turning the screw

Aizen had made it his business to know Ichimaru Gin inside and out, forward and back, to be able to predict his movements, his words, his thoughts. That's why he knew how much the fear of death intrigued and excited Gin; it repelled him, but at the same time it drew him, making the escape from death that much headier and more intoxicating.

Poor Gin; Kira Izuru just didn't share that taste, however much Gin tried to wake it in him.

"Are you listening?" Aizen murmured in Gin's ear.

Gin made a small noise in his throat and wriggled, stretching out so that he brushed against Aizen and then withdrew.

Aizen couldn't see his face, but he knew that Gin would be smiling. "I've been thinking," he said. "About Tousen."

This time Gin deigned to make a questioning noise.

"We need to bind him to us more closely."

Gin stretched again, arms above his head. "Blackmail?" he suggested lazily. "Get the dirt on him and --"

"I was thinking of giving you to him," Aizen said, and caught Gin's wrists before the other man could react, pinning him against the mattress.

Gin went still, an automatic reaction. "You're joking," he said after a moment.

"You've been teasing him for a while now," Aizen said, leaning across to brush his lips against the back of Gin's neck. "Don't think I haven't noticed."

"You told me to."

"So I did."

"Aizen-taichou --"

"I'm sure you could do it," Aizen murmured. "Lead him on. Let him think he was taking the initiative. Wake a heat in him. Then bend in his hands, as soft as wax . . . I hear he likes his bedroom dark, Gin. He doesn't need the light, after all. Anyone else there is in the dark with him. They couldn't see."

Gin swallowed.

Aizen could feel the quick thread of pulse as he lowered his head to kiss Gin's neck. "I'd be sending you in helpless. I'd order you not to defend yourself. You'd be subject to his mercy . . . and he doesn't have any mercy, Gin. All alone with him in the dark."

"I . . ."

Aizen slid his free hand over Gin's eyes. "What makes you think you have a choice in the matter?"

Gin shuddered. "Oh yes," he whispered.

"In the dark," Aizen murmured, and moved to take Gin, still pinioning him with his hands above his head.