Chapter 13-The End to All Things


That was the sound they all heard for all to hear it fall.


The sight of it was unmistakable to those who saw it.


The smell was undeniable to those who could smell it.


It was the sight, sound, and smell of blood.

Blood dripping onto the ground was all that was seen, smelled, and heard for the next few minutes as neither Uchiha Sasuke nor Uzumaki Kenpachi formerly known as Uzumaki Naruto moved. Most had thought that Sasuke had won the match while those, who knew Kenpachi when he was Naruto knew better then to underestimate the man.

Especially, when that very same man, who was now the Shikage of Shinigami no Sato holds the title as the most surprising Shinobi in Konoha...when he was still loyal to it.

Tsunade held her breath wondering why the boy now turned man that she saw as her little brother had taken a Rakiri to his chest and in the exact same spot that the Uchiha hit 3 years ago with the weaker version known as the Chidori no less. It made no sense for the Kage of Shinigamigakure no Sato to simply take such a powerful assassination Jutsu to the chest and NOT do anything.

Suddenly, Sasuke screamed in pain reeling back, clutching his right arm used in hitting Kenpachi with the Rakiri, and even more shocking was even more blood spraying out from the Uchiha's arm from various places. No one could believe that their pride of Konoha that Uchiha Sasuke had fallen at the hands of using his own attack without the victim of the attacker receiving the necessary wound given from the attack. Was it some trick? Did the demon cheat them in the deal when he said he wouldn't' hit Sasuke and let the prodigy have the first free move?

All they could do was watch and find out.

Sasuke had no choice, but to fall on his knees in pain as he felt like his very hand and arm went through steel without his Rakiri to pierce it before he left the attack hit its target. He gritted his teeth and strengthened his resolve to stand despite the pain in his arm having felt much worse then this at the hands of his enemy. With his Sharingan activated, Sasuke stared into the one eye of Kenpachi, who was currently smiling that sick, smug, and shark like smile at him. How can this mountain before him that was up until 3 years ago once shorter then the other kids in the Academy now stronger then ever. Where was this power coming from? How could he, the boy from strongest Shinobi Clan in Konoha outside of the Hyuuga, win against this behemoth, and claim the power that was rightfully his?

"Is that all you got teme? An upgraded version of that weak Chidori? Kakashi-teme from my understanding knows over a thousand Jutsu's with his Sharingan, yet despite that you use this particular Jutsu to try and kill me? For supposedly being a natural 'genius' as the villagers labeled sure are one stupid idiot. Your one free shot to kill me, to win this match that I generously gave you, and you blew it by using a B-Class Assassination Jutsu. I'm insulted. To think that I once called you a rival," said Kenpachi drawing out his sword as he finished speaking his smile left him while using his left hand to wipe off the Uchiha's blood from his bare chest.

"Shut up! You think I'm just going to stand here and take your insults lying down? I'm an Uchiha! I'M THE BEST!" said Sasuke his eyes filled with hate and malice before he drew his sword out with his left hand and slashed at Kenpachi with all his strength.

The sword shattered into a thousand pieces shocking everyone at the sight of the blade that was made by the Uchiha was thought to be indestructible. The air became tense with fear for the Uchiha's safety as Kenpachi placed the tip of his sword on Sasuke's new Leaf Shinobi headband since the other one 3 years ago was damaged beyond repair. Sasuke didn't stop attacking though as he used what Taijutsu he could only to find his body was becoming bruised and sore in the process. It was like hitting solid unbending steel and in doing so forced Sasuke to his knees in pain physically from hitting Kenpachi and from the mentality of his enemy's strength outdoing his own.

"What's the point in fighting you now? You're so weak after using one whole Jutsu and your now broken sword leaving your stance with what's left of your weapon being worse then an amateur wielding one with both his hands. I cannot believe how boring you have made this fight become Sasuke-teme and just when I was looking forward to the potential possibility of having a good battle. 3 year ago I could have ended your life then and there, but I showed mercy to prove to you what I believed in was and still is right. Without such a belief in you I see that you will never become strong enough to hurt much less kill me. I don't like to kill weaklings on account that it make me weak in return so I'm going to let you live with your shame teme. Deal with it," Kenpachi looking down at Sasuke, sighing before turning around, picking up his upper closes, and leaving the Uchiha on the ground as nothing more then a broken spirit knowing that was much worse then death.

"You're just walking away? Like a coward?!" said Sasuke ignoring the man's word while nearly yelling his own with the last part more then the others.

His only answer from Kenpachi caused him to gasp as the air became intense from large increase in chakra pressure that came down on him and all of the people in the stadium.

"A coward is a man or woman, who cannot and will not fight against the enemies before them no matter what the odds are. They would rather flee then fight for what he or she truly believes in or simply put...they are just afraid to die with honor. If you think I am a coward Sasuke then what does that make you? Think about that knowing you will never rebuild your clan knowing you lost to the terms of our agreement," said Kenpachi finally lifting the chakra pressure off the people and Uchiha so they could think clearly at what was just said at the end.

"W-What?" said Sasuke wondering what his old former rival meant when the last part.

"Winner by drawing first blood first is Uzumaki Kenpachi: Shikage of Shinigamigakure no Sato!" said Kisuke raising his hand toward Kenpachi, who got cheers from Yachiru, the other Shinigami Shinobi, and applauses from his friends scattered about closest to him.

It was when Kisuke announced that Kenpachi was the winner that Sasuke remembered the explicit terms of what would happen if he lost. His clan, his legacy, and of course his very bloodline would die with him as the deal was to never try to rebuild the Uchiha Clan or sire children at all. Period. End of discussion. Game over.

'No I won't let him have the last laugh. I'm an Uchiha! I'm above the rules. I am beyond them!' thought Sasuke getting angrier by the second as the Curse Seal on his neck now fully activated healing his right arm, his wounds, and transforming him immediately into the winged creature he was before those 3 years ago at the Valley of the End.

