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Epilogue: Peace

With the return of Konoha's next Hokage came a time of peace. With the Akatsuki destroyed and the rouge village of Sound destroyed there were no more serious enemies to Konoha. The cloud and the rock ninjas soon allied with Konoha when they heard what had happened to Sound, even though it had been a horrible mistake on my part. After serious discussions with all of my friends and many long talks with Tsunade I was finally proclaimed physically and mentally fit to be the next Hokage. The Sixth. And so it was. Less then six months later I was being declared the Sixth Hokage of Konoha. As the fire shadow, I have led not only the fire country, but the entire continent in a time of peace. Due to the allying of the rest of the hidden villages with Konoha the lords of the countries were also forced to ally together. The whole land is now controlled by a joint counsel of officials from every land, while the five kages now have regular meetings. I have even made friends with many of them, especially the Kazekage.

After that final battle with the Akatsuki the three valiant med-nin that had brought my wife back from the dead were hospitalized. None, though, had completely drained themselves of their life. Everyone who had seen me in my true form had been sworn into secrecy, though it became a moot point when I later decided to reveal my appearance to the city. I did so when I was explaining the death of Orochimaru to the public. The city to it better then expected. There were only a few people shallow enough to call me the demon I really was, even though I left out that part.

As For my friends

Sakura, my ever present friend and ally, is the head of the medic corps in Konoha. She manages her time well so that she can raise her two children and the three she adopted while also managing to teach classes.

Lee never stopped training. He turned down a post in the ANBU seven times in order to train genin teams. He stopped wearing the green spandex when he married Sakura, I think that it was probably a deal they made. He still hasn't stopped talking about the springtime of youth and no one understands him still.

Neji became an ANBU officer and is now the head of ANBU operations in the continent.

Ten-ten became an ANBU directly underneath Neji for a time. Shortly after her appointment, though, she became engaged to Neji Hyuga. She is now raising their two children.

Shikamaru was my chief military strategist for a few years before becoming the official diplomat to Suna. When he finally settled down he managed to marry Temari, who had not so patiently waited for him to set a date. When he didn't for two and a half years she finally submitted his resignation and eloped with him. I don't think that he was informed about the plan because I still have pictures of him being carried out of village tied up.

Choji and Ino… never got together. I know, they looked so well together. Choji became the proud owner of a restaurant specializing in BBQ. He couldn't be happier.

Ino went on to own her families flower shop. She found a husband in the unlikely place of Nano country who shared her love of flowers and violence.

Shino married inside his clan and, upon reaching Jonin status, joined the ANBU. It suits him fine and he has the highest success rate of any of out ninjas right now.

Hinata… well… I wish that I could say we lived happily ever after… so I will. Hinata resigned from being an active ninja a month after the final battle. Nine months after that we became the happy parents of a beautiful baby girl. Only a year later another was born. They couldn't be more different. Our first daughter, Chiyo, had my hair and eyes. She also had my ears and one of my tails. At first I was worried about how people would treat her, but they couldn't care less about her appearance. She is just as energetic as me, but her mother provides the perfect balance for her enthusiasm and always manages to calm her down when I just stir her up more. Our second daughter had her mother's hair and the Byakugan eyes, which I find beautiful. Her name was Kurenai, after Hinata's old sensei. She also had my ears and a tail, but hers were the same color as her hair, dark indigo. She had the same temperament of her mother and, even though they were complete opposites, she and her sister are best friends. Now we are expecting our third. Hinata hopes it is a boy, but I told her that I think another one that looked exactly like her would be fine. Just to add even more to the amount of beauty in my house. Husband points scored!

Where was I?

Jiriya and Tsunade. Those two just hang around Konoha drinking sake and teasing the youth. Jiriya uses old age as an excuse to somehow wind up in the woman's restroom. Tsunade, though, still manages to punch him through walls without hurting him or herself.

The teachers?

Kakashi has taken up Jiriya's job… at writing dirty novels. Enough said.

Kurenai teaches in the ninja academy on basic genjutsu.

Iruka still teaches the same old class… I often drop by to play a prank or two.

Thus ends the report of Naruto Uzimaku

Sixth Hokage of Konoha


"Yes, Kurenai?"


"You bet!"


"Sounds great!"

"Piggy back?"

"Only if you promise to tell your mother how much you enjoy her cooking!"


If a person looked close enough on any given day at the rooftops of Konoha they might see a blur of yellow streak past, usually accompanied by a child's laughter.

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