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Chapter 1

Spyro stood outside on the porch of the dragon temple. His birth right was here, ever since he was found by the dragon Ignitus things in his life have changed. He once had a peaceful life with his foster family, but he always knew that he was different. He was larger then his foster parents and Sparx, then everything changed when he met Ignitus. His life went from peaceful living, to an apocalypse destiny. He didn't like it one bit and it felt like he was always the one that everyone would turn to. Why couldn't the elder dragons do anything? If they were so powerful why not do it themselves? He hated it.

He didn't ask for destiny to choose him as a purple dragon, so why was it him? Why did fate give him the cards he held now? Nothing made sense, he hide his anger and hate towards what he was from Ignitus, knowing that the elder dragon would be upset and the world would end. One reason he was fighting was for his foster family, he knew that his true home was with the elders but to him…it didn't feel right. He was always tested constantly, learning how to control his true powers within; or as Ignitus would call it "The true dragon within you".

It was probably him unleashing his anger and hate onto his foes. Fighting seemed to calm him down, using his anger and hatred being the purple dragon caused him. He rarely showed it though; in fact it is one of his darkest secrets in his heart. Not even Sparx, his closest friend knew of his hate for his destiny. Though he would never show it to the dragon elders, he would rather be a dragonfly instead of a dragon. He did however respect them, not just for their knowledge but for their power and abilities. If it wasn't for them he probably wouldn't have beaten Cynder.

His once mortal enemy turned out to be a dragon of his age and size; he was shocked to see that she was just a puppet to the Dark Master and nearly lost her life because of the foolish path she followed for him. It almost made him pity the female dragon. She was a powerful enemy that just turned out to be a mere pawn for the Dark Master. He found it almost pathetic too, but there was a part of him that told him to save her. What that part was he didn't know, but he didn't feel angry or hateful with her around. He looked up at the moon; it seemed to shine brightly on the world as it hung in the sky.

It was another thing that calmed his hate and anger down. Nothing seemed wrong when he looked at the moon, perhaps it was because he was born under it. He smiled to himself, he could always relay on the moon when all seemed bleak to make him feel good. That was something only his foster family and Cynder could do. Maybe life wasn't so bad after all; he had to admit that everything was fine for now. He heard footsteps behind him. At first he thought it was going to be Ignitus with another training course. He snarled at that thought and turned around, it wasn't Ignitus at all.

In front of him was Cynder, the black dragon that he just recently saved from being taken by the Dark Master again. She saw the snarl that he just made and looked a bit confused, Spyro immediately caught himself and shook his head to regain control on his anger.

"Sorry," he said as he turned around, "I thought you were something else."

"Something else?" Cynder asked, walking up beside him, "Who else besides me, you, and the dragon elders live here?"

"Damn, she has a good point." Spyro thought, Cynder wasn't stupid and she could catch on to him real easy.

"Look Spyro, I can sense that you're upset with something." Cynder said, turning her head to look at him, "what is it?"

"I…" Spyro muttered, "I dunno…I just feel like something bad is gonna happen that's all."

"Well of course something bad will happen, but it won't be today." Cynder said, smiling a bit, "the Dark Master isn't completely back yet Spyro there's no need to get tense."

He didn't know why she was being so kind hearted to him now when just moments ago she was trying to rip him apart. Then again, she was corrupted by the Dark Master and it made her do things that she wouldn't have done normally. Spyro turned to look at her directly this time.

"What do you know about being tense?" he asked, almost coldly but he managed to keep his voice calm and nice.

"Trust me, after being raised by the Dark Master and his minions I know what tension is." Cynder said, smiling a bit at him.

"Yeah but you're lucky Cynder." Spyro said, looking down at the ground now. "I'm the purple dragon, I'm the one that has to be counted on all the time."

"What do you mean?" she asked, looking a bit confused at what he just said.

"I mean that you're not the one that has to be looked at to be the 'hero of everything'." Spyro said, a little of his hate rose in his voice, but he managed to not loose his temper.

"Spyro if that's what you're worrying about there's no reason for you to do so," Cynder said, "you're not alone in this fight."

