After by Capillaria After
by Capillaria

AN: Yo! Well, back with my second fan fic! This is the prologue to the story, just to give you a recap on everything that
happened in the past seven years during Li's life. This is all in Li's POV. Enjoy! ^________^;

Prologue: Sou...

That day at the airport she had never come, and when I returned home to China I had received no word from her.
Perhaps it was only wishful thinking on my part that Sakura would come wish me good bye. It wasn't until a year
later that my mother finally admitted to me that she had called, and wrote, and yet she had thought it was in my
best interest to hide the truth from me. My mother had burned the letters, and somehow I never got a response when I
wrote them. Finally, a few months later I decided to let certain things be revealed. It was not known that Meilin
and I were no longer engaged, and yet after my mother finally revealing the truth to me I had made it clear to the
elders that we were no longer tied together. These things had come as quite a shock to them, and yet with there
years and experience they had admitted that for some time they had suspected. When I called back to Japan I was
only met by the answering machine. One time I had exchanged a brief conversation with her brother, who told me
he would tell her. Of course, she never called. I tried for a year to call her, everyday after I had returned home from
school, however there was no answer after that last conversation I had shared with her oni-chan's.
It wasn't until I had returned to Japan five years later that I had learned that they had moved houses, and then after
that Sakura had attended a private high school. After having left Japan for five years I had given up on Sakura. By
now she had found some superior other in which she could share her life with. After high school I applied for a well
known University in a suburb a few miles out of Tokyo, close enough to the metropolis that I had the benefits of city
life, and yet deep enough in the country in which to enjoy the beauty.
When I arrived at the University I was surprised to find one familiar face, an old classmate from the years I had been
with the elementary school in Japan. His name was Yamazaki Takashi. We immediately began our friendship were it
had left off, and for 2 years it had been this way. It had now been 7 years sense I had seen Sakura Kinomoto, and she
still haunted me. A few years ago I had called the Daijouji's, when the two were still in high school. Tomoyo was
never there when I called, I only received harshly the message machines. It was after I had called all my former
classmates that I had given up. I then reasoned with myself that if Sakura had really wanted to talk to me, she would
have continued trying through the years.

Sense the start of my University life I had tried to remain serious, and yet to enjoy what people called the best years of
my life. For a while Takashi called around for Sakura, after I, having finally spilled out all the years of anxiety and
frustration in searching for her, however by spring break both of us had given up and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
We were both fairly popular in our school, both with the boys and girls, and during the summer we all had taken trips
together. I had dated on and off with girls, but none attracted me or left me with the happiness and warmth that
Sakura had.

It was the beginning of my third year of college, in about two days. Takashi and myself had decided to end our
summer vacation with a boom. I had only visited the Tokyo Tower once, only for a few minutes. Takashi exclaimed
that we would start off the day at the tower, then wander around the gin'za, take the subway to shinjuku, then end
the day in Chiba after taking the scenic ride back to our station, stopping through towns, and wasting all of our
summer job money, and arriving the night before the first day of school.
I didn't know that in two days i would see her again, although i was always prepared to see her. Every morning I
would dress my best, in hope that some how, in some way I would see her again.

Sho Ichi: Haiyaku

At the present...

