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Chapter 1: What am I?

Draco Lucius Malfoy was lying on his four-poster bed trying to get some sleep when the sun decided to shine down and burn the pale boy's face. He grumbled as he opened his eyes and stared out his French doors leading to the balcony of his room. The boy narrowed his eyes angrily at the bright and shiny yellow ball of painfully annoying cheerfulness. 'Stupid bloody sun! Why doesn't it take a hint that it's not wanted and burn out already?'

The blonde boy tried in vain to get back to sleep. He closed his silver eyes after he gave the bright orb a 'Just-you-wait-until-I-summon-enough-will-power-to-grab-my-wand-and-move to-cast-a-spell-of-perpetual-bloody-darkness-and-we'll-just-see-if-you're-cheerful-than,-you-arse' glare.

It just didn't seem to scare his arch nemesis of that morning as it wouldn't take the hint and self-destruct. The light continued to shine down on his face and one of the dragons of Malfoy Manor, seemingly in an agitated state that morning, started roaring loudly. The birds outside his window also thought to serenade him with their chirping while the house elves seemed to be apparating here and there with their wretched 'Pop' noises.

His temper snapped and he bolted up in bed, ready to do some extreme harm to anyone who dared to disrupt his slumber. Glaring at the window, he called out, "I'm up you cheerfully sadistic bastards! Are you happy now, you blood gits?"

To add to the boy's increasingly foul mood, a stray beam of sunlight hit him in the eye and he heard a wind whistle through the trees on the grounds. It sounded far too condescending. Far too smug, really.

Draco growled, no matter how alike he was acting to the redheaded Weasel, and balled his hands into fists. "I'll hex you so bad you fu-"

He was so upset that he hadn't heard the door upon.

"Draco, darling, why are you threatening the sun?" An amused voice asked from the doorway of his chambers.

He turned his head to the person that spoke. There stood Narcissa Black Malfoy, already dressed and groomed for the day. She looked aristocratic and noble in pale blue dress robes, her blonde hair hanging loosely down her shoulders.

Draco nodded to her and felt some of his frustration drain away. "Good morning, Mother. I trust you're feeling well this morning."

She gave him a small smile. "I'm wonderful this morning, but it seems that you, my dearest Draco, are not."

"Yes well, I woke up this morning with that dreadful light burning my face and it had the nerve to be smug about getting me up and I know that it also made some of the creatures of the Manor join in the conspiracy as well. They are all against me Mother and they banded together to not let me have my sleep," Draco huffed, making Narcissa laugh.

Looking at him at the moment reminded her of his 6 year old version of himself. The pout on his face and the wrinkle creasing between his brows, the upset in his stormy grey eyes and the arms crossed over his chest brought back memories of the coddled and spoilt child, angry that things weren't going his way. His voice may have deepened and his face may have matured, but this hadn't changed in the least.

"Mother, stop laughing at me." Draco sighed. "It's bad enough that everyone else is against me today, but not you too."

She smiled at him softly. "You, Draco, are just far too dramatic at times."

"Wonderful of you to say, Mum." Draco muttered as he rolled his eyes and fell back into his bed, trying to get some much needed sleep.

"I thought you were up now," Narcissa said amused as she sat down on the edge of his bed.

He turned over to her and replied, "Mum, you were in Slytherin so you should know that anyone from Slytherin lies."

"Darling, get up." She frowned when he didn't make a move of awakening. "Draco Lucius Black Malfoy, I have something of importance to tell you so you will get up, prepare yourself for the day and meet me in the Library."

With that said, Narcissa strode out of the room, as regal as any Queen.

"Argh!" He growled.

He lay on his bed for a few minutes just staring up. It was pointless trying to get back to sleep now since many unseen beings were making sure he was awake and forcing him out of bed to start his day. Even his mother was going along with their plot as well, he grumbled.

Knowing that he shouldn't keep his mother waiting since she'd become irritated and come back upstairs, twist his ear and snap angrily, Draco got out of bed and grumpily got ready for the day.


After 45 minutes of waiting, Draco met his mother in the Library. She was sitting on a seat in front of a large open window, exposed to the warmth of the Autumn sun. Narcissa turned and smiled at him, montioning for the blonde boy to sit beside her.

He took the offered seat and stared out the window where she was staring before turning to her and asking, "What is this about mother?"

"Draco, I know you have always been so proud of your heritage," Narcissa began. "You should be of course. You come from a long line of strong and powerful witches and wizards."

"Yes mother but where is this going?" Draco asked.

"Darling, the war is over now and your father is gone. I've never really agreed with your father's views of 'proper' blood and what and who you should marry." She admitted. "I just didn't have the courage to tell him."

There was silence in the library for a while before her son broke it. "It's fine mother. Father was always rather intimidating."

"I also know that he forced you and molded you into believing his ideals." Narcissa put her hand on his shoulder. "Do you believe them, Draco?"

