"This is Coruscant Planetary News reporting. It has been a week following the mysterious attack on Coruscant by unknown forces. After destroying our defense fleet the massive ship stopped and then went full speed into the sun. The ship was confirmed to be destroyed. No purpose or reason has been attached to the ship's appearance and following destruction. The Galactic Alliance fleet has reinforced our defenses, so if a ship of that sort ever does come back we will be able to repel it. In other news, the Jedi Grand Master, destroyer of the first Death Star, hero of the Rebel Alliance, New Galactic Republic, Killik Wars, Vong Wars, and all around the most famous human in the galaxy, Luke Skywalker, has announced his resignation and successor. The young Anakin Solo shall be the new leader of the Jedi Order and head of the Jedi Counsel. Anakin Solo intends to take leadership within the next few months. When we come back, Jacen Solo has still not been found. And how to tell that you have duraslugs in your basement…"

"Shut that off, it makes my head hurt." Tahiri said from her bed in the hospital. Anakin switched the set off from the place he had been for the past seven days. He hadn't left his wife's side since they had arrived at the hospital. He had remained in constant vigil for the first two days until Tahiri had woken up. When she woke up, Anakin hadn't stopped smiling. The doctors said she would make a complete recovery.

"I love you, you know?"

"Yeah, but could you say it softer. Loud noises make my head hurt. And I love you too."

They gave each other a kiss. Anakin knew that everything was going to be just fine.

"So… how does it feel to become the leader of the Jedi Order at the low age of 28 with only about 17 years of actual life under your belt?"

"Good, but that could just be the fact that I'm sitting next to you."

"You flatter me at every turn. So, what did you do with Jacen? He has no ability in the Force anymore, so you've told me, but where is he?"

"We figured it would be better for the moral of our troops if he just never shows up again. Or at least until the end of this war. Knowing that your hero was using you to gain control of the galaxy is sort of a blow to a guy's confidence. Jacen is in a very secure holding cell in the lower levels of the Temple and will be until he shows that he can be trusted. I don't think he will ever forgive me for what I did to him and his plans."

"Probably right. I don't know if I will ever forgive him for this awful hospital stay."

"You don't mean that, right? I have been here, so it can't be that bad." Anakin leaned in close to his wife's face. "Or do you not think that I make up for the lack of good food and the shots and drugs? Huh? We could get you more drugs if that's what you want…" Anakin was smiling as he watched his wife try to not laugh.

"Stop! Laughing makes me hurt!" Tahiri gasped between giggles.

"Just keep your mind on getting out and then maybe I can figure out some honeymoon thing…"

"You mean that this wasn't what you had in mind?"

"Only half right. I wanted to be in bed beside you, but the nurse wouldn't let me." Anakin gave her a kiss. "Damn nurses…"

Tahiri couldn't help but start laughing all over again.


I had fun with this, though looking back after I wrote it it looks short. I like stories with some meat to them, but I don't know if I put enough in. The next on my list of things to write is a Naruto story. It should be posted as soon as someone reads this anyway. I also am writing A Legend of Zelda fic and plan to write an InuYasha fic.