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Chapter 5: The Confrontation

Everything started to go back to a normal status between Ron and Draco, as so he thought like it to be normal. His life was so simple and busy with school and Quidditch it wasn't hard for him to forget quickly the accident like he had named the encounter with Malfoy and all that followed. Yes very easy, maybe too easy to just forget something like that. It was more like he deliberately closed the drawer in his mind about that episode and left it like that. So as it was nearing mid-November, Ron had completely forgotten about his first days back at school. But he accomplished this only by avoiding Malfoy and been left alone with him in the same room. There was no more accidents in charms since Hermione was keeping a close eye on them so as unwanted spells were not send to a certain someone. By then they had practised many times the Felicorpus Spell on each others friends. They had managed to feel a little something in addition to their feelings and actually learn how to name such feelings. They had started to learned how to read into the different emotions flowing in them.

« Hey Harry », whispered Ron trying not to be overheard by Hermione, « think today we could make a plan to hit Malfoy? It's been a while since we didn't try anything. I'm sick of been too nice because of... » he nodded towards Hermione.

« I know what you feel about Ron, but she's a prefect, so bossy she won't leave us alone and not punish us if we try something ». They both remembered the last time they had tried to jinx Malfoy and got caught while casting it, Hermione recognising the wand movements. They had had to help Hagrid clean the owlery and had gotten so much owl shit on them they were all white from head to toes, had to jump in the cold lake from Snape's order before going back in the castle or else they would've also cleaned their mess.

Now walking towards the Charm classroom the two boys were thinking of a way to get Malfoy but without been caught by Hermione. And it was hard. Hermione had eyes scanning at the angle of 360. One wrong move and she looked at you with piercing eyes that said everything. She believes so much about the unification shit Dumbledore wants us to do about the Houses that if you did something against it, it would be the end of your existence if her eyes could kill you on the spot. Luckily for us she couldn't, use her eyes as guns I mean.

Like every lesson they started casting the spell at their partners and took out ink, paper and a quill to write what they felt.

« Wait Ron ». Ron was about to cast the spell on Harry.

« What is it Harry? I know it's starting to be boring doing this but let me try harder okay? I know I can do it and I want to achieve this as to prove to Hermione that we can do it and we're not going to miss our NEWT's ». Ron lifted up his wand, aiming it at Harry.

« Wait, wait, Ron. It's not this. Look. ». He pointed something with his finger. Ron turned around and saw Hermione turning her back from both boys, explaining again and again, but calmly, the right wand movements to Neville.

« This guy sure needs to control his stress, Hermione isn't going to bite him. ». They both exchange looks that said quite a bit actually. She could be very intimidating when she wanted to.

« No Ron are you stupid or what? I'm not talking about Neville here actually. I'm saying it's our chance for Malfoy ».

« Okay but you watch her and I cast since you've got her in front and I've got Malfoy just in the right spot », they both grinned.

« Fine but next time it's my turn. You already did it last time ».

« Stop complaining Harry. It's not my fault you got caught the other time, you're just too hasty. Watch carefully ». He smiled, aimed his wand and was casting the spell when Harry went forward to try and stop him. Hermione had finished at Neville and had caught them.

But moving Ron didn't stop the spell and it hit Malfoy right in the chest.

« YOU », Malfoy screamed. He sent a spell right at Ron's face. The impact made him fall to the ground. When he looked up he could see bare legs in front of him.

« Stop it, the both of you. We are in a classroom not a playground. And fifty points taken from both of you for putting your school friends in danger. ».

That definitely was Hermione.

Ron was about to stand up when Flitwick managed to get through the crowd that had formed around Ron and Draco.

« Thank you Miss Granger for doing your prefect duties correctly », he nodded towards Hermione using his sweet voice. « And you... » his eyes trailed on Ron on the ground and Draco on his feet « ...are having detention with Me, Here, Tonight. ». With that the class was to continue on with the training except of course for Ron and Draco who had had their wands taken away and were to sit and watch the show.

After an hour the class was dismissed.

« Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy, please stay behind I want a word with the both of you ». Their teacher's voice sounded abnormally calm for what they had done.

Both of them waited as the classroom emptied itself. When finally there was only the three of them left Mr. Flitwick started talking.

« Your behaviour earlier was not a behaviour of sixth years and I'm quite disappointed by the both of you. As a punishment you are to come to my office after dinner. You will do your detention in silence and good behaviour I expect. For the safety of your friends and people around, you will collect your wands only tonight at the detention. Until then bear with it. »

« What? », Ron was clearly shocked. « Hum, » he cleared his throat, « I'm sorry professor but how are we suppose to attend classes without our wand? I've got Transfiguration today with Professor McGonagall ».

