Chapter 10

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Miles away from the battle with Grom, a vortex from the Dark Realm opened up once again. From within it emerged the forced duo, Spyro and Glacia. Spyro looked around; this was part of the forest he did not know as well. He snorted a bit; dark flames replaced his once red flames. If there was one thing the fallen purple dragon did not like, it was not knowing where he exactly was.

"Dammit," he muttered, "not only am I forced to work with you, but now we are in a location that I don't know."

"S-Sir I think I know where we are…" the timid tigress said, flinching as Spyro turned his head sharply towards her.

"And where exactly are we Glacia?" he asked, a low growl forming in his voice.

"The F-Forbidden forest s-s-sir," Glacia said, shaking in fear a bit as he approached ever so closely. "It's a place that holds an item that Lord Kel'thuzard wants for himself."

Spyro raised an eyebrow towards this statement; the gorgon was conspiring against his master? It didn't sound like it would be something that Kel'thuzard would do, especially against a being so powerful that even the mention of him struck fear into the bravest mortal's heart. He turned away from Glacia and began walking into the forest.

"And why does Kel'thuzard want this item?" he asked calmly.

"He seeks it because he knows of an upcoming fight with someone…someone who is close to me." Glacia answered her voice dropping almost to a quiet whisper.

"Who is this someone that is close to you?"

Glacia was silent for a moment; something that Spyro learned happened often whenever he asked her about her past. He finally got tired of the silence and slammed his tail on the ground, shaking the earth below them with his earth powers. Glacia shrieked in terror before regaining her balance, Spyro snarled once more as she trembled nervously.

"Tell me or I swear to the Dark Master I will send you straight to the Earth's core!"

"My brother, Cryo! Please don't hurt me!"

Spyro snorted again as he began walking once more, the sound of Glacia's running to catch up to him could be heard throughout the whole forest. The forced duo did not speak for sometime, the sounds of the Forbidden Forest were the only thing that kept the seemingly endless forest from being completely silent. The two, despite Spyro's occasional glare, stuck together as they continued to travel deeper into the forest. Soon though they came to a large lake, which was full of dark and murky water.

"It's a dead end." Spyro mused, "It seems like that whatever Kel'thuzard is after is close."

"Sir, there is no way around the lake." Glacia said, this got her a glance from the dragon.

"And what makes you say that?"
The tigress took one of her claws and pointed towards the left and right of the lake. The water stretched on for miles on miles that seemed to never end. Glacia lowered her head again, waiting for his response.

"I have superior vision sir," she said, "I have looked both ways and I have not seen any sign of land on either."

"Impressive." Spyro said, "And you're absolutely sure about this?"

"Y-Yes sir."

A smile slipped onto Spyro's face; this was first for Glacia, as all she ever received from him up to this point was glares and snarls. The purple dragon however seemed very please with what she was capable of. She noticed him raising a wing up, she flinched as she closed her eyes expecting to be hit by his wing. However she felt a gentle pat on her head instead of a smack. She opened one eye and saw that Spyro was still smiling.

"Good," he said, "very good, Glacia."

He took a few steps towards the lake, his mouth glowing whitish blue. In no time at all he blasted the lake with his ice breath freezing with little to no ease at all. Soon a bridge began to form, one that reached all the way to the other side of the lake. Spyro sighed as he finally finished his task; even though it wasn't really a problem for him to form a bridge of ice, it did bring back memories of his training with the Dragon Elders.

"Sir," Glacia said from behind, "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine." Spyro said quickly, not wanting Glacia to see him thinking of his past.

"We have to move, don't fall behind me or I will burn this bridge up the moment you start lagging."

"Y-Yes sir!"

Wasting no time at all the duo continued their journey. All the time, Spyro occasionally glanced to the left and right making sure that nothing would suddenly burst out and attack them. He noticed Glacia was on guard as well, if a fight broke out while they were walking the ice bridge would break. Spyro knew that he could fly over the lake, but even he would grow tired from endless flight. The silence continued for a good time before there was a sudden howl from the forest; Glacia froze in fear.

"Oh no..."

"What is it?" Spyro asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"W-W-Wolves," she said, "they are the top predators in these parts."

"I thought wolves had evolved past the point of hunting in forests." Spyro said, almost curious about why such revered creatures would revert back to their primitive ways.

"T-Those would be the northern wolves, sir, these wolves are still connected to the wild." Glacia answered.

"Now that is very interesting indeed." Spyro mused, slowly lowering himself to the ground.

The duo soon found themselves back to back, both of them poised for any battle that might come to them. Glacia trembled in fear; the thought of fighting her species natural rival was not a pleasant one. Spyro, on the other hand, was ready for any fight to broke out. He turned his head towards Glacia who was still trembling in fear.

"Do not run," he said, "if they attack us we shall strike back."

Glacia's eyes widened at that comment, she didn't want to fight the wild wolves but at the same time she did not want to anger Spyro. She pawed the ground nervously, eyes still wide with fear as the sounds of running paws came closer. Spyro snorted only once as he tapped Glacia on the back with his wing.

"Do I make myself clear?" he asked.