Alone? Did she just say that he wasn't alone in this battle? He felt like she telling him something that Ignitus would say. He looked up at her again and noticed that she was smiling more friendly now; he turned away and looked up at the moon again.

"Not alone? Yeah…." He said, knowing in his heart that he did most of the fighting.

"Yes Spyro," Cynder said, "you're not alone. You have Sparx, me, and the elders. We all want to stop the Dark Master…"

"Sparx I can understand," Spyro said, almost interrupting her, "You I know want to get back at him for tricking you but the elders barely did anything at all." This time he sounded cold to the elders, Cynder drew back in shock at what he just said.

"W-What did you just say?" She asked.

"Look at it this way Cynder," he began, "the elders had all these powers within them and could easily defeat everyone in their way but me? I'm the one they send to do all the fighting…I've learn every type of breath from the elders and what does it get me? A bad feeling that's all."

Cynder frowned at Spyro this time; he wasn't saying things that he would normally say at all. He was confused, full of hate, and anger. But was it towards the elders themselves or was it towards himself?

"Spyro," Cynder began, "I don't think you should be feeling bad about it at all, you were chosen out of thousand of eggs to be the purple dragon, do you know how much other dragons wanted to be purple? The purple dragon masters all the elements and can use them to his own free will, you should be proud!"

Spyro looked at her again, this time he wasn't smiling. This time he felt as if Cynder had just joined the elders wanting him to defeat the Dark Master. He turned away, almost loosing his temper but he kept it down.

"I don't want to be proud….I just want things to be peaceful." He said, which deep down in his heart knew that true peace would only come when the Dark Master was defeated.

"Spyro peace isn't just given; it has to be fought for." Cynder said, nudging his neck with her head, "I know things can be hard…but we have to fight."

She was right, of course she was right. He knew very well that for peace to ever come again they would have to fight for it. But how many lives would have to be lost for it? He didn't know, he meet many good people as he raced to save the other elders and recently learned a lot of them fell in combat against the Dark Master's forces. It made him feel guilty, guilty for not being there to protect them.

"You're right Cynder," he said, this time making his tone more cheerful and hopeful, "we can't give up the fight, not now."

Cynder smiled at him, he knew that deep down she wasn't a bad dragon at all. The two sat outside and stared at the moon all night, admiring the glow that it was giving off which seemed to lighten all of night. Spyro smiled to himself, he may have hated how he was always relied on in battle but he was doing so for good reasons. He fought for his foster family, the peace of the land and for Cynder. He didn't realize it, but the black dragon wrapped her tail around his, sharing a peaceful moment together.

However, not all things were peaceful. In the void of the Dark Master, his forces grow and grow. He wasn't too happy with the empty void that Cynder made, she was one of his finest fighters and because of this purple dragon, this 'Spyro' his minions called him, she was no longer on his side. He sat on his thrown, hidden in the shadows before him pondering. What would be his next move? What would he use on the dragons now? He smiled as his newest idea came to him, snapping his fingers his assistant and right hand appeared before him.

"What does my lord request?" the figure said, his voice dark and mysterious.

"I need you to go out and spy on the dragons," the Dark Master said, "spy on this purple dragon, find his weakness see if we can use it against him."

"Of course my lord," the figure bowed low to his king with respect, "anything for the dark master."

"Listen closely though Kel'thuzard," the dark one said, "failure is not an approvable, find his weakness or anything we can use against the dragons and report back to me immediately."

Kel'thuzard smiled, revealing his black teeth. Then he vanished into the dragon world. The place where he had just appeared was the swamp, home of the dragonflies. He stood tall, about 6'3 ft. His body was that of a serpent, long with shiny green scales while his top half was that of a skeleton. He knew that he would have to move quickly if he was to gain anything for his master.

"I must move," he told himself, "I do not want to attract attention here."

The gorgon then became one with the shadows, slithering across the ground out of sight of anyone or anything. He quickly made his way through the swamp, gaining ever so close to the Dragon Temple. He kept moving until finally it was in full plain sight of his vision. Perfect, the situation was just perfect. Now he could fore fill his mission for his master. Being careful to not make any sudden noises he slithered into the temple, searching for the purple dragon.

