A Side To Harry Nobody Knew

Chapter one

Harry Potter came back to Hogwarts subdued. He hardly spoke, and hardly hung around with his friends. Of course Ron and Hermione had tried everything, including bursting into tears to get him to tell the truth. He did not seem to budge. No matter what they did, he knew they only wanted to know so they could report to Dumbledore.

------------flash Back---------

"Harry, where is the mauraders map?" asked Hermione. She had been earlier that year been introduced into the order, and was doing her job. But she did not know that Harry already knew about her, so called job.

"Didn't I tell you?" said Harry sounding shocked. Although inside he was bristling with anger, he really hated those two people, more than he hated Dumbledore.

"What?" asked Ron, sitting eagerly over the common room couch, wanting to know the secret.

He had no mental walls. Harry, knowing how to block his mind, could also read peoples minds, too and saw that he was hoping to get something out of him. So he could go and tell the Order, so he can be better than the boy who lived.

"It was burned. Uncle Vernon found it, and burnt it," said Harry.

"Oh," said Ron, sounding very, very disappointed that he got nothing else from him.

Harry smirked inwardly, he made sure never to tell Ron or Hermione anything, or anyone for that matter. He had a huge secret and it would ruin his life if it got out.

"Yeah, I know how you feel," said Harry in fake sympathy. Inside he was sneering at the pair of them, how he hated them. They were not the only ones he hated, he really hated the whole order. Although, he had some respect for Alister Moody, and Severus Snape.

"Yeah, wanna play chess?" asked Ron.

Harry knew that Ron, must have been asked to distract him, all the time. That was the reason he could hardly ever get to sit and read books, they were always hounding him, asking him to visit Hagrid. He had of course, foolishly went with them all those years, but no more. He was going to start reading the books, even if it killed him.

"No, It's ok. I'm off to the library, see you when I get back" said Harry. He was out of the common room, before even Ron could protest. Harry liked sitting in the Huffelpuff area, no one would suspect him of sitting there.

"Let's go," said Hermione.

Half an hour later they were being called to the Order. Running, they made their way to the Headmasters office and were up the stairs within minutes, sitting down. It was not long before everyone was joining them. Severus Snape was of course last to come in.

"Severus, anything?" asked the headmaster.

"Nothing much, but he will be attacking Privet Drive, he is mad that he cannot get around the blood protection," said Severus.

"Ah, well he obviously has not tried, because the wards no longer work. Ever since the man got himself resurrected. Of course we cannot let your position be compromised so we do nothing," said Albus Dumbledore. His eyes were not twinkling any longer, the war was tiring him, people always asking for help.

"And you two, what have you found out?" asked Albus Dumbledore.

Some of the people in the order looked at Harry's friends as if they were bugs that should be stood upon. Many people did not approve of what Albus Dumbledore was doing and many did not care. Of course Severus made it appear as if he did not care, but he really did. He thought that Harry had a chance of killing the Dark Lord if he was given training. Something he and many Order members shouted about most of the night. Surprisingly, Lupin did not seem to care about Harry as many had once thought.

"The map is gone. We will be able to get up here no problem. And Harry is hardly talking to anyone and is going to the library more and more regularly. I cannot stop him, he is gone before we can even protest. And when we go to the library he is never there," said Hermione, her chest puffed out as if she was the most important person in the room.

"Yeah, he never plays chess, he doesn't even play Quidditch anymore!" whined Ron.

"Good, then he is taking his studies seriously," said Severus.

"He should not be studying! And how he got better grades than me I will never know!" huffed Hermione.

Harry had done better than her in most subjects, that was including an outrageously outstanding. Hermione had gotten outstanding for most, but never OO. Actually no one had ever gotten OO, but thanks to Harry, Dumbledore's army got outstandings.

He got an outrageously outstanding in Defence, thanks to the patronus, and in charms too, as well as many other subjects. The only ones he did not do good in were Astronomy, and History of Magic. But he had gotten a good bit of History of Magic done. An outrageously outstanding on his Potions, too. Severus knew that Harry could, if he wanted, take his mastery potions test and pass with flying colours. And become the youngest potions master ever. Severus sometimes wondered why Harry blew up his potions, but he did not care. He watched Harry and saw how Harry acted. He was amazed at the boy's acting. He had not seen past it until he had known of it.

"Because he is better than you, anyway its good that he is learning now, shows that he really wants to do this," said Severus.

"No, this is not good at all. Try your hardest to keep him from the library. I don't want to see him in there. I don't want him learning the dark arts, merlin knows what he is reading," said Albus.

"Yes sir," said Hermione, and Ron at the same time.

