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Summary: Sequel to Another Buffy got to change the outcome of things and the following year was definitely different. She and Spike had been connected by their souls and now she's pregnant with his triplets, but they're not your normal babies...Spike had to help Angel in the big fight against the Black Thorn and she doesn't know if he's coming back...and did Angel really sign his Shanshu away or do the Powers have a surprise for'll have to see...

Normal is Never an Option

Chapter One

What Happened Next


"So in terms of a plan?" Spike asked, gearing his new found power up for one hell of a fight.

"We fight" Angel simply said as Cordy stood beside him, gripping her own sword tighter.

"Bit more specific" Spike urged.

Angel stepped forward. The fight was just seconds away. He grasped his sword firmly and smiled.

"Well personally i wanna slay the dragon" the first of the demons were ready to attack. Angel swung his sword, "Lets go to work"

The demons had come in full force. None of them had any plans to show mercy and let the good guys live. They had, like most predators, gone to the weakest first. Though Illyria fought hard to save him, Gunn was killed with in minutes of battle. Illyria had carried his body to a quiet location, not wanting him to be damaged any more than he already had been. The death brought out an emotion in her: grief. She wasn't used to it and it made her fight mercilessly. She killed every creature that stood before her.

Angel and Cordy stood side by side, their swords slicing in the air, as they brutally chopped through demons. But Cordelia wasn't inhuman and she was growing tired, her actions getting sloppy, if she wasn't careful, she'd end up like Gunn.

Willow and Spike had killed their horde of demons. They were probably the most powerful out of the gang. Spike could feel his combined power flowing through every inch of him. He was literally unstoppable, but none of that mattered if his friends didn't make it. Heck, he even wanted Angel to survive.

Willow was throwing balls of fire in every direction, disintegrating anything they touched. She ran to help Wesley, who wasn't too badly beat up, but like Cordelia was growing tired.

"Cordelia!" Spike shouted.

She turned just in time to block a demons axe from slicing her head clean off. She stabbed the hell beast and it fell to the ground amongst the other demon bodies. She staggered slightly, her knees growing weak with exhaustion., but Angel turned and caught her before she fell any further.

"Spike! Get her out of here!" Angel yelled.

Spike didn't hesitate. He ran through the mass of attacking demons and lifted Cordelia over his shoulder. With lightning speed he carried the brunette to a safer place where she could rest. He was about to turn when she grabbed his hand.

"Thanks" she sighed.

"No problem pet" he smiled and she released his hand.

"Hey Spike?"

"Yeah, luv?"

"Kick their ass for me" they both laughed before he ran back out the alley and into the fight.


Giles picked Buffy up from the floor and gently placed her in the dry, warm car. He wiped away the mud from her face with his sleeve and slowly she started to become more aware of her surroundings.

"Good lord Buffy, are you OK" he asked.

Her eyes rested on his. "I'm fine. But we need to hurry, if we wanna catch our plane" she reminded him.

"Ah yes" and with that he closed the car door and ran round to the drivers side. "The slayers should arrive there soon"

"The slayers?"

It was true. By the time Spike had arrived back on the scene there was an army of at least fifty maybe even double that, girls joining in with the fight. They had an array of weapons and they fought well. He knew immediately from their fighting style they were slayers.

Wesley was thrown back by a huge green scaly demon. He cut the side of his head severely on the concrete pavement, and a steady flow of blood poured down his cheek. Spike put out a hand and helped him up.

"Maybe you should take a break" Spike yelled over the roaring fight.

"I couldn't do that" he replied.

"Fair enough mate, just take it easy"

"Will do" and with that he was back in the fight.

The fight went on for hours before Angel came to the startling realisation. It was nearly dawn. Sure Spike would be OK, that was one of the things that came with the connection he had with Buffy. But he was a normal vampire. He would be dust as soon as the first beam reached him. He could die fighting, but he couldn't die like that.

They had to do the plan.

"Willow, it's time!" he shouted to the witch.

"You sure? Because you haven't killed your dragon yet" she laughed nervously.

"It's time"

She nodded in understanding. Suddenly she glowed an immense light. All the demons were momentarily stunned and the slayers took this opportunity to kill as many as they could. Then a strong wind blew around her and her white hair rose up into the sky like a flickering candle. Slowly her feet left the ground and she began to float higher and higher. The higher she got the more power ran through her. All of sudden she fell to the ground and she let out an ear piercing scream. The demons began to howl in pain and some creatures heads literally exploded from the high pitch noise. Soon enough the number of enemies had been decreased significantly. Now it was just the clean up.

"Why couldn't we do that to start with?" Spike asked Angel as they began to kill off the last of the demons.

"Because Willow cant fight now, we had to wait until the right time" he explained.

But what he didn't realise was that by the time he had finished his sentence, he had stopped fighting. It took a moment to sink in, but when it did, it was incredible. They were all dead. The Circle of The Black Thorn were all dead. Around him lay hundreds of demon corpses. They'd won, or at least for now.

"We bloody did it" Spike shouted happily, "Bloody good plan of yours"

"Thanks" Angel smiled brightly.

But then his smile faded and he simply looked confused. This was followed by the heavy rain stopping and the clouds above parted. A heavenly white beam flowed down and highlighted him like a spot light. Spike took a step back, not sure what to make of this, as he did so, he noticed Cordelia now by his side.

"Oh my god" she gasped. "But i thought..."

Then the light was gone. Angel fell to his knees and began to breath deeply. And yes he really was breathing.

"The Shanshu" he panted "I got my Shanshu" he slowly staggered up and smiled, his hand over his beating heart.

"Looks like your a real boy after all" Spike commented. But Angel was lost for words. "Any way, I'd love to hang around and all...but i made a promise to a, good luck with the human thing" and with that Spike smiled at Cordelia and nodded at Angel.

Spike had a family to get back to...

To Be Continued...

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