Puppy Love

Kari Minamoto

Author's Note: I know I should be writing chapter 24 of CotL before I start college (and have no time), I know I should…but this little ficlet has been going through my head for a while now. I also have been on somewhat of a one-shot kick. Therefore I now present you with my 10th fic (it's a milestone people)- Puppy Love.

PS I've gotten extremely used to the sub names so those are the names that will be used in this fic. I won't be using honorifics since I don't feel confident about them yet.

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It was a typical day at any elementary school in the country. That would include the lunch recess which children looked forward too as much as the closing bell for school. A chance to run and play. And recess is every child's favorite part of the day. It's a known fact.

At this particular school there were two children that had possibly gone through more than many adults had in their young lives. And they were only eight years old.

Yagami Hikari and Takashi Takeru; two of the children who saved two worlds. Now though, instead of fighting monsters (because that's what the baddies really were), they were on the monkey bars with numerous other children. Enjoying the recess that every child loves.

"Hikari! Look at me!" yelled Takeru the rambunctious blonde as he hung from one knee.

The girl being addressed now looked as if she was defying gravity from his viewpoint.

"You'll fall," Hikari giggled just as Takeru almost lost his grip.

"Told you so," she teased.

Takeru climbed up so that he was now sitting on the bar across from Hikari wearing a brilliant shade of scarlet.

"Hey Hikari," the boy said as the scarlet darkened to a maroon.

"Yeah," she replied while swinging her legs.

Takeru fumbled with something in his pocket before shoving a small box into his friend's hand. Hikari looked puzzled, almost unsure of what to do with it.

"Open it," Takeru said playing with his hands. His cheeks, if possible, becoming even darker.

Hikari looked at the box. It was small and had been painted purplely-pink and gold. The cover had eight year old drawings of both their crests on it. Hikari opened the box and on a cloud of cotton sat a purple stoned ring.

Hikari looked at the ring without saying anything for a moment. Silently she put the ring on her finger. Perplexed she said, "Thank you, but why did you get this for me though?"

"Well…Yamato said that…um…when you like a girl…you give her a ring. A kind of promise ring…that you'll s-stay together. So…s-since you're my best friend and you're a girl and I want us to stay together…" Takeru stammered, "I thought I'd give it to you…"

"I really like it, it's really pretty. And you're my best friend and I want to stay together too," Hikari replied happily looking between her friend and the ring.

"Really?" the boy asked looking up from his lap.

"Of course silly. I want to stay best friends forever and ever," Hikari said with a gentle smile, "I won't take it off since it's our promise."

The two children headed into the school as the bell to end recess rang, but it would never end their friendship.

The End

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