"I don't appreciate having to do the 300 yard dash to make this train!" Takashi shouted as the hurtled through the
crowds of Tokyo.
Li, who was down a couple of flights of stairs called back, nearly tripping over a small child, "This wouldn't have
happened if you didn't HAVE to buy that Pocari Sweat at our last stop, making us miss our original train." AN: Pocari
Sweat is a popular Japanese drink, kinda like Gatorade, only better>
Takashi sputtered, "Excuse me, but its very hot out!"
No answer from Li, except, "Hurry up! There is the bell, its about to leave!"
Takashi gulped, as he contemplated buying another Sweat at the next stop. Really, traveling anywhere with Li always
involved mad dashes to the next train. Li just really needed to slow down and smell the roses, enjoy life, and there last
few precious days of summer!
Li was at the bottom of the stairs, his eyes fixed on the doors which quivered in anticipation to close.
Takashi grinned, "Made it!"
There was no time for words as the two jumped through the doors which nearly had caused them to wait around for
another hour for the next train. The passengers questioningly glances, or perhaps starred at the to laughing young
men who were slowly trying to get up. The two felt out a seat with there hands and plopped down on the worn
cushion, letting there long legs spread out as the two sighed in relief.
Takashi took his wallet out of his pocket, "Ikura?" how much>
Li rubbed his nose, and then grinned slightly, "I'll only make it 500 yen because I am so nice, and after all you borrowed
150 for that Pocari back at the Shobaru-jin stop."
Takashi remained quiet, and then put his hands behind his back, " haven't visited the tower sense you were
living back in my little hometown?"
Li yawned, and then said, "Yeah...but, i don't see what's that big a deal. Its just a tower."
Takashi glared at Li, "Nan dayo!? A tower?! Here, I'll tell you some stories about when it was constructed, I think I can
remember a bit from the book I read back in 7th grade. I mean, after all, we do have 15 stops until we get there."
Li sighed and covered his forehead, and realized that, 'Some things stay the same forever....'

"Oi, Li can i borrow 150?" Takashi called from vending machine.
Li rolled his eyes, "Not another Sweat? This is your third today!"
Takashi grinned and said, "Just for your information I'm going to buy a Aquarius." AN: another popular japanese
sports drink>
Li grumbled, "Fine, kedo...your going to spend all my money." He dug into his wallet and threw Takshi two 100 yen
The plopping of the Aquarius could be heard, and then the sound of Takashi's footsteps.

The rail platform was nearly deserted, it was 9 o'clock at night on a Tuesday. It wouldn't have been crowded. As
Takashi read the label of the Aquarius, and guzzled it down Li viewed his surroundings. On the opposite side of the
plat form, a group of five or so high school girls sat giggling waiting for the next train to Haneda. On his own
platform it was not half as interesting. There stood a man in a business suit, probably coming from Downtown Tokyo.
His hair was almost as glossy as his shoes. Li self consciously wondered if he had over done his hair gel and ran his
hands through his deep chestnut hair. A torrent of giggles and yelps could be heard on the other platform. He
looked at them, slightly grinning, and then all the girls burst out into laughter. He hoped it wasn't at him.
He continued to survey his surroundings as Takashi went over to buy their Bento box dinners from a local vendor. An
old lady stood on the platform., with about 3 bags. And the only other person standing about 7 meters away was a
beautiful young woman. He had noticed her from the beginning, however he had chose to keep her for last. She
was such a beautiful site. Even though the days were hot in late summer, the nights grew cold. She wore a black
coat, and underneath that it seemed she wore long sleeved pink shirt, and a long skirt that came to about half way
down to her ankles. She had on a shapeless hat, that seemed to go perfectly with her short honey almond colored
hair. She glanced my way and Li was greeted with a gorgeous pair of green eyes. She smiled warmly, and then her
attention was diverted by someone dropping all there packages a few feet away. It turned out to be Takashi with our
Bento lunches.
He grinned, as he always did and sweat dropped slightly, "I think I will go by some more."
Li smiled and nodded, "Go for it."
His attention was once again faced towards the girl. As he self consciously starred she began to more and more
remind me of Sakura. Li stepped forward, then drew himself back. It wasn't possible that after 7 years of searching for
her that he would just HAPPEN to run into her at a train station. He argued with himself for about a minute, and then
decided that even if it wasn't her he should try anywise. Li didn't realize that he was slightly flushed. He stepped
forward, and, still being extremely embarrassed of it even to this day, he asked, "Sakura? Kinomoto Sakura?"
She faced turned towards him, and Li nearly choked as she said it. "Hai?"
Li looked down at his shoes, and then said in a tone of utmost embarrassment "Its me. Li Shaoran."
She blinked, and unconsciously backed away. "Li...Shaoran...?"
He said nothing and neither had she. A few moments passed by, and then Li managed to spit out, "Which way are
you headed?"
She looked confused, "Nani?"
He managed to stumble out the words, "On the train, I mean."
She flushed, "Towards Chiba."
Li nodded, and he said, "Me too."
It was like a a moment in anime, when a sharp wind blows, showing the characters a moment of tension, and
loneliness, or perhaps in this case; both. If a sudden breeze had blown Li would have laughed. Instead the only thing
that greeted the two was the train headed for Haneda on the other side of the tracks. Takashi walked up, hit Li in
the ribs with his elbow and said, purposely making his voice lower and to what he thought, more 'manly', "So,
Li...going to introduce me to her?"
He silently cursed myself for ever going to Tokyo. He didn't want to meet Sakura this way. Seven years of thoughts,
fantasies and scenario's, all to equaled out to them meeting at a train station!
Li said, scratching his earlobe, " remember Kinomoto Sakura, don't you?"
Takashi nearly dropped the Bento dinners, but to the luck of the gods he hadn't. Li didn't want to have to pay yet
another 1000 yen.
Sakura's face flooded with astonishment as a smile swept across it, as she pointed, "Takashi? Yamazaki Takashi??"

