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Normal is Never an Option

By Secret Slayer

Chapter Six

Merry Christmas!


As soon as the pair were out of sight and hearing range Willow turned to Giles. She looked at him seriously.

"You haven't told them? You know, about one of the babies," the red head asked.

"I don't think it's necessary until they're born," Giles answered. "Witch doctors have been known to get things wrong. Lets hope this is one of those times."

"I hope your right Giles because otherwise your putting everyone in danger, not just Buffy and Spike."

"I know."

One Month Later, December 24th ...

Buffy trailed aimless circles around her very pregnant belly with her fingers. The babies were kicking and punching and she was sure that one had the hiccups. She shifted on the bed, trying to get more comfortable, and looked over to her sleeping vampire. He was deep in a dream, she could tell by the worried frown marks on his face. She looked at him softly, wondering just what went on inside that bleached head of his.

Even now, after everything they had been through, all of what was happening seemed unreal. Like a strange dream. She couldn't say she hated it. She was in love, she was pregnant, she was immortal and she was powerful, but sometimes she missed the beat of her heart. The way it used to pound in her chest when Spike gave her that trademark smirk, or how it used to speed up with adrenaline in a good fight.

"Buffy?" came a sleepy British voice.

She turned her head, to find that Spike was now awake.

"Your awake," she stated, shifting out of bed.

"Where you going, luv?" he asked her as she wrapped her dressing gown around herself.

"I need to know more about this Hellmouth," Buffy sighed, placing her hand behind her aching back, "And I need to move around a bit. Babies are active tonight," she smiled, resting a hand on her bump.

Spike rolled out of bed, pulling his black T-shirt on over his head.

"What are you doing?" Buffy asked, watching him as he got dressed.

"Coming with you, pet," he answered, strapping up his boots.

Buffy sighed with a smile, "You don't have to. You can go back to..."

"Vampire, remember," he interrupted, "I don't sleep well anyway."

"Sure it's not just the excitement of Christmas coming?"

"I'm sure."

Buffy nodded, holding out her hand, which he took.

They left their bedroom and descended the guest house stairs. Though Buffy didn't show it, she was extremely nervous, and not just about the Hellmouth. Her pregnancy, being anything but normal, moved much faster than the average. She was about six months gone, but the babies could be expected any day. She was wondering if that was the reason for all their extra activity.

"So," Buffy began, breaking the silence, " What did ya get me for Christmas?" she looked at the vampire with a cheeky smile.

Spike smirked, "It's a surprise, luv."

Buffy pouted.

"What did you get me?" he asked after a moment.

"It's a surprise," she replied.

They moved through the lounge, where Buffy and Dawn had decorated the enormous tree with sparkly white and red lights, classy glass baubles, elegant ornaments and the beautiful golden angel that perched heavenly on top of the tree. The rest of the house was well decorated, but the tree was Buffy's favourite. Under it lay hundreds of presents. Money was no longer an issue, seeing as the Watchers council had a never ending supply and her father figure was the new owner of such council.

Eventually, after Buffy's pregnant waddling, the couple made it out the front door. There was a thick layer of fresh snow on the English ground. The lights of the manor twinkled in the cold night. The sky was clear, showing the endless stars and the low lying moon. Buffy shivered slightly from the winter cold, but then she frowned, coming to a dead halt. Spike felt Buffy's grip on his hand tighten suddenly and as he turned he saw her eyes as wide as saucers.


"I-I think my waters broke."

Meanwhile, the library in the manor...

Angel's eyes grew wide as they scanned the ancient scroll. He glanced up between Wesley and Giles.

"This would work?" Angel asked, a smile twitching at his lips, "Are you sure?"

"Most definitely," Giles replied.

"Well what we waiting for?" Angel asked, standing to his feet.

Giles sighed and leant against the long, wooden desk. He pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head gently, slowly closing his eyes and soon reopening them.

Angel frowned, noticing the tired and worried look on the watchers face. He glanced at Wesley, who also wore a concerned gaze.

"Wes, Giles?" he prompted, his voice lowering,"What's wrong?"

Wesley coughed to clear his throat and began, "You seem awfully rash," he said softly, but his eyes had a certain hardness behind them, "You must consider Cordelia and the implications."