His search was not in vain, Spyro and Cynder were outside on the porch staring at the moon. He smiled to himself, his target was in plain sight but he couldn't do anything just yet. His master's orders were to watch Spyro and see if they could use any weaknesses to his advantage. The gorgon's shadow soon blended with Spyro's, so he could spy on the young dragon more effectively.

Spyro didn't even know that his shadow was now one with Kel'thuzard. He was too busy just admiring the moonlight with Cynder. He turned to her and noticed that she was yawning; he smiled a bit at her.

"You should go to bed Cyn," he said, "Ignitus would worry if you weren't in your bed."

"Yeah I know…" Cynder said, "He's like a father to me always making sure that I'm ok."

"He tends to do that," Spyro said, "he feels like he failed…"

The two young dragons both stood in silence for a bit, they knew how Ignitus felt about his past. It was a topic that was never really brought up between them or the elders. Spyro cleared his throat to get her attention again.

"Um…I'm gonna need my tail." He said.

"Oh…Oh!" Cynder exclaimed, unwrapping her tail from his, a bit red in the face, "Sorry about that I guess I wasn't paying attention."

Spyro chuckled at her being more girly then when she was trying to kill him. The young dragons both turned and headed towards their separate beds both tired from the day. Kel'thuzard knew that he would have to wait for daybreak to begin learning about Spyro's weaknesses, but it would be worth the wait. He was his master's most trusted servant and he would not fail him nor would he dare too.

The next day began with the usual breakfast for the dragons, Spyro being the last one to wake up. He headed towards the room were the elders and Cynder were waiting. She looked up from her meal and smiled at him friendly, he returned the same smile. His attention was immediately driven from her to Ignitus whose voice caught his attention.

"I trust you enjoyed over sleeping again Spyro." He said, sternly and fiercely.

"I'm sorry Ignitus…" he said, not looking at his eyes.

"That's not good enough young one," Ignitus said, "you can not afford to over sleep now, the world is at stake and we need you ready."

"Well I've been working hard and your training courses have taken a lot of energy out of me, how can I fight the enemy if I'm tired?" Spyro asked, trying to keep his anger down.

"You must learn to wake up when you are needed or else the world would be lost." The elder dragon said, noticing Spyro's tone changing.

"Like I said," the young dragon said as his voice gaining a hint of anger in it, "I'm sorry about that."

Spyro couldn't stand this, it was always the same thing with Ignitus and it never changed. He did one thing wrong and the elder dragon would completely be all over his case nor matter what it was. From over sleeping to not focusing and it made him angry and hateful to him.

"Sorry isn't good enough Spyro," Ignitus said, "We need you at your best do you understand?"

Spyro looked up at Ignitus, this time his anger was shown to his elder and the rest of the dragons. He snarled at Ignitus, showing his gleaming teeth at him. His eyes shrunk as his anger grew towards the big dragon, he was about to spew a flame towards him but he stopped when he saw the other dragons and Cynder look at him. He caught a hold of himself quickly; his anger had gotten to him and he had just shown it to them all.

"Spyro…" Cynder said; her voice now worried for her friend, "why did you do that?"

Spyro turned to her, his face full of guilt and shame at what he just shown to them. His secret was out now; he looked at Ignitus who remained shocked at the dragon's temper that was shown. The other elders were surprised as well at what had just happened. Spyro's eyes filled up with tears, that's when he turned and ran from them. He ran hard and fast out of the temple as fast as he could.

"Spyro!" Cynder yelled, she tried to go after him but was stopped by Ignitus' claw.

"No young one," the mighty elder said, "he needs time to himself."

Spyro ran towards the forest, not stopping for anything. He ran until his legs were completely tired. He soon found himself looking at his reflection; he snarled and spewed flames from his mouth at the lake. Hate ruled over him, he knew it and there was nothing he could do to deny it anymore. He had shown it to his father figure; he knew that he Ignitus would never forgive him

Kel'thuzard smiled to himself as he slithered away from Spyro's shadow; this was the perfect thing to report to his lord, the Dark Master. He would be rewarded greatly for this achievement for he knew what Spyro's weaknesses were now and it was time to use them.