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The next day, I woke up to an empty room. I groaned and stretched, and then quickly changed into some clean jeans and a T-shirt. Then I made my way down the stairs, surprised to find only Esme sitting on the couch.

"Good Morning Bella!" Esme greeted me.

"Good morning Esme. Where is everyone?" I asked, and then stifled a yawn.

"They went out for a swim early this morning. Well, everyone but Alice. I can still hear them out there."

"Oh." I said, although I couldn't hear anything, "I guess they're pretty far out then, huh?"

"Oh, yes. But they're fine, don't worry Bella."

I nodded, and Alice walked in. "Morning Bella! How did you sleep?"

"Great… How was your night?"

"Fine…" She sighed. "You want to do something fun today?" She asked, suddenly getting excited. Esme looked over at her wearily.

"Uh… sure Alice." I agreed reluctantly.

"Yay! Here is the plan: We are going to drive Edward crazy!" She squealed.

"Um. No." I shook my head. "That's not fun."

"Yes it is! Come on Bella! Please?"

"What kind of stuff does it involve?" I asked.

"Um… lots of stuff…"

"Alice… don't force Bella to do anything she doesn't want to." Esme warned, but she was grinning, "Although, I do agree it could be kind of fun."

I sighed. "Well… okay, why not?"

"Yes!" Alice squealed. "Now… everyone else should stay out there for another…. Hour or so… Edward wasn't expecting you to wake up this early… Come on!" she grinned, and led me upstairs.

"No makeup!" I warned.

"Oh, of course not. He likes you better without it anyway… Now… I need you to put on that bathing suit from yesterday."

"The strip poker one?"


"Right. Um, no."

"Bella… please?"

"Not a chance Alice…"

"Come on!"








"Hah! You agreed!"

"What? No… I-"

"I'll be waiting outside the door."

I sighed. She had won, fair and square. I pulled the bathing suit on.

"Now, put these over it." She handed me some short denim shorts. I rolled my eyes, but obeyed.

She eyed me. "What?" I asked. She laughed.

"Nothing. It's perfect! They're coming in now… they'll be here within fifteen minutes. Now, we are going to pretend we are cutting your hair. My mind will be the first he reads when he comes in… What you need to do is just agree with everything I say I want to do to your hair… I won't ACTUALLY do it… I just want to see his face. After that, we'll regroup…"

I actually laughed. Maybe this could get interesting…

We set up in the kitchen. I sat in a chair. Alice and I were 'discussing' my new hairstyle.

"I think… maybe we should layer it… yes, that'd look nice."

"I suppose, maybe…" I replied, smiling, "but I kind of like it's length…"

They walked in the door. "Oh! I have an idea!" Alice feigned excitement.

"What?" I asked, pretending I was interested.

"Let's cut it really short! Shorter than my hair. It would look really cute…"

I pretended to contemplate that, and then nodded. "Yes. I like it. Let's cut it all off!" I told her.

"Great!" She grinned and grabbed the scissors. Just then, Edward shot in the room like a bullet.

"NO! Leave the hair!"

"Edward!" Alice whined. "I was going to give her a new-"

"No new haircuts! I like the long hair. It's her…hair…."

I giggled. "Oh come on Edward…"

"You really want your hair cut?"

I shrugged. "It's just hair…"

"Yeah… Alice…" He looked at her meaningfully. "No haircuts…"

He came over and pecked me on the forehead. "I'll be right back…"

He said, and ran up the stairs. Alice grabbed me, and ran into the living room.

"Now," she said, "act totally detached… Be REALLY interested in what I'm saying…"

I giggled. This was getting interesting.

"Okay!" I laughed, and she produced a copy of CosmoGIRL.

"The male mind is confusing. The way into it is through flirting and shown interest."

"Really?" I gasped.

"That's what it says…" Alice continued. "OH! Look! Flirting tips!"

"YAY!" I screamed. Edward walked in the room, looking surprised. I leaned on Alice's shoulder.

"The wink. Used correctly, it draws the male species towards you. Used incorrectly, you may inherit the nickname 'blinky' or be branded as creepy."

"Huh… Okay, how do you use it?"

"Well… You first need to make eye contact…" Edward sat down across from us, suddenly interested. "EMMETT?" Alice called.

Emmett came bounding in the room. "We need to practice something on you…" I informed him.

"Why do you need to practice flirting techniques again?" Edward spoke up.

"In case I ever need them," I told him stiffly. He looked at me like I was crazy. I probably was.

Emmett was eyeing Alice and I speculatively. "Well… okay…"

"Good! Stand over there. Bella, you stand in front of him… now, do as I say."

"Okay!" I agreed lightly, and went into position.

"Make eye contact." I looked into Emmett's topaz eyes, trying to keep a straight face. "Now, look at his feet, and then back at his eyes." I giggled, but obeyed. "Now… you have to approach him… in a …coy… manner…"

"OKAY! Enough!" Edward stood up and yelled. Alice looked startled, Emmett looked uncomfortable. I giggled.


"Stop this madness!" The boys ran out of the room.

"Alright then…" I laughed.

Alice snickered. "Time… for phase three. The boys are going for a run. We have time to plot with the others."

"Okay everyone! They'll be here any minute now!" Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper, and myself looked at Alice expectantly. "Now, you know what to do. Have fun!"

Everyone laughed, and we took our positions. Alice turned on the music.

What you know bout me

What you what you know bout me

What you know bout me

What you what you know

Alice and I started shaking our hips around dramatically, me giggling. She looked at me meaningfully. I had to keep a straight face for full effect.

Edward and Emmett walked through the door chatting…

"Edward!" I called.

"Yeah?" He came into the room. Carlisle and Esme looked solemn, Rosalie and Jasper looked amused. Alice and I plastered on serious expressions. "There you are!" I sighed dramatically, "you almost missed it! Alice taught me how to dance, and then we made up a routine! Watch!"

They say my lip gloss is cool

My lip gloss be poppin

I'm standing at my locker

and all the boys keep stoppin

Edward's eyes widened as Alice and I went into renditions of 'the sprinkler' and 'walking the dog'.

They say my lip gloss is poppin

My lip gloss is cool

All the boys keep jockin

They chase me after school

The ending was the best part. Alice and I fell over while screaming at the top of our lungs. The song ended, and we were met with an awkward silence. Evidentially, nobody had anything to say about our horrible dance show.

Then, an appreciative applause erupted from Jasper and Rosalie. Alice and I grinned, and bowed.

"Wow." Emmett said.

"That was… something." Edward commented.

"I worked real hard!" I informed him. To my surprise, he grinned.

"You can stop now."

I tilted my head. "Alice's plot to drive me mental? Not working so much anymore."

"How did you-"

"As if you would walk around the house in that…Amateur mistake Alice…" He indicated my bathing suit and shorts ensemble.

"Darn it!"

"Hmm…" Edward leaned down, with the intention of kissing me. But I dodged it neatly. "What was that?" Edward asked, incredulously.

"You said I didn't drive you crazy yet. So now, I'm doing it my way." I stuck my tongue out at him. Then I bolted from the room, running out the door. He chased me, at human speed, until I dropped into the sand. He grinned and lay beside me, and I waited until my breath slowed before I turned my head towards him.

"I win." I informed him. Then I ran back the way I came, letting the water on the shore lick at my toes.

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