Pretty Helper


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed

Word Count: 451

Characters: Renji, Ururu

Word: Help

Renji was beginning to feel the effects of his injuries quite clearly now that the adrenaline had worn off. He been hurt worse than he thought, Renji mused as he slid off the upper part of his shinigami uniform. Blood-caked cloth tore at the deep gash on his back. The haori had dried into his wound, crusting itself into his skin. He felt a warm trickle slide down his back and he cursed himself for reopening the wound. He tugged a little harder, pulling the black and white cloth free, but in the process the entire gash on his back reopened, drizzling blood over his hand. He spoke a few choice words out loud, thank no one else was home.

"Gomen, Renji-san," a quiet voice came from the doorway. Renji turned in time to see Ururu's pink cheeks deepened a little in color at the sight of him without his shirt on and duck her head back out of the door. "Gomen nasai, I didn't know you were..."

"Ururu, its fine," Renji said after a moment.

"You're bleeding," the girl walked into the closet he called a room and knelt down next to him.

"I'm fine," Renji frowned at her.

"You're hurt," Ururu stood, walking out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded shinigami behind. Renji frowned to himself and brushed off the small girl's appearance as mere curiosity. He went back to work on tending his own wounds. The patter of slow moving feet alerted him that she was in the room again. He looked up to see her balancing a large bowl of water, towels and gauze in her arms.

"Let me help," she said, stepping toward him.

"I said I was fine," Renji retorted, scowling at her as she sat down behind him.

"Let me help," she said once again, hands already working a wet sponge gently across his back.

"No...Okay," Renji finally relented, secretly glad that one of Kisuke's followers seemed to care for him. He let himself relax as she carefully cleaned and bandaged his back. She moved on to his minor wounds, carefully cleaning every one.

"Finished," Ururu chimed shyly, standing and wiping her hands on her skirt. She began picking up the leftover supplies she had brought. Renji stopped her hand as she reached for a bloody towel. She looked at him, confused.

"Thank you," Renji said quietly, looking away from her, embarrassed by the way he had acted earlier. Ururu blushed again and Renji caught a small smile before she ducked her head. "You know, you're kind of pretty when you smile," he said, patting her head.

"No one's ever said anything like that to me," Ururu whispered, her head still bowed. "Arigato, Renji-san."

"Dou-itashimashite, Ururu-chan."

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