"Y-Y-Yes sir…" Glacia responded, her voice near to cracking.

Both of them turned their attention back to the matter at hand. Spyro was anxious to fight since his last battle with Cynder weighed heavy on his mind. His muscles tensed a bit, waiting for the right moment to strike. He would not have to wait for very long at all.

Out of no where two giant wolves jumped out of the bushes besides them. Spyro snarled as he jumped up to one of the incoming wolves and tackling him to the ground. Before the wolf could have a chance to throw Spyro off him, the purple dragon was able to bite down around his foe's neck with a crushing force. Finally Spyro then pulled up the wolf with all his strength, throwing the rogue into a tree at full force.

Glacia, was not as fortunate as Spyro, the second wolf was already on her back, slashing and biting her with its claws and jaws. The tigress yelped in surprise as she tried to shake off her attacker with all her might, but it wasn't of any use. The wolf continued its assault as it slash and tore at her back, the tigress closed her eyes as she reared up on her hind legs and slammed both the wolf and her back onto the ground.

Spyro continued his attack on the first wolf, slashing with his claws at full force. The wolf yelped in pain at each slash, it was clearly obvious that this wolf was not used to having a foe that was capable of fighting back so well. Spyro jumped back a few feet as his mouth began to glow with orange red energy, with a quick movement of his head he spat out a large flame that consumed the wolf. The flames were so intense that the rogue wolf howled in pain as his body literally turned to ash. Spyro snorted as the flames died down; to him this victory was hallowed.

Glacia was now the lucky one; she turned her attention towards the second wolf, as it staggered to get up. With a loud roar she charged into her attacker's side at full force, causing the wolf to yelp in shock. She then took one of her claws and slashed the second wolf across his hind leg and blood ran freely from the fresh wound. The wolf howled in pain, trying desperately to stand despite having an injured leg. Glacia growled lowly as she raised her claw once more to strike the wolf.


Glacia turned her head towards Spyro, confused about his order. Spyro walked to her side and looked down at the wolf, watching him struggle to get up. He closed his eyes and then opened them once more as he let loose a stream of ice from his mouth. The ice covered the wolf's leg and wound completely. The wolf looked at his frozen leg, then back towards Spyro.

"I've given you another chance," Spyro explained, "the ice that envelops your leg has healing powers within it and over time as your wound heals the ice will melt. Now you have a choice, you can either run escape with your life or I'll take it from you."

The wolf, although it was considered primitive for still choosing to be wild, did understand basic speech. Slowly pushing itself up, it began to walk away from Spyro and Glacia. Before it walked completely out of their view, it turned its head back towards the duo and howled. Spyro smiled somewhat, he knew that one day that this wolf would return for another round. His attention was then aimed towards Glacia, who was breathing heavily from the wounds she received in battle.

"You fought well," he told her, "but I was expecting you to kill when the moment calls for it."

"S-Sorry Sir," Glacia stammered, "I just…never killed anything before."

Spyro looked up towards the sky, he noticed it was getting darker the more time they spent talking.

"We better get moving, dusk is almost upon us."

Glacia nodded once and followed Spyro as he began walking once more. Night time in the forest was not the safest of times. Even for the strongest of the Dark Master's forces they would have to be careful as they could be now; which was something that rarely even occurred. Spyro and Glacia kept walking; both of them keeping their eyes open for any sign of trouble that might happen.

It would be another hour before the two reached their destination. It was a large circular place where directly in the middle was a podium that held a whip like weapon in place. The whip itself was nearly 20 ft in length and its handle was crafted with a metallic-color with a cobra-shaped with two glowing rubies for the eyes. The sight of the weapon stunned Spyro; it was a weapon that only pure evil could ever dream of using.

"This place…" he said, eyeing the small podium that stood in the center of the circle, "It has evil's stench all over it."

"B-Be careful sir," Glacia stuttered, "something could be here."

Spyro didn't respond to Glacia, his attention was fully on the podium. He took one step into the circle, hypnotized by the dark aura the whip was giving out. The weapon was extremely powerful, even from a distance you could feel the energy it was giving out. When he reached the podium he could feel the energy that was being given out was far stronger up close then it was from afar.

"Wonderful," he said, "absolutely wonderful."

He raised one of his claws up to touch the whip tempted to take the whip as his own and not give it to Kel'thuzard. As his claw touched the whip's handle, the ground below began to shake violently. Spyro nearly lost his footing as the ground continued to shake; he flapped his wings and began hovering over the ground to avoid the shaking but little did he know that something was below him.

Just then out of the depths of the earth came out a hideous looking creature. Its jaws were covered by four mandibles that were long and powerful. Its eyes were slanted red, filled with bloodlust. The rest of its body was long in massive length, it lacked any limbs but Spyro could tell that the beast could move quickly despite its giant size. This abomination was known as a species that even the earth dragons feared, wyrm.
"Glacia!" he yelled, "get away from the ground and fast!"

