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It was a cold November day in Gotham city. Inside Wayne Manor, its inhabitants were protected from the cold. In the master bedroom of the manor, Bruce Wayne slept peacefully, a warm body snuggled up against him. The body was that of his wife Scarlett Wayne. Wife. Bruce thought it was still weird to say to people since he never expected to marry anyone. He had fallen for Scarlett the first time he saw her and they had married almost 4 years ago in December of 2006. The papers had been surprised of the marriage between the so called Prince of Gotham and the biggest mobster's daughter, but Scarlett and Bruce were happy and that's all that had mattered to the two of them.

Opening his eyes slowly, Bruce was met with his wife wrapped snugly around him. One hand was on his chest and the other was under her chin. Her wedding ring had left an impression on her chin, and Bruce smirked. Scarlett hated the gaudy ring, which was set on a silver band with small white diamonds and a 6 caret emerald for the stone. When he had proposed to Scarlett, she had hated the ring because, as she said, it was so big and out there. But Bruce reassured her that it was for looks only. When they were out in public, they both knew they had that certain image to up hold.

His eyes drifted down to the silver chain around her neck. On the chain were her mother and Bruce's mother's wedding rings. She insisted on having those with her at all times. They were both silver bands and very simple, which was the way Scarlett liked it. As for Bruce, his wedding ring was his late fathers. Scarlett had insisted he wear it and she knew it would mean more to him. His eyes drifted past the rings and down to the scar across her left breast, which the Joker had done to her. When she had been taken by the Joker, he had done everything he could to get her back. She had given him so much.

The greatest thing she had given him was their 3 year old twins. Emily Martha Wayne and Thomas Christian Wayne, who were Bruce and Scarlett's pride and joy. Emily (named after Scarlett's 1st real friend in Gotham) was more like Scarlett while Thomas was the spitting image of his father. Both thought of Alfred as a loving grandfather, since they had neither a grandfather nor a grandmother. They were well behaved because of the values Scarlett had been sure to install in them. She taught them to never think less of anyone, and to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

As he snuggled back into the warm bed and pretended to sleep, Scarlett's eyes opened slowly and she smiled at her husbands sleeping face. She knew for a fact that he was faking and that he had closed his eyes when she began to wake up. Prodding him, Scarlett began to lift her body off the bed to get up and wake the children but was stopped by her husband pulling her back down. Groaning, Scarlett hit his chest playfully.

"It's nine. It's time to get up."

"It's cold outside. I'm still tired," Bruce mumbled.

"From what? You didn't go out last night to patrol num nuts," Scarlett retorted.

A second later Bruce opened his eyes and with quick reflex, rolled on top of his wife. Her face turned from annoyance to perplexed.

"It's cold out. The bed and your body heat make it impossible to get up. Therefore, we are staying in bed."

A wicked grin split over Scarlett's face and she said, "And what exactly do you intend to do to keep me here? Make like that guy in American Psycho and axe me to death?"

"I think I can figure out a reason that will not involve blood," Bruce said.

Pressing his lips to Scarlett's, Bruce could feel a smile coming over Scarlett's lips and he pulled away.


"5, 4, 3, 2, 1," Scarlett said simply.

Suddenly the door to the master bedroom burst open and little footsteps came running towards the bed. Bruce rolled off of Scarlett and wrapped his body around hers. Scarlett snuggled deeper into his warm bare chest and wrapped her arms around him. A second later, two weights jumped on the bed.

"Mommy, Daddy. Stop faking it and get up! It's breakfast time," Emily yelled.

"I agree with Emily," Thomas said.

Bruce responded by pulling the sheet over himself and Scarlett, hiding from their children. Scarlett giggled as Bruce said, "Bats are nocturnal!"

"You have been saying that for five years too long," Scarlett said softly.

Emily and Thomas crawled over to their parents and pulled the sheet away. Thomas then burrowed his way under Scarlett's arm while Emily climbed on top of Bruce. Scarlett sat up with Thomas in her arms. Bruce also sat up and pulled Emily into his lap, tickling her. Scarlett smiled and stroked Thomas' hair softly.

"Daddy stop it! Mommy make him stop," Emily said in between giggles.

Scarlett giggled and shifted Thomas' weight so she could reach for her daughter's chocolate brown braids. Tugging on them gently, Emily stopped trying to wiggle away from Bruce and turned to her mother, a wicked grin breaking over her face.

"Mommy, don't make me sick Daddy on you. He's a champion tickler."

"Oh is he now," Scarlett said, acting surprised.

"He really is Mommy. My sides have never hurt more after a tickle fight with him," Thomas said with pure sincerity.