'So the real Sasuke has finally decided to reveal himself and to finally play huh? Good,' thought Kenpachi grinning as he looked over his shoulder to see the ever familiar form from 3 years ago.

Kenpachi was going to enjoy cutting this butt ugly birds wings.

"I don't care if I did lose to you in this stupid fight or the terms we agreed upon. I'll make Hinata mine whether it's consensual or if I have to beat her into submission. I will restore the Uchiha Clan to greatness and I'll start by destroying YOU!" said an enraged Sasuke channeling his chakra into making another Rakiri and sending it into his sword hilt to make look like a sword made of lightning.

"Don't tell me what you're going to do teme...just do it. Unless of course...YOU are the one who's a coward!" said Kenpachi motioning for Sasuke to attack him with his left hand before using it to flip the Uchiha off knowing it would make him even angrier.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" yelled Sasuke charging at Kenpachi with blinding speed with his lightning sword scarring the earth behind him ready to swing it at just the right moment to chop his enemy in half.

"Seeing as how you are an can go first," said Kenpachi grinning up a storm with bloodlust filling his eye and licking his lip with new found hope at a good fight.

Sasuke swung his electric blade hard at his large foe, who was blocking with his own sword and parried several more hits before kicking the Uchiha back several feet. The raven haired boy gritted his teeth letting out a demonic growl before he went back to swinging his sword slightly higher then an amateur level at Kenpachi, who held his own against the Uchiha. Even when he let the blade hit him it still didn't pierce is skin.

Sure it made Kenpachi's skin all nice and warm, but by no means did such a weak person with a weak weapon hurt him or even leave a scar on him. I mean seriously, was it too much to ask a weakling like Sasuke to land one good scar on his body? Even if it meant the scar came at he hands of that same old Jutsu now used in an entirely new form? I mean didn't Kenpachi deserve some kind of entertainment then this same old charade?

Blocking once more, the much taller of the two swordsmen kicked the Sharingan user back yet again growing impatient with his former rival and saw just how big the gap was. It wasn't even a gap; Hell it was more of a freaking canyon the size of the large ocean that was between Water and Fire Country! To make matters more depressing, Sasuke was showing no signs of improvement whatsoever and quite frankly Kenpachi had hoped for at lakes worth of improvement. A small pond size worth at the very least, but from what the eye patch wearing man was seeing from his rival, after performing several hand signs for a one handed Earth Jutsu that created a large dome around Sasuke and containing the man, the Uchiha didn't even show a small rivers worth of improvement.

This was further proved as the dome of earth surrounding Sasuke soon exploded, with the said Uchiha once more charging at him while he was filled with rage. A Shinobi, who is professional doe not let his anger take hold of him and not caring if said opponent was no longer caring or amused could spell doom.

"YOU MUST DIE! DIE SO I CAN BE STRONG! GIVE ME YOUR STRNEGTH! GIVE ME YOUR POWER! I MUST HAVE IT! I AM AN UCHIHA! I AM A GOD AMONGST THESE WORMS!" yelled Sasuke, as he no longer held onto his sanity as he prepared to thrust his sword into Kenpachi.

"While I enjoy your passion Uchiha-teme in this otherwise boring fight, you seem to be lacking something that would be quite vital to your success. You see Sasuke...YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" said Kenpachi before moving out of the way so fast that the Sharingan didn't see it or what happened next that shocked Sasuke to no end.

His arm had been removed in a time span of less then a minute after Kenpachi connected with his sword taking Uchiha's appendage off its body shoulder and all. Sasuke screamed out in pain like a dying cat being thrown into a giant blender in Ninth Circle of Hell after skidding several feet from tripping leaving a long blood red trail in the process.

'Such a foolish creature surely does deserve to die, but not before I take away from him what he has been proud of since birth,' thought Kenpachi looking at his foe get back to his feet snarling like a wounded animal.

Kenpachi turned to the stands to see Zangetsu with Yoruichi next to him and signaled for them to come down to take away from Sasuke THE very thing that made Uchiha Sasuke so valuable to the arrogant villagers of Konoha. The very thing that made him there pride and joy of an Uchiha Prodigy...his Sharingan Eyes. However, the twist in this plot was exactly how Kenpachi was going to remove the Sharingan Eyes and it was not the way that everyone thought suspect he would.

Sasuke tried to stand, but found his entire body tied up with the white cloth that was his bondage putting the squeeze on the stems of his "wings" and making them go numb by depriving them of its blood flow. Zangetsu stood in front of Sasuke with a stone like face that was unreadable even to the Uchiha's Sharingan with Kenpachi walking up behind the two of them.

"Let's proceed the more I see his eyes the more I just want to carve them out then for what you have planned," said Zangetsu getting a nod from Kenpachi while nodding to Yoruichi, who tightened her hold on the white cloth that bound Sasuke.

"Let go of me! I'm an Uchiha I demand that you bow before me!" said Sasuke trying to break free from his confinement, but found his strength had left and his Curse Seal was starting to recede back to Level 1 before leaving him completely.

"I will never bow to a weakling like you Uchiha and quite frankly when I'm done with you and your precious bloodline that I gave your are going to wish Kenpachi had killed you those 3 years ago," said Zangetsu his eyes become demonic fox red while his right hand cracked at the joints before becoming claw like.

After Yoruichi saw Zangetsu's nod she pulled Sasuke's headband off and with speed no bloodline limit enhanced eye could follow, the Nine Tailed Demon Lord thrust his fingers out into the forehead of the Uchiha, and as soon as he did that Sasuke screamed in pain.

"He's going to remove the Uchiha's ability to rebuild his clan! ALL KONOHA ROOT ANBU STOP AND KILL THEM!" said Haruno Yasha trying to save her daughter's husband to be before he had his bloodline taken away.

"Root was supposed to have been disbanded by the late Sandaime. You have committed treason against Konoha Danzo!" said Tsunade glaring at the man, who despite the swarm of Root ANBU heading towards such a strong foe smiled at the Hokage.