He sighed. "No, not after father took me to a Death Eater meeting."

Draco closed his eyes as shots of his father and other Death Eaters torturing an innocent muggle family for hours than slaughtering them showed in his mind and made him dizzy.

Narcissa sighed in relief. "That's wonderful. You aren't as narrowminded as some people you've been acquainted with over the years."

"Mother, father is gone now. As much as I loved you telling me this and me getting this out in the open, was there something more you would like to tell me or was this it?"

"There's more Draco. It is about your blood line though." She sighed. "I've been watching you as you grew up, Draco. Have you seen any changes, any differences in yourself than some of the boys in your class?"

He looked shocked at the question but answered it anyway. "Well I am smarter than them. I'm also richer than them and far better looking. Especially compared to Weasel. That ghastly redhair and that face full of those blasted freckles." He shuddered at the thought of himself having those freckles on his face.

His mother laughed. "Draco, not those differences. Well, maybe some of them."

"Mother, why don't you tell me what you have to tell me and than we will discuss this and I might have some clue with how to answer your questions, hm?"

Narcissa looked at her son, her blue eyes shining. "Draco, you're a Veela."

Well, he couldn't have been more floored than he was at that. He opened and closed his jaws in an undignified manner but could have cared less. He didn't know what to say, he really didn't. He'd have been less surprised if his father had disinherited him for not becoming a Death Eater.

The blonde haired female stared at him just waiting for the explosion when her son's sack jaw started working again. She didn't have to wait long though.

"I'm a what?" Draco snapped heatedly.

"You're a Veela darling. Well, not full. Part actually. You're a pureblood but part of your blood, half of it, is Veela. It comes from both my side of the family, as well as your father's."

"And neither of you could have informed me of this earlier in my life?" He asked her angrily. "Did you not think that maybe I'd want to know this?"

She placed one of her hands on top of his and it took all he could to not pull it away from her in rage. "Draco, I had to make sure. I didn't want you to know about this until I was positive that the Veela blood in you was actually active. Me and your father both have the blood but it was dorminant in us."

"Lucky you than." He muttered.

"I know you're going to need some time to get used to this but there is more than just having Veela blood." She continued. "You are of age now Draco. You turned 17 in June and since than it has only confirmed my belief that your Veela blood is active."

"How could you confirm anything, mother?" He asked her, looking into her eyes with his steely grey ones. "I mean, you may have observed me but I think I would know if there were changes going on with my own body."

Narcissa smiled. "You weren't looking out for any signs, darling, so you wouldn't have noticed anything at all."

"Well than what changes are there?"

"For starters you will become taller, which happens to everyone, I know but their hair does not grow 4 inches every month." Narcissa smiled as Draco looked like he was in thought, his hands running through his ungelled fair hair. "You've also become much more good looking." When he started to open his mouth, she continued before he could say a word. "I know you've always been good looking, darling, but far more so. Once your blood has fully awoken, than you will be absolutely gorgeous. Your sense of smell will be better as well and so will your eye sight."

Draco looked at her for a moment before he smiled gently at his mother. "I think I'm starting to like this mother."

"There is a catch though."

He sighed. Nothing ever came that good without a price. "What's that?"

"You have to find your mate, Draco."

"My what?"

"Your mate. The person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. A Veela has a mate. A person they are bound to in ways that are hard to explain. When they find their mate, they grow possessive and protective of them. They mark their mate to show that that person is taken by them, almost like marking their territory."

"So what you're saying is I have to find this person?"

"Yes. A Veela is only as happy as their mate is. If the Veela has not found their mate before their 18th birthday than the Veela dies of heartbreak and loneliness. If the Veela marks their mate before their 18th birthday, they live."

"Mother, you are asking for too much! I'm only 17! Far too young for any sort of thing like that!" Draco said. He didn't want to be attached to anyone. "Mate! No."

Narcissa looked at him. "Draco, most Veela have already found their mate at your age. The easiest way is to think back to the age of when the blood started awakening. Something significant happened in that year with their mate that triggered the blood."

"I don't know when my blood woke up, mother!" He snapped, his eyes darkening to a shade of dark charcoal; another Veela trait he would learn of later. "Like you said, I bloody well wasn't paying attention to any signs!"

She took this all in stride. Normally she wouldn't have her son yelling at her but he was upset and under these circumstances, she wasn't going to blame him for being mad. "Well, I have, darling. Your blood awoke some time around your third year while you were at Hogwarts. You were different after that during the summer and onward."

"…Third year, mother?"


Draco looked at her and sighed. "Mother, I…I just need to think right now. It's just too much."

Narcissa stood from where she sat and nodded. "I understand that, darling. There are books about Veela's in the library. You may read about it and I'll send a house elf to bring you some brunch."

