Missing You - Flash Forward

Meg noticed the good looking young man grip the door handle a little tighter as he subtly swallowed down his fear. She pushed back a strand of red hair that had worked its way from her ponytail as a smirk began to spread across her pretty face.

Serves him right, she laughed inwardly. Ever since she picked him up in front of the bus station her sister's boyfriend had tried to get information out of her about Danielle and the rest of the McCoy's. It didn't really bother her, being the little sister of three very attractive siblings she had gotten used to it and grown to expect it.

She almost felt sorry for Danielle's boyfriends; they never seemed to stick around for long. Probably not their fault, the beautiful redhead surmised. Her older sister had a way of drawing men like flies but none had ever gotten under her skin, until now. Andy was tall, dark and handsome, definitely Ellie's type, but there was something different about this one. When she had brought him home during Christmas break she hadn't done the usual warning to the family to take it easy on him, even to her brothers. Danielle must have figured if Andy were going to stick around he would have to learn how to deal with the McCoy bunch. Meg thought that her father and brothers might even actually like him.

Seeing Andy's knuckles go another shade of white as the pink mustang convertible sped up the desert mountain road she slowed slightly, deciding she might like this one, too.

"So Ellie's pretty nervous to tell my parents she picked BU for law school, huh?"

Andy forced himself to relax, hiding how nervous he was to be trapped in the classic sports car with his girlfriend's seventeen year old sister who's main ambition in life was to be the next Danica Patrick. From everything he had heard about the girl she had the talent and guts to surpass the three-time Indy 500 winner.

"Yeah," he finally croaked out. "I hope they're not going to be too upset she picked a school so far away."

"Any issue they may have with it will be nothing compared to what they're going to say about Ryan and Jamie's announcements."

"What do you think they are going to say?" Andy wondered out loud knowing what the boys' plans were and how upset his girlfriend had been over them.

"My mom may cry but she will be happy they are following their dreams."

"What about your dad?"

"He'll be supportive once he calms down, but it will be the hardest on him." Meg sighed knowing her father too well.

Andy mulled that info over in his mind, after one meeting with the man he could tell how protective Danny McCoy was of his children. He studied Meg out of the corner of his eye, he had met Mary McCoy a few times and the girl sitting next to him looked exactly like her mother.

"Genetics is pretty freaky," the teenager laughed when Andy pointed this out to her. She had been hearing it her whole life and only hoped she looked as hot as her mother still did at her age.

Once, she had overheard her father and Uncle Mike talking about her wild, free spirit and her dad had said he wondered if Mary would have been that carefree if she hadn't grown up with a father like Frank. The thought made her smile falter, she knew her biological grandfather had died in jail some time ago but it was never discussed what had put him there. She had questioned Aunt Ashley once, whom she was very close to, but she had simply said he wasn't a part of their lives and asked her not to bring it up to her mother or Aunt Ariel.

The ring of the cell phone interrupted her thoughts and a smile covered her face once more at the tone in Andy's voice when he talked with her sister.

"I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up." Ellie apologized.

"It's really fine, I'll get there a little early to help Meg and your grandmother set up, besides, it's not your fault your plane was late."

Andy could hear the frustration in his girlfriend's voice as she told her brothers to quiet down so she could hear over the noise of the busy airport.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, we're at baggage claim and Jamie is just being his usual impatient self." She gave a warning glare to her brother who was bouncing on his heels, eager to just grab any suitcase that headed around the luggage carousel. Both of her brothers were as tall as her father, which made it easy for her to spot them in the airport crowd.

"Ryan! It's that one!" Danielle shouted above the noise, pointing to the gray case with yellow tags. Her older brother easily hefted the suitcase off the belt and waved to his younger brother standing on the other side. "Sweetie, I gotta go. I'll see you at the party."

Another smirk crossed over Meg's face, Ellie must have it bad if she's calling him Sweetie.

"I take it the boys are there and they're on their way?" Meg asked, already knowing the answer since she could hear the entire conversation.

"Yeah." Andy smiled shyly; he couldn't wait to see his girlfriend again. They hadn't seen each other in nearly three weeks. "What are your grandparents like?" he said hoping Meg could give him some insight since his own girlfriend wasn't always forthcoming when the topic of her family came up.

"Nona and Papa? My Nona is very nice, you'll like her. Papa… well, he can take awhile to get used to if you're an outsider." Meg saw something flash across Andy's face and immediately regretted her choice of words. "Not that I think you're an outsider," she stammered. "I just mean you're not part of the family… I mean, that's not what I mean… I mean…you don't know them, um, you're-"

"It's okay, Meg. I know what you mean." Andy smiled reassuringly, knowing the poor girl hadn't meant to slight him.

"So they're your dad's parents?"

"No, my dad's parents died way before we were born."

"So your mom's parents." Andy stated.

"Actually…" Meg explained the relationship to her mother and Andy sat back in amazement, surprised his girlfriend never explained it before.

As the car pulled up in front of a large, gorgeous home an older, attractive woman with pale blonde hair came out. She smiled and waved to them before calling out to her granddaughter.

"Mary Margaret! Park behind your aunts car and hurry, I need help with the centerpieces."

Meg smiled in acknowledgement then after setting the brake she quickly climbed out. She reached in the backseat for her dress and shoes to change into later and Andy grabbed his bag.

"Have your dad and papa always gotten along?" Andy hoped the conversation would give him some insight on how to approach the old man.

"No, not exactly." Meg smiled at Andy who was looking at her expectantly. "Let me tell you a story….."

End of Flash forward


"I emailed you the latest photos, sir." The deep voice on the other line was curt and professional.

"Thank you, Tim." Ed Deline disconnected the call and immediately went to his inbox. There they were, 10 photos but no clues on how to bring Danny and Mary back to Vegas.

Dammit! Ed threw his paperweight across his office and put his head in his hands.

"I'll bring them back, Ness. I'll bring them all back. I promise."

His words to Nessa from a week ago rang in his ears. He looked over the pictures again, he was glad they seemed so happy in Tahoe but there must be something that would draw them back.

He opened the latest photo taken yesterday of Mary's stepmothers wedding. It was held in Tahoe where Carol and her new husband, Tom, would honeymoon for a few days leaving the young girls with Danny and Mary. Ed had found out Carol and Tom planned to take the girls on a Disney cruise next weekend. Tom was a nice man; he was a foreman who worked at McCoy Construction who Carol had met through Jack Perry, the man who had run the company for years. Ed would bet Danny had still checked Tom out thoroughly, Ed had and he didn't even know Carol.

Ed sighed and leaned his fist against his forehead, slumping forward in his chair.

What the hell am I going to do?