"Officially yes, but the majority of the Council felt that the Hokage should not have all ofKonoha's military might in your less then capable hands and so we had decided to restart Root under our direct command," said Danzo, though he knew with one word from him, he could have the entire Council killed making him the leader of Root yet again.

"You bastards!" said Jiraiya looking on seeing the Root ANBU getting closer only to be struck down by Ikkaku, Yachiru, Yumichika, and...Lee and Neji?

'What the hell?' thought Tsunade and the rest of the people in the stadium.

"Naru...I mean Kenpachi-san, I finally understand what the dream I had all those years ago when I was recovering in the Hospital. I had to choose whether or not I would fight for Konoha that had become corrupt or the side that would destroy it and those, who needed to be destroyed. I choose to fight for you Kenpachi-san," said Neji hitting several Root ANBU fall at the hands of his Gentle Fist.

"YOSH! MY FLAMES OF YOUTH SHALL PUT OUT THIS CORRUPTION!" yelled Lee kicking two Root ANBU in the face and delivering a side ax kick to another.

It wasn't long before the rest of the Rookie Nine and Gai's team along with their said sensei's came to the arena floor having made their choice to stick by Kenpachi.

"TRAITORS! KILL THEM ALL!" yelled Danzo seeing his men being out done by these Shinobi that dared stand against his ambition to make the village strong through war.

As more Root ANBU flooded the scene Kenpachi grinned before making a head motion to his forces in his Kage Booth and then proceed to charge into the heart of the fight.

"All right! Now we get to have some fun. It's about god damn time!" said Tayuya before leaping into the fray of things as Kidomaru took out six flare guns for each hand and shot a flare up in six different directions high as they went straight into the air.

Moments later explosion were heard all over Konoha. A new invasion had come only this time there would be no Sandaime to help them, there would be no Yondaime to fight for them. In the end...there would be only death and in the end all that would be for those that had fallen so far after the Yondaime died would face the wrath of yet another demon.

However, this time it was a demon that was not apart of nature, that had not come from Hell or wherever demons come from; they had created a demon on their own. They had created it through their own hate, fears and their own darkness that had become a self-fulfilling prophecy that the Sandaime had constantly warned the Council about if Naruto was not treated with the respect he deserved.

Now the village along with the people within its walls that ignored such warning were now paying for it blood and their souls.

Hell's gates had been opened.

"My my this doesn't look to well for the Leaf," said Ichimaru Gin having risen up from his chair along with Aizen and Tousen already prepared to protect them both.

"Yes, but let's not move just yet. Let's see how this play's out a little bit more before we make our hasty retreat," said Aizen having sensed the fighting outside the walls of the Leaf Village since he was highly sensitive to chakra signatures no matter how high or low they were.

"Hurry up Zangetsu I feel exposed and to some degree vulnerable," said Yoruichi sensing her vessel was now well protected by the "Genin" that had entered the Chuunin Exam.

Not that she needed it.

"I will protect you Yoruichi-sama," said Kimimaro knowing this was important to his master and therefore would assist in its success.

"I'm almost done draining the last of the demonic charka that's pooled into the back of his eyes. It's how the Byakugan got mutated in the first place when I freed Madara of his Cage Bird Seal not knowing the consequences that it would bring," said Zangetsu pulling harder at the chakra and blood that held the mutated version of his demonic taint.

"Stop it! You can't take away the last part of what's left of my clan. IT'S NOT FAIR!" yelled Sasuke through his pain no longer under the power of the Curse Seal with the "wings" on his back been squeezed to a point they literally tore off his back due to the constant pressure being made by Yoruichi.

"What's not fair Uchiha is everything you were given on a silver platter as a kid should have been given to my vessel for containing me," said Zangetsu pulling the last of key component that made up the Sharingan out of Sasuke's body.

Seeing Zangetsu remove his blood covered hand from the Uchiha's forehead, Yoruichi removed her white cloth while Sasuke having fallen backwards closing and opening his eyes. Had anyone, but them seen the results of the bloodline's removal they would have been shocked to see what Sasuke's eyes had become.

Sasuke, just like Hyuuga Madara had before becoming an Uchiha...had the Byakugan.

"M-My family...l-legacy is a-all g-gone now," said Sasuke remembering all of the Uchiha Clan family members smiling at some point or another at him while all he did was scowl.

"Your family legacy should have died the very night I attacked Hyuuga Sasuke, but your greedy bastard of a Father caused me to go on a rampage that made the Fourth Hokage give his life to seal me into his own son. If anyone should have gotten the royal screw job from these people it should have been YOU!" said Zangetsu before going through some hand signs and placing his hands on Sasuke again, who once more felt pain covering his forehead.

Sasuke didn't have the strength to resist screaming in pain that all Hyuuga Branch Family Members knew by heart what caused that pain. The now properly named Hyuuga Sasuke had been given the infamous Cage Bird Seal like his ancestor so many years ago only this time Zangetsu gave it a demonic twist to it.

This Cage Bird Seal could not be removed no matter what Seal or Jutsu was created to counter it and to make sure the former Uchiha now Hyuuga fulfilled his end of deal. In other words this demon version of the Cage Bird Seal also acted as a permanent sterilizer as well as making the lively part to be forever limp for his already little man between his legs.

"Kimimaro-san take Hyuuga Sasuke away and prepare him for transporting back to the Shinigami Village where he will spend the end of his days locked away," said Zangetsu walking away from the former and unconscious Uchiha while the albino bowed his head despite all the fighting that was going on before picking the boy heading to the intended exit.

"Hey Yoruichi! You may want to assist your vessel in taking care of Gin, Aizen, and Tousen," said Kenpachi, as he picked up a Root ANBU and slammed him hard into the ground.

The Two-tailed Cat Demon was off faster then Gai without his weights on.