AN: Okay, I was just reading over the whole thing, and I realized I keep on switching between views. Just in case I do
that even more, understand that -he, him, I, Li, myself, Shaoran, ect- all pertain to Li. Sense this story is is 3rd and 1st
person. So if you wonder who 'he' or 'myself' is, just remember its Li. All the POV is Li's, no matter how screwed up.

He scratched behind his head, "Yep." Silence. Then, Takashi luckily being able to think of a good conversation starter
said, "Wow, look great! So, are you in college?"
I envied him for his wonderful conversation skills.
"Arigatou! You look great too. Yes, I am going to college, however I spent my summer break in Kochi, and Tomeda,
but I decided to go end it with a bang in Tokyo."
As the two spoke I silently studied the details of her face. Her smile still held the same warmth, and cheerfulness. I
could still sense her magical power, even though by now I am sure that her journey of the Clow cards had lessened.
Her eyes still sparkled brilliantly, and yet she had a bit of innocence still from her childhood, and yet she had matured
into a beautiful young lady. She greatly resembled her mother, with her sweetness and kind disposition, and yet she
had the strength of her brother and father. I was still gazing at her face when Takashi's voice interrupted it.
"Oi. Oi! Li-kun!" he said.
I blinked and slightly jumped, "Hai! Hai?"
The two were starring at me, smiles on there faces, "Neeeee, you were zoned out. In any case, isn't it strange Li? I
can't believe we never saw her!" Takashi shouted, of course he himself knew that I had not heard a word of what
they had been saying. I was forced to ask.
"Na-Nani!?" I flushed brilliantly.
"That Kinomoto-san is going to Kiyomizu University." He explained.
I glarred at him. "Uh..."
Sakura spoke up, and I flushed, "Don't you know that Kiyomizu University is the sister University in Negami? Its on the
opposite side of the town!"
She laughed, and yet I could tell there was the nervousness between us still. While waiting for the train, and even on
the ride back to Negami unconsciously our eyes had locked together. Whenever our eyes met each other we forced
them away. I could tell that all Sakura wanted to do was run to her bed in cry. And...I didn't feel much better.
All I wanted to do sense the moment she had asked, "Hai?" so innocently was tell I was so sorry for everything. For
never finding her, for never talking to her though some of the hardest years of her life. When I was still in the plane
going back to China, I promised myself that I would be there for Sakura. I never had been. All I wanted to do was
hold her, and tell her I was so sorry. The question was, would she forgive me?

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kedo- kedo is when you say something like, "Yay, I do, but..." its like 'however'
ikura-how much
...anou...- well

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