I do so love Dean and Sam.

I would do them if I can.

I would do them here or there.

I would do them anywhere.

I do so love Dean and Sam.

I do so want them if I can.

I would do Dean in a boat.

I would do Dean in his coat.

I would do Dean anywhere.

Watch me throw his underwear.

I would ride him in the car.

I would ride him near and far.

Do them! Do them!

Here they are.

Poor Sam needed help.

I whipped off his leather belt

And when I got off the pants,

I asked them to do a little dance.

I did Sam on the couch.

Made him take off my blouse.

I did him from the top.

He screamed please don't stop.

They bent me over a bench

Said naughty things to me in French

And once Dean screamed oh la la

He ripped off my glitter bra.

Then Dean and I started to bounce.

I took him on, every ounce

And once Dean and I were through,

Sam took over for round two.

Then they did me in pairs

Had their way with me on the stairs

They took turns to be fair.

Dean came up from behind

Like I would ever mind.

Holy Shit is what I said,

Hurry take me to the bed.

Dean was a feisty fellow.

I muffled a scream in my pillow.

Did them both in the train

Did them both in the rain.

Both of them screwed out my brain.

I nearly went insane.

Tried it once against a tree.

The bark really put a hurt on me.

Had some fun by the sea.

Had some fun on my knees.

We did it as long as we were able.

One of us broke the kitchen table.

Move the action to the floor.

Then I screamed give me more.

We went so long and took a break.

We had to sleep for Heaven sake.

But the morning started anew.

All of a sudden something grew.

I was willing and ready.

Grabbed my bed post to keep me steady.

Dean put on that smirky smile.

I knew this was going to take a while.

Sam was still a bit sedated

But his turn was anticipated.

And when he awoke for his turn.

He provided a nice slow burn.

I was about to climb the walls.

Their talents had me enthralled.

One of them pulled me with a tug

We landed hardly on my rug.

Dean smiled and kept going

Showed no signs of slowing

Sam joined us for a bit

I never want to quit.

But the time came for them to leave my place,

Had some demon to hunt and erase.

I told them they were welcome to come back,

Anytime they wanted to hit my sack.

They both grinned and said goodbye.

Dean laughed and brushed my thigh.

Damn Dean, he turned me on.

A few seconds later they were gone.

I do so love Dean and Sam.

And tomorrow I'll do them all over again