Title: Our Thing

Rating: T for some language.

Disclaimer: Kyle XY and its affiliated characters do not belong to me.

Summary: Andy's being treated for her cancer and tries to push Josh away, but will he let her?

Spoilers: All episodes through "House Of Cards."

Chapter 1

"Remember, when you are trying to find the value of x, you need to isolate the x. In order to do that…"

The voice droned on, but Josh paid no attention. With his head resting on his right hand, he stared blankly ahead at the chalkboard where his math teacher, Mr. Graham, who had the reputation of being the meanest and oldest teacher in the school, was writing out an algebra equation. Josh had blocked out his voice long ago and wouldn't have known the difference if he was talking about algebra or women's underwear. Josh's notebook lay on his desk with nothing but the date written on the top of the page. His mind was far from algebra.

Feeling the pins and needles shooting from his elbow to his finger tips, Josh leaned to the left and rested his head on his left hand. As he shifted, he noticed the vacant desk next to him for what felt like the hundredth time. He stared at the empty seat and sighed deeply. She said she would only be out for three days at the most. It had been eight. What was worse was that she hadn't dropped by his house as she had a tendency to do, nor had she even so much as called. Her absence worried him. It worried him more than he was even willing to admit to himself.

"Joshua Trager!"

Josh blinked, trying to will himself out of the daze he was in. He picked up his head and looked over at his teacher.

"Care to tell us the value of x?" Mr. Graham questioned, with his usual, monotone voice.

All of the students in the class immediately stared at Josh, most of them thankful that they hadn't been caught not paying attention. Trying to ignore all of the eyes that were on him, Josh glanced at the board, trying to understand the problem. Seeing as how he hadn't been paying attention for the entire class period, he didn't even know where to begin.

"Perhaps if you spent more time paying attention and less time…"

"Mr. Graham," a girl sitting behind Josh interrupted. "I'm afraid that there is no value of x."

Mr. Graham turned and looked at the board. As if he had forgotten all about catching Josh not paying attention, he studied the problems like his entire career depended on there being a value of x.

"You see," the girl continued, "if four plus three x equals fifty-four minus fourteen, the value of x would be twelve. But, when you plug in the twelve for the value of x in the next equation, the equation doesn't balance. You wrote negative five plus x equals twenty-eight minus nine, but it should be five plus x equals twenty-eight minus nine. The five should be positive, not negative. You wrote it wrong."

The whole class looked at the board and then back at the girl. Some of them nodded in approval, thoroughly enjoying the fact that a student had corrected a teacher, especially Mr. Graham. Such a feat was rarely accomplished, but when was, the entire class liked to secretly celebrate. Mr. Graham looked around the room completely flustered as if he had never made a mistake in his life.

The bell rang, ending Mr. Graham's misery and sending the students to another class where they would again be lectured to and their little secret celebration would be over. Josh turned to the girl who sat behind him, knowing that she had spoken up when she did to turn the attention away from him. He didn't recognize her. Although he normally would have been more than interested in any new girl that appeared in his class, especially a girl who looked like she did, he wasn't interested.

"Thanks," he said as she gathered her things to leave.

"Don't mention it."

Not really in the mood for small talk, Josh quickly threw his empty notebook and unused pen into his backpack. As he exited the classroom, he didn't notice Melissa introduce herself to him and then sigh when she realized that he was already gone.

Racing down the hallway, Josh pushed the door open to the boy's bathroom. He knew she wouldn't be there, but he couldn't help but make sure. He checked in each of the stalls, wanting her to be sitting there with her laptop playing G-Force or some other useless game, but she wasn't. She hadn't been there that morning when he checked either. She hadn't been there in eight days.

With his head down, Josh walked out of the bathroom and trudged through the hallways. He stopped at his locker.

"Hey Josh," Kyle said as he approached him.

"Hey," Josh mumbled, fumbling with the combination lock. It took him two tries to actually open his locker,

"No Andy, huh?" Kyle asked.

Kyle was one of the only people who knew about Andy. She had made Josh promise that he wouldn't tell anyone, but Josh found it difficult to bear the secret alone. He had told his mom, but that wasn't enough. Josh had told Kyle because he knew that Kyle would keep his secret. Josh had his own little secret, though. He had told Kyle in the hopes that Kyle and his "powers" would somehow be able to help Andy, but, so far, all that telling Kyle did was give Josh someone to talk to. And talking was not something that he was interested in.

"Why don't you go visit her?" Kyle suggested.

"I don't even know where she is."

"Stop by her house. Ask her mom."

"Don't you mean moms?"

Kyle gave him a look and Josh sighed. He had nothing against Andy's two moms, but he was just in a bad mood. He had been in a bad mood since Andy told him that she was going to go in for some treatment and it would take her a few days to get well. Josh had spent the last eight days berating himself for not offering to stay with her during her treatment.

"Look, Kyle, if she wanted me to know where she was, she would have told me."

"Maybe she was afraid to tell you," Kyle stated.

"Why would she be afraid?"

The bell rang.

"If you really miss her that much, you need to find her and tell her."

Before Josh could reply, Kyle had walked away.

Author's Note:

This is my first Kyle XY fanfiction and I hope you've enjoyed it so far! I apologize that the summary is so bad, but stay tuned for more. And please don't forget to review!