"Good go before he gets back," said Albus.

The meeting after that was a quick one. No one was doing much about the war. Although Albus was trying to stop it, he did not try and save muggles, just witches and wizards.

They were all unaware of the glowing, angry emerald green eyes that had been watching them through the Marauders Map. He had found out more about the map when he was alone than he ever had. If he tapped the room three times with his wand, then the room appeared. And he was able to see and hear the conversation. If no one was going to help the raid on Privet Drive, well he was.

Only problem was, he did not know when it was going to happen. Snape had never said. He was worried, should he write to them? Yes. Getting up he began writing a letter to his family. He needed to keep them safe, no matter what.

----------------End Flashback----------------------------

Harry went to sleep. He had just read a good book on the dark arts. Hermione had been telling him to stop studying and enjoy his free time. He had pretended to listen to her, but picked up books from the library every day, changing the covers and reading them so they thought he was only doing reading for homework.

When he fell asleep he dreamed normally for once. Then something happened. Whether Voldemort had done it on purpose, to let him see or not, he did not know, but he was up and out of his bed within minutes, wand in hand and dressed.

"Where you going?" asked Ron with a yawn.

"Out," was all Harry replied before he was running out of Hogwarts.

Ron had followed him before he ran to the headmasters office. "Harry has just ran from the castle. I tried to stop him!" yelled Ron as he came crashing into the headmasters office.

"You should have stunned him!" snapped the headmaster as he tapped a medallion five times.

Ron felt his own medallion heat up. The place was filled with people before they knew where they were.

"I think Harry has gone to the attack on Privet Drive. I am not sure, but lets go!" yelled Dumbledore.

--------------------To Voldemort-----------------

"My Loyal followers, tonight I show Harry Potter just how powerful I am when I get through the wards surrounding Privet Drive and kill everyone on that street! I'm sure boy wonder has some friends where he had grown up," hissed Voldemort.

'Yes, Master' 'yes my lord' was the reply all around.

"Good, apparate to Privet Drive," hissed Voldemort gleefully. He would show the bothersome boy just whom he was messing with.

Voldemort apparated into Privet Drive and he got passed the wards that Dumbledore once said were unbreakable. Severus felt like just sinking to his feet. He hated having to torture people, not even muggles deserved what Voldemort did to them.

They had just gotten into their fun when a seriously pissed off Harry Potter apparated into one of the houses, flinging curses left and right. Severus Snape watched, awed by how fast and fluently Harry moved. The Death Eaters helped by flinging curses back and fourth. He looked at a young woman and almost paled when he saw she was dying. His curses became more serious, blasting Death Eater after Death Eater. The Order of the pheniox showed. Harry did not stop.

Once all the Death Eaters were gone, Harry went right over to the young woman trying to stop the blood flowing. Harry did not have much luck. He whimpered and said softly to her.

"Don't leave me, don't leave your children! I cannot look after them alone!" he said.

"You can, and you will. I love you Harry, look after them," she said. Her arm coming up to cup Harry's face one last time, a smile on her face as she died.

Harry did not care that there were tears on his face, all masks were down. Shakily, he lowed her down. When he heard a cry, he was up the stairs before even Dumbledore could stop him. Severus was rather curious. Following Harry, he looked in awe at the sight before him.

There stood Harry Potter, two children who looked remarkably like him in his arms. It was obvious they were his because the children were calling him daddy. Severus could hardly believe that the girl down there was Harry's girlfriend.

"Where is mom?" asked one of the twins.

"Mum's gone Damien. It's just us now, just us," said Harry, the tears still coming. But Harry did not stop them. Nothing and no one would stop him grieving

for the one he had loved.

"Why where she go?" asked Damien.

"She was hurt really badly, Damien. She can't come back, if she could you know she would," said Harry.

"What will happen to us now, daddy? Mummy told us to stay up here! We know no one must know that you are our daddy because you would be in big trouble," said


"Yes, but there is no choice now, son. Now, go get everything you want to take with you in the bag I gave you for Christmas, both of you. I will get your sister ready," said Harry. His once glittering green eyes were hard and full of anger.

"Yes, daddy," said both boys before they walked into their room and began packing their toys.

Harry then started roughly putting his daughters clothes into the bag. The bag was bottomless so he did not need to get bag after bag, he only needed one. Harry began shaking so much that he could not put anything in the bag. Severus walked properly into the room and took the bag from Harry's grip, before sitting him down in the chair. He then started getting everything into the bag, the room bare within minutes.