"Thanks, mum." He said softly and she gave him a small smile before walking out of the Library and closing the doors behind her.

Draco sighed and looked around the large library, bigger than the Hogwarts collection, even. How the hell was he going to find a few books in this place? It was bloody huge!


A half hour later, Draco sat at a table in the library with a stack of books. He opened the first one while he ate a scone that one of the house elves had put on the tray for his breakfast.

'Veelas are almost like humans except with interesting abilities and heightened senses. They are speculated to have originated in Bulgaria but have spread across Europe mainly, though there are very few of them.

There are certain traits to recognize a Veela. Their hair grows longer faster and they are shockingly fast. When a Veela feels threatened, angry, possessive or aroused, their eyes turn into a dark colour.

All of their senses are heightened. Such things like smell, while humans can only smell aroma, Veelas smell emotion as well. They hear even the softest murmurs of someone they are intent on listening to, even if they are far away since the Veela is tuned into listening for their voice and it is what they are seeking. Viewing things at long distance isn't hard for a Veela either.'

Draco paused to take a sip of his pumpkin juice. He smirked at the thought of heightened hearing and sight. 'Catching the snitch will be extremely easy this year.' He thought.

He bit into more of his scone before reading once again.

'A Veela's taste buds are more attuned. Some great chefs from ages past have been known to have Veela blood. Veelas are prone to feeling sensitive to touch, especially from their mate.

The most important thing to a Veela though is their mate. A Veela usually finds their mate at a young age. When their blood awakens, it is usually during the year that something significant changed between their mate. A Veela mate is their perfect match; in human terms, it is their soul mate, a person they have a connection and bond with.

There are 5 steps of actual joining. The first is the awakening of the dormant Veela blood and the second is the courtship. After the courtship, is the 3rd step which is the marking. The mark is temporary until the last stage and is usually located in the neck on a sensitive part of skin. 4th is the acceptance in which the mate must accept their mate and lastly is the joining in which they engage in sexual intercourse and the Veela mate gets their permanent mark.

A Veela is only as happy as their mate, which is why the Veela goes to great lengths to ensure that their love is happy.'

"Sounds like the Veela is more whipped than anything," Draco muttered but continued reading.

'They will try to ensure that their love is happy, healthy, and protected. When their mate is injured or ill, they become far more protective then normal, only letting family members and females close. If their mate is threatened, a Veela is known to be irrational or angry and will do anything to keep their mate safe. If the Veela's mate is happy, than the Veela itself is happy.

These creatures live long lives, as long as both mates are happy. If the mate of a Veela dies, the Veela dies along with it of loneliness or if it is their time to go, than they die peacefully in sleep together since their souls are tied.'

Draco closed the book when he saw that there was nothing more but origin and history. He'd read about that later. Right now he had thinking to do.

His mother said that he had met his mate at Hogwarts and something significant happened with them. It was third year. Something that happened in third year.

Draco sighed.

'Third year. Let's see. Well, I was turned into a Ferret by that crazy- wait, that was 4th year and if my blood had awoken to that idiot playing Mad-Eye Moody, I'd rather die of loneliness. Hmm… third year I was attacked by that menace hippogriff but that couldn't be it unless my mate was a fat bloody chicken but I'd rather die than have myself attached to that thing and I know that it's impossible to be attached to a creature more animal than anything resembling a human. Plus than I'd be dead wouldn't I? It was executed, as far as I heard from the rumours and because I had asked for it to be so. So who could it be? …Holy Fuck!'

Draco's eyes widened when he made the realization and he summoned a house elf. He scrawled a note to her.


I've gone to Blaise Zabini's manor.


He folded it and told the house elf, "Give this to my mother."

The house elf nodded, "Yes sir. Minky be giving this to Mistress for Sir." And it disapparated with a loud pop.

He looked at the fire place in the library, took the floo powder from on top of the mantel and threw some into the flames shouting, "Zabini Manor."


Blaise Zabini was lounging about in his den when his best mate since childhood, Draco Malfoy stepped at of his fire place. The boy looked at his friend who was brushing off soot from his robes before asking, "Draco, mate, what are you doing here?"

"I've got news." Was the reply that came and Blaise nodded to take a seat on a sofa before telling Draco to continue.

An hour and a bit later, Draco finished telling Blaise all the details and waited for his friend to say something.

"Let me get this straight, you're a Veela, well, half, and you're looking for your mate?"

"Not looking for. Found."

Blaise smirked. "Well, at least you could say that your years of stalking her have not gone to waste."

"I have not been stalking her."

The dark haired boy rolled his eyes before saying, "Right. Not stalking. You've only been vying for her attention, plotting ways to get her to like you, being a complete arse to other guys that even looked at her in some way you didn't like and memorizing her class schedule so that you could bump into her."

"Blaise, shut up."

