Prologue: A Leader's Blossom



Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigake Kisame, followed their leader, who was currently making his way towards one of the locked rooms in the main headquarters of Akatsuki's hideout. Unlocking a door, all three men saw a pink-haired girl silently sleeping though it was pretty obvious that she damn in knocked out by a certain someone.

The leader opened his mouth as to say something when Kisame interrupted him.

"ne, leader-sama si this a new jinchuuri or just some girl you've picked out to be our new concubine?" Kisame asked him, as he saw their leader flush with anger.

"No she isn't-" again he was interrupted.

"Whoa, she's hot, yeah" a certain blonde haired cerulean eyed Deidara asked him.

"I, myself have to agree on that" Itachi nodded.

"Will you all let me finish?" their leader growled at the three.

"Aa" raven haired older Uchiha replied.

"Sure, yeah"

"Go on leader-sama"

"ahem, as I was saying, that girl" he paused momentarily "is my daughter and no, there's. no. way. In. hell. She'd. be. A. fuckass. Concubine."

"Oh…" all three other men replied back at him.

"So, why's she here, yeah?" Deidara spoke up, breaking the trail of silence that almost befell them.

"yes, about that" the leader coughed before saying "well, I've heard that a certain someone's younger brother" he looked straight at Itachi "has been running around with my little princess, of course, as her father, I am mainly obliged to keep her away from that scum" he finished as he looked directly at the elder Uchiha.

Itachi, noticing the glare given to him, shrugged and replied "what my foolish little brother has been doing is none of my business"

"I'd have to agree on that, that is why I've bought her here, for you two to take care of her" he looked at Itachi and Kisame "and since you've been snooping your nose into people's business, I'm assigning you to this mission as well" he added to Deidara who, currently, was trying not to get noticed as he tried to exit the room.

Hearing this, the stopped momentarily and gave out a sigh before giving a salute to their leader.

By this time 'round, the older Uchiha activated his Sharingan and started to scan the girl's body for any possible weapons in her body and became much attracted to the small chakra formation in her abdomen…

When Itachi finished scanning her body twice, he turned to listen to their leader's final notes…

"… remember she has inhumane strength so watch out for that… and oh yes, make sure that that little Uchiha brat won't his dirty hands on my Sakura-chan, are we clear?"

The other two men gave a nod before Itachi called their attention.

"leader-sama, I think we have a bit of a dilemma…"

The said leader then turned to face one of his Uchiha subordinates, "and what is it?" he asked irritably, he was due to a meeting in a few minutes and he didn't have mush to time to prepare for it.

Meanwhile, Kisame and Deidara looked at Itachi, waiting for him to speak. Finally the elder Uchiha opened his paled lips and said.

"She's pregnant"


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