It wasn't long before Tsunade and Jiraiya leaped down to the stadium arena floor among the bloody mess with several Konoha ANBU beside them that were loyal to her. As for the people within the stadium, they tried to escape from the growing fight below them as well as get to a nearby shelter due to the apparent invasion outside of the stadium and Konoha in general. However, when they tried the found that a barrier had been created surrounding the entire stadium via seals Zangetsu made with the help of Yoruichi in the one month time staying in Konoha. The demon seals that were silently activated when the Chuunin Exams started prevented anyone and everyone who entered the stadium to leave the structure. Unless of course you were one of the two demon sealers that created it or someone they trusted and that person a seal to go through the barrier.

Kimimaro being such a person.

Naturally, the people trying to get out panicked and started protesting trying to pound on the chakra like barrier that was blocking their path only to find it wouldn't let them pass.

"Naruto what is going on?" said Tsunade looking at her surrogate little brother, who was now covered in the blood of the Root ANBU while the remaining force was with Danzo and the Council.

"I'm sorry, but...what did you just call me?" said Kenpachi sounding as if the name had no meaning to him anymore.

"Your name is Naruto! Uzumaki Naruto!" said Tsunade her eyes filled with tears and the sorrow that the boy that made her become the Fifth Hokage had become like this.

"Well at least you got the last name right, but not the first part. To clarify things for you both I no longer call myself by that name anymore and neither does Gamabunta or his other Toad subordinates for that matter. My name is Uzumaki Kenpachi, the name given to only the strongest member of the Uzumaki Clan," said Kenpachi smiling his ever shark like smile.

"Uzumaki Clan? What about your Father's last name?" said Jiraiya, who soon became nauseous at the chakra pressure and killer intent his former student was generating.

"Don't...speak his name. Whether it's his first or last name I don't want it spoken. I want his name to die with this village that he died protecting that deserved to be destroyed for what they put me through," said Kenpachi before turning his eye over to the fight above in the Iwa Kage Booth to his left.

Yugito, Rin, Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Soi Fong were fighting a hard battle against Aizen, Tousen, and Gin, who summoned large Jackals and Serpent Class Dragons to the keep the enemy at bay. Soi Fong, Kisuke, and Yoruichi were teaming up to take care of the summons and Tousen while Yugito and Rin fought the two powerful Kages before them.

"It seems Pussy-chan and Doggy-chan are having some trouble," said Yachiru popping her head over Kenpachi's shoulder that had a good view of them fighting.

"Yeah it would seem that way," said Kenpachi, as he saw Yugito dodge a piercing attack from Gin while Rin dodged a powerful A-Class Earth Jutsu that sent earth made spikes in all directions at her.

"Naru...," said Tsunade only to be silenced by a harsh glare at her telling her to shut up in using that name.

"My name is Kenpachi! Get it through that old dying brain of yours Grandma. Renji! I need you to help Kisuke, run interference on Tousen and keep him busy so Soi Fong and Yoruichi can deal with those two bastards summons," said Kenpachi, who saw Renji nod and run up the wall to go engage in the battle with Tousen.

"Shikage-sama! What do you want to do about the people up there?" said Ikkaku pointing up to where the Hokage Booth had been with the Council, who were starting to get little nervous at the bald man's pointing in their direction.

"Let's pay them a little visit. Coming you old hag and pervert?" said Kenpachi before he disappeared and then reappeared in front of the frightened authoritative figures in all of Konoha.

"Go away Demon! Stay back or I'll...," said Haruno Yasha only to be silenced by a flying chakra enhanced kick by Yachiru to the woman's face sending the pink haired Council member flying into a nearby wall.

"That was for constantly hurting Ken-chan! NOW JUST SHUT UP OR I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF!" said Yachiru with her own demon chakra flaring up around her revealing the aura of a fox.

"Yachiru this is adult time go play with Kakashi back in our booth," said Kenpachi, as he knew that words would be said that little girl's should never hear.

"Okay Ken-chan! Bye Mommy Braidy-chan! Bye Mommy Windy-chan!" said Yachiru running off to tort...or rather play with the dying Leaf Shinobi as if what she just did was nothing out of the ordinary.

'She called me Mommy!' thought Temari with stars in her eyes at the thought with more children calling her that when she had kids with Kenpachi.

"Damn you Haruno's are just as bitchy as ever if not more! Tell me Haruno-teme just how many men did you have to literally screw before you became a Council member for this village? Why did you even marry that asshole you call a husband? I mean did you need a paternity test with Sakura so he would marry you or did that come after sleeping with several people during your little so called 'marriage'," said Kenpachi before looking at Sakura in her wheelchair, who was in tears with sorrow and anger at what he just said.

"Damn you demon filth and all your kind. You should have died when you were still an infant," said Danzo drawing a sword with his one good hand with his loyal bodyguard Sai next to him ready to fight.

No sooner had they done that, that a large shadow consumed there's and behind them was one angry Sajin fuming behind his helmet at the arrogant words of the Root Leader. Sai and Danzo acting on instinct honed by years of training and battle attacked and aimed for Sajin's head breaking the helmet to pieces revealing his fox like face to them all.

"Another Kyuubi!" said Homura in shock at seeing another fox like creature with the bi-pedal form of a human, as Sajin grabbed both Sai and Danzo by their throats squeezing them with all the strength he had.

"You retched humans think that you're so special because Kami has favored your form of species the most in your time of living in this world. What arrogance! To think that you possess this knowledge in the belief you are the superior species of your world is sickening to those, who have suffered because of your atrocities. Namely Kenpachi and ME!" said Sajin growling as he bared his fox like teeth at the two in front of him before squeezing harder making his victims heads turn a dangerously purple.

Within mere moments their heads exploded spraying blood, bone, and brains everywhere.

"Well with that out of the way do you think its time Sakura knew the truth?" said Temari now appearing next to her future husband Kenpachi after flying up to the Kage Booth with the help of her Iron Fan along with Hinata, who simply appeared with a "poof" looking as majestic as ever.

