The car pulled up. Charlie smiled at me.

"You ready Bells?"

I nodded ferverantly. I was excited. The Cullens had decided it would be fun to go on vacation. Granted, they have gone on many before. Okay. Let's rephrase. The Cullens decided it would be fun to take the clumsy human (A.K.A me), to a privite summer beach house. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the Cullens owned a beach house, but it did. They even owned a huge chuck of secluded land around the beach. The place was pretty much a big island, so the vampires could go out in the sunlight without drawing attention to themselves.

I hadn't wanted to go, I'll admit. They've already spent a great deal of money on me, a fact I was not happy about, but Edward assured me it would be a low-key vacation. He told me it would be fun. I had to believe him. Besides, how could I argue when Edward, my own personal angel, was coming along?

Carlisle climbed out of the car and walked up the front porch.

"Bella. Charlie." he nodded at us.

"Hello Dr. Cullen." Charlie said politely. "It's nice to see you once again. And for once not in the emergency room," he joked. Carlisle laughed lightly. The sound was mesmorizing.

"Yes, Miss Bella here hasn't been in lately. We miss you over there." I rolled my eyes. As if he didn't see me enough as it was.

"Okay Bella, you're all set then?" Charlie asked. Uh-oh. Here come the tears.

"Yes Dad."

"Did you pack another sweater?"

"Yes, Dad, don't worry. I've got it all under control, okay? I love you." I added. He gave me a quick awkward hug.

"Be careful Honey. Try not to fall down too much, okay? You're finally out of that cast."

"Don't worry Charlie," Carlisle said convincingly, "she's more than safe with us."

"Bye Dad!" I called, and carried all my bags to the car. Edward was out in an instant to unlock the trunk. He took the bags and threw them in with the rest, so quickly, I hardly knew he had done it. Then he grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the small car. The windows were tinted. It was empty.

"Wait. Edward, where are Alice and Jasper and-"

"The other car," he said lightly. I smiled slightly, as he allowed me to crawl into his lap and snuggle into his cold skin. He leaned down and pressed his cool marble lips onto my throat, which made my heart very nearly jump out of my chest. I snuggled closer, and he put his iron arms around me. I felt safe. Whole.

"I missed you." I whispered. I hadn't seen him since yesterday morning. He had been hunting.

"Me too," he sighed. Then he placed me on the seat beside him, and whispered, "buckle up."

I pouted. I had hoped he'd let me sit on his lap the whole way there. He laughed, as if he could read my mind, "Don't worry. There'll be time for that later," he winked jokingly. I laughed, and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, okay," I smiled. Carlisle opened the driver's door then, and we began pulling out of the driveway. I waved goodbye to Charlie one last time, and then we were off.

"So, Bella," Edward said conversationally, "we will have to make sure you don't fall too much on this trip...Charlie will be upset." He grinned.

"I don't think we have to worry about that," I laughed, "I mean, who gets hurt on the beach? All it's made up of is sand and water."

"If I know you at all, Bella, you'll find a way." Edward laughed.

We laughed, and then just stared out of our windows once more.

"Once we get there, Edward, you and Jasper and I are going to check out the hunting range. Maybe Emmett and Rosalie too. Alice and Esme can stay with Bella..." Carlisle said.

"Okay." Edward agreed. I surpressed a groan, more time away from Edward.

The car ride lasted a few hours. I was content, conversing with Edward and Carlisle. Every now and then, Edward would squeeze my hand ever so slightly, or press his hard marble lips to my wrist.

We pulled into a gravel parking lot. It was cloudy out, so we were all able to go outside.

"Um... now what?" I asked, feeling stupid. Edward chuckled.

"Well. We can ride in the motor boat with everyone else... or we can take the paddleboat," Edward shurgged. I gave him a look, he knew what I wanted. "Paddleboat, then?" He chuckled again. I nodded. Carlisle smiled.

"Alright. We will be waiting there, okay?" He added. "Edward, careful not to lose Bella in the water," he laughed. I giggled.

"I'm a good swimmer, thank you very much." I pouted.

"Yes, well. Does this mean you will ignore my insisting that you wear a lifejacket?" he asked me.

"Yep, that would be a correct assumption. I'm seventeen years old Edward-"

"And you are hardly able to get on the boat unscathed," he finished. I pouted again. He just laughed, and grabbed onto my hand to help me step onto the boat. I placed my feet on the pedels.

"See? No harm done."

"Yet," he grinned.

"You are honestly saying you would let me drown?" I asked him. He winced at the thought.

"Of course not!" he said harshly, "I was just reffering to the fact-"

"That I'm a total klutz." I pouted. "But I was pointing out the fact that I am able to get on a boat without hurting myself."

Edward just laughed. He was now beginning to pedel at a speed I could keep up with.

"Besides. Just because I'm a danger magnet, it dosen't mean I'm in danger every second of the day. I mean, what could hurt me right now?" I giggled.

Edward glared at me playfully. "You really want to know the answer to that question?"

I rolled my eyes. "As. If."

He stopped pedeling and stood up in the boat. It teetered. I gasped.

"Edward!" I laughed. He grinned mischeviously, and then picked me up, so I was standing on my feet. I looked around. The dock was just a speck now, but there was nothing else in sight but water. I looked back up into his liquid topaz eyes and sighed. He placed his finger under my chin and pressed his cool marble lips onto mine, grabbing my arms automatically as I reached to place them around him. I couldn't be that close. He then sat me down. The boat thankfully didn't tip. My heart was still pounding erratically. He grinned.

"Okay, I can pedel now Bella." He added. I sighed, and let my feet off the pedels.

"Fine." I sighed. I then had an idea. He didn't believe I could go unscathed? Watch me.