"Well it's true and after all these years of you dragging me into your procrastinating plotting ways, you will finally do something about what you feel."

Draco shrugged. "It's either that or die."

"Draco, mate, don't deny that when you found out that she was your mate, you started whooping for joy."

The blonde snorted. "Malfoy's don't start whooping for joy, Blaise. It's not becoming. It's something more like what Weasel-bee or Pothead would do. I'm certainly neither, thank Merlin. And for your info, I came right here when I found out."

"Of course. I mean, I am the one you've been dragging along into your schemes and telling how the progress is going. Only this year we'll both actually get somewhere."

"I thought I told you to shut up, Blaise."

"You're the one that came over here and it's my Manor."

"Right, well, anyways, back than in third year after that defining moment, I guess something happened. Don't get me wrong, it hurt like the devil but there was something more. Her touch did something and I don't know, it was just different."

"Lets skip the sentiments, Draco. I've heard you tell me this a thousand times."

"Blaise, this year, she will fall for me."

"You've been saying that for nearly 4 years now Draco." Blaise pointed out. "Every year you tell me that she'll fall for you this year but than you never do anything."

"I'm telling you Blaise. This year she'll fall for me or else I'm gone and I'm not just talking about heart break… I probably am though. They said that a Veela was going to die of heart break if they don't have their mate. So it's either do or die. Literally."


"It makes matters easier though. This year she's Head Girl and I surprisingly am Head Boy."

Blaise shook his head. "I still can't believe that Dumbledore chose you."

"Well he did and I'm thankful for it. It gives me more time to work on her." Draco told him. "Head Boy and Head Girl share common room and bath room."

Like Draco, Blaise was smirking now. "I'm sure the stalker in you is happy dancing."

"There's a party going on in my mind as we speak, Blaise. Party in my mind."

"You're going to do everything in your power to make her fall for you within Hogwarts Rules." Laughed the boy. "Now I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor girl."

"I'm willing to break a few rules if it means that I get to live to see my graduation." Draco told him, his voice full of determination. "Plus, I'm starting to warm up to the idea of this mate stuff, especially since it's her."

"Who would've known that the heir to the Malfoy fortune, Hogwarts Sex God, Slytherin Prince and Pureblood Elitist would fall for and be the mate to-"

"-Hermione Granger of the Golden Trio, Hogwarts Know-It-All Prudish bookworm, Gryffindor Lioness and Muggleborn." Draco smirked.

"I think when she slapped you, she slapped all of your senses out your ears." Blaise told him. "I'm also finding you masochistic. Only a masochist who enjoys pain would fall for the one woman to slap him, the woman who is constantly ready to bite his head off and one that he has explosive arguments heard from one side of the castle to the other."

"She changed me Blaise. I wouldn't be a bloody Veela if she hadn't done what she did. Call it Karma. The guy that she pretends to detest is actually the guy she's going to spend the rest of her long life with."

"The hard part is getting her to fall for you."

"Blaise, she's in love with me. She just doesn't know it yet."

"I'm finding it hard to believe that she'd fall for the guy that has been teasing her and being a pain in her lovely arse since she's known him."

"First off, it did get her attention, didn't it? She knows me and who I am doesn't she? There is a thin line between love and hate, Blaise and she's going to cross it. She already feels one emotion strongly for me. Now I've just got to make sure she feels the opposite for me more strongly and I'm set." Draco than got up and stared at Blaise intently. "Second off, don't go talking about her arse, no matter how lovely it is. Don't think about it, don't look at it, and if you even think for one fleeting moment of touching it, I will have your head."

Blaise saw his friend's eyes darken and knew that the Veela changes were already working. The possessiveness was certainly stronger than it was. Back than he could at least joke about her a little. He rolled his eyes. 'This is going to be a long year.'

"Don't worry, mate. I didn't mean anything by it with the arse comment."

Draco nodded. "I know." He smirked. "You do have a certain fancy for-"

"But we're not talking about me, are we?" Blaise asked, looking pointedly at Draco. "We're talking about you."

"Don't worry. I've already got it worked out." Draco told him.

"You're going to drag me along into this, aren't you?" Blaise muttered.

"Yes and if I don't get her, which I find impossible, I blame you for my death and will haunt you, and haunt the guy she falls for and haunt her and-"

"Draco, shut up and breathe and great Circe's will you relax?" He snapped at his friend when his eyes darkened at the thought of someone else having Granger.

Malfoy took a deep breath and than looked at his friend who was still sitting down. "You are gonna help me, aren't you, Blaise?"

"Well of course I am. You can't really rely on Greg and Vin, can you?"

"Of course not."

"Than you know I'll help."

Draco nodded and smirked. "Hermione Granger is my intended mate and she will be mine."

The other Slytherin smirked along with him and shook his head. 'Oh boy is she and Hogwarts in for a major shock come the start of term. Granger is in for it.'


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