Harry was not there when he looked back to see if he was okay. He then heard noises next door. He was in awe that Harry trusted him that much. No one would have left him in a room alone with their child. Closing his eyes, an overwhelming guilt nearly crushed his iced heart. How could he do this to someone? How could he lie day in and day out? He could not let Harry just train himself. He did not want to find out if just because Harry dies then Voldemort does. He did not think he could. He would train Harry. If he died in the attempt at least he would know that he had trained Harry in all he needed to know.

Picking up the little girl, he could see she looked like the woman down the stairs. To his surprise, the girl had the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen, including his own. She had black hair; the twins had black hair too but it was like Harry's all messy. Only then did it occur to him.

'Harry had to have been underage when he had them'. He was, of course, just now the legal age for having children. The twins looked at least three years old and the child he was holding was only months old.

A big twinge of jealously made its way through him. He had always wanted children. He had never found anyone to have a child with. He would do anything for a child, but he knew no one would ever want him. He was just a Death Eater and he knew it.

Walking into the room, he saw four children instead of two, the set of twins and two other children. The two children had the blondest hair he had ever seen. It was nothing like the Malfoy's. They had blue eyes, nothing like Albus Dumbledore's. They all had jackets on them and Harry had five huge bags on the floor. Wandless, he shrunk them. Taking the two blond's into his arms, he then reached for his other children's hands before he met Severus Snape's eyes.

Severus wordlessly nodded.

"Harry, come on. We will get you back to Hogwarts right now! And put those children down, now," said Albus Dumbledore in a commanding tone.

"Fuck off!" yelled Harry. He was out with his children into the night. He never stopped, not even once. Getting into a cab, Severus entered it too. Harry still would not meet the man's eyes again.

"King's Cross station, please," said Harry. He could tell his children were getting tired. He had never wanted his children in all this, but they were now dragged into it, whether they liked it or not.

"You're here," said the man. Looking at the meter, he gave the man the money he was owed him.

"Keep the change," said Harry softly. Getting out, his children were already half asleep. Getting them onto platform nine and three quarters, he got them on the train.

"Daddy, is this the train you told us about?" asked Damon.

"Yes, Damon, it is," said Harry with a sad smile.

"Wow, it's better than you described it, daddy," said Damien.

Before the twins knew it, they were asleep, along with the blond twins. The child in Severus' arms had hardly woken up at all. With a sigh he asked what he had wanted to ask for a while now.

"When... how," was all he managed to get out.

"I'm sure you know how. As for when, three years ago," said Harry with a smirk. A very un-Potter like look on his face.

"You do know you could have gotten into trouble?" asked Severus.

"Yes. No one was supposed to know I had children. It was meant to be a secret. It was a mistake the first time I suppose. She had twins, both look like me and we named them Damien and Damon Potter. Then when I was fifteen I realised how I loved being a father and I was going to wait, but she ended up pregnant again. We were not trying but not against it or anything. A girl and boy, we called them Lillian and Harrison Potter," said Harry with a smile.

"And this wee one?" asked Severus curiously.

"Well, we had not wanted anymore, but we both got drunk and ended up sleeping together. I loved her, but I soon realised that I did not love her in that way. It was more like a sister love than anything. Then I realised something. I realised I was gay, or at least bisexual," said Harry a small sad smile on his face.

"You're gay?" choked Severus.

"Yes, but she still loved me. She helped me through lots of tough times. She was my saviour; she knew everything. All our children were showing magic within just a couple of months of being born."

"A couple of months?" squeaked Severus.

"Yes," said Harry, a proud glint in his eye.

"That's never happened before! The earliest a child knows magic is a year and a half old," said Severus, but he did not know that Harry had showed magic when he was not even out of the womb.

"Yes," said Harry.

"Doesn't it scare you being a dad of five when you are just seventeen? I mean you were what thirteen years old when she got pregnant?" asked Severus.

"Ah, but mentally I had aged over ten years. First year I nearly had my head removed by a dog, killed by voldemort twice, once in the forest and another time in the dungeons, and was nearly choked with devils snare. Shall I continue? Second year, nearly killed by a basilisk and by Tom Riddle, then third? Just realised that my parents were murdered by practically one of their friends, and I had a godfather. Oh, and let's not forget I had to listen to my parents dying over and over again and being told that the dark lord would come back again, more powerful and terrible than ever, by a wacko divination teacher," said Harry.

"I see," said Severus.

'What Harry had said was true, being nearly killed every year would have made him grow up quicker than ever. If I were Harry,' all Severus could think was, 'I would probably have aged thirty years by then.' With a sigh he closed his eyes. Dumbledore had been responsible for

The first time, he knew that. He felt like confessing and confess he did.