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"Smith, Winchester ten laps around the gym for talking. Move it NOW!" shouted Coach Becker.

Sam Winchester and Joe Smith moved away from the group of kids they were with and started running. Apparently they weren't running fast enough because Coach Becker started yelling at them to run faster. Then he did something that neither boy expected. He threw a basketball at them. Sam was able to narrowly dodge it, but Joe wasn't so lucky. It hit him in the shin hard and he really had to work to prevent falling. Neither boy stopped running.

"Everyone grab a ball. I want you to throw them at Winchester and Smith. Maybe that will make them run faster like I told them to," growled Coach Becker.

All of the boys in sixth grade P.E. class stood there in shock. Had their teacher really just told them to throw basketballs at the two students who were running around the gym? No one had moved to pick up a ball.

"If you don't want to spend the next forty-five minutes running laps I suggest you pick up a ball," said Coach Becker firmly.

Since no one wanted to run laps they all reluctantly picked up basketballs. Taking pity on Sam and Joe, the other boys didn't really aim for them and missed hitting them most of the time.

"What the hell is the matter with you Jones? My mother could throw better than you," Coach Becker yelled.

Fred Jones was the best pitcher in the town's little league. He thought throwing balls at Sam and Joe as they ran was cruel, so he missed on purpose.

"Watch and learn boys," said Coach Becker. He threw the basketball as hard as he could and hit Sam in the back on his lower right side. He bit his lip hard to stifle the scream of pain that wanted to come out of his mouth. He knew if he made a noise Becker would probably punish him for it. Afraid of getting hit again, Sam ran faster. His legs were burning and he still had two whole laps to go.

"See class, that's how you do it. A little motivation and Sam's running faster," said Coach Becker.

After running ten laps Sam collapsed on the hard gym floor only to be joined a few seconds later by Joe. Both boys were extremely out of breath. Sam silently thanked God that gym was his last class of the day because that meant he was going home.


The Winchesters had only been living in Franklinville for a couple of months. They moved there on the suggestion of John's hunting buddy Caleb. He had grown up there and knew the principal at the local high school. He was an old friend and Caleb told John he wouldn't look to hard at Dean's school transcripts. John decided that the family should stay in one place for awhile, so the boys would be able to attend the same school for the year.

Sam was excited at the prospect of one school for the whole year. Now he could make friends without worrying that he was going to be leaving a couple of weeks later. His excitement quickly soured once he had his first gym class with Coach Becker. To say the man was mean was a severe understatement. Becker was two hundred pounds of cruelty wrapped up in muscles. Every year he took pleasure in trying to see how many students he could make cry.


"Man, Coach Becker must think he's a marine drill sergeant or something," said Manny a kid from Sam's class whom he rode the bus with.

"No, he's worse," said Sam. He knew that his dad would not have made it through basic training if his drill sergeant had been like that because he would have killed him.

Once Sam's stop came, he said goodbye to Manny and hopped off the bus. His legs were still sore from all that running and he hoped that his dad wouldn't make him and Dean train that night because he knew there was no way he would make it through five minutes of training.

Fortunately it had started raining shortly after Sam got home, so that meant no training. Sam was sitting at the table doing his math homework when Dean came in.

"Sam move your stuff. I gotta set the table for dinner," barkd Dean.

"I'm not done yet," cried Sam.

"What's wrong geekboy? It never takes you this long to finish your homework." The only answer Dean received was a glare from Sam.

Sam got up slowly and picked up his books. His body felt so worn out it was hard concentrating on his homework. He still had two chapters to read in his social studies book in addition to the rest of his math homework. He went into the family room and sat down at the coffee table to finish his work.


"Dad Friday night Susie Anderson is having a party and I was wondering if I could attend." Please say yes Dean silently prayed. This was supposed to be the party of the year and he was the only sophomore invited.

"Will her parents be there?" asked John.

"Yes sir," answered Dean.

"What about drinking? There won't be alcohol at this party will there?" said John.

"No sir," said Dean again. He knew full well how his father felt about underage drinking. After catching Dean and his friend Tommy Watkins with a six pack, he had been grounded for three months. He knew better than to do that again.

After Dean promised to be home by eleven, John agreed to let him go.


"Dean how much longer do you think we'll be staying in this town?" asked Sam as he changed into his pajamas.

"Sammy, you know Dad said we were going to stay here for the whole school year," said Dean.

"Yeah, but Dad will find a hunt soon won't he and we'll move, won't we?" Sam desperately wanted out of that town and Coach Becker's gym class.

"Sammy are you okay?" asked Dean as he put a hand on his brother's forehead.

Sam tried to back away from Dean's hand, but that aggravated the pain in his back and he had to stifle a groan.

"What are you doing Dean?" asked Sam a little too harshly.

"Making sure you're not sick cause you almost sound like you want to move and you never want to move," answered Dean.

"I'm fine," huffed Sam.

Sam climbed into bed and lay on his stomach. Normally he slept on his back, but it hurt so much there was no way he could lie down on it. He wanted to take some Tylenol or aspirin, but he have to ask his dad for it and he didn't want his dad to know what happened at school. He was a Winchester and he would just have to suck it up.

"Night Sammy," said Dean with a pat to Sam's sore back.

"Ow!" Sam couldn't help, but cry out.

"Sammy what's wrong?" asked a concerned Dean.

"It's nothing, I just got hit in the back by basketball in gym class today," Sam hoped his brother would let it drop. Not going to happen.

Dean made Sam get out of back so he could inspect the bruise on Sam's back. He let out a small gasp when he saw it. The bruise was a dark purple color and covered a good portion of the lower right side of Sam's back.

"Sam, what little brat did this," hissed Dean.

"It was an accident," lied Sam.

Dean went to go get his brother Sam pain medicine. John asked what is was for and he explained about Sam's back.

With all the pain he was in Sam had a hard time falling asleep that night. If only I didn't have to go to school tomorrow the young boy thought. Eventually exhaustion took over and Sam fell asleep. That night he dreamt about being chased by a basketball wielding Coach Becker.

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