.

The big question was what should they do to set up Ron and Hermione?

Luckily the answer came in the very next potions lesson.


Sitting in his seat Harry tried to keep his face straight while the other Gryffindors wondered and whispered over what could have made Snape look so embarrassed. The Slytherin's seeing this behaviour the night before weren't quite as shocked but they were still curious.

Snape had to clear his throat several times to get the classes attention. But that just set them off again because now they wanted to know why he hadn't yelled insults at them to get them to shut up.

Eventually their potions lesson did start, Snape seemed to regain enough of his composure to begin but he still wouldn't look at Harry or even Draco.

"Today we will be discussing the properties and dangers of higher level love potions. Afterwards you will brew an antidote that will negate most of the effects of several of these potions. And I suggest that you all do it correctly, even if most of you are as ugly as sin I expect some of you have some better looking friends and they just may need you to brew this potion for them one day."

A few of the Slytherins looked a bit insulted as Snape seemed to have made the comment a little too generally for their tastes.

During the discussion Snape held up several vials of different coloured potion, explaining how to recognize them without taste and the effects they caused while the students scrambled to write everything he said down.

When he held up a lilac potion the wheels of Harry's brain started turning. Snape explained how this potion was more of a lust than love potion but it was more dangerous because its effects were permanent. The effects could be reduced but never truly negated.

Suddenly the plan formed completely in his mind. He raised his hand. Just then Snape glanced up and looked in Harry's direction, if he hadn't been looking for it Harry would never have noticed him pale. Losing his composure Snape called on him before he realised what he was doing. Normally he would insult first and allow questions never.

"Sir is this potion the most dangerous then? You said that when it's taken the person is unable to think of anything else other than the object of interest. That person could make you do anything, make you even do it in front of your friends and there'd be no way to stop you. Surely someone's invented a cure for it?"

During his little speech Snape seemed to have regained his equilibrium, he sneered at Harry. But Harry 

didn't care judging by the glint in his eye Draco had understood what he intended.

"Mr Potter I believe I already said there was no cure for this potion so stop wasting my time by pretending to be interested. We all know that any attempt at potion making by you will be botched. So why don't you just go and scribble on your parchment instead of making stupid and pointless observations."

Harry smiled to himself and did as he was told.


It was lunch time when the next phase of his plan came into action. Ginny came and sat with his friends looking like someone who had just seen and survived the final battle.

"What's wrong Ginny?" Ron asked a few minutes later after seeing his sister shudder.

"Snape's pissed. Someone's nicked a potion he'd used for demonstrating at the end of last lesson."

"That was our lesson." Hermione gasped.

"Oh shit." Ron said checking his pumpkin juice.

Harry who had just taken a drink of his juice before Ginny began speaking was looking at his glass in abject horror.

"Oh shit is right." Harry said.

"You only just poured the Pumpkin juice Harry there's no way anyone could have spiked it." Hermione tried to say soothingly.

"Yeah and we don't even know for sure what potion it was." Ron said trying to reassure his friend while pushing away his own glass of pumpkin juice.

"It was a purple one." Ginny added helpfully.

"Oh shit." This time was yelled by all three members of the Golden Trio.

A moment later Ron growled. "I bet it was him."

The other three turned just in time to see Malfoy slip out of the Great Hall.

"Oh this just gets better. " Harry exclaimed. "Looks like hip flasks for the rest of the year are in order. I wonder if I can order some by Owl post?" Harry said. The other two nodded their agreement. "What were the effects again?" Harry asked loosening his collar, he felt a little hot.

"What the hell is this potion?" Ginny exclaimed.

"Love potion that can't be reversed." Ron said shortly eyeing Harry worriedly.

"Oh Harry stop fussing with your collar. You haven't drunk the potion you're being ridiculous."

"Am I?" He asked panicking slightly.

"Oh Harry you're working yourself into a state. I think you should go up to the hospital wing and ask for a calming draught." Hermione said gently.