"What truth? What are you talking about" said Sakura curiously looking at the three of them wondering what was going on and what secret they knew that she didn't.

"That my sweet Hinata-hime here left you completely empty inside of your reproductive department," said Kenpachi smiling at Sakura, who looked as if she had been just been told she was the daughter of a Demon Lord.

"WHAT? What did that bitch of a Hyuuga do to my sweet baby!?" said Haruno Yasha, as she now got up from the ground looking at Hinata with seething hate.

"Let's put it this way...your daughter's womb, with all her necessary reproductive parts, was purged of all potential life making ability, and can no longer have a shot at having a child. Sucks to be you and your daughter huh?" said Temari now smiling smugly at the Haruno women, who were shocked beyond anything.

"Tsunade-sama would have said something," said Sakura not wanting to believe what she just heard thinking of her chances to be a Mother, much less the Mother of Sasuke's child was something she didn't want to hear.

"Who do you think hid the news from you Sakura? And who do you think taught me how to deliver the blow to you all those years ago at Kenpachi-kun's favorite place to eat?" said Hinata in an innocent yet still deadly voice that said "I did it and I'm proud of it".

"YOU TRAITORIOUS DEMON LOVING WHORE OF A BITCH!" yelled Sakura, as her inner Sakura came out to express how she felt about the whole situation.

"Sticks and stone may break her bones, least Hinata and Temari can have kids," said Kenpachi laughing at the end before pulling Hinata and Temari closer to him and started whispering some things into their ears making both women blush.

"Kenpachi-kun! You're being naughty," said Hinata giggling her face now a cherry red.

"I knew you were perverted deep down," said Temari snuggling closer to her mountain of a man purring slightly in her own way of showing affection.

"How can I not? Especially, with two beautiful women so close to me liking what I'm saying?" said Kenpachi loving the attention he was getting from his soon to be wives.

"DAMN YOU! IF I COULD GET OUT OF THIS WHEELCHAIR I WOULD POUND YOUR FACE IN YOU DEMON SHIT!" yelled Sakura letting her feelings be known since there was no point in keeping them confined anymore.

"Listen you spoiled little pink haired slut! I LET you hit me all those times before, when I could have simply blocked any of those punches and knocked you...ON YOUR BIG FAT AND FOREHEADED HARUNO ASS!" said a now infuriated Kenpachi no longer going to continue in having such a pointless conversation.

"Go ahead and try it! We both know you won't. I'm your Sakura-chan. Despite all your harsh talk along with all of your power that you flaunt around, I have power over you through my beauty and charm that you could never resist before. Why should I believe differently now that you have those two ugly whores beside you," said Sakura sneering at Kenpachi believing she had immunity from any attack this mountain before her wished to give due to this person being the love sick puppy she would beat up whenever she saw fit.

"All I see is a ruined, jealous, and broken down slut, who will never have a chance to be a Mother much less live past today," said Kenpachi grabbing Sakura by the woman's throat and lifting her up so she was now eye level with him.

Sakura for her part was squirming painfully under her old teammates grip and in the back of her mind realized that the person she knew and abused in terms friendship wise had no forgiveness in his heart. She tried to believe that her Sasuke-kun would save her, that her sensei Hatake Kakashi would appear out of nowhere to protect her, or that the man that was strangling her that went by the name of Kenpachi would release her while calling her Sakura-chan all the while apologizing for laying his hands on her ever angelic features.

Unfortunately, none of these things happened for Sakura.

"K-Kenpachi-k-kun?!" said Sakura, as sweetly as possibly trying to breathe under the pressure of his grip.

"You have no right to say that to me. Only my future wives have the privilege of calling me that," said Kenpachi smiling as Temari and Hinata were now behind the pink haired girl while the girl's Mother just watched from her weakened position on the ground since she was more of a politician then a Shinobi.

The beating Hinata and Temari gave Sakura was immense as the woman from Suna hit the pink haired girl with her Iron Fan hard leaving bruises for each hit she landed. Hinata unsheathed her Mother's and now her Unohana Retsu before slashing at the now in pain Sakura along the bruises knowing how sensitive they were. As this happened, Sakura was being held by the throat of Kenpachi, who looked right into eyes with his uncovered one smiling at the banshee as she screamed and screamed for the whole stadium to hear.

Stop! Stop hitting my baby you demon!" said Haruno Yasha only to see Sajin appearing and towering over her with his right hand on his sword.

"For your arrogance you will DIE! 'Roar Tenken!'" said Sajin brining his blade down upon the woman sending a powerful stream of chakra from his blade incinerating her and the rest of the Council members with a few clan heads being the exceptions.

Those exceptions being Yamanaka, Nara, Hyuuga, Aburame, and Akimichi.

"That must have felt good," said Ikkaku, who was followed closely by Yumichika having killed the fighting opposition of the Leaf had assisted in killing the two Kages from Iwa and Kumo.

The look on Gin's face when he died at the hands of Yugito was priceless before she had forcefully ripped his head out and Aizen's fate was no better at the hands of Inuzuka Rin. Tousen was given a show of mercy to join Suna, Mist, or Shinigami, but the man wished to die with his Kage.

Soi Fong and Yoruichi delivered the killing blow to the back of his head ending his life in a painless fashion with Kisuke killing off the remaining summons.

Now, as the three Shinobi walked over to their Shikage, they saw that the woman he was holding was near unconsciousness having her bones broken, body ready to collapse on itself, and the sounds of whimpering coming from the dying body. All Sakura could do was beg for the mercy that would never come unless Kenpachi wished to give it to her.

As Sakura continued to beg with what little strength she had to begin with Kenpachi soon became annoyed knowing that a Shinobi never begs for mercy no matter how much of his consciousness wants him or her to. Finally, Kenpachi was unable to stand her whimpers or pleas and made a hand motion with his hand for Hinata and Temari to stop the hitting. Before Sakura could mutter a thank you for this small mercy Kenpachi thrust his sword into her heart and twisted the blade sharply knowing that even in death the pink haired girl would feel it.