Scarlett laughed and put her face in her hands, causing Bruce to set Emily against the pillows and he motioned for Thomas to move by his sister. Thomas grinned and quickly crawled away from his mother to sit over by his twin sister. Noticing a weight missing from her lap, Scarlett ceased her giggles and took her hands from her face.


Scarlett screeched as Bruce tackled her onto the bed and began to tickle her. Laughing loudly, Scarlett tried to wiggle away from her husband but Bruce was too strong. His hands tickled her bare skin mercilessly while their children laughed at the scene.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," an older voice rang out.

"ALFRED," the twins squeeled, jumping off the bed.

Alfred smiled and opened his arms for the two children running towards him. Scarlett swiveled her head and sat up, bumping into Bruce's chest to see Alfred. Bruce groaned and sat up as well, wrapping his arms around his wife's waist and pulling her into his lap.

"Breakfast is ready you know. And I know these two are hungry."

"Chocolate chip pancakes," Emily asked.

"Why of course."

"Come on Emily. Last one there gets the mis-shapen pancake," Thomas yelled, breaking into a run.

Emily curled her hands into tiny fists and raced after her brother, yelling, "Oh no you don't!"

Alfred gave a small chuckle as the two twins ran down the hall and down to the kitchen. Looking back at Scarlett and Bruce, Alfred felt he could take a hint. Shaking his head, he turned and walked out the bedroom door, leaving the couple alone. Bruce turned to Scarlett and smiled before hopping out of bed and, more or less, falling onto the floor. Looking over the side of the bed, Scarlett grinned as she watched him do his daily pushups. Hopping out of their bed, Scarlett waltzed past her husband and said, "Too bad you have to do your morning routine. Guess I'll have to get naked and pick out an outfit all by myself. Damn this floor is cold."

A thump behind Scarlett caused her to stop in her tracks and turn around abruptly. There, sprawled rather comiclly with one arm under his chest and the other laid flat out across the floor, was Bruce. His wife's comment had caused rather indecent thoughts to run through his brain and caused him to buckle while doing a pushup. Shaking her head, Scarlett walked back to the futon in front of the bed and picked up her red robe.

"On second thought," she said, stepping over Bruce and walking to the bedroom door, "I'm going to go eat some pancakes with the kids and Alfred."

"You tease," Bruce said, attempting to get off the floor.

"Like you don't," Scarlett retorted, opening the door.

She would have walked out into the hallway, but two strong arms grabbed Scarlett around the waist and lifted her from the floor. Bruce threw his wife over his shoulder, and walked out into the hallway, closing their bedroom door behind him.

"Je peux marcher vous sait," Scarlett said, breaking into French.

"I know you can walk. But seeing as how you interferred with my workout, I have to pick something up."

Giggling, Scarlett held on to Bruce's lower back as he began to descend the stairs.

"Don't you dare drop me or even pretend to."

A grin came over Bruce's face and as he hit the final set of marble stairs, he stopped and set his wife back down on the ground. As soon as Scarlett's feet touched the ground, she turned and skipped down the marble stairs and her nose led the way.

"Bruce, come on! I smell pancakes and I sure as hell don't want a mis-shapen pancake!"

Bruce smiled at his wife's childlike antics and ran his hand through his hair. Walking behind Scarlett, he grabbed her hand as she pushed open the kitchen door. Seated at an island in the middle of the kitchen, were Emily, Thomas and Alfred. Scarlett stifled a laugh, before walking to the island and picking up a plate, piling it with pancakes.

"Mommy! Daddy! Who won," Emily said, chocolate smeared across her chin. Thomas looked up as well, licking the chocolate from his fork.

"Your mother. By default," Bruce said, grabbing a plate.

Scarlett turned to her husband, and smirked, her fork dripping butter onto the plate. Setting his plate down next to Thomas, who was shoveling food into his mouth, Bruce rumpled the boys hair before shoveling pancakes into his mouth. Across the table, Scarlett and Emily's lips curled up into identical looks of disgust as they watched the two males scarf down food. Alfred stood at the end of the table, silently laughing at the whole scene.

"What," Bruce said. Thomas looked up as well, more chocolate covering his mouth

"Nothing," Emily said, daintly cutting her pancakes.

"Thomas, you have chocolate all over your face," Scarlett said, reaching across the table to hand her son a napkin.

Bruce took the napkin from his wife and began to wipe Thomas' face clean. Thomas groaned inwardly but didn't protest Bruce wiping away the chocolate. After breakfast, Bruce had called into work and informed them that he would not be in that day. The new secretary had made sure to write it down and hung up without another word.