Angel shook his head stubbornly, "What implications? I was a vampire longer than I was a man. Plus, I'll have my soul."

"What about Cordelia?" Giles questioned, "She is having your baby. She nor the child will be immortal. Your not like Buffy and Spike. If you go back to being a vampire with a soul, you'll without doubt outlive Cordelia and your child. Those are the implications."

Angel sighed heavily and his dark eyes looked between the Watchers, "I'll find a way."

He turned suddenly, almost knocking the just arriving Cordelia over, and stormed out the grand oak doors.

Cordy frowned, "What's his deal?"

Before the men had a chance to answer though, Angel came running back in, nearly knocking the doors off their hinges. His face was slightly pale and his dark eyes were wider than anyone thought possible.

"Angel?" Cordelia stepped towards him.

"It's Buffy," he began, "She's having the babies."

Cordelia, Giles and Wesley glanced at each other, before swiftly grabbing their jackets and heading out into the cold.

"Ow," Buffy said bluntly, as Spike stood frozen. Suddenly something more painful surged through her, "OW!"

Spike snapped back to reality, "Bloody hell," he rushed forward, putting one arm behind Buffy's knees and the other under her arms. With one fluid motion he picked her up and ran with the strength of a vampire to his car, just as Angel, Wesley, Cordelia and Giles spilled out of the door in a panicky mess.

"Good lord!" Giles exclaimed, "Wesley go and inform Dawn, Willow and Xander."

Wesley nodded and ran back into the building.

"Angel... Cordelia... Follow me."

"This," Buffy began as Spike gently seated her on the car seat, "Really," she said between breaths she should no longer own, but suddenly found them very helpful, "HURTS!" she screamed as a contraption hit her.

Spike shut the car door, almost slipped on the ice, and ran to the drivers side, "Right," he said, frantically trying to put the key in the ignition. Being a nervous wreck at this point, the keys dropped from his hand, falling to the car floor.

"SPIKE!" Buffy growled at him.

Angel climbed into the back of the Watchers car, Cordelia sitting close beside him.

"That will be us soon," she sighed, the slight sound of fear edging her voice.

"Crap," the ex vampire suddenly said.

Cordelia frowned at him and he quickly back peddled.

"No, not that," he leant forward so he could speak to Giles, "She's not alive is she? Buffy I mean. That connection with Spike... It makes her practically dead."

Giles nodded, "Yes, yes... what of it?"

"We need to get to the hospital... now!"

The car came to a grinding stop outside the British hospital. Spike moved to climb out of the car, but a strong, hand breaking grip caught his fingers.

"Don't leave me," Buffy managed, through laboured breaths.

"I never leave, pet," he smiled softly, "Should know that buy now."

Buffy smiled back, forgetting the pain... for about half a second.

"Go," she suddenly said, "Go, now!"

Spike frowned, "What!"

"I need a doctor!"

Spike didn't hesitate and was soon back with a midwife. Gently he helped his slayer into the provided wheelchair and took her into the hospital.

Angel jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped. He ran as fast as his human legs could take him, just wishing even more he was a vampire again. He bolted through the doors, almost sending patients and doctors flying everywhere. Noticing the distinct flash of bleached blonde he called out the vampire's name.


Spike turned at the sound of his grande sire's voice. He saw the dark haired man motioning him to come over. Normally Spike would ignore Angel without a second thought, but the look of panic on the man's face told the vampire maybe he should do as he's told for once.

"Buffy, I'll be right back!"

"W-Where are you going?" she asked shakily as she was continued to be taken into theatre.

"I'll be right back."

Buffy watched as her vampire ran off.

"What the bloody hell do you want?" Spike growled.

"Spike, she cant give birth naturally. Trust me. Darla tried... she had to die to give birth. Make sure she gets the right treatment," Angel said as calmly and as clearly as possible.

Spike nodded, for once making sure all the information absorbed, "We've got a special doc in there anyway," Spike began, glancing back to where his slayer had been, "In case the delivery was a little less that normal."

"Good," Angel said with a sigh of relief.

Spike heard Buffy yell in pain, and turned in a flash, weaving through the patients and doctors.

"Spike!" Angel called again. The vampire paused slightly, but didn't turn, "Good luck!"

Spike turned to face him briefly, nodded and then was off again.