"Why did you kill her? She still needed to suffer for what she did to you for another...2 years straight at the very least!" said Temari wondering what could have possessed her Kenpachi-kun to show mercy in the form of death.

"The damage you and Hinata gave her would have killed Sakura soon before we got even remotely close to Shinigami Village for more suffering. Besides...we still have Sasuke, which was one of our main goals besides destroying this miserable hell hole," said now grinning Kenpachi turning to the Clan Heads of those that survived Sajin's attack.

"We never thought of you as the demon," said Akimichi Choza looking at the tall man of a giant that stood before him and the other Clan Heads.

"I know, but that doesn't excuse those within your Clan's from facing their punishment," said Kenpachi knowing that some of them had members (Hyuuga Elder's to name one) had been responsible for letting the villagers and Shinobi get away with some of the more vicious beatings he had been given.

"We will see to it they are punished," said Hiashi knowing that the Hyuuga Elders had long overstayed their welcome in the Hyuuga Compound.

"They already are. Kenshin, Sanosuke, Enishi, and several squads from my Oniwabanshu division are currently hunting down everyone currently outside the stadium. Both Shinobi and civilian populace have a lot to answer for and there debts...must be paid! Even if it has to be in their own blood," said Kenpachi knowing there were some dark nights where he his body had been beaten to a bloody pulp while saying sorry for things he had never understood until now.

Now it was time for his enemies to beg for the mercy that he was never given and that Kenpachi vowed that he would NEVER GIVE!

"How do you know who is innocent and who is guilty?" said Inoichi afraid that the blood of innocent people would be spilled along with the guilty.

"Kyuubi or as rather Zangetsu, as that's his real name, looked throughout the populace of Konoha to see just who was innocent and who was guilty. He then placed seal markers on the innocent people and left the guilty alone so when he takes the innocent people away from here the guilty will be left to pay for what they did to me. They will be examples to others, who would follow the same arrogant path as them so everyone will remember just what happens when you screw around with other people that are different then you," said Kenpachi, who now felt a small weight on his shoulder in the form of a bloody Yachiru.

"Scarecrow-teme was boring so I killed him," said Yachiru calmly knowing her Father would approve of it since the man was going to die anyway.

"That's my girl," said Kenpachi now putting his forehead to her tiny one and they made little growling noises together before laughing at their own antics.

"Shikage-sama we are ready for the step one separating the stadium populace. Do you wish to proceed to start in order to get ready for step two?" said Han'nya now appearing before Kenpachi with his head bowed to await the man's response.

"Tell Zangetsu-san to proceed as planned Han'nya," said Kenpachi before turning his attention back to the rest of the group now with Tsunade Jiraiya, and the others, who still wanted answers to this chaos.

"What the hell is going on Kenpachi?" said Tsunade wanting an explanation for all that he had done including the removal of the Coffins that belonged to the previous Four Fire Shadows and Kushina's Urn.

"It's as plain and simple as the wrinkle on you face Granny. Today is Judgment Day for Konoha with those who are innocent being spared my wrath. They will all be relocated in Shinigami Village while the guilty people all die horrible deaths," said Kenpachi before explaining his plan yet again to the group.

"I guess there is no other way huh?" said Ino a little depressed at seeing the place that had been or home for a little over a decade get trashed with her leaving prior to it.

"I'm afraid so Ino. Besides any other solution would be too troublesome to create," said a tired Shikamaru though he was always tired no matter what.

"For once the sloth here is absolutely right. As a great man once said 'Death...waits for no one!'" said Kenpachi smiling at them all making them shiver at the look he had.

He stopped when he saw Anko getting quite cozy with Sajin, who seemed quite nervous under her complex stare.

Sajin for his part wasn't sure if Anko wanted to kiss, eat, or mate with him. Hell it could have been all three!

'I knew Anko would find someone that she could get attached to. I didn't expect it to be this Sajin person though,' thought Kurenai looking at the two, though she wasn't going to criticize since most people thought she would never be with someone like Asuma.

"The people in the stadium have been separated between innocent and guilty. I'm going to proceed to step two now," said Zangetsu appearing before them and scaring the hell out of everyone that didn't know him.

"Good. While your at it send everyone here back to Shinigami Village as well," said Kenpachi pointing to everyone around him he was proud to call friends and family.

"Very well," said Zangetsu before focusing his demonic chakra out form his and waited a moment to feel the connection between everyone and thing around Konoha that he placed the seal markers on.

"I hope they have good food in Shinigami," said Choji eagerly in anticipation as he now rubbed both his palms together waiting to see what the food is like.

'Some things never change,' thought Shikamaru shaking his head while Ino hit Choji over the head yelling at him for thinking of his stomach at a time like this.

"Demonic Art: Demonic Transportation Jutsu!" said Zangetsu in a demonic voice as he let all of his demonic chakra out and surround not only the people around him, the people in the stadium, but all of Konoha too.

"Wait! Kenpachi-kun you're not coming with us?" said Hinata looking at her love.

"Sorry Hinata-hime, but I have some things left to do and I can't do them if I come back to Shinigami village. Don't worry I'll head straight back when I'm done. I promise!" said a now smiling Kenpachi kissing her forehead before moving to her lips making her moan into what could only be described as sheer bliss.

"You better! If you don't I'll find away and kick your ass!" said Temari though she knew that Kenpachi would not fall to anyone in Konoha.

"I'll make a note of it. See you all soon," said Kenpachi as they were all soon teleported away from him leaving Konoha very empty on the outside of the stadium except for a lot of corpses that used to be people.

It wasn't long before the people remaining inside the stadium were sent to the arena floor with the aid of Kenpachi's close allies in this invasion and boy were these villagers upset. Kenpachi heard them shouting to be released, how they wanted him dead, and the same old stuff they had been yelling at him for most of his current lifespan.

