Headache Season

Diary of Byakuya of the Noble House of Kuchiki

Today I met Ichimaru Gin while on my way to a meeting. His recent elevation in rank has clearly not gone to his head, as he greeted me very properly and offered to assist me in private if I should need any help with putting my forms in order.

I thanked him for his kindness but told him that it would not be necessary.

Ran into Ichimaru Gin today. He asked how I was, commenting that I looked pale. (His actual words were "jade-like whiteness of your face" - I must compliment his increased vocabulary. No doubt Aizen is responsible for broadening his horizons.) He offered to come round with some suitable tea later and rub my shoulders.

Most kind of him, but as I pointed out, I was quite well.

For some reason, observed Shiba Kaien beating his head against the wall in the background. A headache, maybe?

Met Ichimaru Gin on the way to the practice grounds and accepted his offer of a match. His style is good, though not yet perfect, and while naturally he fell in the face of Senbonzakura, he did his best. Unfortunately his clothes were shredded by the petals of my zanpakutou. He pointed out the many minor cuts on his muscular chest, asking me if I would like to inspect it more closely in private.

Of course, such things are best left to Fourth Division.

The headache problem seems to be spreading, as I noticed Abarai Renji and Madarame Ikkaku pausing in their own match to strike their foreheads vigorously.

Encountered Ichimaru Gin in the baths.

He was oddly insistent on scrubbing my back.

When I returned the favour, he had some sort of seizure attack which caused him to moan a lot and demand artificial respiration.

Naturally, I summoned Fourth Division at once.

Ichimaru had recovered enough by the time they arrived to rhythmically beat his head against the floor. More headaches?

Discovered today that Ichimaru Gin was in fact part of an evil conspiracy to subvert and destroy the Gotei 13.

Told Rukia about this while apologising to her for totally natural abandonment to execution situation. She too began to beat her head against the floor. Now that I think about it, my beloved Hisana did the same thing once or twice.

How fortunate that I never get headaches.