"I DON'T NEED A-" He cut himself off when everyone in the Hall turned to look at him. "Huh maybe I do."

"Go on, leave you bag we'll look after it until you get back."

"Thanks guys. And make sure you tip out that pumpkin juice." He said with an involuntary shiver, he then turned and left the Great Hall, his hand scratching his side as he walked.

"Er Hermione. Weren't the symptoms of that potion fever, shivers and itching?"

"Yes they were why?"

"Well Harry just left scratching his side and I saw Malfoy heading away from our table when we came in-"

"We always sit in the same seats!" Hermione exclaimed. "Oh shit!"

"Exactly." Ron said not surprised at Hermione's swearing in this case. They both stood at exactly the same moment.


Harry headed up to the Hospital wing at a fast pace, wanting to get back and have something else to eat. He decided to take a shortcut through a disused corridor. It was a little dark and dusty but what did that matter he was just passing through.

"Well hello Potter. Fancy meeting you here."

"I'm not in the mood for this Malfoy."

He was surprised when a hand grasped his shoulder, spun him around and a hard body pushed him against a wall.

"From now on you will always be in the mood for me Potter." He hissed dangerously.

"Malfoy stop being a prat. GET OFF!" Harry yelled struggling but Malfoy just held onto him all the tighter.

"Oh I don't think so Potter, not now that I've finally got you. Useful little potion that one I gave you." He mused.

The fight seemed to go out of Harry all at once. "You gave me the potion?" He asked defeated.

Malfoy's smirk was vicious. "I did yes." Then his face changed and he practically purred. "I've wanted you for so long Potter but you continually reject me. Why do you do that can't you see we'd be good for each other?" He chuckled darkly. "But you have no choice now do you?"

"LIKE HELL HE DOESNT MALFOY!" Someone shouted.

But before anything else could happen Malfoy spun around and shot off a couple of Full Body Binds.

"I was expecting you to follow him." He said nastily, looking over the figures of Ron, Hermione and Ginny, whose arms and legs had all sprung together, only their eyes still moved. Luckily for them they were all close enough to a wall for it to prop them up or they'd have fallen back and impacted with the floor. As it stood now they were helpless, leaning back against a wall but still with a perfect view of Draco and Harry.

"Well this is interesting I always wanted to bring you to heel in front of your friends." He said turning his attention back to Harry.

The Gryffindor was panting harshly now, fully under the effects of the potion. "Malfoy please-"

"Please what my slave?" Malfoy smirked even wider.

"Please-please...touch me." Came a broken sob.

"Of course my pet but from now on you must call me Master." He growled placing his leg between Harry's spread ones and pushing upwards.


"Yes pet, yes, let yourself go." He increased the pressure with his knee, loving the way Harry's eyes seemed to glow in arousal. His head was tilted back exposing the column of his throat, practically begging for Draco to mark it.

His lips attached themselves to Harry's neck and he sucked harshly, thrusting his erection against Harry's hip.


"I want to hear you moan. Louder pet, louder." He whispered those words against flesh, his hand snaking down between their bodies to cup Harry's erection through the cloth of his school trousers.

"I want you to use that talented mouth." He whispered. "Can you do that for me pet? Can you take me in your mouth?" Harry's groan was all the answer he needed. He broke their embrace and leaned back against the wall. Harry fell to his knees and crawled closer to him across the dirty floor.

"Yes pet yes."

Harry's hands ran up the inside of his legs, the fingers kneading his taught thighs gently. When they reached the zip of his trousers Draco was nearly breathless with anticipation. No one could affect him like Harry.

He forced Harry to the side a little, no mudblood or blood traitor deserved a sight of his perfect cock.

Harry regarded it for a moment, noting its shape and length like he'd never seen it before, bobbing his head slightly as though his lips were already wrapped around its head.