"All right you assholes shut up and listen! The reason I had my dear friends and allies bring you down here to this stadium floor today was so you could all get a good look at me. In case you have forgotten who I am in such a short time let me remind you...I am your so called 'demon', 'monster', and 'beast' that some of you have called me on a nice day when you weren't acting drunk or stupid. As of this moment I want you all to take a good long look and remember my face because in the next 30 seconds I'm going to attack you all and I'm going to show you just how much of a demon I can be," said Kenpachi, as he unsheathed his blade before them while the Death Four appeared on each corner of the now frightened populace.

"Four Violent Flames Formation!" said Death Four creating the impenetrable barrier they had ironically used against Konoha 3 years prior and on a Kage no less.

Now they were doing the same thing only instead of using it to trap the Kage they were using it to trap a frightened populace of arrogant people, who would never change.

"The Third Hokage would be rolling over in his grave if he found out about just what you were about to do demon!" said one villager picking up a stone and throwing it at the eye patched warrior.

"He sheltered you and this how you repay him!" said another villager, who soon followed with more and more people trying to throw whatever they could at Kenpachi.

"You should be on your knees thanking Kami we didn't kill you as a child!" said a very angry woman wishing she could have killed the boy as an infant.

"You should be on your knees right now kissing our feet since we let you live this long!" said someone from the back of the large populated group with each moment turning their anger into the power needed to fight back.

That power was snuffed out by Kenpachi as he let out all the chakra, killer intent, and all the hate he could muster for these stupid people around him. They had the nerve to think that he should humble himself before them! They should be thankful he waited as long a he did in wanting to kill them for what they had done to him and now they were thinking the other way? That was the last straw, he wouldn't hold back anymore, and to make sure that happened he removed all the weights along with his eye patch to let the fury out.

The effect of doing that was instantaneous shooting Kenpachi's chakra all over the place even more then it already had scaring the living hell out of his prey. As he had told them before, they wanted a demon, they were going to get a demon, and they were going to get spades!

"Ladies, gentlemen, and assholes that now standing or are on their hands and knees before me today. I would like to thank you all for being here as one large group, as I am about to send each and every single one of you, who made my life miserable for your own enjoyment, on an all expense paid trip...straight to HELL!" said Kenpachi just before a fox like skull appeared above him howling for the blood of the people right before charged them all in a berserker like rage.

No one was spared within the barrier that didn't wear a Shinigami headband.

When it was all said and done Kenpachi reigned in his power, put his eye patch, and his weights back on before addressing his allies. He figured that since they put there Shinobi in danger in this alliance they should receive their fair share of the spoils from Konoha to help there villages grow in the future should Iwa or Kumo try anything again. After they divided the scrolls of countless Jutsu's the village had that might best suit their own well respected villages the three Kages left the bloody, slowly burning to the ground Hidden Leaf Village, and never looked back as the flames grew slowly destroying the monument heads one by one until even those face that were immortalized on the mountain had fallen to the remnants of the fires of war.

(Shinigamigakure no Sato-1 Week Later)

Kenpachi arrived with his remaining Shinobi forces that stayed with him having walked all the way back with his fair share of the spoils locked away in scrolls. The people had embraced their Shikage with open arms praising him for removing the arrogance of the Leaf while saving those who were innocent and pure from its own destruction.

The man barely got 10 feet through the village gate, when the Konohamaru Corps. rushed up to and hugged him with Konohamaru thanking Kenpachi for taking his Grandfather's Coffin out of Konoha to a place where he could be respected. Kenpachi was proud of the young boy and told him that with enough training the kid could become the Nidaime of Shinigami should the torch need to be passed. Ebisu watched from afar as the trio with Kenpachi were happy and content knowing what had happened to the Leaf and accepted it. The Elite Jounin had worried at first for the three young Genin, but realized that even kids grow up sooner then you think and this was one of those times.

Kenpachi with the Corps. eventually made there way to the Shikage Tower where they were greeted by his close friends and family, who were waiting for him. Word traveled fast in Shikage as it did in any village that heard solid information, which had resulted in Hinata and Temari forcing everyone to the Tower for them to all meet him again. Poor Shikamaru was still sore from the hit to his head by both Temari and Ino when he said going to the Tower was "troublesome".

When Kenpachi entered his office Temari and Hinata ran up hugging him upon impact while the males of the group watched with envy at the man getting such beautiful women.

"I have a question Kenpachi-sama. What will happen to Sasuke?" said Neji trying to be as respectful as he could all things considered with the man being the Death Shadow of the entire village.

"Don't add 'sama' to my name. It's bad enough I can't get Kimimaro to stop saying it, but I don't need it from any of you guys either. As for Hyuuga Sasuke-teme I've ordered Kimimaro to have him put in one of the deeper dungeon areas below the Tower. He will have a deaf mute making sure he gets his meals everyday so he can live and think about his actions in life. I placed special seals into his cell itself that disrupts any and all use of his chakra so he can't use the Byakugan or any of the Jutsu's he may have learned from Kakashi-teme," said Kenpachi having learned about seals from various books that he had taken from several of Orochimaru's experiments and his own private office.

"What if he gets out?" said Tenten not wanting a rampaging Hyuuga with nothing to lose near her or those she loved.

"Not likely, but even if Sasuke did he only has one arm to work with and the seal on his head would kick in when he is near me or someone I'm close to that he may try to kill. The more anger he puts into his very being the more pain the seal with generate every time he tries to attack someone. Even with the slightest bit of anger towards someone he sees will cause him an unimaginable amount of pain. Knowing Sasuke, he'll never figure it out and by the time he does...he'll be nothing, but a broken down one armed old man with no strength in him to so much as let out little swear words that couldn't harm a 15 year old. He's probably in pain right now," said Kenpachi chuckling at the thought of a grey haired Sasuke looking defeated in a way that was worse then death.

