Understanding Renji

Part 1


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed

Byakuya Kuchiki was not known to be the most understanding of men. Of course he understood things, but he did not truly understand anything that was below his status. It seemed too trivial for him to accurately place any kind of lower-class nonsense into his head such as the favorite color of Shunsui Kyoraku's lieutenant or Captain Hitsugaya's favorite food. Of course, his own lieutenant was form the 78th district in the Rukongai and he was bound to have to understand things about him to get along with the boy.

Slowly but surely he began to understand the slang and mannerisms that Renji used. He didn't apply them himself, that would be underneath him, but he allowed it of Renji because people seemed to like him as he was and as long as Byakuya knew what the boy was blabbering on about it did not effect him negatively at all.

He may comprehend a few things about Renji Abarai, but that didn't mean he knew him at all.

Byakuya still did not understand why he had caught the lively redhead alone in the kitchen of Urahara's shouten with a petite girl, talking to her as he stuffed his face with a peculiar looking substance. He didn't even consider Renji pleasant enough to hold an audience with anyone, let alone a child, but the girl looked tremendously thrilled to be of any service to the young shinigami judging from the heavy blush on her cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes.

As he stood in the doorway, Byakuya saw Renji's hand reach into his jacket pocket and remove a small bag of lemon drops and deposit them in the girl's hands. Byakuya raised a brow as the girl's blush deepened and a corner of Renji's mouth lifted in a smile as she stuttered a thank you and quickly left the room, leaving a trail of surprisingly powerful spirit energy in her wake. Renji chuckled to himself as he took another bite of the green substance in his bowl. Byakuya thought it the correct time to make his presence known.

"Renji," Byakuya's mouth almost twitched as his lieutenant's head shot up in surprise. The captain stopped concealing his reiatsu and stepped into the room and stopped beside his subordinate.

"What are you doing here?" Renji spat out brusquely. Byakuya chose to take the blatantly rude question as something along the lines of curiosity.

"I was asked to come here by the soutaichou to check up on things."

"Like what?" Renji asked, standing up with his now-empty bowl. Byakuya watched as he turned on the sink and proceeded to wash the bowl.

"Mostly to make sure that you and third seat Madarame Ikkaku don't completely destroy the town among other things," the captain said superficially. "But I see that you are doing no harm here besides courting a girl much younger than yourself."

Renji almost dropped the bowl in his hands, "What are you talking about?"

"That girl," Byakuya nodded towards the door Ururu had left through. "You seem to have taken a liking to her, haven't you?"

"So what if I have?" Renji looked genuinely confused. "She's a good kid."

"You gave her candy," Byakuya gave Renji a look that made the boy wonder if giving out candy actually meant something much different to the noble.

"Yes, I gave her some candy," Renji repeated, wondering where Byakuya was going with all of this.

"So you're making your intentions toward her known?"

"What intentions?" Renji was beyond bewildered by his captain's talk. "I just gave her some candy!"


"And giving candy to a girl means…?"

"That you have intentions towards her."

"That's what I don't get! What intentions am I supposed to have to give someone candy?"

"You've obviously been wooing the girl for quite some time. Have you known her long? You seem quite comfortable around each other. Perhaps you met her on a previous trip down here?"

"You think I've been…"

"Of course."

"And just because we're familiar with each other…"


"That means we're dating?"

"Is that what it's called now?"

"Yes," Renji was baffled by his captain and stared at the older man for a moment. "That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard you come up with."

Byakuya's mouth turned down a little as he looked at Renji. "I don't understand. Explain."

"Giving gifts to women doesn't mean you have intentions for them these days. Girls just like to get presents and I like to give them to Ururu. She's a nice girl and I like her. That's why I gave her a bag of candy. I am not making any kind of intention known other than letting her know that I appreciate it when she does something for me."

Byakuya was silent. Giving gifts of appreciation did make sense. "She likes you."

"Of course she does. No one else is really nice to her around her except that perverted Urahara and I'm sure you know what he acts like." Renji finally managed to put his dishes up and looked at his captain. "You know, I think you should take more trips to the living world. You don't know a thing that goes on around you unless it's some sort of that fancy crap that no one else cares about."

"So you're saying," Byakuya said after a moment's contemplation, "that you think I should come down her to check up on you more often?"

"Hell no." Renji shook his head. "Just relax and don't things so seriously."

"You mean be more like you?"

"Well, yeah."

"I'll decline," Byakuya looked at his subordinate and lifted a brow. "So what were you eating?"

"Jell-O," Renji chuckled. "Want to try some?"

"I think I will."

AN: Two stories in one day and this one is going to have a part two. Also, I lke Byakuya alot, so don't think I have anything against the dear soul.