For the rest of the day, Bruce and Scarlett spent the day with their children. It went by so fast, that before either of them knew it, it was time for the twins to go to bed. Carrying a sleeping Emily in his arms, Bruce opened the door to her room silently and set her down on the turned down bed. Scarlett was down the hall putting Thomas to bed. As he covered his daughter in the warm bedding, her eyes opened and Emily looked up at Bruce.

"I thought you were sleeping," Bruce said.

"I was pretending so you would carry me."

Bruce smiled before kissing her on the forhead and rising from the bed.

"Sweet dreams. I love you," Bruce said, giving Emily's hand a squeeze.

"Love you."

As he walked to turn off her light, Emily's voice stopped him.


Turning, Bruce said, "Yes?"

"Sometimes, when I'm sitting with Mommy, the signal for Batman will shine over our house. Why?"

"Well, because wherever Batman is, he needs to be able to see the signal. So he knows that he has the city of Gotham to protect from bad people." Bruce smiled at his daughter. Scarlett and he had discussed when they should tell the twins about Batman. When they were older was when they would tell.

"Oh," Emily said, forming an O shape with her mouth.

Smiling at his daughter, Bruce turned to walk out the door but was stopped again.



"Sometimes, when I'm not with Mommy, the signal for Batman will shine. And..."

"And what Emily," Bruce said, walking back to Emily's bed. She propped herself up against her pillows, her blue eyes wide.

"And..well. Sometimes, Mommy will start to cry. She doesn't see me but I can hear her and I get worried. Why does she start to cry?"

Bruce was taken aback by this. He had no idea, that when he left, Scarlett would sometimes start to cry. She had never expressed any sadness over why he did what he did. She had supported him and the only time he had seen her cry was when he sometimes come home with horrible cuts and bruises. He always reassured her that he was fine and that the cuts and bruises would go away. The fact that she hid it from him was alarming.

Taking a breath, Bruce said, "I don't know why Mommy cries. But you can bet that I'll ask her about it. Will that stop you from worrying about her?"

"Yes. Thomas too."

Smiling, Bruce tucked his daughter in once more before turning off the light and closing her bedroom door. As he began to walk down the hall to Thomas' room, a flash of light caught his attention through one of the windows. It was the bat signal shining brightly in the night. Stopping. Bruce looked down towards the hall that would take him down to the cave. To his right was the bedroom where Scarlett more than likely was. Taking this chance, Bruce walked quickly down the hall and opened the bedroom door. The lights were off and Scarlett was standing in front of the window, the bat signal illuminating her figure brigtly.


She stiffened slightly before she turned to him. Clad in a tight red tank top, long wool pants, her chain hanging around her neck, and her hair in soft waves, Bruce saw his wife's eyes welling up. On instinct, he rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her tightly. Scarlett embraced him tightly, before sniffling and looking up at him.

"I only cry because I worry. But I understand why you do what you do and I'm not going to stop you."

Bruce smiled and caressed her face before leaving her standing by the windows. As he opened their bedroom door, Bruce turned and said, "I'll try to not be late. And to not come home and have you wrapping cuts and bruises."

"I'll keep the bed warm," Scarlett said with a smile. "Go get 'em."

With that, he turned and closed the door. Letting out a breath, Scarlett turned and walked over to the windows, overlooking the darkness. A few minutes later, she smiled when the Tumbler came speeding out and reved down the way. Turning, Scarlett walked back to the bed and crawled into the warm covers. Pulling the covers over her body, she spoke silently into the darkness.

"He better hope that he didn't wake the twins."

Little did Scarlett know that down the hall, in Emily's room, the two Wayne children were looking out the window and had been when the Tumbler had come roaring from the cave. Thomas looked over at Emily and pouted.

"What," Emily said.

"When do I get to ride with Dad when he goes on Batman duty?"

"When Daddy and Mommy finally admit that Daddy is Batman. I tried to get him to admit tonight by telling him that Mommy cries and asking about the signal. But no luck. Your turn tomorrow night."

Well that's it. Those twins sure are clever. They know that Bruce is Batman and they are a bit peeved that Scarlett and Bruce lie to them. But, they are only trying to protect them.

Anyway, hope you liked it and remember this is 5 years later. This is not a preview for the next one. But I will tell you that in the next story Scarlett and Bruce are engaged and it's 5 months after Batman Begins. Lets say that took place in November 2005, so in the next one it will be April 2006. Scarlett and Bruce get married in December 2006. The twins are born in October 2007. Make sense? Hope so :)

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