I suddenly stood up and began climbing onto the cup holder section. Edward watched me intently, but continued to pedel and steer. I threw my legs over on top the the middle peice of the boat. It was slightly inclined, so I took off my flip flops so my toes could skim the water. "See?" I stuck my tounge out at him. Unfortunatly, when I did, I snapped my head around too quickly, and lost my balance. I fell right into the icy cold water, fully clothed.

Not a milisecond later, Edward had my head above the surface, his stone arms around me. I spit out the water I had swallowed to my side.

"Bella..." he warned.

"Oh, shush." I retored stubbornly. He tucked a stray lock of my wet hair behind my ear, and then leaned in closer. I wasn't even trying to keep myself up in the water anymore, he was doing all the work. He kissed me for the second time, and I placed my hands around his shoulders. He then lifted me efforlessly back onto the boat, and sighed.

"Please. Stay still. That's enough excitement for one day, I think," he sighed. I crossed my arms, and tried to keep from shivering too much. There was nothing dry in the boat to warm me, so Edward pedeled fast.

When we finally arrived, I didn't get a chance to really get a good look, as I was immediatly blindfolded. I heard Alice's voice, "Common Bella. I'll help you get changed, then you can see your bedroom. That has to be the first thing you see," she added. I laughed.

"Bella? I'm going with Carlisle. We'll only be an hour or two. You'll stay here with Alice and Esme." Edward's smooth velvet voice informed me.

"Okay." I sighed.

"Be good." he warned. Then he was gone. I could feel it.

Alice carried me upstairs, and helped me into a fresh pair of jeans, a tank top, and then pulled a hoodie over my head.

"Okay. Ready?" She asked excitedly.

"Yes." I whispered. She yanked off the blindfold, and I gasped.

The room was amazing. The entire celing, and then two outside-facing walls were made of a think glass, revealing a perfect view of the white-sanded beach and the crystal blue water. The walls were painted a light blue, and the furniture was all a light oak. The bed was adorned with what seemed like dozens of pillows, and the luxury bedspread was a cream colour. It was breathtaking.

"Oh, Alice! Thank you!" I gushed. She laughed.

"No problem Bella. We want you to be happy here."


"I love this place. We can all ourselves, you know?" She told me, "now, do you want to go swimming?" she asked.

"Well...maybe later." I said. She caught on.

"When Edward's here?" she winked.

I blushed.

"Hmm... what can we do to kill some time?" I asked jokingly.

"Let's see..." Alice contemplated, "well, Edward's not able to hear my thoughts. Any...ideas on how to work him up?" she joked.


"I'm kidding Bella! Although, it would be kind of funny..." she laughed. I just rolled my eyes.


"Ooh, I've got it!" she pulled out a CD.

"We're going to listen to music?" I asked.

"Yes!" Alice declaired. "And, we're going to dance!" She popped the CD into the player, and we waited for the lyrics. I sat on my bed.

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S yeah


we're flying first class...

"Alice!" I squealed, laughing so hard I fell onto the bed. "As if you like this kind of music."

"I don't really. It's sometimes fun to dance to though."

"No way!" I squealed.

"No Glam today Bella? Okay." She switched to the next track.

Bah dah dah dah

Bah dah dah dah

Bah dah dah dah

Take a look at my girlfriend...

I was shreaking with laughter at this point.

"Bella! Come on! Dance with me!" She wiggled her hips.

I gasped for air, "Okay, FINE Alice, but not to this song. That's just too...weird."

She sighed, "Okay..." she switched the track again.


So delicious

Make the boys go loco

I couldn't help but laugh again. Alice grabbed my hands, and we danced around the room like crazy. She laughed when I acted all full of myself.

The next song came on, and by that time, I could barely stand up I was laughing so hard.

I feel you creeping

I can see it from my shadow

Wanna jump up in my lamborgini galardo

maybe be go to my place

and just kick it back

and possibly bring it over

common and watch me

smack that

I got right into this time. I wiggled my hips and my shoulders. Alice laughed. Then I jumped onto the bed. The two of us were lip synching the words dramatically. We were having fun.

Then next song popped on, and I gaped.

This is why I'm hot

This is why I'm hot

This is why

This is why

This why I'm hot

I giggled, and began wiggling around slowly. The, jokingly, I pulled my hoodie off suggestivly, revealing my tank top. Alice squealed with laughter, but she didn't seem to be looking at me anymore. Took a step backwards, and figured out too late that I was near the edge of the bed. I began to fall down, but I pair of cool arms caught me. I looked up to see Edward's amused face.

"Yes Bella, we all know you're attractive. But I'd prefer you not refer to yourself as 'hot'. It just seems...degrading." He smiled with amused eyes. I blushed profusely.

Edward chuckled, and lay me back down on the bed. He then was leaning over me on all fours, I had no hope of escaping. Not that I really wanted to anyway.

"You want to come swimming now?" he asked, "I'll even let you bring your music outside," he added smiling still. His eyes burned into mine, clouding my brain.

"Edward," I moaned, "I was just messing around with Alice."

"Yeah, yeah. It was quite entertaining. Anyway, I'll go, you get your bathing suit on. I'll wait just outside the door, okay?"

"Fine..." I sighed. Alice was probably ready to ambush me with bikinis already. I laced my arms around his shoulders in a feeble attempt to hold him there.

"Oh. One more question Bella."


"Should I invest in a lambougini?"

"Shut up!" I laughed, and he leaned down to kiss my eyelids. He grinned mischeviously.

"You could have my volvo." He added.

"Oh, I'm so honoured," I said sarcastically.

"You should be. Not everyone gets to drive it."

"No lambourginis." I reminded him, as he walked out of the room. He laughed freely.