Seeing as many of you liked my first Harry Potter fic I decided to make another Harry/Luna pairing and who knows, I may still have other ideas up my sleeve for more. So, this is set after Deathly Hallows: Harry now that he has the chance to see Luna again after nineteen years. Will feelings rekindle? The first chapter might be a bit lame, but I needed to start somewhere. It will get better, though! This isn't a follow-up to my last story, they're meant to be read individually. So, in this story's case, that last fic never happened, sorry. :( I've written some of the additional information that JK Rowling supplied after the book was released and I got it off wikipedia so let's just hope it's genuine). There'll be 2 more chapters after this one – the first doesn't really contain the pairing yet. Needless to say, spoilers for Deathly Hallows. Please R&R.

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Chapter 1 – Hogwarts Reunited

Winter had arrived and the new arrivals to Hogwarts had been there for several months. Meanwhile, back at their parent's homes, there was a sense of emptiness as most of them had never dreamed of the day when they would be saying a tearful goodbye as they saw their little darlings off to boarding school. Harry and Ginny were now adapting to life in their new home and were beginning to get used to having more money to spend. Although they were inviting their children back for the Christmas holidays, they quite liked the companionship of each other and a quiet house for once.

One morning at breakfast, pure white owl swooped into the kitchen, carrying a letter in its beak. This was the new family owl. After Hedwig had died, Harry wanted another owl to remember her by so he had found the answer in an owl that bore a striking resemblance to her and called her Hafwen. Harry twitched the familiar-looking letter out of Hafwen's grip and read the parchment as Ginny looked over his shoulder. As he expected, this was from Hogwarts.

Dear Mr and Mrs Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is holding a reunion for ex-pupils on the 20 December. The function commences at approximately 7 o'clock in the Great Hall. There will be a buffet and various refreshments available. Please arrive in formal attire as there will be several dances held. Please mingle and we hope you enjoy your night.

Yours sincerely

Minerva McGonagall

Hogwarts previous Deputy Headmistress

"Even though McGonagall retired, she's still the chief scribe when it comes to official Hogwarts letters," said Harry, "I remember that day when I got my first letter telling me I was going to wizard school…"

"Yes, yes, we know all that. You've told the kids that story countless times!" said Ginny, "So, are we going? Do we know anyone else who's going?"

With that, another dark-brown owl came swooping through the window holding another letter. Harry opened it to see that it was from Ron and Hermione.

Dear Harry and Ginny,

We just got the invitation from Hogwarts, are you going to the reunion? All our old classmates are going as well as some of the younger ones who were in the year below. Let us know soon.

Love, Ron and Hermione.

"Guess we've got no other option than to go," said Harry, "When you're still known as The Boy Who Lived, it's considered suspicious not to show up."

"What'll we wear, though? Oh! I just saw this gorgeous dress in Witch Weekly.."

"Do you think Luna will be there?" asked Harry, cutting her off, mid-sentence.

"Well, she might. Why do you want to know?"

"I haven't seen her for years, or heard from her. I don't even know if she's still living round here. Do you know if she got married or something? The last I heard was that she was with Neville."

"No, that's a rumour. I think. Yeah, she did get married…to Rolf."

"Rolf who? We don't know any Rolf's."

"You know, the grandson of Newt Scamander, the guy who wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Rolf was gaining fame as a naturalist too and that's what Luna ended up working as, so I guess that's what they had in common. Their marriage was mentioned in the papers. Don't you read The Daily Prophet?"

"Not really, I haven't trusted that paper since fifth year," said Harry jokily.

"Hey, I have my own column in that paper, I'll have you know," said Ginny, giving him a playful swipe with the tea towel.

"Ok, I'm sorry," said Harry, laughing as he swatted the tea towel away. "Ok, we'll go to the reunion and get that dress you're going on about."

Ginny went upstairs to get her bag and coat and Harry sat at the table, pondering his memories of old friends. Most of them he had heard from but it seemed like Luna had mysteriously vanished. He knew she could look after herself but every now and again, he wondered: was she still the same, unique Luna he had known? Did people still find her weird? Did she still struggle to make friends? As he started getting ready to go to Diagon Alley for an outfit, he hoped that she would be at the reunion…

Yeah, there wasn't much pairing yet, but the next 2 chapters will get better and I should hopefully have chapter 2 up tomorrow. The whole Professor MacGonagall thing was rather cheesy but I couldn't think up a name for the headteacher as no official name was confirmed. You don't need to leave a review until it's finished but feel free if you want to!