Draco moaned when he felt the hot breath on his skin, he couldn't help it; his hips canted slightly, his arse was pressed against the cold stone. And still Harry stared. Draco was getting frustrated he took hold of Harry's head and pushed it forward. Harry's mouth opened immediately, his body following the path of his mouth downwards. So that he gave the appearance of being slumped forward, Draco's cock in his mouth the only thing keeping him up.

As for Draco he had cried out harshly when he felt that moist heat cover him, the hand in Harry's hair had tightened reflexively and Harry's teeth had scraped his length accidently. His head had been thrown back in that instant; connecting with the wall and making him see stars much earlier than he wanted to. But then Harry's mouth had begun to move back up his tongue soothing the sensitive flesh as if in apology.

Draco took it as one; he loosened his grip slightly but pulled Harry back a little so that he could fuck his mouth slowly.

Seeing Harry like this, kneeling before him, his cock fucking that talented mouth, it made him anxious for more.

He whipped out his wand and pointed it at his still kneeling lover. Harry's head backed away from his cock knowing what was coming, they'd done it before.


Harry arched forward, his hips canting at the feel of the gel inside his hole. The gaze Harry shot him was loving, his emerald eyes were alight with warmth. He licked his lips before returning to his task.

Draco sighed his body sagged, relaxed and content as Harry again explored him with his tongue. Not a ridge escaped Harry's attentions. That tongue wormed up and around everywhere. He removed his mouth from Draco's cock to trail his tongue over Draco's balls, before licking back up the underside until he reached the tip. Which he then sucked back into his mouth, his tongue moulding to the slit. Perfect.

Draco gave up playing his role and just cradled Harry's head in both his hands. The Gryffindor felt the change in him and his own shoulders relaxed in answer. He then applied himself to sucking Draco's cock with much more enthusiasm than he had shown earlier.

Draco gasped his hands again tightening in Harry's hair. He loved Harry like this all wanton and eager. He relished it, knowing that no one else got this reaction. This Harry was reserved entirely for him.

He forced Harry upwards and took a gentle kiss from his lips. Harry answered with his own tenderness, soft caresses to Draco's sides, the tilting of his head, all those things told Draco again and again how much Harry loved him.

He couldn't wait any longer he didn't want to wait. He pushed Harry against the wall; the force of the action knocking a breath from Harry's mouth, the brunet then brought his hands up and trailed them through Draco's soft hair with a tender smile.

Draco's hands had been busy with the fastenings of Harry's trousers. Once they'd dropped to the floor he made Harry turn around. Knowing what he wanted Harry spread his legs and rested his hands and his forehead against the stone. Draco pressed a kiss to the back of Harry's neck before descending to place another at the bottom of his back. He placed another on each mound of flesh beneath before cupping and massaging them with his hands.

"Harry." He whispered.

"Draco." Harry answered, the last syllable of Draco's name came out as a squeak when Draco's tongue made a quick swiped over his exposed entrance before making way for the entry of a finger.

"Oh Draco nngh."

He prepared Harry quickly but thoroughly, moving from one finger to two, then three. He then took a firm grasp of Harry's thighs and pushed up harshly as he stood.

He pressed his body against Harrys', feeling the other boy pushing back against him. He rubbed his erection along Harry's crack delighting in the moans that caused.

"Draco, ah please." Draco smiled, loving the sounds Harry made when he was desperate.

"As you command my Harry." He whispered sliding one hand about Harry's waist to hold him steady and lacing the fingers of his other hand with one of Harry's own, pressing it even harder into the wall.

He lined his erection up easily, knowing exactly when and where to thrust. But he wanted to tease Harry a little more, he pressed forward, ever so slightly just so Harry knew he was there before retreating. He did it again and again, each time pushing that little bit farther in just waiting for Harry to lose control. Finally with a cry of frustration Harry thrust back against him, determined that this time he would be filled. Draco 

let Harry have him, the other boy so intent on his pleasure he did his work for him. He loved it when Harry was like this; he loved how Harry became so wound up that he fucked himself on Draco's cock even when he was in an awkward position. As it was though the little shallow thrust backwards that Harry was able to make weren't nearly enough.

