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All Human, The Swans and The Cullens are Neighbors in a cute little Beach town called Orange Beach in Alabama. Charlie is now Charles and Jasper and Rosalie are now Bella's snotty half-siblings. While Alice and Emmett are Edwards older brother and sister. It takes place in present time (2007) and Rose is 24, Jasper is 19, Bella is 16, Emmett is 25, Alice is 17, and Edward is 16. Enjoy.

Chapter One-


Ever since the day Isabella Swan and her family had moved to Orange Beach, Alabama; when she was three and a half, she had gone through her own personal Hell. It's not that her house wasn't perfect, because it was, it sat on a white sandy beach that nice big waves 'Woosh'ed onto every now and again, she even had her own room, that her smug older half-sister, Rosalie, didn't share with her anymore. She even had her own bathroom, and it had a bath AND a shower. It was that her neighbors, The Cullens, were PERFECT, but there was a flaw, the youngest, Edward, was the Devil's spawn.

Back then, they had Dinner regularly with the Cullens, and Alice, one of the perfect Cullens, would come to Isabella's room and they'd play Barbies, while Emmett, another Cullen, would make-out with Rosalie in her room. Jasper and Edward would play tackle-football in the sand outside, until, they would get bored, then they would bother us. I flinch at the memories that flashed through my brain, and many scars proove my point of the brutal meaness of the Edward. Jasper being my Older brother, would always stop him, though I still thought he got a kick out of Edward almost ripping my hair out.

My family treated me as an outcast, except my Father, Charles Swan, the big Business man, he made tons of money off of his voice activated lights, and talking scales. He married alot, his most recent is Ingrid, a German Supermodel, she is unfortunatly pregnant with another Swan child. You see my father is very incourageable. He likes to sleep around. His first wife, Elizabith Hale, is the mother of both Rosalie and Jasper, she kind of had a thing for old fashioned names, which my father let her go all out on especially since he was cheating on her and didn't care what his kids names were. Being the super Model she was, she had no need for two overly gorgeous children when she found her pig of a husband was sleeping with four other women, and left them with Charles for a reminder of his major mistakes. Elizabith then married a guy named Francus Drake, who spawned other gorgeous children, that visit rarely, and are almost as stuck up as Rosalie and Jasper. Then there was Renee, my Mom, who was a Writer for the local News Paper, he called to complain about her calling him 'Charlie' instead of 'Charles' in the News Paper and ended up going on a date with her, and having a one night stand, leading to me being concieved, they had nothing in common, and she handed him me after giving birth. She is now a New York Times Best Seller, and is married to some Count from France or something, her kids never visit. Then there were many other wives, who never had kids with my Dad. Then Unfortunate Ingrid, who is deffinately going to pop sometime soon. Her perfect stomach is now pertruding, with my fathers Son, whose name is going to be Donavon Samual Swan. Poor girl, she'll be gone soon, and poor Donnie will be stuck with Rosalie, Jasper, me and that terrible name.

The Cullens on the other hand, have never cheated, and never split up. Esme is a very sucessfull Home Decorator, and Carisle is a Doctor/Surgeon. Their oldest son, Emmett, lost his virginity to One of Edwards Nanny's, and she was fired, he now dates Rosalie, they've been on and off for a while. Alice is the secound oldest, and she is a shopping freak, everyday she wears a new outfit, then never wears it again, but other than that, shes really nice. Then Edward, the Youngest, is cruel, and mean, he is always picking on me, and doesn't know when enough is enough.

Like I said, it used to be that we had Dinner together most everyday, but that all changed when they became more Busy, and when my father got more into his work, so now they only come over to eat with us on Holiday's or Special Occasions. Today was Ingrid's 27 birthday, and we were having the Cullens and some of Ingrids friends and Family come over for a Party. (FYI: Charles is like 47 or something, but REALLY good looking like Brad Pitt :D) As I walked down the stairs and sat infront of the blaring t.v. and watched Jasper play his strange murdering Video game, my encounters with the Perfect -cough-not-cough- Cullens, and my siblings flashed in my head.

Holly, my dad's fiance at the time brushed my knotty hair, getting me ready for our weekly Dinner with the Cullens that I dreaded all week. She smiled and announced that I was presentable, and sent me down the stairs to wait for their arrival. Jasper was programing his new Cell phone and sticking his tongue out at me. I sighed and sat on the chair farthest from him so he couldn't hit me. (Bella was 7 and Jasper was 10, and Rosalie was 15, and Emmett was 16, Alice was 8, and Edward was 7)

Rosalie came down the stairs, she had mounds of make-up on and a was wearing the newest clothes in style. She smoothed her knee length plad skirt and adjusted her off-the-shoulder shirt that ended just above her belly button, showing off her disgustingly flat stomach. She snapped her gum, and plopped down on the seat next to Jasper. Her ice-blue eyes focusing on the t.v. that was blaring and then scoffed at the Cartoon and changed it to the News.