"You're a sadist man," said Shikamaru shaking his head at the thought with Ibiki nodding his head in full agreement with Shikamaru at the term given the description of the design in Kenpachi's torturing methods.

"And proud of it!" said Kenpachi before explaining how things went in the Leaf after Zangetsu took them all to Shinigami Village and explained some things that happened since he left them during those 3 long years.

"So what happens to us?" said Jiraiya pointing to Tsunade and himself.

"Well I could use some advisors on things on account of your experience, but I'm going to lay some ground rules on peeping, gambling, and above all drinking with you two," said Kenpachi knowing that if he was going to get them to be serious then he would have to stop the things that made them slack off.

After much protest by the two Sannin for 10 minutes of their ranting, it was soon quieted by Kenpachi from his chakra pressure having enough of their whining. He told Jiraiya to date Tsunade and Tsunade to for once agree to it without punching the old Super Pervert into another village.

In the days following Shikamaru was promoted to Jounin right away and was told to run train the next group of Shinobi strategist that will come there way. Ino despite her past in regards to Kenpachi was given a Chuunin rank due her maturity in regards to her new perception of him. He told her to continue working with plants while even suggesting she work with some in creating sleeping powders some plants make to thwart off animals that come to feast on them. Neji was ranked Jounin and had his Cage Bird Seal altered along with the other Branch Members so it wouldn't place them in servitude status while still protecting their bloodline from villages like Kumo.

The Hyuuga Main Family also had the same form of the altered seal added so they could be protected too and the only way the seal could be seen was if more then the usual flow of chakra was added to the head of one of the Hyuuga families. Even still, the Shinigami headbands they now wore would conceal such a protective seal regardless if the design was seeable if they activated their Byakugan or not. Tenten was made a Chuunin with much to be learned in the ways of things outside of weapons while needing to focus on more of her Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Iruka would instruct as always only at the Shinigami Academy this time only Kenpachi told him to make it entertaining, but all the same serious and no sugar coating the responsibilities that being a Shinobi of Shinigami involves.

Choji and his clan would teach the arts of Sumo Wrestling and close combat type fighting involving tossing your opponent while using the enemy's momentum against him or her. Shino was given Jounin Rank and put in a special agriculture Shinobi team that would try to find rare bugs, animals, and other various things to keep safe in the village. Hana was made Clan Head of the Inuzuka Clan though they weren't as large as they used to be on account of some being killed and what was left being divided in half with one half going to Rin in Water Country to run there. However, it wasn't all bad as Hana now had her eye on one Kaguya Kimimaro, who for the most part felt weird in being such a relationship since he had never had one before. Still they hit it off pretty well with Kimimaro being impressed with her dedication to taking care of animals as he was in terms of loyalty to the Shikage. An added bonus was he could create bones for dogs to fetch and bite on to keep them occupied while they went on their dates.

As for everyone else things stayed the same with Hanabi being declared the Clan Heiress of the Hyuuga Clan when she became of age. Neji would become the Clan Head of the Branch House when he settled down with a young woman of his choice, which he chose Tenten since he kind of fell in love with her during the 3 years after the failed retrieval mission.

Maito Gai was still single of course, though to him Lee was his son if only by mind and spirit. Besides it didn't seem as though Gai himself found the time for dates anyway with him now teaching at the Shinigami Academy in regards to Taijutsu training. It took about two weeks to keep the weird Jounin from trying to stop his attempts at making all of his students wear green spandex as a requirement for his training.

The kids were still having nightmares just from seeing him.

As for Lee, the young Shinobi now Chuunin surpassed his sensei by finding a date and love interest in one woman named Isaribi, who was graced by the green spandex wearing figure shouting how beautiful she was to all that heard him. He then proceeded to ask her out on a date shouting this and that making her ears nearly explode. When he finished asking, the young woman accepted the offer due to the compliment and partially out of fear of saying no, which would cause him to shout even more.

Anko was now openly dating Sajin, who after hearing her story involving Orochimaru and him using her as a failed experiment, bonded instantly with him telling his story as well. Not only that, but Anko seemed at peace in Shinigami Village despite it being the old stomping grounds of her late sensei since no one glared at her or called her "snake whore" along with some of the more colorful names they gave behind her back. Besides if they ever did call her that again she was sure her big, strong, and "sexy" fox as she called Sajin would pound those assholes into the ground.

After about a year, Kenpachi married both Hinata and Temari at the same time to show everyone he did not favor one over the other in terms of who he would marry first. The honeymoon lasted two weeks with both women sore and resting for several days after, though after that it seemed every night was a continuation with the process repeating itself.

It didn't take long for Hinata and Temari to become pregnant with Hinata being first as agreed upon if only by a few weeks.

When Yachiru heard the news she ran around cheering about having a brother or sister to play with and chewed on Ikkaku's head like there was no tomorrow. Poor Ikkaku was stuck in the Hospital for awhile due to the intense bleeding and head trauma to his skull from all of the fox girl's biting.

Hinata gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who they named Yamamoto and Temari soon gave birth to a baby girl they name Kushina after Kenpachi's Mother to honor her. It cost Kenpachi a broken hand per woman giving birth, but considering his healing rate that he received from Zangetsu it was a small price to pay and oddly enough the left over chakra from each girl's womb burned off (harmlessly) any fat or signs that they were pregnant.

No doubt about it the new Uzumaki Clan was going to be filled with a lot of kids running around with all his friends to help keep an eye on them with their own.

Poor Sajin had fainted when he heard Anko say that she was pregnant with his child and had unknowingly crushed both Ikkaku and Jiraiya underneath his intense weight when he fell to his right rather then on his back. Tsunade had taken a picture to blackmail her old teammate if he ever decided to go peeping for his "research" material considering how he was positioned during the impact.

Finally, Uzumaki Kenpachi had fulfilled his dream of becoming a Kage, had found his family, was building a family, and if all went well...possibly train a worthy successor to the title of Shikage of Shinigamigakure no Sato.

The End!

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