« You will inform your teachers about your behaviour, thus your punishment for tonight. Now go along and attend your next classes of the day. » He dismissed them and went off into his office.

« I can't believe he didn't give us back our wands » Ron was stuffing his things in his bag and mumbling to himself about how it was all Malfoy's fault and all.

« Weasley stop mumbling and I can hear you . This is not my fault. You are again the one who jinxed me in the first place. And by the way what the hell did you throw at me? It seems it has no effect. Mirror's your intelligence. » he snickered.

Ron shot him a look of loath and murder. « I didn't manage to finish casting it anyway, that's why you can't feel anything because I promise you, you would've been in the hospital wing all day with the spell I planned for you ». They had left the room and were heading down the hall snapping at each others faces.

« The hell you did, I got hit by something. Like a purple kind of light. And that was you », Malfoy was loosing patience now.

« No I did not »

« You did »

« Did not »

« Did too »

« Did... »

He hadn't been able to finish. He had lunched at Malfoy sick of arguing over a spell he didn't even get the chance to cast. And now without a wand he could only use his body. A fistfight was the only option left for Ron.

« I'm sick of you... » a fist came into contact with Draco's face. Draco stood up and touched his face. Blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth. He spit the blood on Ron and looked at him, panting, like he was about ready to kill him.

« You are a dead man Weasley for hitting me ».

« What are you going to do? Hit me back? Hell I can defend myself you filthy rich son of a bitch ».

Draco's eyes became as cold as ice. « Who are you calling a bitch? With your filthy mother who gave birth to seven traitors ». This time he was the one to grab Ron by the collar, shoved him into the nearest empty classroom and shut the door behind them before throwing Ron to the nearest wall. His head hit the wall with a hard thud and he fell unconscious to the ground. Draco approached Ron. Blood was mixed in his flaming red hair. He bend down and saw Ron's eyes closed.

« Shit Weasley, don't tell me I knocked you out. », Ron wasn't waking up so Draco started to feel uneasy, especially with all the blood that started to flood on the floor, making a big pond of crimson water. Draco decided it was about time to head up to the infirmary because he didn't want a Weasley's death on hands. He lifted up Ron, put and arm around his neck and one around his waist. He headed in the corridor and luckily for him, classes had already started so he crossed nobody during his walk.

He knocked on the door.

« Excuse me? I need help here »Draco shouted.

Madame Pomfrey showed her head from her office's door. When she saw Ron unconscious in Draco's arms she blanched and headed over him. "What happened again Mister Malfoy between you and him? Can't you ever stop fighting? It would be healthier for the both of you and for the people around you I swear."

She took Ron in her arms and lied him down on a bed. "Well? I asked you what happened for him to be in such a state"

"He hit his head on a wall in a classroom" was all Draco informed her.

She didn't ask more, took her wand and started mumbling spells to stop Ron's blood from leaking out of his head. In five minutes Ron was bare of all the blood and look nearly as normal as this morning, except for his paleness and his sleeping form.

"You stay here and watch over him, I've got business to attend to with Dumbledore". She left Draco alone by Ron's bedside table.

Time passed and Draco was so tired he took a nap in his chair next to Ron's bed without realising it.

"I feel like things are repeating themselves too often" was Ron's first words after waking up. Draco woke up in a start since he didn't know when he had fallen asleep.

"What are you doing here again Malfoy?"

"Watching over you on Pomfrey's order" Draco retorted

Ron grinned. "What are you smiling about Weasley? Happy that I didn't kill you in your sleep?"

"No actually I'm quite impressed that you actually followed an order, like you called it, about something concerning me."

Silence fell in the room as Draco was looking out the window and watching the sunset. It was nearly time for dinner and the detention and he wanted to get out of here now that Ron was awake.

"Time to go for dinner I think no?" Ron asked.

"I guess"

Ron stood up from the bed, bent down to put on his shoes and got up a bit to fast. He felt dizzy and fell over again. Draco caught him just in time. They exchanged looks of surprise and Draco let go of Ron.

"You should learn how to stand on your legs Weasley."

"I'm sick"

"Well don't get sick on me", Draco called from the door he had reached while walking away from Ron. Ron heard and felt the large echo of the door closing behind Draco.

"Bastard" he yelled out angrily. He gathered up his belongings and headed for dinner as well. He didn't really looked forward at tonight's detention with Draco. He even dread it.

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