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Don't love me

Don't leave me

"Leave me I don't want you to love me."

A deep male voice spoke to a petite woman. She looked up at him with wide innocent eyes.

"I'm a dark winter night and your a warm spring day."

He ran his hands through his blue-black hair. He brought his black piercing gaze to the woman in his arms.

"You carry in your soul true pureness while I... I lose my self in my darkness. I do not wish to taint you."

He paused as she shook her head and gave him a shy smile that drove him crazy. He brought his hands down to run them through her indigo hair.

"Leave me I'm no good for you. My world is an illusion but its all I have."

She chuckled lightly pressing her body close to his. Sighing he allowed himself to enjoy the feel of her womanly curves pressed against him. His hand still running through her long locks.

"Leave me I'm not faithful to love. I give my heart for a week then leave not stopping to see if I'm loved. Breaking hearts is my entertainment."

He stopped and looked into her pearly white eyes. What he saw there took his breath away, they were filled with love and adoration. He pulled her closer praying to God that she wouldn't listen to him.

"Leave me. My love and pain I share with no one. Thats why no one knows when I'm happy or when I'm in sad. The darkness consumes me it claws at my soul."

He felt kisses being placed on his chest and moving up to his neck. His endless black eyes closed and his face contorted with pleasure.

"Leave me, Hinata. Why wouldn't you leave me?"

"Sasuke your words tell me to leave but your eyes beg me to stay."

She stopped his response with a hard passionate kiss. He groaned pressing her hard against him. When they both came up for breath he spoke the only words that came to his mind.

"Don't leave me."

Inspired by the song "Bohemio de Oficio" by Saul Viera. I thought Sasuke would try to get Hinata not to love him. Although he seems cold and uncaring he is the type of guy that once he loves some one he will protect them against anything including himself.