I twitched in my seat and she let her large eyes travel from the t.v. to me, she smiled a wicked smile and said with venom in her voice, "Oh Isabella," She paused for dramatics, "You look ever so ugly"

I frowned and picked the seam on my jeans, Jasper chuckeled and got slapped on the back of the head.

"Shut up Jasper!" Rosalie scolded then turned back to the t.v. the blue-glare making her perfect features look more gorgeous. She smiled knowing I was looking at her and pouted her plump lips showing how more Model-like she looked compaired to me. Jasper sucked in his cheeks in a male-model look, mocking me too. I turned from my siblings tears in my eyes and waited until Alice was there to dull away the aching pain in my heart.

When she arrived we dashed into my room, and luckily they didn't bother us until Dinner, when Edward kicked me hard on the shin under the table. I groaned in pain, but bit my tongue, knowing he would just hurt me worse if I told my parents.

Me and Alice were watching a Movie in my room about some weird Rich girl who seriously needed to learn how to think when Edward and Jasper burst into the room.

"Hey Girls" Jasper said, plopping down next to Alice on my bed. She sighed and scooted away from him, pushing me lightly to the left. Edward sat on the floor infront of my t.v. he smiled.

"This chick is seriously Hot"

Jasper scoffed, "Yeah she is, I mean, I would tap that" Alice shuddered, and I couldn't help not to either.

Edward kicked the door closed with his foot, and turned to me and Alice.

"Hey Japser? How 'bout we all gang up on Isabella?" Alice and I shook our head no, but that didn't stop Edward and Jasper.

They pounced on me and Edward pulled my hair while Jasper hit me with a pillow. I kicked them and tried to push them off but Edward just caught my foot and bit me hard on my ankle, which would create a very nasty scar. Jasper tried to punch me in the stomach but Alice jumped on him, and they started wrestling on the floor.

Edward stood up on the bed, he was much taller than me, him being a boy, even both of us being 12, he towered over me. Then he jumped twice then did one of those wrestling things were they body slammed them, I got a couple bruises, then I started hitting him, I slapped him twice, then he pinned my arms down, and my legs down with his own legs.

"Not so fisty now, eh? Isabella?" I whimpered, then he head-butted me, and made my nose bleed. He laughed when him and Jasper left the room, and Alice was sobbing on the floor I got up, whiping my nose with a tissue, and she and I cried until dinner.

I shuddered. Jasper was staring at me with some weird smile on.

"Y'know Isabella, Edwards gonna be over today" I nodded, gulping.
"Y'know he's on the football and lacross team too?" I gulped again, he must be big, like Emmett was.
"I didn't know that"

Jasper smiled. "I'll protect you, I guess you've gotten enough scars, and bruises from him already"

I sighed, "Not to mention you, and Rosalie"

He laughed, "I guess I've had my share of 'Beat up Isabella's' "

I nodded, "Like when you hit me with that bat, and when Rosalie dropped her curling Iron on my foot, on purpose"

He nodded. "But, have I beat you up lately?"

I shook my head, and he smiled a victorious smile.

"I've heard Alice has won a couple Beaty Pagents, eh?"

I nodded, and he smiled, "So shes that hot huh?"

I groaned, "I don't judge girls Jasper"

He laughed, "Well, I don't know, you've never had a boyfriend before Isabella."

I sighed, that again, "Well, I can't trust boys, let alone my own family!"

He put up his hands in a 'I surrender' type thing. "Alright Alright, calm down hot head" I sighed, hot head, my nick name. He messed up my hair and strolled into the kitchen where Rosalie was, helping Ingrid cook the chicken. I could hear her shouts of dismay and then Jasper trudged into his room, unwelcome in the Kitchen.

The doorbell rang, and Ingrid scurried to answer it.
"Esme!" She bellowed in her thick exotic acsent. "Carisle, welcome back!" They hung their coats in the closet and wished her a happy birthday.
"Oh Alice," Ingrid purred, "You look radiant!" Alice giggled and said "Happy Birthday" and bounced over to me.
"Hey Bella!" She sung in my ear, "It's been so long!" Her straight black hair was cut in choppy angles around her perfect face, which held no make-up. I smiled, "It has, wow Alice, you've changed!" She giggled and told me all about her Pagents and how she won every single one she entered. I laughed in the appropriate parts and smiled every so often, but I was waiting for the snarl that Edward would make at me, and braced myself for his hard hit. It never came.

"Edward!" Jasper called from the thrid floor, loud thunderous footsteps marched from down the stairs as Jasper decended.
"Oh, watchout" Alice whispered in my ear, "He's a little testy today"

I nodded, stealing a glance at the god in the middle of my House.

