A Side To Harry Nobody Knew

Chapter 29

Harry and his large family saw the two twins off, Damon and Damien off on the Hogwarts express. The entire family was still looked at wherever they went, everyone in the family thought it would have died down. It had not, so they lived with it, it didn't bother them so much any more...well maybe it still bothered Severus a little but not much.

Lily and Harry were crying, they hadn't been split up from their brothers since they were born, now the twins were gone and it was hard for them to say the least.

"You will join them next year" soothed Harry.

"That's right" said Severus comforting Harry, and Harry comforted Lily.

Samara, Jami and Ryan were not so fussed, Samara had two years before she could go, and it was three years before Jami (Harry was Her carrier) and Ryan was what Severus had decided on calling his son. Sighing softly Harry leaned into Severus and they watched their oldest get onto the Hogwarts express.

They didn't have any other children, Severus was too old to be able to carry another child full term. And Harry's birth was a nightmare, they were warned that if he tried to have another child he may die. The neglect he had suffered as a child was why he couldn't have children. If Severus ever wanted to kill anyone it would have been there and then. He would have killed the Dursley's, thankfully he didn't know where they stayed.

"I cant wait to go to Hogwarts" said Jami softly.

"I know," said Severus softly.

"Come on then lets go," said Harry taking his other children away from the train as it began moving. They were portkey'd from the station and back home. Their home was beautiful and always full of laughter, Severus never imagined he would ever have a life or family like this. But he did, if that meant he would go back in time and give his entire life again he would change nothing...not if this was his reward for everything he did.

Ryan and Severus were closer than Ryan and Harry, it was only because of the whole carrier thing. Didn't mean they didn't love Harry any less or anything like that. Severus remembered what happened, the night Harry went into labour. He shuddered, Jami had been stubborn and not wanting to come out and Harry had lost too much blood.

Severus wouldn't let anything happen to Harry, so they decided they wouldn't have any other children. Not that they didn't have many children, they had seven children. Damon, Damien, Harry, Lily, Samara, Ryan and their youngest Jami their little girl.

Their children were sorted into different houses, Damon and Damien were Slytherins to the core, but Lily and Harry were sorted into Huffelpuff's they were as loyal as they could be. Severus and Harry didn't care what house they were sorted into just as long as they were happy.

When it was Samara's turn - Severus and Harry knew where she would be placed without a doubt, she had more bravery than any of her brothers and sisters put together. GRYFFINDOR!

Ryan and Jami were sorted into Ravenclaw, which didn't surprise their fathers in the least, after all they always held books in their hand. Severus told Harry they were like Lily in that regard, so no it didn't come as a surprise.

Samara didn't like being the only one in Gryffindor, but it didn't last long, for brother and sister bond was stronger than a house. Ryan, Jami, Damien and Damon always asked her to play with them. Thus started the inner house mingling, soon the Slytherin and Gryffindor's didn't argue, fight or anything of the sort.

Dumbledore didn't remain the Headmaster, which of course was a very good thing, he could no longer manipulate them. They formed their own opinion, which resulted in the Hogwarts four becoming friendlier! it was no longer a competition to win Quidditch or house points, it just went naturally. Never in Severus' years did he think such a thing could happen.

The Dumbledore name was never mentioned, he didn't have any family so his last name was not passed on. Dumbledore was practically a recluse, being old made his magic unstable and sometimes couldn't do magic at all. So he spent his last remaining days in hiding, no one ever discovered his body. Not that anyone ever looked for him or that.

Severus and Harry didn't work, well Severus did some times, with potions, but Harry never joined the Auror squad like everyone was expecting. They didn't stay angry long, they finally let Harry live his own life without them trying to decide what he should do. Not that they would ever need to work, they got money for their children, and had vaults full to the brim of money - not just the Potter vaults, Snape, Prince, Evans and Gryffindor's as well.

The End

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