Just as the bleach blonde disappeared, the whole gang arrived. Dawn came in a with a huge smile and carrying Buffy's overnight bag. Willow and Xander both looked shaky, but excited at the same time. Giles and Wesley tried to smile, but both were too concerned to look excited yet and Cordelia was too busy looking for Angel, who she eventually saw coming towards them.

"Did you say what you had to say?" she asked him.

He smiled softly, taking her hand, "They've got a special doctor in there. Probably knows how to deliver magical babies."

"Ah, yes," Giles sighed, "I forgot. We had a witch doctor on standby for when the babies were born. He was probably here before Buffy and Spike."

"Now you tell me," Angel sighed, flopping back into one of the waiting room chairs.

Six hours, fifteen minutes and thirty seven seconds later...

No one could remain seated any more. The longer time ticked by, the more agitated and concerned the Scoobies got.

"Good lord," Giles mumbled as he paced back and forth, glancing between his watch and the clock on the wall, "I do hope everything is go-"

Suddenly the floor trembled. At first gently, but then more violently, causing all members of the Scooby gang to tumble to the floor. Patients and doctors began running around the shaking building, some even screaming as they evacuated the building.

"C-Could this be the H-Hellmouth?" Wesley asked the older Watcher as they tried to stand.

"I don't believe so," he answered.

"It's not," Willow suddenly said, "It's a different kind of energy. A better one... it's not evil. I can feel it. It's..."

All of sudden, everything went as still as a mill pond, but not as soon as it did so, a blinding white light flashed from the theatre where Buffy was delivering. It escaped the room and surged down the corridors of the hospital like an electric current. And then it was gone, and in it's place, something new filled the stillness of the hospital. Cries.

"Can you hear that?!" Dawn asked excitedly, "That must be the babies!"

"Looks like the Buffster did it!" Xander sighed with a relieved smile spreading over his face.

"What was with the special effects?" Cordelia asked, flattening out her clothes, her pregnant bump just beginning to show.

"Well as you know," Giles began, cleaning his glasses, "The babies aren't any old babies. I should imagine a great amount of energy was released when they were brought into the world."

A flash of bleach blonde brought all eyes back to the theatre room. Spike was smiling like an idiot. A sure sign things had gone well. He glanced back and forth between Buffy and the Scoobies, and then gave a thumbs up to the gang.

Dawn squealed with delight, jumping up and down and clapping her hands together. Willow and Xander found themselves in a very close hug. They glanced at each other awkwardly, a familiar feeling flowing through them, but both quickly discarded it and stepped away from each other, hugging the next nearest person.

"Can we go home now?" Cordy sighed.

Everyone glared at her.

"Hey! Don't give me that look. I'm pregnant and moody. I want sleep. Plus," she glanced at her watch, "It's Christmas day. I at least wanna sleep before we open presents."

"She has a point," Xander added, "Buff's not gonna be allowed visitors yet... we might as well go home. Make things baby friendly before the new parents come back."

Willow smiled softly, "Sounds good."

"Merry Christmas guys," Dawn said.

"Merry Christmas Dawnie."

"This one is definitely Molly," Spike announced, looking into the newly born baby's blue eyes.

"Suits me. This one looks like a Grace," Buffy mused looking at the baby in her left arm, "Which makes you Jason," she added, glancing at the baby in her right arm.

"I don't like it," Spike suddenly said.

"What?" Buffy asked, glancing up at him with her tired eyes.

"The name," he said, "Jason. Doesn't suit him."

Buffy laughed a little, "Then what do you have in mind?"

"What about Charles?" he said softly, "After Gunn. You know... it would mean something. Good mate of ours was Charlie-Boy."

Buffy considered it for a second, "I like it. Charlie it is."

They both fell quiet, staring in awe at the tiny, but potentially incredibly powerful, bundles of joy in their arms. Buffy looked to the side at the little clock beside her bed. She smiled and looked up at her vampire.

"Spike?" she said softly.

"Yeah luv?" came his sleepy reply as he perched himself on a chair.

"Merry Christmas."

"Yeah," he yawned, cradling Molly on his chest, and getting comfortable in the chair, "Merry Christmas luv."

And so they both fell asleep with the best Christmas presents they could ask for.

To Be Continued...

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