His Bronze hair hung handsomely around his face, and looked like it was messed up from sleep, it was going in all directions, which was really attractive to me. His face was harsh, and cold, but beautiful, for a guy. The angles of his cheekbones cast shadows on his cheeks from the lighting, and his lips were in a permanant grimace, forming a sort of pout look. His chin was perfectly chizzled, as was his body, the muscular pecks stood out in his dress shirt and his jeans rode low on his hips, but his boxers were covered by the length of his shirt, only if he raised his arms would they show. His long legs were still inside the washed out jeans and his pale fingers were running through his hair, since his arm was up-raised, his shirt lifted, and showed off a nice long pale side, but no boxers, he had the lines on either side of his hips that trailed down his pelvis, and a light bronze colored happy trail.

I looked away, then looked back at him, he was looking my way, his emerald eyes stung holes in my skin and I looked back at Alice who raised an eyebrow at me and dragged me unwillingly to my room. As we passed Edward he stuck out his foot, and tripped me, I stumbled and he let out the most gorgeous musical laugh ever. Alice pulled me faster into my room and slammed the door, then turned her forest green angrily eyes at me.
"No!" I lied, I liked the looks of Edward, but not Edward himself. So I didn't actually like him, right?
She snickered, "You lie, I saw you undressing him with your eyes, you so dig Edward!"

I shushed her "No I don't, it doesn't matter that I think he's cute, I don't like the way he is, he tortured me as a kid, so I will NEVER like Edward"

She smiled, "Good" I nodded and layed back on my bed, while Alice talked about her recent shopping trips.

As the guests arrived Alice and I had already exited my room and were walking on the Beach, collecting shells. Alice picked up the pretty ones, and I picked up the ones that were kind of holey and broken, but they still had a certain beauty. She smiled, and picked up a shell that was battered and had a pretty purple shine to it,

"Bella, this shell reminds me of you," She paused, "Its been battered, like you, and still I consider it Beautiful."

I started to protest but she just shushed me. After a while we got tired of walking and went inside, as we started up the Beach Jasper and Edward were just stripping their clothes and jumping into the water, in their knee length swimming trunks. Edwards pale stomach was exposed and had a series of ripples in it, and his hard chest resembled the pecks most hard working muscule men have.

He looked at me just as a gust of wind blew by me, my hair blew around my face and gave me goose bumps, my long frilly skirt blew around my legs. I blushed as he stared at me, then tripped as he ran into the water. Jaspers booming laugh echoed around us, then it was cut off by the loud music blaring around us in the house.

I looked back through the window at Edward who had already dunked his head under water and just surfaced shaking his hair out. He was biting his lower lip, and I unconciously bit mine too. I shook my head, which was fogging over and ran to Alice's side, who was hurriedly searching in her bag for something, then she pulled out a blood red skimpy bathing suit that had rinestones on it, then a black one that looked like little pieces of material.

I gulped. "Alice, what are those for?"

She smiled, "We're going swimming Bella!"

When I went to protest, she shoved the black bathing suit in my hands and me into the bathroom. I locked myself in it and glared at the bathing suit. No way was I going to wear THIS! But after a while I got curious and put it on, it showed off my non-existant curves and made my pale skin look paler. Alice pounded on the door.


I groaned, "NO WAY ALICE!"


I grumbled and stepped out, covering my pink-tinted skin. She smiled and handed me a light cover-up dress with yellow seams and a soft white material. I slipped it on, and we exited my bedroom, but I didn't get far because a large burly guy grabbed me by the waist and hugged me into a large bear hug.

"Oh Bella!" He exhaled sending the smell of pepermint into my face.

"Uhh..." I groaned, he smiled at me, showing his big pearly whites,

"Don't you remember me silly goose?" I shook my head, sending my long brown hair in a wild frenzy whipping him in the face. He spit out my hair that some how made it into his mouth,

"Its Emmett, you loser!"

I laughed and hugged him, "Wow, Em, you got BIG!" He laughed and patted my back, and spun me in circles.

Alice sighed, "Emmett, your big brother moment is over, Bella and I are gonna' go swiming!"

He put me down and patted my head, and told me not to drown, then returned to Rosalie, who was strutting about in her tight little red dress. He rested his head ontop of hers and she snuggled into his chest. She looked so nice for once, and I smiled, knowing they were ment to be.

Alice broke me out of my revere and dragged me into the whisping wind of outside, into the now blaring Pop music Ingrid liked. She ripped off her dress and ran into the warm water, after a couple of minutes she noticed I wasn't following her, so she bekoned for me to join her, so I slowly pulled off my dress and entered the warm water, following the giddy Alice. Frowning the whole way into the sloshing water.

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