The tigress didn't need to be told twice, she was already on top of some fallen statues that surrounded the temple. Spyro snarled as he spat a large flame into the mouth of the giant wyrm, scorching it badly on the inside. The wyrm shrieked in pain as it dove back into the earth, seeking protection from the flames. Spyro kept his senses at high alert, waiting for the moment that the wyrm would turn around and strike.

He wouldn't have to wait long though; the wyrm was already on its second attack run. It attacked from Spyro's left, mouth open wide with the intention of swallowing the purple dragon whole. Spyro didn't let it get close to him as he blasted a bolt of electricity into the wyrm's mouth, shocking its tongue with a thousand volts. The wyrm snarled at this and dove into the earth yet again to avoid the electric shock.

Spyro growled, he wasn't exactly in the mood to fight a giant creature that could appear anywhere from below. Had he sensed the wyrm earlier, he would have already destroyed it and return to the Dark Realm immediately. The ground below him began to shake violently once more; it didn't take long to him to realize where it was.

It was underneath him.

The wyrm sprouted out of the ground at such a high speed that Spyro didn't have time to breathe another blast of his elemental powers. Right before the wyrm reached him however, he incased himself in a large earth shield that protected him from the wyrm's giant mandibles and jaws. The wyrm hissed as it slammed the shield into the ground and began to burrow into the ground along with Spyro.

Spyro grumbled underneath his breathe, none of his attacks seemed to be working on this monster. It didn't seem to respond to anything element he used on it. Fire didn't scorch its throat, ice didn't freeze its insides, electricity didn't seem to stun it, and the sheer power of earth didn't even leave a dent into its hide. Spyro was bewildered to why nothing was working on the wyrm. He was the purple dragon, he's supposed to be the strongest being to ever walk on the planet but yet nothing he was using was working on the wyrm.

He suddenly saw light once again as the wyrm re-emerged from the ground. The giant creature began to swing its head back and forth, trying to fling the earth shield off of Spyro who could only sit inside the shield and wait for it to break. He snarled as he pushed more power into the shield, trying his best to keep it up at all times. The wyrm roared as it reared its head back and threw the shield hard into a pillar with such force that it forced the shield to break.

Spyro slammed onto the ground hard; it felt like every single bone in his body was in pain as he struggled to get up from the throw. He noticed the wyrm above his head once more, he knew that he couldn't defeat it alone; he closed his eyes and waited as the wyrm brought down its giant head towards the defeated purple dragon.

However, a loud roar came from nowhere as the wyrm brought down its head towards Spyro. The roar was so loud that Spyro couldn't even hear the beating of his own heart beat; he looked up and saw Glacia running towards the wyrm at full speed. Before the giant creature could turn around and attack the tigress, Glacia already jumped into the air and pulled back her large claws for an attack. With lighting speed she slashed at the wyrm's throat, cutting deep into the monster's thick skin.

She landed in front of Spyro ever so gracefully; the cut she left on the wyrm released a stream of dark red blood it began to choke to death. The wyrm fell to the ground, violently twitching as blood escaped its body. Spyro stared in disbelief at the sight; he then turned towards Glacia, flabbergasted for words.

"You…" he said quietly, "you managed to kill it…"

"I-I-I didn't want to s-see you die," Glacia stuttered, obviously still afraid of him, "or K-Kel'thuzard would hurt me."

Spyro rose to his feet, the pain he felt was at last leaving him. Then he did something he had not done for a long time. He smiled friendly at Glacia.

"Thank you, Glacia." He said, heading towards the whip. "Come on, we have a mission to complete."

Glacia nodded as she followed him towards the whip, this time walking by his side then behind him. The duo reached the whip, this time making sure that there was absolutely nothing surrounding them. When all seemed clear, Spyro reached up and grasped the whip in his claw. Power surged through his body, an ancient evil power that seemed as old as the Dark Master himself. He closed his eyes once and a Dark Portal opened once more to the Dark Realm. He gestured towards Glacia to follow him.

"Let's go, we got what we need."

The tigress nodded as they headed into the Dark Portal. In a flash they were back within the Dark Realm, right in the Dark Master's throne room. Kel'thuzard, who was standing next to the seemingly endless dark void, smiled as he slithered towards the two.

"Well done Spyro," he said, "well done indeed."

"You wanted this?" Spyro asked, throwing the whip towards Kel'thuzard.

"Ah yes," the gorgon said, picking up the whip, "very good indeed…this is just what I wanted."

Then with a flash he whipped his new weapon out. He smiled evilly as he pulled it back and then aimed it towards Glacia. With a quick thrust the whip flew towards the tigress and slashed into her skin. Glacia let out a loud surprise of pain at this action, once again reverting to the timid tigress she was before. Kel'thuzard smirked as he whipped her once again, making her cry in pain once more.

"What are you doing?!" Spyro yelled.

"Punishing her," the gorgon simply said, "obviously she was useless to you in this mission."

Spyro opened his mouth to tell Kel'thuzard what had happened, but the gorgon just whipped Glacia once again. Each whip brought a cry of sheer terror and pain from Glacia, she was crying as each hit touched her skin. Spyro stood there in anger, feeling almost powerless as the gorgon continued his assault upon his only friend in the Dark Realm. His only friend…

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