Trailing his hands down to Harry's hips Draco took a firm hold and held him still. Slowly he withdrew, loving Harry's whimpers for him to hurry. He waited until the very last second, that moment between still being a little inside and slipping out before he thrust.

The sudden movement forced a loud wail from Harry, the fast, deep thrust exactly what he wanted. Draco carried on with shallow but hard thrusts, punching Harry's prostrate with each move but hardly moving an inch out of his lover, greedy for every little mewl Harry made when that spot was pushed.

"Harder please...aaah"

"Whatever you want love." He answered easily, no longer up to any teasing himself.

His thrusts were no longer shallow but fast, no now he pulled out as far as he could go before driving himself forward. He couldn't keep up this pace for long that's why he'd waited so long.

Harry moaned and he groaned in answer just focused on reaching completion. He barely noticed that Harry's face was now resting on the cold stone and that with each thrust his loves face was ground against it. Harry didn't seem to mind too much either.

Harry came first, loudly his moans gasping and each breath hitching as he panted for air.

Feeling those inner walls massaging his cock Draco soon followed him, muffling his own screams in Harry's shoulder.

It was several minutes before they pulled themselves together and righted their clothing. Another tender kiss later they remembered the three people behind them.

Harry sighed, he'd be better off explaining before they freed them.

"Hey guys, guess what this was all a joke. Draco didn't drug me, we're going out together. He's my boyfriend and has been since fourth year." He waved his wand and freed both Ginny and Hermione, leaving Ron for the time being.

"Sorry guys you kind of walked in on a little bit of role play."

Harry didn't think he'd have gotten away with speaking if Ginny and Hermione still hadn't been bug eyed, the moment they'd been freed their mouths had dropped open, almost in sync. It was quite funny.

"So you didn't take any potion." Hermione stated finally, Ginny still looked a little dazed.

"No. You were right though Hermione I didn't drink the potion but I definitely needed a little bit of calming draught, look how relaxed I am now." He smirked at the two girls who both blushed prettily.

Draco wrapped his arms around his boyfriend from behind and whispered in his ear so the others couldn't here. "Hhhhmmm you can have a little more when we get back to my room tonight if you want."

Harry pressed back against him. "You can bet on it." He answered, closing his eyes.

He opened them again to find the two girls gazing at him speculatively. Finally Ginny spoke.

"You really love each other don't you?"

They both nodded.

"Fine." She said then the Weasley temper reared its ugly head. "BUT NEXT TIME FIND A BETTER WAY TO TELL US!"

"Yes Mamm." They both hurried to reassure her that they would.

The two girls laughed a little at that.

"Erm quick question." Harry said. "Why aren't you madder? I expected a lot of shrieking."

Both girls blushed. "It was hot." Ginny finally admitted, Hermione just nodded her agreement.

Both boys just stared at them mouths agape. And surely if Ron could move his lips he'd be doing the same thing.

"Wait a minute. So who did steal the potion?" Ginny asked.

"No one." Draco grinned. "I just asked Snape to play along."

"Oh." That seemed to have shocked the girls more than the shagging.

Harry smiled to himself, Snape had probably agreed to it the moment Draco asked, knowing that then he wouldn't be the only one walking around with a red face.

"Ok Harry I think it's time for us to go." Draco said in his ear.

"Wait a minute." Hermione stopped them. "You've got to release Ron."

Draco looked at her like she was insane. "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to do that right now?"

Harry chuckled. "No girls that's your job, just give us ten minutes head start."

"Fine but you better explain everything later." Hermione threatened.

"Oh we will. We'll even give another demonstration." They took off before either girl picked up their jaws enough to say anything.


The End.

Unless any ones got any suggestions on who else the boys can come out to? Hhhhmmm maybe Remus n Sirius?